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2024-02-08: Illinois Psychiatrist William McMiller Convicted of $1.2M Medicaid Fraud

2024-02-08: Michigan Psychiatrist Barika Butler-Quarles Sentenced to Prison for Shooting ex-Husband

2024-01-30: California Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Geoffrey DiBella over Controlled Substance Prescribing; Has Prior Drug-Related Felony Conviction

2024-01-24: Sydney Psychologist Julie Ann Catt Suspended for Sexual Relationship with Female Patient

2024-01-15: Dallas Psychiatrist Arthur A. Chavason Loses License for Sexually Inappropriate Conduct with Patients, Employees

2023-12-22: Universal Health Services: Psychiatric Institute of Washington Mental Health Aide Arrested for Sexual Abuse of Teen

2023-12-21: Victoria Psychologist Marcel Saxone Suspended for Sex Acts with Patient

2023-12-01: Turkish Child Psychiatrist Suleyman Salih Zoroglu Indicted for Using Ketamine on Children; Faces 943 Years in Prison

2023-11-29: Minnesota Psychiatrist Thomas G. Gratzer Guilty of Sexual Abuse of Child; 12 Years Prison

2023-11-27: Psychiatrist Ryan B. Sondergard, Reprimanded for Harmful Conduct, Announces Scholarship

2023-11-21: Universal Health Services: UK Independent News Agency Calls for Investigation of UHS Cygnet Operation

2023-11-20: Boston Psychiatrist Mohamed R. Och Convicted for Illegal Prescribing of Addictive Drugs

2023-11-15: N. Carolina School Psychologist Charles Lee Chandler III Arrested for Drugs, Trespassing

2023-11-13: W. Australia Psychologist Sharon Faye Suspended for Professional Misconduct

2023-11-10: North Carolina Psychiatrist David A. Tatum Sentenced to 40 Years Prison for Child Porn

2023-11-07: Signature Healthcare: Federal Lawsuit Charges Vista Del Mar Hospital for Discharging Patient who Murdered Mother

2023-11-07: Acadia Healthcare Agrees to Pay $400 Million to Settle Three Child Abuse Suits

2023-11-07: UK Priory Hospitals Charged with Two Criminal Offenses in Death of 23-Year-Old Patient

2023-11-03: U. of Saskatchwan Psychiatrist Akinlolu Olalekan Peluola, Charged with $90K Billing Fraud, Now Faces Disciplinary Action

2023-10-31: UK Senior Psychiatrist Jamal Hilal Loses License for Sexual Assault of Colleague

2023-10-27: Universal Health Services: Alaska's Foster Kids and Overwhelmed Child Services = "Gold Mine" for North Star Behavioral Health

2023-10-26: Minnesota Psychologist Charles Jorenby Sentenced to Prison; Defrauded Tribal Health Fund of $819K

2023-10-26: Boston Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys Convicted of Medicare Fraud; Billed for 70-Hour Day

2023-10-25: Acadia Healthcare: Utah Lawmakers Seek to Close Down Highland Ridge "Rape" Hospital

2023-10-23: Universal Health Services: Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital is Rebranded as Aspen Grove Hospital

2023-10-19: BC Psychiatrist Donna Dryer Resigns Medical License; Permitted Her Husband to Sexually Assault a Patient

2023-10-19: Navy Psychologist Michael Widroff Pleads Guilty to Enticement of a Minor

2023-10-18: Michigan and Ohio Suspend Licenses of Psychiatrist James Cunagin for Sex with Patient

2023-10-17: New York State Prohibits Psychiatrist Vadim Baram from Practicing ECT (Electroshock)

2023-10-16: Sydney Psychiatrist Robert Wotton Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of Patient

2023-10-16: Connecticut Legislature Responds to Reports of Abuses at Troubled Teen Shelter for Girls

2023-10-11: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Arrested on Felony Medicaid Fraud Charges

2023-10-03: Fullerton, CA Psychiatrist John N. Alvarez Convicted of DUI, Obstructing Public Officer

2023-09-28: Melbourne Psychiatrist Jonathan Brown Disqualified for Sexual Conduct with Patients

2023-09-26: Medical Board Places Los Angeles Psychiatrist Warden Emory on Probation over Excessive Controlled Substance Prescribing

2023-09-26: "Married to Medicine" Psychiatrist Colin Dias Persuaded Teen Patient To Masturbate during Therapy Session

2023-09-06: California Medical Board Will Discipline Psychiatrist Jennifer Dore over Prescribing Violations

2023-09-05: Queensland Psychologist Trevor P. Hatten Suspended over Sexually Explicit Exchanges with Patient

2023-08-24: Missouri Med Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Ryan B. Sondergard for Harmful Conduct; Ohio Med Board Issues Citation

2023-08-14: Headspace Psychologist Patrick Dunne Suspended 2 Years for Inappropriate Messages to Vulnerable Teen Patient

2023-08-14: Nova Scotia Psychologist Rick Mehta Charged with Making Threats to Former Employer

2023-08-09: Brattleboro Retreat: Vermont AG Investigating Largest Psych Facility for Medicaid Fraud

2023-08-08: Namibia Psychiatrist Pieter van der Westhuizen Arrested for "Vicious" Domestic Assault; Wife Was Previously His Patient

2023-08-01: Utah Health Authorities Place Daniels Academy Youth Psych Facility on Conditional Status

2023-08-01: Never Give Up Youth Healing Center: Nevada Authorities Close Child Psych Center; Criminal Prosecution, Multiple Lawsuits

2023-08-01: Universal Health Services: First Trial Scheduled in $387M Lawsuit against Cumberland Hospital, Filed by 46 Former Patients

2023-08-01: Acadia Healthcare: State Bars Highland Ridge Hospital from Accepting New Patients for 3rd Time

2023-07-27: New South Wales Psychiatrist Keith V. Paisley Prohibited from Providing Health Services for 5 Years; Engaged in Sex with Patient

2023-07-27: Japan Psychiatrist Osamu Tamura Arrested in Decapitation Murder

2023-07-24: Twenty-six Former Patients Sue Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt for False Imprisonment

2023-07-20: Morton Plant Hospital Failed to Report Suicide of 13-Year-Old in Psych Ward

2023-07-20: Praxis Landmark Recovery: Three Patients Died in One-Week Period at Indiana Addiction Treatment Center

2023-07-20: Michigan Medical Board Fines Psychiatrist Dale DMello over Prescribing Practices; Four Patients Died of Drug Toxicity

2023-07-20: Diamond Ranch Academy: UT "Troubled Teen" Psych Facility Ordered to Shut Down

2023-07-12: Acadia Healthcare: $485M Jury Verdict in Albuquerque Foster Child Sex Assault

2023-07-11: Were You a Patient of NYC Psychiatrist Susan Turner?

2023-07-11: Montana Law Increases State Oversight and Protections for Teens in For-Profit Mental Health Facilities and Programs

2023-07-10: Kentucky and Tennessee Medical Boards Discipline Psychiatrist Gladys Gregory; Offered Patients Discounts for New Referrals

2023-07-10: Louisiana Medical Board Puts Psychiatrist Chandra Katta on Probation; Prescribed Dangerous Drugs to Minor with No Examination

2023-07-06: Maple Lake Academy: Family Files Lawsuit Against Psych Facility for Failure to Provide Medical Care to Daughter Who Died

2023-07-06: Rite of Passage: Lava Heights Academy Hired Lifetime Sex Offender to Work with Children

2023-07-06: Texas Psychiatrist Wayne Jones Suspended over Alleged Threats Regarding Patient

2023-07-06: Aaron Groves, Former Tasmanian Top Psychiatrist, Barred from Occupying Executive Positions Due to Sex with Patient

2023-07-06: Summit Behavioral Health: Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health Receives Second "Immediate Jeopardy" Warning in 6 Months from State Health Regulators

2023-07-03: Kona Psychologist Reuben Lelah Charged with Sexual Assault of Teen Patient

2023-06-28: Federal Authorities Seeking Victims of Navy Psychologist Michael A. Widroff, Arrested on Child Exploitation Charges

2023-06-27: Universal Health Services: 182 Incidents of Workplace Violence in 2022 at Wekiva Springs Psych Facility

2023-06-27: UK Psychiatrist Kabir Garg Sentenced to 6 Years Prison for Involvement in Dark Web Child Sex Abuse Site

2023-06-22: New Hampshire Psychiatrist Steven Powell Guilty of Healthcare Fraud Charges

2023-06-22: UK Health Regulators Identify Mental Health Facilities Rated Inadequate--Why is This Not Done in the US?

2023-06-20: North Carolina Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Patricia Boyer for Sexual Relationship with Patient

2023-06-20: Oklahoma Medical Board Suspends License of Psychiatrist Steve Skarky for Predatory Sexual Behavior with Patient

2023-06-15: Denver Psychiatrist Howard Weiss Sentenced to 6 Months Prison for Controlled Substances

2023-06-14: Virginia Psychologist Michael Widroff Arrested on Child Porn-Related Charges

2023-06-13: North Carolina Psychiatrist Alfred Kwasi Foluke Suspended for Sexual Relationship with Addicted Patient

2023-06-05: California Medical Board Prohibits Psychiatrist Lindsay R. Kiriakos from Taking on New Female Patients

2023-06-01: Sparrow Hospital Psychiatric ER: Patient Group Holds Hospital Accountable

2023-05-31: Sparrow Hospital (Lansing, MI): Patients Expose Abuses in Psychiatric ER

2023-05-30: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Faces Multiple Patient Lawsuits Alleging False Imprisonment

2023-05-29: Summit Behavioral Health: Police in Talks with Coroner to Reopen Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health Death Investigation

2023-05-29: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Resigns Position with Medical Board Amid Medicaid Fraud Investigation

2023-05-29: Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper, Charged with Drug Trafficking, Now Faces Federal Indictment as Well

2023-05-26: DEA Conducts Raid of Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-17: Sydney Psychologist Karen Prowse Suspended Five Years for Seducing, Marrying Patient

2023-05-17: Harley Psychiatrists, ADHD Direct, ADHD 360 Exposed by Undercover Investigation

2023-05-11: Connecticut Psychologist Evelyn Llewellyn Pays $658K to Settle Fraud Charges

2023-05-09: UPDATE: Police Say Assam Psychiatrist Sangeeta Datta Abused Adopted Twins for Months, Burned with Cigarettes

2023-05-09: Assam Psychiatrist Sangeeta Datta Arrested on Charges of Torturing Adopted 4-Year-Old Daughter

2023-05-04: Rite of Passage: Children Removed from Hillcrest Youth Residential Facility; Employee under Criminal Investigation

2023-05-04: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo de los Angeles Pleads No-Contest to Sexual Assault

2023-05-04: Tennessee Psychologist James Dodson Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Medicaid, Tricare

2023-05-04: Nevada Shuts Down "Never Give Up" Youth Psych Facility; Nurse Charged with Criminal Neglect

2023-05-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services/Vivant Behavioral: Former Lakeside Employees Plead No-Contest in Death of Cornelius Frederick

2023-05-04: Irvo Otieno Death Part of Pattern of Patient Abuse at Central State Hospital

2023-05-01: Northwest Health: Arkansas Hospital Chain Pays $1.1M to Settle Behavioral Health Fraud Charges, Severs Contract with Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Seven Patients File False Imprisonment Lawsuits against Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Another Behavioral Health Employee Charged with Felony Patient Abuse

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Behavioral Health Employee Charged with Felony Patient Abuse

2023-04-28: Kerala Psychologist K. Gireesh Gets 7 Years Prison for Sexual Assault of Teen Boy

2023-04-19: Missouri Psychologist Kurt Bumby Sentenced to 7 Years Prison for Sodomy of Young Boy

2023-04-18: "Never Give Up" Youth Psych Facility in NV Facing $350K Fine for Unnecessary Restraint

2023-04-18: CA Medical Board Puts Psychiatrist Nicole Poliquin on Probation over Negligent Prescribing

2023-04-13: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas C. Wyatt Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery on a Minor

2023-04-12: Florida Psychiatrist Iftikhar Rasul Prohibited from Treating Female Patients; Misdemeanor Battery Charge Pending

2023-04-06: Universal Health Services: BridgeWay Psych Facility Ordered to Pay $2.5M Verdict to Teen Who Was Raped

2023-04-06: Universal Health Services: Riot at Belmont Pines Psych Facility Results in Arrests

2023-04-06: NSW Psychiatrist Yolande Lucire Suspended for Professional Misconduct

2023-04-06: Sequel Youth/Vivant Behavioral/Brighter Path: Lawsuit Charges Abuse Led Teen Patient to Attempt Suicide

2023-04-06: Connecticut Psychologist Jeannie Pasacreta Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

2023-03-23: Two Former Agape Boarding School Students File Federal Suits Alleging Abuse, Torture

2023-03-23: Former Western Psychiatric Institute Nurse Files Suit Against University of Pennsylvania for Assault, False Imprisonment

2023-03-23: Virginia Central State Hospital: Three Psych Hospital Workers Charged in Death of Irvo Otieno

2023-03-23: AltaPointe Health Systems: $7 Million Verdict for Plaintiff in BayPointe Child Psych Hospital Sex Assault

2023-03-21: Former Patient Sues Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt for False Imprisonment

2023-03-21: U of Kentucky Psychiatrist Robert E. Simon Dismissed from Juvenile Justice Position over Drug Incident

2023-03-21: Army Psychiatrist Christopher Warner Committed Adultery, Will Retire From Military

2023-03-21: Universal Health Services: Patient Safety Concerns Mount at Granite Hills Hospital

2023-03-20: Idaho Psychiatrist Richard Pines Arrested on Felony Sex Charges involving Children

2023-03-17: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Two Men Found Guilty in Restraint Death of Teen

2023-03-10: PEI Psychiatrist Arvind Singh Fined $9,000 for Professional Misconduct

2023-03-10: Colorado Psychiatrist Howard Weiss Guilty of Controlled Substance-Related Charges

2023-03-10: Was Your Child Abused at a Sequel / Vivant / Brighter Heights Behavioral Facility?

2023-03-06: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Gets 7 Years Prison for Sex Crimes against Patients

2023-03-02: Sex Offender Expert Psychologist Kurt Bumby Convicted of Sodomy involving Teen

2023-03-01: How Was Disgraced Virginia Psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi Able to Run a Chain of Group Homes?

2023-03-01: Montana State Psychiatric Hospital (Warm Springs) Loses Federal Funding; Failed to Correct Deficiencies

2023-03-01: Zholia Alemi UK Fake Psychiatrist Jailed Seven Years for Fraud

2023-02-15: TN Psychiatrist Adrian Buckner Arrested, License Suspended for Drug Diversion, DUI and Other Charges

2023-02-07: CA Psychology Board Charges Davis Psychologist Emily Katonah Hartley for Sex with a Patient

2023-02-07: Los Angeles Psychologist Michael D. Pariser Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Patient

2023-02-03: Diamond Ranch Academy: Ex-Staffers Say Teen Was Severely Ill in Weeks Prior to Death

2023-02-01: Psychiatrist John Lee, Formerly Known As Dirk De Brito, Charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Patient: Medical Board

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit against Alabama Clinical Schools Alleges Repeated Assaults of 11-Year-Old; Broken Collarbone

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Yet Another Juvenile Patient Escapes from Sandy Pines Facility in Florida

2023-01-17: New Jersey Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Nimer Iskandarani

2023-01-17: Missouri Psychiatrist Vivek Agnihotri Convicted of Domestic Assault

2023-01-16: Were You Abused or Harmed at Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, UT?

2023-01-12: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Says 10-Year-Old Boy Was Raped by Older Patient at Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Facility

2023-01-12: Perth Psychiatrist Margaret F. Lumley Suspended 2 Years for Personal Relationship with Patient

2023-01-06: Disgraced Pasadena Psychiatrist Dirk DeBrito Now Practicing under the Name "John Lee"

2023-01-05: Signature Healthcare: Family Sues Aurora San Diego Psychiatric Facility for Failure to Prevent Patient Death

2023-01-05: Illinois VA Psychologist Theresa Kelly Indicted on Medicare Fraud Charges

2023-01-05: Universal Health Services: Patient Riot at Mountain Youth Academy Results in Property Damage

2023-01-05: Bellewood & Brooklawn: Kentucky Revokes License of Residential Psych Facility Where 7-Year-Old Was Killed

2023-01-05: Diamond Ranch Academy: Father Sues Utah For-Profit Psych Treatment Center over Death of Daughter

2022-12-20: University of Cambridge Psychiatrist Antonio Metastasio Will Lose License for Sex with Patient

2022-12-16: Connecticut Psychologist Michael Lonski Pleads Guilty to Federal Health Care Fraud

2022-12-16: Universal Health Services: Former Medical Director of Cumberland Hospital for Children, Arrested on Felony Sex Charges

2022-12-16: WNYT Investigates New York Psychiatrist Clarence White, Finds History of Disciplinary Actions

2022-12-16: DEA Raids Home of Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper; Arrested on Trafficking, Possession Charges

2022-12-14: Universal Health Services: Parents Say 11-Year-Old Daughter was Sexually Assaulted at Brynn Marr Hospital

2022-12-14: Universal Health Services: “Kids Seem to Be a Paycheck": How a Billion-Dollar Corporation Exploits Washington’s Special Education System

2022-12-14: Washington State School Psychologist Aaron Myers to Stand Trial in January 2023 on Child Porn Charges

2022-12-06: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo de Los Angeles Sentenced to Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient

2022-12-05: Universal Health Services: Former Medical Director of Cumberland Hospital, Arrested for Sex Crimes

2022-12-02: Universal Health Services: North Star Psych Hospital CEO Steps Down Following Reports of Patient Riots, Abuses

2022-12-02: Universal Health Services: Two Teens Die from Overdose at Oak Plains Academy

2022-11-29: Twin Cities Psychiatrist Gavin Meany Gets Additional Prison Time Following Appeal of Sex Conviction

2022-11-28: Melbourne Psychologist Kris Schroder Gets Prison Sentence for Forgery

2022-11-23: Patient Files Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Psychiatrist Paul Glass, Alleging Sexual Grooming, Manipulation, and Abuse

2022-11-23: Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Muhamad Aly Rifai Charged with Medicare Fraud

2022-11-21: Vivant Behavioral: Florida State Attorney Investigating Riot at Youth Academy; Juvenile Justice Re-evaluating Relationship with Vivant

2022-11-17: Top Taz Psychiatrist Aaron Groves Suspended for Sex, Prescribing, Violating Code of Conduct

2022-11-16: Washington Psychiatrist Douglas Robinson Sexually Harassed Patients During Workers Comp Exams

2022-11-16: St. Louis Psychiatrist Franco Sicuro Guilty of $3.8 Million Health Care Fraud

2022-11-14: "Pure Greed" Melbourne Psychologist Kris Schroder Convicted for Perjury, Creating Fake Will

2022-11-08: Patient Sues Boston Psychiatrist Sabrina Popp for Medical Malpractice; Failed to Inform That Prescription Could Cause Promiscuous Streak

2022-11-07: North Carolina Psychiatrist Shawn Willson Suspended for "Romantic" Relationship with Patient, More

2022-11-04: Vivant Behavioral Health - Brighter Path - Formerly Sequel Youth & Family Services

2022-11-03: Vivant Behavioral - Brighter Path - Sequel (continued)

2022-11-02: Vivant Behavioral - Brighter Path - Sequel (conclusion)

2022-10-31: Sequel Youth & Family Services / Vivant Behavioral: State Shuts Down St. Johns Youth Academy Following Riot, Allegations of Sex, Violence

2022-10-28: Michigan Psychologist Melvin Hoberman Suspended and Fined for Sexual Conduct with Patient

2022-10-25: Chicago Psychologist Renato F. Duarte Guilty of Medicare Billing Fraud

2022-10-24: NY Psychiatrist Marc Laruelle Guilty of Distributing 100,000+ Oxycodone Pills

2022-10-21: Missouri Psychiatrist Zinia Thomas Arrested for Illegal Possession of Marijuana, Ecstasy

2022-10-20: Texas Child Psychologist Timothy D. Kimball Arrested, Admits Placing Hidden Cameras in Bedroom of Patient

2022-10-18: Bangladesh Psychiatrist Ravendra Kumar Singh Royel Charged with Repeatedly Raping a Patient

2022-10-17: NY School Psychologist Elizabeth Tucker-Schultz Arrested on Sexual Abuse Charge

2022-10-14: NYC Psychiatrist Pam Buchbinder Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison for Murder Plot

2022-10-14: Medical Board Revokes License of San Diego Psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle

2022-10-12: Universal Health Services: Parents Say Their Kids Were Sexually Abused at North Star Psych Hospital

2022-10-10: Ethics Hearing Exposes X-Rated Emails Between Gold Coast Prison Psychologist Sarah-Jane Lodington and Inmates

2022-10-07: Medical Board Suspends License of Aaron Groves, Chief Psychiatrist of Tasmania

2022-10-05: New York State Revokes License of Psychiatrist Arnold Mandelstam; Exploited Patient for Own Gratification

2022-10-03: Disgraced Utah Psychologist David L. Hamblin Charged with Sexual Abuse of Children

2022-09-30: Universal Health Services: Federal Inspectors Find Assaults, Escapes, Improper Seclusion at For-Profit North Star Psych Facility

2022-09-26: Sequel Youth & Family Services/Vivant Behavioral: Lakeside Academy Buildings Demolished; Country Club Expansion Planned

2022-09-21: Meridian Behavioral Health: Sexual Assault Arrests at Meadow Creek Treatment Center

2022-09-20: California Psychologist Robert R. Kraszewski Surrenders License for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

2022-09-20: Mexico City Psychologist Maria Alejandra Lafuente Casco Sentenced to 46.5 Years Prison for Murder

2022-09-19: Universal Health Services: Nine More Former Patients File $147M Suit Against Cumberland Hospital, Former Medical Director, Citing Physical & Sexual Abuses

2022-09-13: Cerebral: More Customers and Employees Express Concern About Diagnosing and Prescribing Practices

2022-09-13: Newport Beach Psychiatrist Renato Monaco Surrenders License for Negligent Prescribing of Controlled Substances

2022-09-13: California Medical Board Puts Child Psychiatrist Syed T. Rizvi on Probation for 3 Years for Negligence

2022-09-09: NYC Psychiatrist Pamela Buchbinder Pleads Guilty to Charges Stemming from Murder Plot; to be Jailed 11 Years

2022-09-08: Psychologist Among "Child Torturers" Arrested at Private Child Psychological Center in Azerbaijan

2022-09-08: Trinity Teen Solutions/Triangle Cross Ranch: Former Troubled Teens File Lawsuit Alleging "Nightmare" Conditions, "Humiliating Punishment"

2022-09-06: Universal Health Services: Federal Judge Affirms Citation against Centennial Peaks Hospital for Workplace Violence

2022-09-05: Hyderabad Psychologist B.P. Nagesh Jailed for Harassing Girls; Initiated Sex Chats

2022-09-02: Sequel/Vivant Behavioral Health: Mother Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Brighter Path Tuskegee Facility

2022-09-01: Court Dismisses Wrongful Termination Lawsuit; Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee Sued Yale for Firing Her after Publicized Trump "Diagnosis"

2022-08-31: Montana State Psychiatric Hospital Loses Federal Funding Following Four Patient Deaths

2022-08-31: Minneapolis Psychiatrist Thomas Gratzer Charged with Sexual Abuse Involving a Child

2022-08-26: Abused or Harmed at College Hospital in Cerritos, CA?

2022-08-23: Medical Board Reprimands Glendale, CA Psychiatrist Abigail M. Stanton; Negligence Resulted in Patient Suicide

2022-08-23: Melbourne Psychologist David Jones Suspended for Kissing Patient

2022-08-17: Georgia Psychologist Guy Jordan Sentenced in Medicaid Fraud Case

2022-08-12: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De los Angeles, Recently Convicted of Sexual Assault, Arrested Again on New Sex Charge

2022-08-10: California Psychiatrist Jonathan Lam Yuen Watt Surrenders Medical License for Sexual Exploitation of Two Patients

2022-08-10: South Carolina Psychiatrist Dieter Bartschat Sentenced on Obscenity Charge

2022-08-08: Universal Health Services: State Dept. of Health Closed Fairfax Behavioral Due to Issues of Safety, Patient Sex

2022-08-08: Daybreak Youth Services: State Seeks to Close Residential Treatment Center for Failure to Cooperate with Investigation of Abuses

2022-08-04: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De los Angeles Convicted of Sexually Assaulting Patient

2022-08-03: Colorado Psychiatrist Howard Weiss Indicted on 100+ Charges of Selling Controlled Substance Prescriptions

2022-08-03: 41% of Psychiatrists Have Been Sued. Do You Have a Case?

2022-08-02: Israeli Psychologist Yuval Carmi Sentenced to 39 Months Prison for Sexual Assaults of Patients

2022-07-27: Sequel/Vivant Behavioral, Acadia Healthcare, UHS, Devereux: Fed Judge Asks Texas to Remove Foster Children from Facilities Under Senate Investigation

2022-07-26: Bellewood & Brooklawn: 7-Year-Old Foster Child Dies at Louisville, KY Residential Psych Treatment Center

2022-07-26: Acadia Healthcare: Roanoke Treatment Center Pays $348,934 to Settle False Claims Allegations

2022-07-22: Sequel/Vivant Behavioral, Acadia Healthcare, UHS, Devereux Advanced: U.S. Senators Launch Investigation of Child Abuse in U.S. Largest Residential Treatment Facility Chains

2022-07-21: Vista Treatment Centers, Utah: 26 Former Residents Sue, Alleging Harm, Abuses

2022-07-20: Spanish Psychiatrist Jose Javier Criado Fernandez Sentenced to One Year Prison for Crime Against Moral Integrity

2022-07-20: Victoria Psychiatrist Yogananda Ballekere Fined $15K and Suspended from Practice for Self-Prescribing Dangerous Drugs

2022-07-20: Signature Healthcare: CA Supreme Court Declines to Hear Challenge to $13.25M Verdict against Vista del Mar psych facility

2022-07-20: NY Psychologist David Calaiacovo Sentenced to 5 Years Prison on Child Porn Charges

2022-07-14: 14 Students Seek Class Action Against University, New Brunswick Psychiatrist Manoj Bhargava for Sexual Assaults

2022-07-14: Florida Psychiatrist Jose Santeiro Sentenced to 54 Months Prison for Healthcare Fraud

2022-07-14: Universal Health Services: Laurel Heights Hospital Failed to Inform Parent When 6-Year-Old Went Missing

2022-07-14: Dallas Psychiatrist David L. Henderson Arrested for Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon; License Suspended

2022-07-08: Melbourne Psychologist Kris Schroder on Criminal Trial for Perjury and Forgery

2022-07-08: San Diego Psychiatrist Margaret M. Sprague Fails to Comply with Alcohol Abstinence Order

2022-07-08: Medical Board Issues Accusation against Santa Monica Psychiatrist Karen Kleeman for Excessive Prescribing, Negligent Patient Care, etc.

2022-07-08: California Psychiatrist Gregory L. Gorski Surrenders Medical License for Failure to Monitor Controlled Substance Prescriptions, Patient Harm...

2022-07-08: California Psychiatrist George L. Wilkinson Surrenders License Following Failed Probation for DUI-Alcohol Abuse

2022-06-30: Washington Psychologist Jennifer Lesser Brysacz Suspended 2.5 Years for Sexual Misconduct

2022-06-30: Virginia Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Mukesh Patel for Allowing Assistants to Prescribe Controlled Substances While He Was out of the Country

2022-06-30: Virginia Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Robert Ketcham for Negligent Prescribing of Controlled Substances

2022-06-30: Virginia Psychiatrist Sridhar Yaratha Reprimanded for Causing Injury to Patient

2022-06-29: North Carolina Psychiatrist David A. Tatum Indicted for Possession of Child Porn

2022-06-28: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Florida Shuts Down Charles Britt Academy Following Charge of Child Abuse

2022-06-23: Kentucky Psychiatrist Varanise Booker Sentenced on Health Care Fraud Conviction

2022-06-22: UK Psychiatrist Venkata Chintala Suspended for Lying to Employer about Being Sick, Then Working for Another Provider

2022-06-17: NY Medical Board Charges Psychiatrist Arnold Mandelstam with Harassing Patients, Moral Unfitness; Probed Vulnerable Female Patients for Details of Their Sex Lives

2022-06-15: Wisconsin Psychiatrist Michael Bohn Loses Job, Surrenders License over Complaints of Sexual Language with Patients

2022-06-15: Arizona Medical Board Restricts Psychiatrist Balbir Sharma over Prescribing Violations

2022-06-10: California Psychologist Diana Pickett Surrenders License Following Accusation of Negligence and Ethical Violations

2022-06-08: Maple Lake Academy: Utah Shuts Down Troubled Teen Facility Following Death

2022-06-08: Universal Health Services: Adolescent Psych Unit Closes After State Stops Admissions Due to Patient Endangerment

2022-06-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services Changes Name in Alabama to "Brighter Path" Following Years of Patient Abuses, Scandal

2022-06-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: New Lawsuit Against Owens Cross Roads Facility Details Staff-on-Patient Violence

2022-05-31: Family Seeks Revocation of Medical License of St. Maarten Psychiatrist Kitty Pelswijk; Locked Patient in Solitary Confinement for 3 Weeks, Patient Died

2022-05-27: Connecticut Psychiatrist David Ciancimino Sentenced to Prison for Illegally Prescribing Adderall and Xanax

2022-05-18: Whistleblowers Tell of 9 Years of Fraudulent Patient Evaluations at Colorado Psych Center

2022-05-13: NZ Psychiatrist Scot N. Duffton Suspended 2.5 Years for Sex with Patient

2022-05-12: Cerebral: U.S. Dept. of Justice Issues Subpoena to Online Mental Health Startup, Alleging Misuse of Controlled Substances

2022-05-12: Ohio School Psychologist Bradley Buzzell Jailed; Guilty of Student-Related Voyeurism Charge

2022-05-11: Maryland Yanks License of Psychiatrist Robert Schnitzlein; Sexually Exploited Vulnerable Patient

2022-05-11: Las Vegas Psychologist Gregory Dennis Sentenced to Prison Term for Killing Wife

2022-05-06: Guam Medical Board Denies License to Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo for Sexual Harassment Complaints

2022-04-29: Cerebral: Former Exec Files Lawsuit Against Online Mental Health Provider over Alleged ADHD Drug Strategy

2022-04-28: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Disgraced Mental Health Chain Attempting a Comeback as Vivant Behavioral Health

2022-04-19: Singapore Psychiatrist Chan Herng Nieng Sued for Sexual Relationship, Reckless Prescribing

2022-04-19: Acadia Healthcare: More Info on Sex Lawsuit Against The Village; Former Employees Talk About Negligence

2022-04-18: Medical Board Will Discipline Psychiatrist Gregory Wigington for Sex with Two Patients

2022-04-12: BC Psychologist Richard J. Freeman Ordered to Have Chaperone Present with Female Patients Following Sex Complaint; Has 1998 Criminal Sex Conviction

2022-04-11: Lawsuit Alleges Detroit VA Psychiatrist Jennifer R. Robinson Sexually Abused Disabled Marine Vet

2022-04-07: CT Psychologist Jennifer Lefebre-McGenva Charged with Medicaid Fraud

2022-04-07: PA Psychiatrist Harry Doyle to Pay $3 Million to Settle Federal Fraud Charges

2022-04-06: Signature Healthcare: Court Rules Aurora Vista del Mar Can Be Held $$$ Liable for Sexual Assaults

2022-04-05: Universal Health Services: Two Nurses at Pennsylvania Psych Center Fired after Trying to Organize Union, Fighting for Safer Conditions

2022-04-05: Massachusetts Psychologist Mark Ternullo Indicted on Child Porn Charge

2022-03-31: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Jailed 7 Years for Sex Crimes Against Female Patients

2022-03-31: Florida Psychiatrist Jose Santeiro Convicted in $112 Million Addiction Treatment Fraud

2022-03-31: Queensland Psychologist Jeanette Brennan Jailed Three Years for Fraud

2022-03-30: Vermont Psychiatrist Amalia Lee Reprimanded Over Sub-Standard Treatment of Patient Who Died

2022-03-30: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Pleads Guilty to Unlawfully Prescribing Opioids

2022-03-23: Board Revokes License of N. California Psychiatrist Cuyler B. Goodwin for Sexual Assaults on Drugged Patients

2022-03-23: Canary Islands Psychiatrist Antonio Asin Cabrera Sentenced to 7 Years Prison for Sexual Abuse of Patient; Court Rejects "Consensual" Argument

2022-03-18: Vets File Suit Against San Jose VA Psychiatrist Ferda Sakman Alleging Sex, Psychedelics, and Astrology

2022-03-18: Another Former Patient Files Lawsuit Against Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Alleging Sexual Violations

2022-03-18: SUN Behavioral Health: Lawsuit Says Man Died While Being Restrained by Nearly a Dozen Staff

2022-03-15: Psychology Board Seeks to Revoke License of Beverly Hills Psychologist Alice Berkowitz for Violating Terms of Previous Disciplinary Action

2022-03-15: Medical Board Revokes License of Virginia Psychiatrist Guyton Register on Sex, Drug Charges

2022-03-14: New York Psychiatrist "Turned Drug Dealer" Adrian Morris Sentenced to 37 Months Prison

2022-03-14: Advocacy Groups File Patient Abuse Complaint Against San Diego Psychologist Hrysso Fernbach

2022-03-03: Georgia Child Psychologist Kenneth McPherson Gets Five Years Prison for Child Molestations

2022-03-03: San Francisco Psychiatrist George D. Karalis Gets Jail Sentence for Workers Comp Fraud

2022-03-03: PEI Psychiatrist Arvind Singh to Face Misconduct Hearing

2022-03-03: Ohio Psychiatrist Karipenini Prasad Sentenced for Illegal Prescriptions

2022-03-02: Acadia Healthcare: Patient Files Lawsuit Alleging Sexual Abuse by Treatment Center Therapist

2022-02-28: MA Psychology Board Suspends License of Mark Ternullo Following Child Porn Arrest

2022-02-24: Columbia U. Psychiatry Chair Jeffrey Lieberman Suspended over Racist Tweet; Resigns Exec Position at State Psych Hospital

2022-02-22: Haven Behavioral Health: Lawsuit Says Haven Failed to Protect Elderly Patient from Sexual Assault

2022-02-21: Palm Beach Psychiatrist Mark Agresti Convicted in $31.3 Million Insurance Fraud

2022-02-21: Killology: Missoula Police Will Not Purchase Further Training from Killology Research Group

2022-02-11: Perth Psychologist Luke D. Fawcett Jailed 34 Years for Double Murder

2022-02-11: Massachusetts Psychologist Mark Ternullo Arraigned for Possession of Child Pornography

2022-02-10: Perimeter Healthcare: Piney Ridge Pays MO AG $500K to Settle Fraud Charges

2022-02-03: North Carolina Psychologist Malik Muhammad Jailed 4 Years for Medicaid Fraud

2022-01-31: New York State Precludes Psychiatrist Richard Langone from Practicing

2022-01-31: Two State Medical Boards Reprimand Psychiatrist Keshavpal Reddy; Patient Admitted to ICU

2022-01-31: North Carolina Suspends License of Psychiatrist Kenneth Headen Indefinitely

2022-01-25: Connecticut Psychiatrist David Ciancimino Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2022-01-21: New York Psychology Student Christina Darling Arrested for Hate Crime

2022-01-20: KidsPeace: State Police Report 12-year-old Patient Hospitalized After Assault by Other Patients

2022-01-19: Michigan Psychologist Wililam Kooistra Pleads Guilty to Another Sex Crime

2022-01-19: Ohio Psychology Professor Amy Williams Indicted on Animal Cruelty Charges

2022-01-17: Ohio Psychiatrist Karipineni Prasad Gives Up Medical License Following Indictment for Illegal Prescribing

2022-01-17: Florida Psychiatrist Keun Lee Charged with Sexual Battery of Female Patient

2022-01-12: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Second Lawsuit Settled in Death of Teen at Sequel Lakeside Facility

2022-01-11: Columbia University Psychiatrist Marc Laruelle Arrested on Federal Controlled Substance Charges

2022-01-06: New Jersey Revokes License of Psychiatrist Pritpaul Singh for Sex, Drug Violations

2022-01-06: Nevada Psychologist Gregory "Brent" Dennis Sentenced to 10 Years Prison for Death of Wife

2022-01-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Alabama Patient Advocacy Agency Files Complaint against Owens Cross Roads Psych Facility

2022-01-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Ohio Residents Call for State to Cut All Ties with Sequel

2022-01-04: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De Los Angeles to Face Trial on Sexual Assault Charge

2022-01-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Investigation Finds Years of Abuse Allegations at Bernalillo Academy

2022-01-04: Strategic Behavioral Health: Garner Facility to Close, Pay Fine for Repeated Violations Against Patients

2021-12-20: Queensland Psychiatrist Anand M. Choudhary Suspended Six Months for Writing False Prescriptions for ED Meds for Self

2021-12-20: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Bernalillo Academy Closing Due to Staff Abuse, Neglect--Fifth Sequel Facility to Close in 2021

2021-12-20: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Family of Student Killed at Lakeside Academy Reaches Settlement in Wrongful Death Lawsuit

2021-12-16: Ohio Child Psychologist Gregory Ramey Sentenced to Jail, $30K Fine for Child Endangerment

2021-12-15: Acadia Healthcare: Former 16-Year-Old Patient Sues Village Behavioral Health for Sexual Relationship Initiated by Employee

2021-12-13: Perth "Life Coach" Benjamin Wen, Formerly Known as Psychiatrist Aaron Voon, Faces Multiple Sexual Abuse Charges of Involving Children

2021-12-09: Seven Years Prison for Canary Islands Psychiatrist Who Sexually Abused Patient

2021-12-03: Disgraced New York Psychiatrist Isaac Herschkopf Loses Bid to Keep Medical License

2021-12-03: North Carolina Psychiatrist Barry A. Moore Surrenders Right to Prescribe Buprenorphine; Fined $5,000

2021-11-29: Michigan Psychologist William Kooistra Charged with Sex Crime Against Another Patient

2021-11-23: Prosecution Appeals Acquittal of African Psychiatrist Pieter van der Westhuizen, Accused of Patient Rape

2021-11-17: Texas Psychiatrist Robert J. Harden Arrested on Charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault

2021-11-16: California Medical Board Issues Accusation against Psychiatrist Kamal Bijanpour; Sentenced on Federal Firearms Charge

2021-11-16: Minneapolis Psychiatrist Pastor Colon Surrenders License for Sexual Conduct with Patient

2021-11-11: Queensland Prison Psychologist Lidia Pennington Suspended for One Year for Sex with ex-Prisoner

2021-11-11: Victoria Psychologist Gerard Knobel Suspended for One Year for Sex with Wife of Couple He Counseled

2021-11-11: Missouri Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Gerald Slonka Based on Controlled Substance Violations

2021-11-11: Maryland Psychiatrist Sanjeev Singhal Suspended for Sex with Wife of Patient

2021-11-05: California Psychiatrist Arturo Lo Villamor Convicted on Drunk Driving Charge; Medical Board Seeks Disciplinary Action

2021-11-02: Michigan Psychiatrist Paul Sorgi Surrenders License; Propositioned Patients to Have Sex with Him and His Wife

2021-11-02: Michigan Psychiatrist Faidherbe Ceus Fined by State Board, Placed on Probation for Ignoring Complaints of Pregnant Patient

2021-10-29: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Accuses Brentwood Hospital of Failure to Protect Patient; 18-Year-Old Beaten and Raped by Fellow Patient

2021-10-28: Israel Psychiatrist Hasan Abu Ghariba Indicted for Rape of Female Patient

2021-10-26: St. Louis Psychiatrist Vadim Y. Baram Disciplined for Fraud, Dishonesty: Delivered Unnecessary Shock Treatments

2021-10-26: Universal Health Services: Former Cumberland Hospital Employee Guilty of Wounding Patient

2021-10-25: Massachusetts Psychologist Peter J. Scanlon and Others Pay $25 Million to Settle Health Care Fraud Charges

2021-10-14: New Orleans Psychiatrist Jonathan Chandler Reprimanded for Fraud

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Elizabeth S. Taylor, Already on License Probation for Sexual Misconduct with Patient, Gets Additional Probation

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Davis S. Dawes Placed on License Probation for 6-Month Sex Affair with Female Patient

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places California Psychiatrist Svetlana Anic on Probation for False Prescriptions

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places San Diego Psychiatrist Yaroslav Kushnir on Probation for Sexually Inappropriate Comments, More

2021-10-11: Washington State School Psychologist Lance Ray Egli Arrested on Child Sexual Exploitation Charge

2021-10-06: County Art Center Was Unaware Bob Fink was a Disgraced Washington State Psychiatrist When They Named Him Artist of The Year

2021-10-06: Acadia Healthcare: Investigation Reveals Years of Licensing Issues at Piney Ridge Treatment Center

2021-10-06: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Federal Lawsuit Seeks $50 Million for Restraint Death of Teenager

2021-10-05: PA Psychiatrist Stephen Padnes Guilty of Federal Controlled Substance Charges; Admitted to Abusing Prescribing Privileges for Profit

2021-09-28: Perth Psychologist Luke Fawcett Guilty of Double Murder

2021-09-28: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Lakeside Academy Nurse Sentenced in 2020 Death of Cornelius Fredericks

2021-09-24: Yale-Affiliated Psychiatrist David Ciancimino Arrested on Federal Fraud and Drug Charges

2021-09-24: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas Wyatt Extradited to Florida to Face Charges of Sexual Molestation of Three Boys

2021-09-23: Sydney Psychologist Jo Wise Loses License for Seducing Suicidal Teenage Patient

2021-09-23: Aurora Behavioral Healthcare Settles Landmark Suit Brought by Former Santa Rosa Facility Nurse

2021-09-23: Georgia Psychologist Guy Jordan Indicted on $99,000 Medicaid Fraud Charge

2021-09-23: OH Child Psychologist Gregory Ramey, Facing Numerous Child Porn Charges, Pleads Guilty to Child Endangerment; To Be Sentenced

2021-09-23: PA Psychiatrist Ashok Bharucha, Sentenced for Sexual Assault of Patient, Has Charges Expunged

2021-09-23: Queensland Psychiatrist James Rodney Guilty of Professional Misconduct, Must Pay $105,000 Fines & Costs: Wrote Himself into Patients Wills

2021-09-17: State Seeks to Revoke License of San Diego Psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle for Alcohol-Related Conviction; Has 2013 Federal Drug Conviction

2021-09-16: California Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Hamid Tabatabai for Sexual Harassment

2021-09-16: Calgary Child Psychiatrist Nasreen Roberts Guilty of Sexual Assault of Former Teen Patient

2021-09-16: New Brunswick Psychologist Joan Wright Suspended for Professional Misconduct

2021-09-14: Lake Alice Survivor Tells of Inhumanity of Psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks, Electroshocked Child as Punishment

2021-09-13: Universal Health Services: Cumberland Hospital Former Medical Director Alleges He Was Fired for Trying to Reform Harmful Practices

2021-09-13: Perimeter Behavioral: Arkansas psychiatric facility used 'inappropriate' force on kids

2021-09-03: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De Los Angeles Charged with Sexual Assault of Patient

2021-09-02: California School Psychologist Christopher Loeffler Arrested in Sexual Predator Sting

2021-09-02: California Psychiatrist Kulwinder Singh Sentenced on Domestic Violence Charge; Medical Board Seeks to Take Action Against License

2021-09-01: Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo, Failed to Appear on 2020 Sex-Related Charges, Arrested in Alaska

2021-08-30: California Medical Board Charges Psychiatrist Lindsay R. Kiriakos with Sexual Misconduct

2021-08-27: Nebraska Sports Psychologist Jack A. Stark Arrested for Witness Tampering

2021-08-27: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale to Be Sentenced on Criminal Sex and Federal Controlled Substance Charges

2021-08-24: Detroit Psychologist Firoza Van Horn Guilty of Immigration Fraud, More

2021-08-19: Washington Psychologist Michael Olson, Suspended from Practice; "Adopted" Former Patient, Gave Her a Gun

2021-08-19: Texas Psychologist Rafael Otero Sentenced to Prison and $3.6M Restitution for HUD Loan Fraud

2021-08-18: Universal Health Services: Former Provo Canyon School Patient Files Federal Suit Alleging Torture and Sexual Abuse

2021-08-17: Adelaide Psychologist Mark Holmes Banned 7 Years for Sex with Patient

2021-08-17: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Illinois Pulls All State Wards from Northern Illinois Academy

2021-08-11: Melbourne Psychologist Marilyn Brideson Banned for Three Years for "Bizarre, Reckless, and Exploitative" Treatment of Patient

2021-08-09: Florida Dept. of Health Charges Psychiatrist Iftikhar Rasul with Sexual Misconduct

2021-08-09: Universal Health Services: McDowell Center for Children Staff Member Arrested on Rape Charge Involving Former Patient

2021-08-06: Melbourne Psychologist Phillip L. Myers Loses License for Sex with Patient and Other Violations

2021-08-05: Killology: Family of Man Killed by Deputy Files Suit Against Sheriffs Dept. That Encouraged Killology/Warrior Mindset Training

2021-08-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: California Bans Placement of Foster Youth to Out-of-State Residential Facilities

2021-08-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Nurse Pleads No Contest to Child Abuse Charge in 2020 Death of Cornelius Fredericks

2021-08-02: Judge Rotenberg Center: House Passes Bill That Would Prevent Funding of Facilities That Use Shock to Discipline Students

2021-07-29: Nevada Psychologist Marcel Chappuis Guilty in Northwest Academy Child Abuse Case

2021-07-29: UK Psychologist Annemarie Dalhuijsen-Bendijk Receives Warning Over Patient Lingerie "Art" Video

2021-07-27: Former Patient Accuses Bay Area Psychiatrist Andrew T. Nadell of Raping Her When She was 13

2021-07-26: Ontario Psychiatrist Nina Leah Desjardins Suspended for 1 Year for Inappropriate Communications with Patient

2021-07-21: MA Psychiatrist Mohamad Och Indicted on Drug and Fraud Charges

2021-07-19: Colorado Psychiatrist Howard Weiss Indicted for Allegedly Overprescribing Adderall, Opioids

2021-07-15: Irish Criminal Psychology Student Danielle McCollum Jailed for Assault Caught on Video

2021-07-14: Queensland Psychologist Natasha R. Hutchison Sentenced on Drug and Fraud Charges

2021-07-13: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas Sachy Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2021-07-13: Mumbai Psychologist Rahmeen Charaniya Arrested on Drug Charges

2021-07-12: Virginia Medical Board Prohibits Psychiatrist David W. Reid from Prescribing Narcotics

2021-07-09: Florida Psychiatrist Gerald Abraham Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges Involving Opioids

2021-07-09: MA Psychiatrist Rahim Shafa Indicted a Second Time on Drug, Money Laundering Charges

2021-07-08: Universal Health Services: Patient Protection Agency Releases Disturbing Report on Psychiatric Institute of Washington

2021-07-08: UK Psychologist Elinor Harper Loses License for Sexual Relationship with Patient

2021-07-07: Strategic Behavioral Health: Company Behind New Wisconsin Psych Facility Has Troubled Past

2021-07-06: Swedish Psychiatrist Marco Nobis, Chairman of Electroshock Association, Banned from Prescribing Narcotics

2021-07-02: Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Surrenders California Medical License; Convicted of Federal Forced Labor Charges

2021-07-01: CT Psychiatrist Mahboob Aslam Must Pay $1M to Settle Medicaid Fraud Charges

2021-06-29: Elizabeth Mitchell Center: State Sanctions Arkansas Child Psych Facility Over Injuries to Children

2021-06-28: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Northern Illinois Academy Closing

2021-06-21: UK Medical Board Investigates Psychiatrist Monica Mohan over Death of Teen Patient She Prescribed Drug Despite Known Allergy

2021-06-18: Former Lake Alice Patient Accuses Psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks of Rape

2021-06-17: Yale Distances Itself From Psychiatrist Aruna Khilanani over Racist Speech

2021-06-01: Seattle "Life Coach" Herman H. Lucke, Ph.D., Surrendered His Missouri Psychology License in 2017 after Being Charged with Unethical Conduct

2021-05-26: Universal Health Services: Mother Says Canyon Ridge Hospital Staff Failed to Protect Her from Sexual Assault

2021-05-19: Killology: Ann Arbor Police Dept. Won't Send Officers to Attend "Offensive" Seminars

2021-05-18: Guam Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo Fails to Appear in Court to Answer to Sexual Misconduct Charges

2021-05-18: NY Psychiatrist Scott McMahon Sentenced to 38 Months Prison for Controlled Substances Felony

2021-05-17: Sequel Youth & Family Services: State Agencies Cut Ties with Northern Illinois Academy

2021-05-17: North Carolina School Psychologist Chris Reid Charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Child

2021-05-11: School Psychologist David Calaiacovo Convicted of Possession of Child Pornography

2021-05-10: Florida Prohibits School Psychologist Clinton Sims from Treating Female Students

2021-05-06: NY Psychiatrist Issac Herschkopf Ordered to Surrender License; Exploited Patients to His Own Advantage

2021-05-04: North Carolina Psychologist Malik S. Muhammad Charged with $300K+ Health Care Fraud

2021-04-28: Ohio School Psychologist Bradley Buzzell Pleads Guilty to Voyeurism Charge Involving 18-Year-Old

2021-04-27: Detroit Community Says No to Psychologist Dave Grossman and "Killology" Appearance

2021-04-27: Universal Health Services: Fairmount Behavioral Staff Michael McIntosh Pleads Guilty to Felony Sex Assault of Patient

2021-04-26: Yale Fires Psychiatry Professor Bandy X. Lee; "Diagnosed" Former President, Lawyer, Other Public Figures

2021-04-26: Renowned Pakistani Psychiatrist Caught on Video Demanding Sexual Favors from Patient

2021-04-26: Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Psychologist Michelle Brownfield Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

2021-04-19: Rhode Island Psychologist Christopher Cunningham Arrested on 12 Charges of Sexually Abusing Boys

2021-04-16: Acadia Healthcare: New Sexual Assault Charges Filed against Timberline Knolls Counselor Already Facing 62 Charges

2021-04-07: Texas Psychologist Frank L. Del Rio Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

2021-04-06: KidsPeace: 17 Former Residents Receive Settlement from Owner of Now-Closed Child Psych Hospital

2021-04-05: KidsPeace: Former Employee of Child Psych Facility Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Teen Resident

2021-04-05: Tennessee Psychologist Donald McCoy Gets 41 Months Prison for Fraud

2021-04-05: Virginia Psychiatrist Uzma Ehtesham Sentenced for Healthcare Fraud

2021-04-02: Pennsylvania Psychologist Richard Lenhart, in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Patients, Charged with Rape of Child

2021-03-29: Alabama Psychologist Sharon D. Waltz Sentenced to 3 Years Prison for Medicaid Fraud

2021-03-24: Melbourne Psychiatrist Prabakar R. Thomas, Sexually Assaulted Vulnerable Patient, Suspended for 5 Years

2021-03-19: Investigation of Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital Uncovers 100 Additional Patients

2021-03-16: Washington School Psychologist Aaron Myers Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2021-03-13: Appeals Court Upholds Prison Sentence of Psychologist Heath J. Sommer

2021-03-12: Michigan Psychiatrist Barry G. Siegel Convicted for Health Care Fraud

2021-02-23: Sequel Youth & Family Services Closing Three Facilities in IA, WY, and NC

2021-02-20: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Members of Congress Call for Federal Investigation

2021-02-09: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Khristine E. Eroshevich Surrenders License; Psychiatrist Gained Notoriety in Death of Anna Nicole Smith

2021-02-08: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Company Announces Closure of Clarinda Academy, Youth Home Was Subject of Numerous Abuse Reports over the Years

2021-02-06: Virginia Psychiatrist Tony A. Tsitos Arrested in Florida on Multiple Charges of Possession of Child Pornography

2021-02-05: Psychologist Gerard Knobel Had Sex with Wife of Married Couple He Counseled

2021-02-05: Alabama Psychologist Sharon D. Waltz Sentence to 3 Years Prison for Fraud

2021-02-03: Activists Expose Patient Sexual Abuses of Jerusalem Psychologist Yuval Carmi

2021-02-03: Belgian Commission Suspends License of Psychologist Kaat Bollen for Sexual Images, Directing Porn Film

2021-02-02: Somatics, LLC: Lawsuit Accuses Company of Misrepresenting Safety of Shock Machine

2021-02-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Abusive Normative Services Facility to Close

2021-01-27: Wisconsin Psychiatrist John D. Whelan Charged with Federal Controlled Substance Violations

2021-01-27: New Zealand Psychologist Paul "Paora" Joseph Loses License for Sex with Patient

2021-01-25: Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards Sentenced following Federal "Pill Mill" Plea

2021-01-14: State Suspends Psychology License of William Kooistra for 3 Years; Jailed for Sex with Patient

2021-01-14: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Lawsuit Against Alabama Psych Facility for Abuse, Neglect of Teen

2021-01-09: Former students at Utah troubled-teen centers say their reports of sex abuse were ignored

2020-12-23: Former Texas A & M Psychology Professor Thomas Dougherty, Convicted for Child Porn, Delivers Psychological Testing Services in Houston

2020-12-19: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Palo Alto, CA Investment Firm Owns Controlling Interest in Sequel

2020-12-19: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Alabama Lawsuit Alleges 14-Year-Old Abused in "House of Horrors" Attempted Suicide

2020-12-19: Sequel Youth & Family Services Collected Hundreds of Millions in Tax Dollars Despite Child Abuse & Neglect Allegations

2020-12-19: Australian Psychologist Bob Montgomery Gets Four Years Prison For Child Sex Offenses Committed in the 1960s

2020-12-19: NY Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema Gets 18 Months Prison for Health Care Fraud

2020-12-12: Sequel Youth & Family Services: California Cuts Ties with Sequel, Ends Out-of-State Placements of Troubled Teens

2020-12-12: Washington Psychologist Lynette D. Pullmann Suspended for Sexual Misconduct

2020-12-11: Sequel Youth & Family Services: State Calls on Pomegranate Facility to Relinquish License; Kids Assaulted and Improperly Restrained

2020-12-11: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Washington is Fourth State to Stop Sending Kids to Sequel Facilities

2020-12-11: Washington School Psychologist Aaron Myers Resigns Following Child Porn Charges

2020-12-11: Massachusetts Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys Indicted for $10 Million Medicaid Fraud

2020-12-09: Universal Health Services: 20 Former Patients Sue Cumberland Hospital and Staff, Alleging Sexual Abuses

2020-12-09: Universal Health Services: Cumberland Hospital Staff Intentionally Scalded Teen Brain Injury Patient

2020-12-07: Arizona Psychiatrist Rajeev Billing Surrenders Medical License Following Narcotics Conviction

2020-12-05: Acadia Healthcare: Mother Details Abuses Her 10-Year-Old Suffered at Piney Ridge Treatment Center

2020-12-05: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Foster Kids Tell of Abuse Suffered at Mountain Home, Woodward, and Clarinda Facilities

2020-12-05: Oregon Child Psychologist Craig Steinberg Sentenced to 15 Years Prison for Child Porn

2020-12-01: New Trial Date Set for Ohio Psychologist Gregory Ramey, Charged with 140+ Counts of Child Porn

2020-11-25: NYC Psychiatrist Leon Valbrun Charged with Selling Controlled Substances for Cash

2020-11-24: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Washington Child Welfare Agencies Call on Governor to Pull State Wards from Sequel Facilities Following Teen's Death

2020-11-21: New Brunswick Psychiatrist Manoj Bhargava Suspended; Licensing Authority Received Five Complaints in One Week

2020-11-21: More Former Students File Suit Alleging School Knew That Psychiatrist Robert Browne Sexually Abused Them

2020-11-21: Michigan Psychologist Firoza Van Horn Facing Federal Immigration Fraud Charges

2020-11-21: Ohio School Psychologist Bradley Buzzell Charged with Voyeurism; Videoed Female Students Without Their Knowledge

2020-11-18: Second Hunter Biden Laptop Confiscated During DEA Raid of Offices of Disgraced Psychiatrist Keith Ablow

2020-11-14: Psychiatrist Christopher H. Warner, Army Medical Center Commander, Suspended Pending Investigation

2020-11-14: Pennsylvania Board Suspends License of Psychiatrist Altaf Kasmani on Prescription Fraud Charges

2020-11-10: Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee Praises Hitler in Attempt to Criticize President Trump

2020-11-07: Virginia Psychiatrist Uzma Ehtesham Pleads Guilty to Federal Healthcare Fraud Charges

2020-11-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Three Former Employees of Now-Closed Psych Facility to Stand Trial in Homicide of Teenage Patient

2020-10-31: CA Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Sentenced to 15 Years+ on Forced Labor Conviction

2020-10-31: NY State Hospital Psychologist Joseph Gottesman Arraigned on Insurance Fraud Charges

2020-10-31: Memphis Psychiatrist Richard Farmer Gets Four Years Prison on Federal Opioid Conviction

2020-10-27: NY Psychiatrist Adrian Morris Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2020-10-27: Toronto Child Psychologist Michael Allan Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2020-10-26: TX Psychiatrist Rajen Desai Arrested on Prostitution Charges; Has History of Sexual Advances on Patients

2020-10-05: Las Vegas Psychologist Gregory Dennis, Charged with Murder of Wife, To Face Trial as Soon as April 2021

2020-10-03: Scottish Psychologist Ian Stephen May Lose License Over Allegation of Sexual Abuse of 12-Year-Old Patent

2020-10-03: State Revokes License of Psychologist Daniel Davenport for Sexual Relationship with 17-Year-Old

2020-10-03: Universal Health Services: 17-Year-Old Foster Child Locked up in UHS Hartgrove Hospital 67 Days After Judge Ordered Him Released; Child Services Attempting to Prevent Teen from Speaking Out

2020-09-30: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Filed Against UHS Bridgeway Psych Facility for 2018 Restraint-Related Death of Patient

2020-09-30: Strategic Behavioral Health: State Shuts Down Clear View Behavioral Following Whistleblower Report, Serious Violations

2020-09-29: Missouri Psychiatrist Franco Sicuro Indicted for $15 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

2020-09-22: State Shuts Down Child Psych Facility; Kurn Hattin Homes Covered Up Decades of Sexual Abuse

2020-09-22: Connecticut Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Bryan Boffi

2020-09-22: Grand Jury Indicts Missouri Psychologist Kurt Bumby on Sodomy Charges

2020-09-15: Lawsuits Accuse School District of Ignoring Molestation Complaints Against School Psychologist Vincent Festa

2020-09-12: Psychiatrist Gavin P. Meany Gets 5 Years Prison for Repeated Sexual Abuse of Patient

2020-09-09: Liverpool Psychologist Robert Child Jailed 29 Years for Murdering His Mother

2020-09-09: London Psychologist Christopher McDonald Jailed 32 Years for Murder

2020-09-08: Craig Myles Baker, Former Australian Psychological Society Deputy Chair, Gets 18 Years in Jail

2020-09-04: PA Psychiatrist Bassam El-Borno Sentenced to House Arrest and Probation for Felony Drug Conviction

2020-08-29: Liverpool Sports Psychologist Robert Child Admits Killing Mother with Hammer

2020-08-29: PA Psychiatrist Bassam El-Borno Will Plead Guilty To Fraud, Drug-Related Charges

2020-08-29: MA Psychiatrist Rahim Shafa Indicted on Federal Drug, Money Laundering, and other Charges

2020-08-04: Oregon Psychology Board Revokes License of Arlen S. Craig for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

2020-07-29: NH Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Ashok Bharucha; Charged with Sexual Contact with Male Patient

2020-07-29: Mississippi Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Otis Anderson; Issued Unlawful Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

2020-07-25: Maryland Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Robert Schnitzlein for Sex with Patient

2020-07-20: Patients Sue UK National Health Service for Brain Damage from Electroshock Treatment

2020-07-11: NYC Psychiatrist Anand Pandya, Convicted of Meth Possession, Could Lose CA Medical License

2020-07-11: Universal Health Services: UHS Pays $117M to Settle False Claims Suits Alleging Unnecessary Psych Hospitalizations, etc.

2020-07-08: Australia Medical Board Cancels Registration of Psychiatrist Peter McCarthy for Sex with Patient

2020-07-06: Florida Department of Health Issues Complaint Against Psychiatrist Womesh Sahadeo Over Prescribing

2020-07-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Social Services Agency Ends Contract with Sequel Following Death of Teen at Lakeside

2020-06-30: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit against Gulfport Behavioral Says 17-Year-Old Patient Raped 13-Year-Old Patient

2020-06-27: Acadia Healthcare: 17-Year-Old Patient Files Suit Charging Harbor Oaks Hospital with Negligence Which Led to Sexual Assault

2020-06-27: Harvard-Trained Psychiatrist Ashok Bharucha Charged with Sexual Assault on Male Patient

2020-06-25: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Three Employees Charged in Homicide Death of 16-Year-Old Patient

2020-06-20: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Michigan Health & Human Services Terminates Relationship with Sequel

2020-06-20: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Michigan Suspends License of Lakeside Academy Following Restraint Death of 16-Year-Old

2020-06-15: NY Revokes License of Psychiatrist Irene Gurvits; Patients Described Her as "Nuts," "Evil," etc.

2020-06-09: Former Wyoming Psychiatrist John S. Sappington Threatened To Kill Ex-Wife with Hammer

2020-06-06: UK Psychiatrist Adrian Marsden Sentenced for Possession of Child Abuse Images

2020-06-06: Sequel Youth & Family Services: 16-Year-Old Dies After Being Restrained at Lakeside Academy

2020-06-06: Robert Ivan Fink, Second U.S. Psychiatrist Working in New Zealand Accused of Sex with Former Patient

2020-06-05: New Jersey Psychologist L. Barry Helfmann Loses Appeal of License Suspension

2020-06-02: Michigan Psychologist William Kooistra Sentenced on Criminal Sex Conviction

2020-05-30: Indiana Board Disciplined Psychologist Kristin Cole for Sex with Former Patient, Lifts Probation

2020-05-27: Woman Files $2 Million Lawsuit Against Portland Psychologist Laurence Christensen for Sexual Abuse

2020-05-26: Australian Psychologist Sheridan Meulblok (aka Sheridan Buscombe) Banned for Two Years for Intimate Relationship with Patient

2020-05-23: CA Psychiatrist Soleyman Mirakhor (U of Reims '75) Surrenders Medical License; Was Disciplined for Excessive Prescribing

2020-05-23: Strategic Behavioral Health: Montevista Hospital Closes; Facility Lost Medicaid Funding over Serious Issues

2020-05-22: CA Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Monissa Solberg (UCLA '07); Disciplined by Rhode Island for "Intimate" Relationship with Patient

2020-05-20: New Zealand Patient Filed Complaints Against Now-Disgraced Psychiatrist Paul Fox Prior to His Resignation

2020-05-18: CA Medical Board Seeks to Revoke License of Psychiatrist Svetlana Anic; Arrested for Prescription Forgery

2020-05-15: Arkansas Psychologist Michelle Messer, Convicted in Psych Hospital Patient Escape, Surrenders License

2020-05-05: High Court Censures Ireland Psychiatrist Bernard Murphy for Professional Misconduct with Patient

2020-05-02: San Diego Psychiatrist Prakash K. Bhatia Pays $145K to Settle Opioid Charges

2020-04-27: Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Pramod Pilania, Billed for 120 Patients a Day, Pays $91K False Claims Act Settlement

2020-04-27: UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo, Suspended for Sexual Behavioral Toward Colleagues, Returns to Work

2020-04-18: Ohio Med Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Tim Valko for Excessive Prescribing of Stimulants to 15 Pediatric Patients

2020-04-08: Australian Psychology Board Suspends Psychologist Melissa White for Professional Misconduct

2020-04-07: Acadia Healthcare: Sonora Behavioral Health Loses Second CEO in Two Years

2020-04-07: Oregon Psychologist Craig Steinberg, Charged with Encouraging Child Sex Abuse, Offered To Be "Father Figure" to Child Patients

2020-04-07: Oregon Psychologist Craig Steinberg Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

2020-03-30: Universal Health Services: Woman Wins Appeal in Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against UHS Hill Crest Psych Hospital

2020-03-30: Police Open Initial Investigation into Former Lake Alice Patient Complaints of Sexual Abuse, Electric Shock as Torture

2020-03-18: Kentucky Psychiatrist Peter Steiner Guilty of Prescribing Controlled Substances for No Medical Reason; Traded Drugs for Sexually Graphic Images

2020-03-18: Patients Died, Pharmacists Raised Concerns About Drug-Dealer Psychiatrist Peter Steiner

2020-03-13: Acadia Healthcare: Police Reports and Former Patients Describe Millcreek Behavioral as "Misery Mill"

2020-03-13: Michigan Psychologist William Kooistra Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct by Psychotherapist

2020-03-11: Acadia Healthcare: Four Facilities Are Focus of National Expose of Foster Kid Abuse in Out-of-State Psych Placements

2020-03-10: CA Medical Board Issues New Accusation Against Anna Nicole Psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich

2020-03-07: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Patient Advocacy Group Calls on State to Investigate Pattern of Abuse at Pomegranate Facility

2020-02-28: Universal Health Services: Police Investigating Sexual Assault Complaint at Newport News Behavioral Health Center

2020-02-28: Alabama Psychiatrist James H. Edwards, Indicted on Illegal Prescriptions, Facing 87 Additional Counts

2020-02-28: Ohio Child Psychologist Gregory Ramey Facing 145 Felony Child Porn Charges

2020-02-26: WA State Psychologist David B. Allen Suspended on Child Porn Charge

2020-02-26: Vermont Psychologist Charles Sprague Simonds Barred from Practice; Charged with Mistreating Patients and Staff

2020-02-21: Tennessee Psychiatrist Richard Farmer Guilty of Unlawful Distribution of Opioids

2020-02-19: CA Psychiatrist Andrew Abarbanel Surrenders Medical License for Excessive Prescribing, Negligence, etc.

2020-02-18: Psychiatrist Patrick Kin-Yee Chau: Disciplinary Actions in California, Iowa, Washington

2020-02-14: Keith Ablow Markets Himself As a "Life Coach" But He Is Actually a Psychiatrist Whose Medical Licenses Were Suspended on Sex and Drug Charges

2020-02-14: DEA Raids Office of Disgraced Former Fox News Psychiatrist Keith Ablow

2020-02-13: Sydney Psychiatrist Russell McGregor Loses Medical License for Promoting Conspiracy Theories

2020-02-13: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Kamal Bijanpour Indicted for Illegally Importing Gun Parts

2020-02-10: Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Roy Monsour Indicted on Federal Drug Charges

2020-02-10: Guam AG Investigating Six Patient Sex Complaints Against Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo; Previously Disciplined by Maryland Medical Board for Same

2020-02-05: CA Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist James Matthew Crowley Ryan

2020-02-04: Phoenix Psychiatrist Rajeev Billing Arrested on Controlled Substance Charges Involving Patient

2020-02-04: CA Medical Board Suspends License of Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai, Convicted of Forced Labor

2020-01-30: Acadia Healthcare: State Surveyors Find Serious Suicide Risks at Sonora Behavioral Health

2020-01-30: College of Physicians & Surgeons Revokes License of Ontario Psychiatrist Karin Kerfoot

2020-01-27: Ontario Psychiatrist Karin Kerfoot Faces Disciplinary Hearing on Charges of Sex with Patient

2020-01-27: Medical Board Suspends Phoenix Psychiatrist Rajeev Billing on Charge of Doing Drugs with Patient

2020-01-24: Perth Psychiatrist Peter McCarthy Guilty of Professional Misconduct; Faces Loss of License

2020-01-24: Minnesota Psychiatrist Gavin Meaney Guilty of Sexual Abuses of Female Patient

2020-01-21: Virginia Psychiatrist Udaya K. Shetty Jailed 27 Months for Healthcare Fraud

2020-01-21: Federal Judge Holds Pennsylvania Psychologist Donna Pinter in Contempt for Failure to Respond to Subpoena

2020-01-21: New Hampshire Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Jayakumar Patil for Dangerous Prescribing

2020-01-21: New Sex Abuse Complaints Surface Against Hawaii School Psychiatrist Robert Browne

2020-01-20: NY Psychiatrist Sameh S. Wahba Surrenders Medical License for Negligent & Incompetent Treatment of 7 Patients

2020-01-20: North Dakota Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Lloyd M. Bell

2020-01-14: Wales Psychiatrist Noel Sardar Sentenced for Stalking Female Patients

2020-01-14: NY Revokes License of Psychiatrist Clarence G. White for Sex with Patient

2020-01-13: Louisiana Psychiatrist Padmini Nagaraj Sentenced in Medicare Fraud Scheme

2020-01-13: Detroit Psychologist Paul L. Smith Gets 51 Months Prison for Health Care Fraud

2020-01-10: UN Calls for NZ Authorities to Investigate Child ECT Torture at Lake Alice Psych Facility

2020-01-08: Court Enforces $957,675 Judgment in Rape Suit Against NY Psychologist William Knack

2019-12-30: Israeli Psychiatrists Omer Boneh, Abraham Weizman, Michael Bontzel and Tali Vishne Accused of Prescribing Psych Drugs to Young Orthodox Jews to Curb Sex Thoughts

2019-12-27: State Board Monitoring Case of Psychologist Kurt Bumby, Charged with Sodomy

2019-12-21: How Former Fox News Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Lost His Medical Licenses

2019-12-17: Missouri Psychologist and Sex Offender Expert Kurt Bumby Charged with Sodomizing Children

2019-12-11: Australian Psychology Board Suspends Gregory D. Asher for Five Years; Sex with Patient

2019-12-05: Pennsylvania Revokes License of Prison Psychologist James Harrington: 3 Patient Suicides

2019-12-04: Florida Seeks to Revoke License of Psychiatrist Zoya Kosman after Fraud Conviction

2019-11-26: US Marshals Arrest IL-NC-FL Psychiatrist David Lelio for Illegal Distribution of Pills

2019-11-26: TX Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Emad Mikhail Bishai; 4 Patients Dead; Arrest Warrants Issued

2019-11-20: Medical Board Puts N. CA Psychiatrist Nathan Thuma on Probation for Excessive Prescribing, Incompetence

2019-11-12: Timothy D. Brewerton, M.D., Psychiatrist in Mount Pleasant, SC

2019-11-11: Supreme Court Upholds WV Medical Board Disciplinary Decision in Patient Sex Case Against Psychiatrist Omar Hasan

2019-11-11: UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo Suspended Six Months for Sexual Conduct Toward Female Colleagues

2019-11-06: BC Psychologist Alison Miller Loses License for Promoting False Memories of Satanic Abuse

2019-11-05: Acadia Healthcare: Sonora Behavioral Health Whistleblower Comes Forward

2019-11-05: Guernsey Psychiatrist Greg Lydall Gets 30-Month Prison Sentence for Child Pornography

2019-10-28: Valerie Augustus, TN Psychiatrist Disciplined for Using Whip on Patients, Facing New Charges

2019-10-28: SLC School Psychologist Kendra McPherson Among Defendants in Sexual Abuse Suit Filed by Parents

2019-10-28: BC Forensic Psychologist Allan Posthuma Bypasses Discipline; Parents Outraged

2019-10-25: W. Australia Forensic Psychologist Darryl Menaglio Fined, Banned for Professional Misconduct in Custody Case

2019-10-25: Victoria Psychologist Antonio Ferrero Suspended for Two Years for Sexual Contact with Patient

2019-10-22: Sequel Youth & Family Services: State Inspectors Find Improper Use of Restraint on Children at Pomegranate Facility

2019-10-22: Female Colleagues Testify as to Sexual Misconduct by UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo

2019-10-18: Malaysian Psychiatrist Gurdeep Singh Charged with Offense Against Rape Victim

2019-10-16: Winnipeg Child Psychologist Gary Shady Jailed Nine Months for Child Pornography

2019-10-15: Pasadena, CA Psychiatrist Laurance F. Johnson Surrenders License After Medical Board Disciplinary Action for Sexual Harassment of Patient

2019-10-15: Nevada Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Matthew Okeke: Must Have Supervisor Present with All Female Patients

2019-10-15: Minnesota Psychologist Johanna Lamm Charged with Sexual Abuse of Patient

2019-10-09: Patient Murdered at LA Kedren Mental Health Center, Other Dangers and Abuses, Per Report

2019-10-08: Australian State Psychologist Hung Lay Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Underage Girls

2019-10-01: Florida Psychiatrist Robert Morgenthal Sentenced for Sexual Misconduct with Patient

2019-09-30: Oregon Psychologist Erin C. Moran Sued for $10 Million for Sex with 20-Year-Old Patient

2019-09-26: Delaware Psychiatrist Karl McIntosh Sentenced for Illegal Prescriptions

2019-09-25: So Cal School Psychologist Kristen L. Boyle Charged with Statutory Rape Involving Student

2019-09-24: New York TV psychologist Jayme Albin Arrested on DUI with Child in Car

2019-09-24: Virginia Psychiatrist Udaya Shetty Guilty of $460,000+ Insurance Fraud

2019-09-23: Queensland Psychiatrist Anand Madhukarro Choudhary Found Guilty of Fraud

2019-09-23: Texas Psychologists William Dubin and David Dubin Sentenced for Fraud, Kickbacks

2019-09-20: Texas School Psychologist Brandon T. McElveen Sentenced to Prison for Indecency with Children

2019-09-17: Minnesota Psychiatrist Gavin Meany Admits to Sex with Patient; Charged with Sexual Assault

2019-09-17: Feds Expand "Pill Mill" Investigation Against Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards

2019-09-16: Maine Psychiatrist Charles Stewart Ordered to Stop Treating Women

2019-09-16: Arkansas Psychiatrist Duong Huu Nguyen Suspended; Accused of Sex with Patient

2019-09-13: Universal Health Services: Woman Files Rape Lawsuit Against UHS Bridgeway Psychiatric Hospital

2019-09-12: Top Swedish Forensic Psychiatrist Sten Levander Loses Medical License

2019-09-11: Michigan Medical Board Places Psychiatrist David Gendernalik on Probation for Lack of Good Moral Character; Chest-Bumped Female Colleague

2019-09-10: Illinois Psychologist Pamela Antell Sentenced to Six Months Prison for Fraud

2019-09-03: Melbourne Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Facing New Sex Charges While Jailed on Earlier Sex Abuse Conviction

2019-08-30: Convicted: Sundance Behavioral Health (TX) Knowingly Illegally Held Patient for 21 Days

2019-08-29: Seaside Healthcare: Drug-Induced Death at Baton Rouge Psych Hospital Raises Questions

2019-08-28: New York Psychiatrists Carlene MacMillan and Owen Muir Sued over Patient Suicide

2019-08-21: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Pomegranate Facility Cited for Improper Restraints, Failure to Report Sexual Assault Allegation

2019-08-20: Alabama Psychologist Sharon D. Waltz Charged with $1 Million in False Medicaid Claims

2019-08-19: Sequel Youth & Family Services: City Council Revokes License of Three Springs Detention Center (TSI Madison)

2019-08-19: Strategic Behavioral Health: Troubles with Psych Hospital Chain in North Carolina, Texas and Colorado Springs, Colorado since 2014

2019-08-17: Psychiatrists, Employees, Patient Families Decry Preventable Deaths at Greystone Park Psych Hospital

2019-08-16: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Indicated on Criminal Sex Charges Involving Nine Patients

2019-08-15: New South Wales Psychiatrist Anthony Slowiaczek Disqualified for Sex with Patient

2019-08-15: New York Psychiatrist Scott McMahon Charged with Illegal Ritalin Distribution

2019-08-14: Wyoming Supreme Court Upholds Conviction of Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins

2019-08-14: New York Psychiatrist Xingjia Cui Sentenced for Health Care and Tax Fraud

2019-08-13: Signature Healthcare Services: Jury Determines Company and its Aurora Vista Del Mar to Blame for Sexual Assaults of Patients; Award $13.25 Million

2019-08-12: Strategic Behavioral Health: Nevada Health Authority Cites & Fines Montevista Hospital Over Patient Health and Safety Concerns

2019-08-08: New York Psychiatrist John B. Halkias Refuses to Return Heirloom Photo to Former Patient

2019-08-08: Pennsylvania psychiatrist Spiro Kassis Charged with Running Opioid "Pill Mill"

2019-08-08: State Restricts Louisiana Psychiatrist Jason Stamper for Showing Patient Nude Pictures of His Sexual Partners

2019-08-06: Dartmouth Pays $14 Million to Settle Sexual Misconduct Lawsuit Involving former Psych Professors Bill Kelley, Paul Whalen and Todd Heatherton

2019-08-02: Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards Indicted on Federal Controlled Substance Charges

2019-08-02: Ontario School Psychologist Nicole Walton-Allen Intentionally Misrepresented Her Credentials to Court, Child Protection Agency, etc.

2019-07-30: Travis AFB Psychologist Heath J. Sommer Sentenced to 11+ Years for Sexual Assaults of Female Patients

2019-07-29: Washington School Psychologist Robert W. Wright Charged with Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy

2019-07-24: Acadia Healthcare: Employees Blow the Whistle on Sonora Behavioral Health

2019-07-23: Feds Raid Office of Massachusetts Psychiatrist Lee S. Altman; Investigation of Prescribing Practices

2019-07-19: Sequel Youth & Family Services Closes Second Utah Facility in a Month

2019-07-18: Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards III Faces Federal Drug Charges

2019-07-11: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Red Rock Canyon School Closing After Numerous Reports of Patient Abuses

2019-07-11: Connecticut Jails Psychiatrist Paul Fox under Psychotherapist Patient Sexual Abuse Law

2019-07-10: Disgraced, Dishonest Los Angeles Psychiatrist William T. Vicary Surrenders Medical License

2019-07-10: California Medical Board Puts Psychiatrist Kermit D. Johnson on Probation; Used Sexualized Hypnosis Script on Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse

2019-07-05: Tribunal Finds Melbourne psychologist Gregory Asher Guilty of Sex with Patient

2019-07-05: Retired School Psychologist David Calaiacovo Arrested on Child Pornography Charges

2019-07-01: Michigan Psychologist Michael Varney Sent to Prison on Felony Drug, Sex, Fraud Charges

2019-06-30: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Sentenced on Patient Sex Abuse Charges

2019-06-27: Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Settles Suits Alleging Sexual Behavior with Patients, Other Violations

2019-06-25: Strategic Behavioral: Colorado Moving to Revoke License of Clear View Behavioral Health

2019-06-25: $5 Million Verdict Against Acadia Healthcare Sierra Tucson Psych Facility; Family Prevails in Wrongful Death of Son

2019-06-24: Kentucky Psychology Board Revokes License of Kathleen Kirby over Treatment of Child in Custody Case

2019-06-24: Georgia Psychology Board Disciplines Halisi Edwards-Staten following Fraud Conviction

2019-06-21: Virginia School Psychologist Richard Sidebottom Guilty of Sexual Battery of Child

2019-06-20: Kentucky Psychiatrist Charles Noplis; Numerous Acts of Violence, Guilty Plea, Medical Board Discipline

2019-06-20: California Psychiatrist Robert T. Perez Sentenced for Selling Prescriptions for Cash

2019-06-20: Florida Psychiatrist Jacob McClean Arrested on Meth Charges

2019-06-14: Ohio Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur Sentenced on Drug Charges

2019-06-14: Louisiana Medical Board Places Psychiatrist Parker B. Jones on Probation for Substance Abuse

2019-06-14: Maryland Psychiatrist Parviz Sahandy Surrenders License; Committed Sexual Improprieties with Female Patients

2019-06-14: North Carolina Med Board Issues Letter of Concern on Psychiatrist Brenda Sue Willis

2019-06-13: Washington Psychologist Naughne Boyd Surrenders License to Practice

2019-06-13: Clinicare Corp: Governor Orders State to Reform For-Profit Psych Facilities after Aurora Plains Academy Expose

2019-06-12: Canberra Psychologist Dev Roychowdhury Suspended for Three Years; Exploited Vulnerable Patient for Sex

2019-06-10: Universal Health Services: State Cites Lancaster Behavioral Health After Two Patients Harmed

2019-06-08: Clinicare Corp: Former Aurora Plains Academy Staff and Patients Report Continuous Abuses

2019-06-05: Paul Fox, Former Psychiatrist for Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza, Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Patient

2019-06-04: NY Psychiatrist William Belfar Guilty, Sentenced; Sold Oxycodone Prescriptions for Cash

2019-05-31: Tennessee Psychologist Donald McCoy Indicted for $2.16 Million Health Care Fraud

2019-05-31: Psychiatrist Paul Fox Sexually Assaulted a Teenaged Female Patient; Faces 18 Mos Prison

2019-05-29: AZ and CA Medical Boards Take Action Against Psychiatrist James Ryan for Sexual Misconduct, Controlled Substances

2019-05-28: Melbourne Psychiatrist Luke Ainsworth Banned from Practice for Getting Patient Pregnant

2019-05-27: Singapore Psychiatrist Soo Shuenn Chiang Fined S$50,000 for Breaking Patient Confidentiality

2019-05-27: Toronto Psychiatrist Jasjot "Tina" Chadda Suspended Six Months for Selling Patients Italy Meditation Retreats

2019-05-23: California Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist Dirk DeBrito to Cease Practicing

2019-05-23: Radik Masagutov, Russian Psychiatrist Incarcerated for Raping 16-Year-Old Patient

2019-05-21: State Fines, Reprimands Psychiatrist Dale Wallington for Excessive Xanax Prescribing

2019-05-20: Virginia Psychologist Mwende Mualuko, Jailed for Shoplifting in 2017, Convicted and Jailed Again

2019-05-20: California Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Convicted for Human Trafficking

2019-05-17: State Seeks to Revoke Medical License of California Psychiatrist Gregory Gray; Patient Died

2019-05-17: State Board Suspends Psychiatrist Keith Ablow: A "Serious Threat to Public Health"

2019-05-10: Arkansas Psychologist Michelle Messer Sentenced; Ran off to Vegas with State Mental Hospital Patient

2019-05-10: Grand Jury Indicts Ohio Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur on Controlled Substance Charges

2019-05-08: Jailed Psychologist Richard Lenhart, a "Violent Sexual Predator," Denied Early Release

2019-05-08: Butte Psychiatrist Bennett Braun Sued for Disfiguring Drug Treatment

2019-04-29: Psychologist Daniel Rouse-Stanton Banned for Three Years For Sex with Patient

2019-04-29: Federal Agents Raid Office of Alabama Psychiatrist John Christopher Strunk

2019-04-25: State Revokes License of Colorado Psychologist Peter C. Solon; Numerous Criminal Convictions

2019-04-24: Michigan Psychologist Michael Varney Pleads No Contest to Criminal Sexual Conduct, More

2019-04-24: NJ Child Psychologist Lorenzo Puertas Charged with Repeated Sexual Assault of Child

2019-04-24: Kansas Psychiatrist Brian Lahey Loses License for Sex with Patient, Practicing on Suspended License

2019-04-19: Psychiatrist John Sappington Surrenders License; Numerous Complaints of Negligent Prescribing

2019-04-19: Psychiatrist Marc Spelar, Indicted in Federal Opioid Bust, Was on Probation for 2017 Drug Conviction

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Jacques Levy Surrenders License, over Controlled Substance-Related Failures

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Ewald Antoine Loses License Following Felony Fraud Conviction

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Don Kerson Surrenders License on Controlled Substance, Sex-Related Charges

2019-04-17: Ohio Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur for Unlawful Prescribing

2019-04-16: Ohio Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Michael Anikeev; Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving

2019-04-14: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Charged with Sexual Assaults of Six Patients

2019-04-13: Universal Health Services (UHS) Must Face Claims That It Held Patients Illegally, Investors Say

2019-04-05: Psychiatrist Charles Noplis Under Investigation Again for Violent Acts

2019-04-04: Acadia Healthcare: Six Former Patients Sue Timberline Knolls Over Sexual Abuses

2019-04-01: NYC Psychologist Leanh Nguyen Suspended for Sexual Boundary Violation of Patient

2019-03-29: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Sentenced to 14 Mos Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient

2019-03-26: Board Suspends Psychologist John Thickins for Sexual Harassment of Patient

2019-03-26: Telemedicine Psychiatrist Rebecca Cirino Suspended for Prescribing without Examinations

2019-03-21: Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Saleh Parvez; Failed to Handle Patient Lithium Toxicity

2019-03-20: Addiction Recovery Clinic Employs Convicted Felon Psychiatrist Joel W. Hanson as Medical Director

2019-03-18: Psychiatrist Bassam Awwa, "Recklessly Overbilled Medicare" for Urine Tests, Pays $3.3M

2019-03-15: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Guilty of Sexual Assault; Judge Slams Abuse of Power

2019-03-13: Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist Michael Tolwin to Cease Treating Patients

2019-03-13: Medical Board Investigating Psychiatrist Daniel Grosz After Patient Has Near-Fatal Drug Reaction

2019-03-12: Psychiatrist Domingo Cerra Fernandez, Suspended in 2018 for Sexual Misconduct, Now Earns $196K/Year with the State--What Is Wrong with This Picture?

2019-03-11: Board Disciplines "Telemed" Psychiatrist Claudia Rodriguez-Galvis for Medical Malpractice

2019-03-11: Medical Board Seeks to Revoke/Suspend License of Psychiatrist Edward Castner

2019-03-07: Psychologist Wayne Price Helped Convict 6 People Based on "Repressed Memories." Now Exonerated, a County Owes The Accused $28 Million

2019-03-07: Acadia Healthcare: Administrators of Timberline Knolls Psych Facility Waited 3 Weeks to Contact Cops About Employee Sex Assaults

2019-03-06: Psychiatrist Metodia Joy Webster Reprimanded by Illinois and Missouri Medical Boards

2019-03-06: Potomac Psychiatrist Susan D. Rich Suspended, Fined for Unprofessional Conduct

2019-03-06: State Disciplines Psychiatrist John L. Bulette for 3rd Time, Regarding Prescribing

2019-03-06: Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Craig Tolleson; Patient Died

2019-03-05: Psychiatrist Aly Abbas Ahmed Had a Sexual Relationship with 20-Year-Old Patient

2019-03-01: Abuses at Northlake Behavioral Health System, Mandeville, LA

2019-02-27: So Cal Psychiatrist Robert T. Perez Pleads Guilty to Opioid Distribution

2019-02-27: Psychologist David Griersmith Suspended for Sex with Depressed, Addicted Client

2019-02-27: Quebec Psychologist Etienne Lavoie Charged with Pimping, Sex Assault, Drug Trafficking

2019-02-25: Child Psychiatrist Margaret M. Sprague Loses License (Again) for Substance Abuse

2019-02-25: Three Patients Sue TV Psychiatrist Keith Ablow for Sexual Exploitation; Former Employees Provide Affidavits

2019-02-22: State Seeks to Revoke License of Psychiatrist Renee Dupont for DUI Conviction

2019-02-22: Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist David Sosin to Cease Practice

2019-02-20: Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist David D. Gulden for Substance Abuse

2019-02-20: Susan Ramseyer Gives Up Psychology License for "Fraud, Misrepresentation, or Decepttion..."

2019-02-19: TN Psychology Board Suspends James S. Walker for Cocaine, Heroin Use

2019-02-19: District Attorney Files Animal Abuse Charges Against Psychologist Elaine Rosa

2019-02-18: Psychologist Jonathan Gersh Gets 20 Years Prison for Child Molestation, Child Porn

2019-02-14: Ohio Psychology Board Suspends Nora Corcoran: Criminal Conviction and Three Arrests

2019-02-14: Psychology Board Seeks to Reprimand Stephen J. Pethick for Lying

2019-02-13: Federal Grand Jury Indicts Psychiatrist George David in Disability Fraud Scheme

2019-02-13: Psychiatrist Brian Lahey Still Practicing in MO, Despite KS License Suspended

2019-02-13: Jailed Psychiatrist Ginari Price: Patients Hope She Never Practices Again

2019-02-13: State Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Harinder Grewal for Negligence

2019-02-13: Board Revokes License of Psychologist Kevin A. Jones for Sex with Patient

2019-02-11: Psychologist Vesela Popovski Engaged in Sex with Patient; Ineligible to Practice for 3 Years

2019-02-11: Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Guilty of Sexual Abuse of Two Female Patients

2019-02-07: Police File Animal Cruelty Complaint Against Psychologist Elaine Rosa

2019-02-07: Board Issues Accusation Against Psychiatrist Monissa Solberg, 2007 UCLA Geffen School Grad

2019-02-06: State Revokes License of Psychologist Kent S. Hill, Convicted of 11 Child Porn Charges

2019-02-06: Iowa Psychologist John Edgette Suspended Due to Substance Abuse

2019-02-05: Criminally Indicted TX Mental Hospital Chain Declares Bankruptcy

2019-02-05: Second Sexual Abuse Trial Begins for Psychiatrist Surendra Johri

2019-02-05: Psychiatrist Zoya Kosman, Guilty of Social Security Fraud, Loses CA Med License

2019-02-04: Swiss Psychologist Fined, Banned from Treating Female Patients

2019-02-01: "Big Brother" Psychologist Bob Montgomery Charged with Sexual Assaults of Three Boys in 1960s

2019-02-01: Psychologist Hubert Dolezal Indicted in $3.2M Medicare Fraud Scheme

2019-02-01: Yale Investigates Former Psychiatry Prof Eugene Redmond for Sexual Misconduct

2019-01-31: VA Psychiatrist Dieter Bartschat, Charged in 2018 with Child Porn, Suspended by License Board

2019-01-30: UPDATE: Psychiatrist Ginari Price was Indicated in Preventable Death of 14-Year-Old Patient

2019-01-30: Psychiatrist Ginari Price, Jailed on 2016 Charges, Continued to Prescribe While Behind Bars

2019-01-25: Licensing Board Puts Psychiatrist Dirk DeBrito on Probation for Criminal Conviction

2019-01-25: Licensing Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Michael H. Tolwin for Negligence

2019-01-24: Arizona Med Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Thomas Opechowski Over Treatment of Elderly Patient

2019-01-23: State Permanently Revokes License of Psychiatrist Lyda Monte; Convicted of Fraud

2019-01-23: Psychiatrist Rogelio Naranja Surrenders License Amid Investigation into Prescribing

2019-01-22: State Issues Accusation Against UCSF Psychiatrist Richard Lannon; Patient Died

2019-01-21: CA psychologist Frederic Seldin Surrenders License After Patient Rejects "Romantic" Proposition

2019-01-21: Psychologist Charles Kenny, Performed Deputy Evaluations for Sheriff, Found to Be Unlicensed Since 2001

2019-01-21: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman Sentenced; Admitted Sexual Contact with 7 Patients

2019-01-11: Psychiatrist Jane C. Gilbert Loses License for Sex with Patient

2019-01-11: Psychiatrist Alfredo Cervantes, Sexed-Up Patient and Billed Her Insurance, Goes to Prison

2019-01-11: Saskatoon Psychiatric Resident Anjena Gandham Suspended for Lying About Prescription

2019-01-08: European Human Rights Court to Hear Case Against Euthanasia Psychiatrist Lieve Thienpont

2019-01-03: State Revokes License of Psychologist Herman "Ted" Thompson for Sexual Exploitation of Teen Patient

2018-12-27: Universal Health Services Two Rivers Behavioral to Close in February '19

2018-12-27: Class Action Filed on Behalf of Hundreds of Illinois Children Held in Psych Hospitals Beyond Release Date

2018-12-27: Texas: Sundance Behavioral Closes Three Psych Facilities Amid Criminal Prosecution

2018-12-26: Tokyo: Psychiatrist Koichi Takeda Arrested for Indecency with Young Female Patient

2018-12-26: Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema, Indicted for Fraud, Begins Treating Erectile Dysfunction

2018-12-26: Court Orders Psychologist Dennis Sizelove to Pay $1.5 Million in Infant Death

2018-12-22: Psychiatrist Khaja N. Chisty Disciplined in CA and CO for Unlawful Prescribing of Controlled Substances

2018-12-19: "Parking Rage" Psychiatrist Joan Finkelstein Reprimanded

2018-12-17: Wyoming Psychologist John R. Sink Sentenced for $6.2 Million Medicaid Fraud

2018-12-17: Tennessee Psychologist Donald McCoy Arrested on Fraud Charges

2018-12-17: Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema, Accused of Fraud, Due Back in Court in February

2018-12-16: Louisiana Psychologist Christopher D. Garner Suspended for Sex with Patient

2018-12-13: State Medical Licensing Authority Investigating Psychiatrist Mani Pavuluri over Child Study

2018-12-11: Second Sexual Abuse Trial against Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Begins, Adjourns until February

2018-12-11: School Psychologist Agni Angelkovska on Trial for Assaulting 12-year-old Autistic Student

2018-12-10: Psychologist Anthony Vertino Excluded from Medicaid for Fraudulent Claims

2018-12-10: Medical Board Prohibits Psychiatrist Matthew Stubblefield from Solo Practice

2018-12-05: Belgian Court Authorizes Criminal Charges Against Psychiatrist Lieve Thienpont in Euthanasia Case

2018-12-05: Chicago Psychiatric Hospital Loses Federal Funding Due to Child Sexual Abuses, Safety Concerns

2018-12-04: Jury Convicts Psychologist Heath Sommer: Sexually Exploited Victims of Sexual Assault

2018-12-04: "Leading" Psychologist Robert F. Mannis Gets License Suspended

2018-12-03: "Shut Up, Im the Therapist"--Board Disciplines Psychologist Douglas A. Col

2018-11-29: Psychiatrist Arthur J. Kranz Guilty of Tax Evasion and Disability Benefits Fraud

2018-11-28: UK National Health Investigating 100,000 Deaths Annually in Psychiatric Facilities

2018-11-28: Psychiatrist Aviel Li Goodman Surrenders Med License Following Child Porn Conviction

2018-11-28: Court Dismisses Appeal of Convicted Psychologist Joshua Popkin

2018-11-27: Euthanasia Psychiatrist Lieve Thienpont Under Criminal Investigation

2018-11-26: Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Pays Its Way out of Civil Rights Suit

2018-11-26: Perth Psychiatrist Peter D. McCarthy Guilty of Perverting Course of Justice

2018-11-22: CA Medical Board Places Psychiatrist Ronald Onkin on Probation for Sexual Misconduct

2018-11-21: Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi, Recently Jailed for Fraud, Was Med School Drop-out

2018-11-21: Universal Health Services: Another Teenager Dies, Her Health Crisis Ignored in UHS Psychiatric Facility

2018-11-21: North TX psychiatric hospital corporation indicted for holding patients illegally

2018-11-20: Prosecutors Rest Their Case Against Psychologist Heath Sommer, Charged with Sexual Abuse

2018-11-18: Seven Women File Lawsuits Against Dartmouth Psychology Professors

2018-11-12: State Suspends Psychiatrist Aaron Voon; Filmed Young Boys Urinating in Public Restrooms

2018-11-12: Anchorage Psychologist Russell Cherry Gets 4 Years Prison for Child Pornography

2018-11-12: Michigan Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Anthony J. Wolf for Sex with Patient

2018-11-12: State Lets Psychiatrist David Ford Wilson Practice Again--Except on Anyone under Age 18

2018-11-09: Arizona Restricts "Moderation Institute" Psychiatrist Michael Yasinski for DUI, Drugs

2018-11-02: NJ Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Robert Dragert Over Prescribing Practices

2018-11-02: Psychiatrist Said Farzad, Previously Convicted for Phone Harrasment, Is Bomb Threat Suspect

2018-11-01: Virginia Psychology Board Suspends David Ribbe, Ph.D. for Sexual Touching, More

2018-10-31: Michigan psychologist Michael Varney To Be Arraigned on Patient Sex-for-Drugs Charges

2018-10-31: AG Investigating Albuquerque Psychiatrist Edwin Hall for Over-Medicating Foster Kids

2018-10-30: Father and Son Psychologists Wm. & David Dubin Convicted of Health Care Fraud

2018-10-29: Michigan Psychologist Garrett Turke Surrenders License for "Intimate Relationship" with Patient

2018-10-29: Former VA Psychiatrist Stephen L. Greer Sentenced to 21 Mos. Prison

2018-10-29: Sex Assault Trial Begins for Travis AFB Psychologist Heath Sommer

2018-10-23: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Karl Bandyan Ordered to Stop Practicing

2018-10-19: State Refuses to Reinstate "Unethical" and "Dishonest" Psychologist Vitomir Zepinic

2018-10-18: Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Gets Five Years Prison in Will Fraud

2018-10-17: Drug Dealer Psychiatrist Alan L. Summers Gets Four Years Prison

2018-10-17: Psychiatrists & Psychologists Guilty of Fraud, Sex Crimes Most Often

2018-10-17: Winnipeg Child Psychologist Gary A. Shady Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2018-10-16: NYC Psychiatrist Anthony Pietropinto Among Arrests in Federal Oxycodone Bust

2018-10-16: Defrocked Priest Robert Gerl Works as Michigan State Psychologist

2018-10-16: Neighbor Gives Evidence that UK Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Forged Elderly Widow's Will

2018-10-15: Psychology Board Reprimands Donald Treacher for Inappropriate Relationship

2018-10-15: Former Yale-NYU Psychiatric Researcher Alexander Neumeister Convicted, Sentenced

2018-10-12: Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Douglas P. Murphy for Treatment Failures; Second Patient Suicide

2018-10-12: Psychiatrist Robert T. Perez's Accomplice Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2018-10-12: Cumbria UK Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Accused of Trying to Steal Widow's Estate

2018-10-12: Virginia Psychiatrist Alfredo Cervantes Guilty of Fraud, To Be Sentenced

2018-10-11: Veteran's Administration Psychiatrist Domingo Cerra-Fernandez Suspended for Sexual Misconduct

2018-10-10: Patient Discovers Psychologist Michael Doyle

2018-10-08: State Revokes License of Psychologist Amy Chatelain for Sex with Patient

2018-10-03: Chicago Psychologist Pamela Antell Facing Federal Health Care Fraud Charges

2018-10-03: South African Psychiatrist Henny Mavasa Convicted of Health Care Fraud

2018-10-01: Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Ruth A. Schack

2018-10-01: Wyoming Psychologist John Sink Guilty of $6 Million Medicaid Fraud

2018-10-01: Psychologist Gary Stollak, Linked to Larry Nassar Scandal, Surrenders License

2018-09-27: New Mexico Attorney General Investigating 36 Deaths Linked to Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall

2018-09-27: Ontario Psychiatrist Ravi Shenava Guilty of Assault, Surrenders Medical License

2018-09-26: Danish Psychiatrist Kim Eisenreich (Jørgen Holtz) Convicted for a Third Time for Sex with Patient; Loses License

2018-09-26: State Issues Accusation Against CA Psychiatrist Soleyman Mirakhor Over Excessive Prescribing

2018-09-26: Michigan Psychologist Charged with 50 Felonies

2018-09-25: Judge Approves $80 Million Settlement in School Psychiatrist Student Sex Assault Case

2018-09-25: Iowa psychiatrist J. Patrick Bertroche Surrenders His Medical License

2018-09-20: Psychiatrist Judith Tietz Prohibited from Prescribing Opioid Drugs

2018-09-18: University of Chicago -- Ingalls Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health...

2018-09-18: Child Psychiatrist Kimberly Frank Still Practicing Despite Insanity Plea

2018-09-18: Psychologist Jeannie Pasacreta Arrested, Charged with Medicaid Fraud

2018-09-18: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri to Face Second Sex Abuse Trial

2018-09-13: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Jack Wu Restricted from Prescribing Opioids

2018-09-10: U of AZ Psychology Professor Accepts Funding from Racism-Focused Research Foundation

2018-09-07: Texas Psychiatrist Riaz Mazcuri Gets 12 Years Prison for $155M Medicaid Fraud Scam

2018-09-06: Colorado School Psychologist Patrick Robinson To Be Sentenced for Gun Threat

2018-09-05: Colorado State University Psychologist Lee A. Rosen Gives Up License on Charge of Sexual Harassment

2018-09-04: Acadia Healthcare: Former Patient of Sonora Behavioral Reveals Conditions Inside Facility

2018-09-04: Rhode Island Psychiatrist Monissa Solberg Surrenders License; Had 'Intimate Relationship' with Patient

2018-08-30: Pennsylvania Psychologist Edward J. Michaels Convicted for Child Porn

2018-08-29: South African Psychiatrist Knowingly Lied to Media About Psych Hospital Deaths

2018-08-28: Board Issues Order Restricting Psychiatrist Adam Travis' Treatment of Female Patients

2018-08-24: Psychiatrist Stuart Tubis Suspended; Prescribed Controlled Substances Without Exams, Inadequate Recordkeeping

2018-08-20: Psychiatrist James M. Gilbert, Prescribing Tied to Three Overdose Deaths

2018-08-16: Michigan Psychologist Michael Vredevoogd Violated Americans with Disabilities Act, Agrees to Comply

2018-08-15: Civil Complaint Seeks $800K, Cars, and Home from New York Psychiatrist, Muhammad Cheema, Charged with Fraud

2018-08-14: Error Made Allowing UK Psychiatrist Shekhar Chandra Back on Register, Says Appeal Court

2018-08-14: Court Rules Against PA Psychiatrist Kenneth Stanko Who Was Sued for Allegedly Hooking Patient on Oxycodone

2018-08-12: Psychologist Kris Schroder Charged with Stealing From Dying Partner

2018-08-08: Psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins Conviction Upheld in Fraud Scheme

2018-08-06: Psychiatrist Edwin Hall Surrenders Colorado Medical License

2018-08-06: Former Sheriff's Department Psychologist Michael Dane Ward Sued by Children He Molested

2018-08-06: Psychologist Peter Kosseff Facing Complaint of Negligence

2018-08-06: Psychiatrist Sridhar Yaratha Arranged for One Patient to Attack Another, Federal Judge Rules

2018-08-03: Psychiatrist Michael J. Cosgrove: Accusation of Unprofessional Conduct

2018-08-03: Michigan Psychologist Paul Smith Indicted on Felony Charges

2018-07-31: Psychiatrist Enyinnaya Ezema Suspended for Sexual Harassment

2018-07-30: Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema Charged with Health Care Fraud

2018-07-30: Psychologist Richard Lenhart in Prison and Deemed a Sexually Violent Predator

2018-07-27: Psychologist Alethea Young Suspended Over Ethics Violations

2018-07-26: Rochester Psychiatrist Cynthia Cleveland Hauri Reprimanded Over Opioids

2018-07-26: Former Psychiatrist Mark Zweifach Caught Watching Child Porn

2018-07-26: Psychiatrist Prashant Agarwal Booked for Forging Documents

2018-07-25: Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Facing Even More Charges

2018-07-23: Namibia: Psychiatrist Pieter Van der Westhuizen Accused of Rape

2018-07-23: State Suspends Psychologist Crystal M. Knight for Sex with Patient

2018-07-22: Three Dartmouth Psychology Professors--Todd Heatherton, Paul Whalen and Bill Kelley--Quit Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

2018-07-21: Psychiatrist Aviel Li Goodman Found Guilty in Child Porn Case

2018-07-19: Psychiatrist Adrian Morris Accused of Illegally Dispensing Pills

2018-07-18: Psychologist John Thomas Terrence Pleads Guilty in Workers Compensation Fraud Scheme

2018-07-18: Psychiatrist Billy Lockhart Pleads Guilty to Possession of Child Pornography

2018-07-15: Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Accused of Sexual Contact and Boundary Violations with Patient

2018-07-13: University of Illinois Child Psychiatrist Mani Pavuluri Resigns Amid Scandal

2018-07-12: Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall Surrenders California Medical License

2018-07-12: State Suspends Psychologist Gregory L. Williams for Theft

2018-07-11: Michigan Psychiatrist Hanumaiah Bandla Accused of Failing to Report Abuse at Mental Health Facility

2018-07-11: Former Patient of Capstone Academy - Detroit Behavioral Institute?

2018-07-11: Former Employee of Capstone Academy - Detroit Behavioral Institute?

2018-07-10: Judge Sets Trial Date for Former Travis Air Force Base Psychologist Heath J. Sommer Accused of Sexual Assault

2018-07-09: Psychiatrist Ovais Badat Further Jailed for Indecent Images of Children

2018-07-06: Psychologist Michael Varney Suspended for Alleged Sexual Misconduct with Patients

2018-07-05: Psychiatrist Robert McCormick Browne Abused Dozens of Hawaii Boys Over Decades

2018-07-04: Albuquerque Psychiatrist Edwin B Hall Tied to Six Patient Deaths

2018-07-03: Psychiatrist Mani Pavuluri:New Concerns About Lithium Study on Children

2018-07-03: Connecticut Psychologist Arlene Werner Pays $126K to Settle Allegations Regarding False Claims

2018-07-02: Psychiatrist Ovais Badat Gave Woman Patient Champagne & Cocaine in Hotel Room

2018-07-02: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas Sachy Facing Federal Charges for Illegally Prescribing Opioids and Other Drugs

2018-07-02: California Psychiatrist Robert Tinoco Perez Accused in Conspiracy to Sell Prescription Opioids

2018-06-29: New Jersey to Suspend Prominent Psychologist Barry Helfmann

2018-06-29: Scottish Psychiatrist Jane McLennan Accused of Making False Claim About Patient

2018-06-28: Florida Psychologist Charles Gerardi Charged with Conspiracy, Fraud, and Obstruction of a Federal Audit

2018-06-28: Allegations of Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Steiner Having Overprescribed Opioids

2018-06-28: Allegations of Psychiatrist Kirk Hopkins Billing Medicaid and Medicare Over $5.5 Million

2018-06-27: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman Now Has Lawsuit Against Him for Claims of Sexual Assault of a Patient

2018-06-27: Psychiatrist Bruce James Spittle Struck Off For Indecent Assaults Against Patient

2018-06-26: Dartmouth Psych Professor Paul Whalen Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation

2018-06-26: Psychiatrist Surenda K. Johri Charged with Sex Abuse & Forcible Touching, Police Say

2018-06-23: Family Against Parole for Former Psychiatrist Omar Sabadia: Convicted Killer

2018-06-21: Psychiatrist John H. Wisner While Acting as Priest: Sexual Abuse Exposed

2018-06-21: Psychologist Paul Smith Allegedly Defrauded Insurance Company Out of $5 Million

2018-06-21: Psychologist Russell Cherry Indicted on Child Pornography Charges

2018-06-21: Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins, Prison Time for DUI Crash

2018-06-21: Sexual Abuse: Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Awaits More Charges

2018-06-18: Dutch Child Psychiatrist Piet Hein van T Caught Having Sex with Boy in Nepal

2018-06-18: St. Cloud Psychologist Eric Felsch Gets 3-Plus Years for Sex with Client

2018-06-15: Dartmouth Psych Professor Todd Heatherton Retires Amid Sexual Misconduct Investigation

2018-06-15: Psychiatrist Valerie Augustus Spanked Patients with Whips, Riding Crops, and Called Them 'Mules,' Officials Say

2018-06-15: Psychiatrist William E. Davis Suspended for Excessive Prescribing

2018-06-14: Psychiatrist N. Dinesh: Allegations of Taking Part in Torture of Kerala Woman

2018-06-14: Iowa Psychiatrist Russell England Fined for Carelessly Prescribing Pills to Himself, Others

2018-06-14: Psychologist Daniel Davenport Admits He Had Sex with Teen Former Patient

2018-06-13: Former Queensland Health Psychiatrist Accused of Betrayal: Revealing Murder Details

2018-06-12: Psychologist Surrenders License Due to Sexual Misconduct

2018-06-11: Psychiatrist Robert Proctor Barred from Practicing for 6 Months

2018-06-09: Psychologist Catinia Farrington Accused: False Claims Ring Up to $4M in Medicaid Fraud

2018-06-06: Psychologist Toni Metelerkamp Reprimanded for Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct

2018-05-31: Acadia Healthcare: Sonora Behavioral Health Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit with Family of Tara Moon

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman Accused of Groping Patients Faces Judge

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Peter Steiner Indicted and License Suspended for Pot, Evidence Tampering

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Vicki Olivia Morrow Agrees to Place License in Inactive Status

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Gregory Villabona License at Risk

2018-05-30: Psychiatrist William Braden Disciplined for Improperly Prescribing Drugs

2018-05-30: Psychiatrist Edit Esther Pusztai Reprimanded for Relationship with Patient

2018-05-29: Africa: Psychiatrist Pieter Van der Westhuizen Faces Rape Charges

2018-05-29: Child Psychologist Kenneth Breslin Sentenced for Possessing Child Porn

2018-05-28: Psychologist Jennifer Jiang Guilty of Professional Misconduct

2018-05-25: El Cajon Psychiatrist Booked on Four Misdemeanor Criminal Counts

2018-05-25: Medical Board Says "No" to Psychiatrist Paul Yeh; Obtained Licensed by Fraud

2018-05-23: Acadia Healthcare: Tucson Family Sues Sonora Behavioral Health over Dearth of 17-Year-Old Chayse Vance

2018-05-16: Psychiatrist Charged in Schemes to Illegally Prescribe Drugs

2018-05-15: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman, Charged with Sexual Abuses of Seven Patients, Surrenders License

2018-05-15: Indiana Psychologist License Revoked For Falsifying Mental Evaluations

2018-05-15: Heath Sommer, Psychologist at Travis AFB, Charged with Sexual Assaults of Veterans

2018-05-14: New Jersey Psychiatrist Pleads Guilty in Medicaid Fraud

2018-05-14: Women File Sex Abuse Lawsuit Against Vancouver Psychiatrist John Christensen

2018-05-12: Oregon Psychologist Larry Christensen Surrenders License for Sex with Client, etc.

2018-05-09: California Electric-Shock Psychiatrist Eric Jacobson Reprimanded for Violation of Medical Practice Act

2018-05-09: San Diego Psychiatrist's License Suspended for Reportedly Practicing While Intoxicated

2018-05-08: Allegation of Sex with Patient: Santa Ana Psychiatrist

2018-05-03: Georgia psychologist in jail for alleged child molestation filmed upskirt videos

2018-05-02: Indiana psychologist may lose license after felony conviction

2018-04-26: California psychiatrist on leave during investigation

2018-04-26: Psychiatrist who received $3 million for research put kids at risk

2018-04-24: Eight women claim they were sexual abused by a California psychiatrist

2018-04-24: Georgia child psychologist, molester drugged ex-wife

2018-04-19: NY State Precludes Indicted Psychiatrist Pamela Buchbinder From Practicing

2018-04-19: California psychiatrist could lose license for indecent exposure

2018-04-18: Former child psychiatrist jailed over sexual assault of teenager

2018-04-18: Connecticut psychiatrist fined for submitting false insurance claims

2018-04-16: Custody Evaluator Karen Hobbs Loses License for Lying and Lying Some More

2018-04-10: Pennsylvania psychologist who billed insurer for illegal 'sex therapy' with patients can't talk his way out of jail

2018-04-10: Florida psychiatrist indicted for tax evasion and disability fraud

2018-04-10: Minnesota psychologist admits to sexual assault of patient

2018-04-09: Psychologist Eric Felsch Pleads Guilty to Sex with a Client

2018-04-06: Psychiatrist Brian Cassmassi, Exposed Self to Patient, Faces Loss of Medical License

2018-04-06: NY Medical Conduct Board Declines to Reinstate Psychiatrist Richard Karpf

2018-04-06: Psychologist Sookyung Chang Loses License for Financially Exploiting Patient

2018-04-06: California Revokes Psychologist James Medina's License for Sexual Misconduct

2018-04-05: Ohio Psychology Board Requires Biennial Criminal Records Checks on Dr. Joshua Shuman for Duration of Licensure

2018-04-05: Former psychiatrist in the Philippines arrested for extortion

2018-04-05: Arizona psychiatrist charged with unlawfully prescribing opioids

2018-04-04: Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall Surrenders License; 6 Patients Died from Overdose

2018-04-03: California psychologist accused of smuggling drugs, phones into prison surrenders license

2018-03-29: US government pursuing Florida psychiatrist for nearly $11 million in income tax fraud

2018-03-29: Australian 'doctor' who claimed he was a qualified psychiatrist faked a medical diploma

2018-03-29: Kansas psychiatrist among doctors reprimanded in one state but in good standing in another state

2018-03-29: Arkansas psychologist arrested after aiding an unauthorized departure of a state hospital patient

2018-03-29: Australian psychiatrist banned from practicing after sexual misconduct with patients

2018-03-29: Psychiatrist who hired hitmen to kill wife tries to get parole

2018-03-21: Psychologist took patient from Arkansas hospital without permission

2018-03-21: Virginia psychiatrist indicted on federal drug trafficking, healthcare fraud charge

2018-03-21: California psychiatrist's license suspended over antipsychotic incident

2018-03-21: Delaware psychiatrist's license suspended over opioid prescribing practices

2018-03-21: Pennsylvania psychiatrist charged with running 'pill mill'

2018-03-19: Former Australian child psychiatrist guilty of sexually assaulting patient

2018-03-15: Korean psychiatrist may lose license after publicly diagnosing an actor based on social media activity

2018-03-12: Philadelphia psychiatrist charged with illegally prescribing opioids

2018-03-12: Michigan psychologist sentenced for sexual relationship with patient

2018-03-12: New Mexico psychologist charged with wielding gun in road rage incident

2018-03-12: Canadian psychiatrist had sex with male patients in his office

2018-03-12: Australia psychiatrist claims girl ‘fantasized’ assault

2018-03-12: Georgia psychiatrist re-indicted again in murder case

2018-03-08: New York psychologist resigns after complaints of racial bias

2018-03-08: Case proceeds against New Mexico psychiatrist accused of sexual misconduct

2018-03-07: California child psychologist pleads guilty to child porn, contempt of court

2018-03-07: Kentucky psychiatrist's license suspended after marijuana charges

2018-03-07: New York psychologist put on 30-day notice after accusations of racial bias

2018-03-01: Australian psychologist censured over inappropriate texts

2018-03-01: Connecticut State Senator Wants More Accountability in Psychiatric Patient Abuse Investigation

2018-02-28: Kentucky psychiatrist indicted in kickback scheme

2018-02-28: Canadian psychiatrist disciplined for failing to maintain professional boundaries

2018-02-28: Buffalo's police, fire psychologist accused of racial bias

2018-02-27: Former psychiatrist in Australia charged with rape

2018-02-27: Prison term upheld for Japanese psychiatrist for fatal seizure-caused car crash

2018-02-27: Minnesota psychiatrist charged with possession of child porn

2018-02-22: Georgia psychologist charged with molesting 9-year-old, posting pics online

2018-02-22: Psychologist charged with raping a patient kills self in jail cell

2018-02-22: Canadian psychiatrist suspended, ordered to take anger management

2018-02-22: Irish psychiatrist suspended over death of teen in UK

2018-02-22: New Zealand psychiatrist loses license for sexually assaulting patient

2018-02-22: Psychiatrist suspended, fined for irresponsible drug prescription

2018-02-20: Was Ravinder Goswami Your Psychiatrist?

2018-02-20: Is Timothy D. Brewerton Your Psychiatrist?

2018-02-15: UK psychologist struck off for fraud

2018-02-15: New York psychiatrist sentenced for illegally selling prescriptions

2018-02-15: Minnesota psychologist stops practice amid sex assault charges

2018-02-09: Psychologist Eric Felsch Stops Practice Amid Sex Assault Charges

2018-02-08: Two Louisiana psychiatrists charged with health care fraud

2018-02-07: Michigan psychologist's license suspended for fraud

2018-02-05: State Disciplines Kenneth Sachs, Unqualified Psychologist Cut Corners on Police Evaluations

2018-02-05: New York Psychiatrist who buried body in backyard, going back to prison on parole violation

2018-02-05: Texas psychiatrist under investigation for abuse of opioid prescriptions

2018-01-31: Prison for Life for Former L.A. County Sheriff Psychologist Who Molested Children

2018-01-30: Brisbane psychologist accused of sexually assaulting three female patients

2018-01-30: Psychiatrist faces new charges after patient was required to perform sexual act

2018-01-29: Psychologist Eric Lester Felsch arrested for having sex with a client for two years

2018-01-24: Virginia psychiatrist's license suspended on multiple violations

2018-01-24: New Jersey psychiatrist surrenders license to prescribe drugs

2018-01-24: Australian psychiatrist suspended for six months for fraud

2018-01-22: California child psychologist indicted on new child porn charges

2018-01-18: Former New York psychiatrist convicted of hiding body in backyard back in jail

2018-01-18: Suicidal UK psychiatrist fined after crashing his car while appearing intoxicated

2018-01-15: Former Wyoming psychologist sentenced for sex assault

2018-01-15: Michigan psychologist pleads guilty to sex assault charges

2018-01-15: Psychologist steps aside from teaching as practice placed under supervision

2018-01-11: Feds withdraw from plea deal with child psychologist accused of possession of child porn

2018-01-09: Wyoming psychologist sentenced to prison for health care fraud

2017-12-28: Controversial British psychologist no longer in running for clinical director job at Australian hospital

2017-12-26: Colorado school psychologist arrested for making threatening statements

2017-12-26: California psychiatrist's license placed on probation

2017-12-20: Arizona State Hospital top psychiatrist has history of sexual misconduct, harassment

2017-12-20: Australian psychologist charged with indecently assaulting child

2017-12-12: California psychiatrist ordered to surrender license after sex abuse complaint

2017-12-12: Michigan psychologist sentenced to nine months in jail for sexual misconduct

2017-12-12: Psychologist convicted of fraud blames wife's 'insatiable demands'

2017-12-11: New Jersey psychiatrist's license revoked for illegally prescribing Adderall

2017-12-11: Psychology professor resigned after being accused of sexual harrassment

2017-12-11: Child psychologist sanctioned for stalking and harrassing a man

2017-12-06: Arrest warrant details allegations against Massachusetts psychologist

2017-12-06: Medical college scolds psychiatrist for diagnosing local optician without meeting him

2017-12-06: California psychiatrist accused of overprescribing medication

2017-11-30: Alabama psychologist believed to have shot ex-wife to death before killing himself

2017-11-29: California psychologist may see additional child porn charges

2017-11-29: Michigan psychologist sentenced to prison for fraud

2017-11-28: Connecticut psychologist charged with sexually assaulting patient

2017-11-28: Psychiatrist in Hawaii sexually assaulted dozens of students over three decades

2017-11-25: Psychiatrist Jeffrey Harazin Loses Medical License; Initiated Sex with Patient

2017-11-20: Iowa psychiatrist surrenders license after serving prison time

2017-11-20: Australian psychiatrist Julian Kent banned for life after sexual abuse of three women

2017-11-20: New Jersey psychiatrist's license is permanently revoked

2017-11-20: Vermont psychologist accused of 11 professional conduct violations

2017-11-20: Priest accused of sexually abusing children is now a practicing psychologist

2017-11-20: Psychologist charged with alleged indecent assault of young patient

2017-11-19: 15 Students Declare That Dartmouth Psych Professors Todd Heatherton, Paul Whalen, and Bill Kelley Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

2017-11-16: Psychologist Cary N. Mack Gives Up License While Under Investigation

2017-11-16: New Hampshire psychiatrist reprimanded for inadequate care of a patient

2017-11-14: Senator Condemns Staff Violence at UHS mental health facility in Alabama

2017-11-14: Former child psychiatrist allegedly told teenaged patient that sex helps sleeplessness

2017-11-13: Former child psychiatrist on trial for sexual abuse

2017-11-13: Psychiatrist shows no remorse over death of teenager

2017-11-08: New York psychologist charged with selling drugs

2017-11-08: California psychiatrist sentenced for trying to bribe IRS agent

2017-11-03: Michigan psychologist found guilty of sexual misconduct

2017-11-02: Maine psychiatrist loses license for suspected fraud

2017-10-31: Indian psychiatrist booked for rash driving

2017-10-31: Wyoming psychologist pleads guilty to health care fraud

2017-10-31: Criminal trial of Canadian psychiatrist coming to a close

2017-10-31: Psychiatrist in India allegedly molested female patient

2017-10-27: Investigators accuse psychologist of murdering his wife

2017-10-26: Former Australian psychologist still advertising services despite being struck off

2017-10-26: Tennessee psychiatrist placed on probation for sexual misconduct

2017-10-26: French psychiatrist suspended for 3 months for inappropriate conduct

2017-10-20: Canadian psychiatrist charged with sexual assault pleads not guilty

2017-10-20: UK psychiatrist jailed after supplying cocaine to a patient

2017-10-20: New York psychiatrist indicted for the attempted murder of her son's father

2017-10-19: Illinois psychiatrist Blaise Wolfrum: License suspended for alleged inappropriate contact with a patient

2017-10-18: Karma Catches up with Dr. Graham Emslie

2017-10-18: Stunning downfall of society shrink Robert Hampshire after alcohol binge lewd phone calls

2017-10-17: State board disciplines University of Texas psychiatrist Graham Emslie over patient suicide

2017-10-16: Psychologist and psychiatrist suspended from California's workers comp system

2017-10-16: Psychiatrist sued by 12 former patients for alleged sexual abuse and assault

2017-10-15: Ohio Reprimands Psychologist Joelle Floriana; Evaluated Dad in Custody Dispute Whom She Never Met

2017-10-12: New England psychiatrist with lengthy history of disciplinary action gets license suspended

2017-10-12: Pedophile UK doctor studying psychiatry loses medical license

2017-10-10: South Australian police launch lawsuit against former psychologist

2017-10-09: Medical board suspends license of California psychiatrist convicted of assault

2017-10-09: Massachusetts psychiatrist now a registered sex offender

2017-10-09: Former Wyoming psychologist pleads no contest to sexual assault charges

2017-10-04: Psychiatrist loses appeal to be allowed to continue practicing until hearing

2017-10-04: Top UK psychiatrist convicted for supplying cocaine

2017-10-04: Michigan psychologist charged with sexual assault

2017-10-03: Florida psychiatrist suspended for sexual misconduct

2017-10-02: Psychiatrist Ovais Badat Gave Woman Patient Champagne & Cocaine in Hotel Room

2017-10-02: New York psychiatrist's medical license revoked for gross negligence

2017-09-25: Psychologist sentenced to 25 years in prison for Social Security fraud

2017-09-22: Psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins in Fraud Case Gets 25-year Sentence

2017-09-22: Did You Receive Electroshock Therapy (ECT) at Unity Point Methodist Hospital?

2017-09-21: Extradition of psychiatrist who fled country to avoid prosecution is stayed

2017-09-20: California Child Psychologist to be Sentenced in Plea Deal

2017-09-20: A third former patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct

2017-09-20: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to illegally distributing a controlled substance

2017-09-19: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to criminal trespass for falsifying records

2017-09-15: Indiana Psychologist Julie Hoeppner Disciplined for Intimate/Sexual Phone Calls to Inmate--a Former Patient

2017-09-12: Sydney psychiatrist suspended for misconduct

2017-09-11: Child psychiatrist sentenced for filming boys in public toilets

2017-09-07: Additional murder charges and new sex charges added to case against Georgia psychiatrist

2017-09-07: Iowa psychologist charged with sexual exploitation, witness tampering and practicing without a license

2017-09-04: Former Wyoming psychologist pleads no contest to two sexual assault charges

2017-09-04: Another patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct

2017-09-04: California psychiatrist convicted of assault now has two lawsuits filed against him

2017-08-31: California psychiatrist allegedly fondled and groped patient

2017-08-28: Former Los Angeles Sheriff's Department psychologist convicted of sex crimes against children

2017-08-28: Two patients accuse Tennessee psychiatrist of making sexual advances during sessions

2017-08-24: VA psychiatrist who had sex with veteran pleads guilty to witness tampering

2017-08-23: Canadian psychiatrist loses license over relationship with former patient

2017-08-23: Psychologist in India accused of attempting to sexually abuse 13-year-old boy

2017-08-21: UK psychiatrist failed to conduct risk assessments for teenager who died

2017-08-15: Connecticut psychiatrist disciplined for false claims

2017-08-14: Married psychologist in Scotland loses license for inappropriate sexual relationship with patient

2017-08-14: Pennsylvania psychiatrist sentenced to prison for health care fraud

2017-08-11: Omaha psychiatrist fined $10,000 and serving a suspension for his inappropriate relationship

2017-08-11: Indiana psychologist guilty of felony obstruction of justice

2017-08-11: 67-year-old former psychologist arrested for sexually assaulting a teen patient

2017-08-11: Psychiatrist convicted of raping a patient gets additional sentence for jury tampering

2017-08-08: Ongoing tribunal over 2013 death of teenage patient after failings by psychiatrist

2017-08-08: Psychologist in a sexual relationship with his patient told her he wanted to be her Darcy

2017-08-08: Psychologists accused of designing CIA torture program to face trial

2017-08-03: Chief medical officer reprimand for sexual relationship with a suicidal former patient

2017-08-03: Coral Springs psychiatrist arrested for hit-and-run crash

2017-08-02: California psychiatrist accused of 'groping' a patient

2017-08-02: Scottish psychologist accused of sexual relationship with patient

2017-07-31: Psychiatrist facing sexual assault charges seeks diary of victim

2017-07-31: Minnesota psychiatrist resigns medical license after accusations of over-prescribing

2017-07-28: Delaware psychiatrist indicted on insurance fraud and identity theft charges

2017-07-27: Iowa psychiatrist fined for pre-signing prescriptions for staff to fill out later

2017-07-24: Psychiatrist Charles Clark Loses Medical License for Excessive Prescribing

2017-07-24: New Mexico psychiatrist arrested for sexually abusing a patient

2017-07-20: Psychiatrist in India arrested for death of patient

2017-07-20: Psychologist in Namibia sentenced to jail for fraud

2017-07-20: Wyoming psychiatrist in jail again

2017-07-18: Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins Re-Arrested After Allegedly Being Drunk While Bicycling

2017-07-14: Louisiana psychologist sentenced to 180 months in prison

2017-07-14: Connecticut psychiatrist involved in deadly hit-and-run

2017-07-13: Imprisoned psychiatrist admits to trying to tamper with jury

2017-07-13: California psychiatrist surrenders his license

2017-07-13: Child psychologist sentenced to 16 years for committing lewd acts with a minor

2017-07-13: Psychiatrist accused of inappropriate behavior with four women

2017-07-10: California psychiatrist accused of gross negligence and excessive prescribing

2017-07-10: Cambridge psychiatrist accused of professional misconduct

2017-07-07: California psychiatrist accused of gross negligence and overprescribing controlled substances

2017-07-05: Former Puerto Rico Psychiatrist Sentenced for Fraud

2017-07-03: Key Evidence in Psychologist's Murder Trial Will Include Antifreeze

2017-06-29: Michigan psychologist pleads guilty to health care fraud

2017-06-29: Psychiatrist gets 5 years in prison for fatal car crash

2017-06-21: Failed Florida program run by psychologist is holding onto $170K of unaccounted-for taxpayer money

2017-06-15: Australian psychologist had sex and got drunk with ex-patient who had an alcohol problem

2017-06-12: Kentucky psychologist convicted in disability fraud scheme

2017-06-08: UK Psychiatrist Suspended for Assaulting a Patient

2017-06-08: Former NYPD psychologist sentenced to prison for shooting her husband in the head

2017-06-08: Mississippi psychologist arrested on felony drug charge

2017-06-05: Trial begins for psychologist charged in a multi-million dollar disability scheme

2017-06-01: Psychologist's license placed on probation for sharing a hotel room and drinking with a teenage patient

2017-06-01: West Virginia psychiatrist suspended for inappropriate sexual relationship with a former patient

2017-05-30: Psychologist arrested for alleged indecent assault of boy who was his patient

2017-05-25: Former high school psychologist placed on probation for possessing marijuana with intent to distribute

2017-05-24: Married psychiatrist gets his license revoked for having a sexual relationship with patient

2017-05-24: Psychiatrist accused of prescribing tens of thousands of pills to two patients has his license temporarily suspended

2017-05-23: Texas psychiatrist convicted for role in $158 million Medicare fraud scheme

2017-05-17: Wyoming psychologist is charged with 234 counts of fraud

2017-05-15: UCSF psychiatrist arrested and charged with possession of child pornography

2017-05-15: UCSF psychiatrist arrested and charged with possession of child pornography

2017-05-09: Psychiatrist posed as DEA agent to thwart investigation into illegally prescribing drugs, says Judge

2017-04-27: Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins to Do Drug Program

2017-04-17: Guilty of Assault: Psychiatrist Bruce James Spittle's Appeal Rejected

2017-03-22: Drug Dealing Psychiatrists Should Be Held Accountable for Patient Deaths, Mental Health Watch Dog Group Says

2017-03-17: Virginia psychologist faces sex charges

2016-12-19: California child psychologist charged with possession of child pornography

2016-11-09: California Child Psychologist Arrested for Possession of Child Pornography

2016-10-05: California psychologist arrested on child porn charges

2016-07-19: CCHR: Exposing Psychiatric Criminality and Abuse

2016-06-22: State Investigations Expand Into Psychiatric Hospital Patient Deaths & Safety Violations

2016-05-26: New Jersey Psychiatrist Henry Odunlami Reprimanded for Hugging, Kissing Patient

2015-07-29: Lawsuit Says NY Psychiatrist Susan Turner Convinced Patient to Have Sexual Relationship, Writer Her into Will

2015-06-15: Psychologist sued by mother of patient who committed suicide

2015-05-01: New York Psychiatrist Given Max Sentence for Burying Body

2015-02-20: New York Psychiatrist Accused of Burying Body, Pleads Guilty

2014-07-30: Houston psychiatrist charged in human trafficking case

2014-07-28: Three patients treated at St. Paul's Hospital (Vancouver) stabbed elderly people following discharge

2014-07-25: E. Texas psychiatrist charged with trafficking Indian women for sex, forced labor

2014-07-25: Alaska psychiatrist indicted for $300,000 Medicaid fraud

2014-07-18: Psychiatrist Curtis Steele loses license over teen nude photo allegations

2014-07-16: Prison psychologist Bobbie Bergmeier guilty of affair with convicted murderer

2014-07-14: Man misdiagnosed by psychiatrists as delusional for 20 years sues

2014-07-08: Parkland psych ER is again scene of patient abuse

2014-07-08: Czech psychiatric hospitals violate human rights laws

2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Priscilla Sheldon-Cost charged with narcotics offenses

2014-07-07: Psychiatrist Harold Smith gives up license following history of drug-related disciplinary actions

2014-07-07: State of Florida FINALLY takes action on psychiatrist with history of ampthetamine abuse

2014-07-07: Maryland psychiatrist Sukhveen K. Ajrawat indicted for federal health care fraud

2014-06-26: Counselor Danielle Hackett surrenders license

2014-06-23: Texas professional counselor disciplinary actions

2014-06-23: Psychologist Susan Mendelsohn surrenders license

2014-06-23: NY psychiatrist Michael Alexandrov disciplined by state

2014-06-23: Australian authorities reprimand psychiatrist Licia B. Maiocchi

2014-06-12: NY psychiatrist Melvin Pisetzner loses license for sex with patient, etc. from '70s on

2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Sheila Williamson suspended on suspicion of impairment

2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Melvyn Levitch reprimanded over prescribing

2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Ronald G. Rubin suspended for over prescribing

2014-06-12: Psychiatrist Patricia Shawberry slapped for dishonorable conduct

2014-06-03: Ex-employee alleges she was fired for reporting fraud at psych clinic

2014-06-03: Florida psych hospital worker arrested for abuse of disabled adult

2014-05-30: Psychiatrist James R. Jarmuskewicz busted for peeping bathroom stalls

2014-05-30: Patient sues more than a dozen BC psych hospital workers for injuries

2014-05-30: Psychiatric hospital worker stole $17K in patients' welfare to buy crack

2014-05-30: Regulators find Universal Health Services psych hospital deficient again

2014-05-23: Psychologist Julian Gordon, stabbed at home, is registered sex offender

2014-05-22: Mental health counselor flogged me, introduced me to sadomasochism, says Pasco woman

2014-05-20: School psychologist among men arrested in teen sex sting

2014-05-20: Florida psychiatrist Barry Kaplowitz arrested in continuing Hollywood Pavillion fraud case

2014-05-20: Hey, Montana resident: Is Dr. William Peak your psychiatrist? Have a peek at this.

2014-05-20: New Zealand psych nurse loses license; was convicted in wife's death

2014-05-20: Directors of state psychiatric hospital suspended on allegations of patient neglect

2014-05-16: Ontario psychiartrist Stanley Dobrowolski gets 4 years prison for sexual assaults of female patients

2014-05-16: British Columbia police launch investigation of school psychologist charged in U.S. for child porn

2014-05-14: Vegas mental health therapist convicted, sentenced for Medicaid fraud

2014-05-14: Washington psychiatrist under investigation for making bomb threat

2014-05-14: School psychologist charged with possession of extreme child porn

2014-05-12: Psychiatrist Patricia Hough gets two years prison for tax evasion

2014-05-12: Psychiatrist will plead guilty to multi-million $$ Medicare fraud

2014-05-07: Dallas psychologist Michael Ellis Wolf jailed 36 months for fraud

2014-05-06: Therapist Maria Pereyra, disciplined by state in 2013, in trouble again

2014-05-02: Mental health counselor Adam Glatt surrenders license on sadomasochism-related charges

2014-04-28: Children's psych nurse accused of possessing child pornography

2014-04-28: Psychiatrist Ronald Rubin charged with smoking pot with patients

2014-04-24: Illinois discipline psyhciatrist Joseph Haraszti relative to patient death

2014-04-24: Psychiatrist Rama Prayaga disciplined in two states over prescriptions

2014-04-24: Board suspends psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi for endangering patient welfare

2014-04-24: Mental health counselor Liza Cozier engaged in sex with client

2014-04-24: Board disciplines Virginia social worker Stan Tebbe

2014-04-23: Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin guilty of sex assault loses appeal, must turn himself in

2014-04-22: Missouri sports psychologist Brandon Orr arrested for public intoxication

2014-04-22: Wife-beating Cambridge psychiatrist Empee Vithayathil barred from profession for a year

2014-04-22: Alaska psychiatrist charged with $300K Medicaid fraud

2014-04-22: Psychiatrist Gary Byrd sentenced for child pornography

2014-04-10: Mother's lawsuit alleges psych unit has restrained her son more than 6,300 hours

2014-04-05: State closes children's psychiatric center for patient abuses

2014-04-03: Washington counselor Sarah McCallum loses license for sex with client

2014-04-03: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, February 2014

2014-04-03: Utah psychiatrist loses licenses in two states

2014-04-01: Mother files lawsuit over son's extended restraints in psychiatric hospital

2014-04-01: Psychologist gets 8+ years prison on firearms charges

2014-03-20: Indiana prison social worker Elizabeth Covington loses license after criminal conviction

2014-03-20: Minnesota psychologist disciplinary actions Sept., Dec. 2013 and January 2014

2014-03-20: Counselor Patricia DeLorenzo surrenders license after criminal conviction

2014-03-20: Psychologist Hillary Siedler suspended

2014-03-20: Psychologist Roseanne Bostonian surrenders license

2014-03-20: Psychologist Marvin Berman to cease and desist practice

2014-03-20: Jury deliberates in retrial of Calgary psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

2014-03-13: Federal drug control authority suspends psychiatrist David A. Ruben

2014-03-13: Brooklyn psychiatrist going to jail for 18 months for Medicaid fraud

2014-03-13: Inquest finds psychiatric hospital to blame for patient's death

2014-03-13: Psychiatric nurse gets 8 years prison for stabbings

2014-03-12: Court orders religious woman's discharge from psychiatric hospital

2014-03-12: Former students file sex abuse lawsuit against school psychiatrist

2014-03-05: Utah psychologist Charles F. McCusker indicted for health care fraud

2014-03-05: Las Vegas psych nurse assistant guilty of sexual assaults

2014-03-03: Kentucky social worker Jeremy Catron indicted for Medicaid fraud

2014-03-03: Omaha social worker James Holt convicted of health care fraud

2014-03-03: Chattanooga mental health center pays $800K to settle billing fraud charges

2014-03-03: Salinas prison psychiatrist convicted of grand theft

2014-02-25: Psychiatrist William J. Kafin loses medical license in another state

2014-02-25: Psychiatrist gives up license following criminal conviction involving patient

2014-02-25: Unlicensed social worker fails to appear in court on theft charge

2014-02-25: Psychiatric nurse jailed for four years for stabbing neighbor

2014-02-24: Child awarded $1.5 million in tardive dyskinesia malpractice case

2014-02-21: Five more woman file charges against "fondling" psychiatrist

2014-02-19: Despite 2013 law, China is still inflicting psychiatry on protesters

2014-02-19: Florida therapist convicted of distributing child pornography

2014-02-19: Las Vegas psych nurse aide accused of sexually victimizing five female patients

2014-02-13: State officials respond to complaint with surprise investigation of psych hospital

2014-02-07: Psychiatrist gives up license on charges of incompetence and negligence

2014-02-04: Los Angeles psychologist sentenced for workers comp fraud

2014-02-04: Psychiatrist loses license for "using woman for sex"

2014-02-04: Austin psychiatrist charged with involvement in narcotics ring

2014-02-04: Psychiatrist gets "popped" for kissing vulnerable female patient

2014-01-27: Psychiatrist admits sexual affair with patient…after her death

2014-01-24: American Psychological Association condones member's use of torture "techniques"

2014-01-23: Psychiatrist charged with fondling patients in guise of blood pressure check

2014-01-23: Tennessee social worker discipline, January 2014

2014-01-23: New Mexico revokes social worker's license for house sitting

2014-01-23: State censures social worker who falsified documents

2014-01-23: Social worker Mary Anne Bettencourt surrenders license

2014-01-23: Social worker falsified documents; will not renew license

2014-01-23: Board places social worker Yvonne Culp on probation for DUI

2014-01-23: Board cites criminal history in denial of social worker's license

2014-01-23: Arizona board cites chronic marijuana use in social worker's license denial

2014-01-23: Massachusetts mental health counselor discipline actions, Nov-Dec 2013

2014-01-23: Counselor who traded services with chiro is disciplined

2014-01-23: Alcohol history, relapse results in state denying license to counselor

2014-01-23: Board cites misconduct in denial of counselor's application

2014-01-23: Counselor's misrepresentations result in denial of license

2014-01-23: Psychologist treated postal worker 7 days a week, 8 hours a day?

2014-01-22: Commission: Psychiatrist threatened patient with electric shock

2014-01-20: Ohio mental health counselor disciplinary actions, January 2014

2014-01-17: Psychiatrist Barlow Smith in trouble again; charged with controlled substance prescription violations

2014-01-17: Psychiatrist admits hiding body in backyard; arraigned on charges including possession of crack cocaine

2014-01-16: Remains of missing man found in psychiatrist's backyard

2014-01-15: Journalist uncovers abuse in India's psychiatric hospitals

2014-01-13: Counselor sentenced to 21 months prison for Medicaid fraud

2014-01-13: State authorities arrest accused psychiatrist's program director

2014-01-13: Florida psychiatrist James Schaller loses Delaware license, gun privileges

2014-01-13: California medical board reprimands psychiatrist for non-compliance

2014-01-13: State seeks to discipline psychiatrist over care of patient who died

2014-01-13: Third state takes disciplinary aim at psychiatrist Todd Clements

2014-01-13: State issues cease practice order on psychiatrist Stewart Lovelace

2014-01-08: State revokes license of counselor Bethany McLemore; claimed to be God

2014-01-08: State reprimands UCLA psychiatrist

2014-01-08: Psychologist Beth Grosshans suspended for sex with patient

2014-01-08: Psychologist Ronald S. Jacobson charged with coming-on to patient; surrenders license

2014-01-08: State revokes permit of supervisee who misrepresented self as psychologist

2014-01-08: Board issues cease & desist order on psychologist Susan Fuls

2014-01-08: Iowa issues public warning to psychiatrist George Soncrant

2014-01-08: ISU psychologist Cara Hale loses license for sex with grad student

2014-01-08: Social worker Brenda Venneri suspended for sex with client

2014-01-08: Social worker agrees board has evidence of sex with client

2014-01-08: Psychiatrist Joseph Jurand sentenced for sexual abuse

2014-01-08: Queensland psychiatrist facing public tribunal; complaints going back more than 10 years

2014-01-05: Ohio social worker disciplinary actions, May-November 2013

2014-01-05: Board restricts psychologist Margaret Gwin

2014-01-05: Texas psychiatrist Lisa C. Routh surrenders license

2014-01-05: Counselor charged with sex with sex offender client

2014-01-05: ER doctor sues psychiatrist over misdiagnosis

2014-01-05: State fines private mental health facilities$2.7 million for fraud

2014-01-05: UK psych nurse Gideon Bryant loses license for sexual relationship with teenage patient

2014-01-05: Psychologist David Falkner had sexual relationship with patient; must register as sex offender

2014-01-03: Ohio mental health counselor disciplinary actions, December 2013

2013-12-26: Psychologist Karen A. Pauly surrenders license; engaged in sexual relationship with patient

2013-12-26: Psychiatrist Raymond Potterf, under investigation, gives up license

2013-12-26: State denies counselor's application due to criminal conviction

2013-12-25: Ohio social worker worker disciplinary actions, Nov. - Dec. 2013

2013-12-22: Psych hospital worker must register as sex offender after patient sex conviction

2013-12-20: Texas psychologist indicted in $158 million fraud scheme

2013-12-20: School psychologist Megan Snipes charged with sexual battery involving student

2013-12-18: State revokes social worker Ken Curtis' license after being ID'ed by former prostitute

2013-12-18: State suspends social worker Janice Robinson for sexual harassment, misrepresentation, etc.

2013-12-18: State suspends social worker Rebecca Durocher for sex with former patient

2013-12-18: Texas mental health counselor disciplinary actions, November 2013

2013-12-18: Social worker Ehren Beil suspended for sex with former client

2013-12-18: New Jersey psychiatrist Claudio Dicovskiy guilty of accepting bribes

2013-12-18: New York psychiatrist disciplinary actions October-December 2013

2013-12-18: State reprimands psychiatrist Douglas F. Crane over prescribing

2013-12-18: Additional charges against psychiatrist Stuart Mazer result in extended probation

2013-12-18: Illinois psychiatrist disciplinary actions, October 2013

2013-12-18: Psychiatrist Robert Korman loses license for fraud conviction

2013-12-18: Vermont psychiatrist Richard Keast improperly prescribed controlled substances

2013-12-18: Psychiatrist Jennifer Fauntleroy improperly prescribed controlled substances

2013-12-18: Counselor Andrew C. Stees suspended for sexual misconduct

2013-12-18: Counselor surrenders license; questioned client on sexual matters

2013-12-18: State revokes counselor's license for fraudulent billing

2013-12-18: Counselor Travis Waits surrenders after sexual conduct with client

2013-12-18: State puts social worker Larry Rhodes on probation for sexual harassment

2013-12-17: Mental health services owner Calvin C. Estrich guilty of health care fraud, stealing identities, money laundering, etc.

2013-12-17: UK psych nurse had sexual relationship with teenage patient

2013-12-17: Mental health counselor guilty in $63 million fraud scheme

2013-12-17: Boy sexually abused at Universal Health Services mental facility in Mississippi

2013-12-17: State psych hospital chief "created hostile work environment"

2013-12-10: UK psych nurse struck off for punching dementia patient

2013-12-10: Las Vegas mental health provider convicted of Medical fraud, pays $900,000 in penalties, etc.

2013-12-10: State revokes psychiatrist David Gudeman's license; two patients died

2013-12-02: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, October 2013

2013-12-02: Texas psychologist disciplinary actions, August 2013

2013-12-02: Michigan mental health counselor disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct. 2013

2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct. 2013

2013-12-02: Illinois psychologist Zabrin Inan loses license in California

2013-12-02: Psychiatrist Mark Douglas Kline surrenders license on charges of sex with patient

2013-12-02: Psychologist Smita Ward loses license for sex with patient

2013-12-02: Michigan psychologist disciplinary actions, Aug.-Sept. 2013

2013-12-02: State revokes psycholoogist Vanja Abreu's license following criminal conviction

2013-12-02: State revokes psychologist Paul Perez Madrid's license on moral grounds

2013-12-02: State revokes Medea Wood's psychologist license following criminal conviction

2013-12-02: Maria Pereyra, Arbour Counseling intern, fined for providing social work services

2013-12-02: Michigan social worker disciplinary actions, July-August 2013

2013-12-02: Utah social worker disciplinary actions, Sept.-Oct. 2013

2013-12-02: Abhishek Shah, psychiatry resident, takes plea deal, gets probation

2013-11-29: State halts admissions to Arbour-HRI psych facility for unsafe conditions

2013-11-27: Social worker disciplinary actions, November 2013

2013-11-27: Oregon psychologist James Johnson disciplined immoral/unprofessional conduct

2013-11-27: Oregon psychologist Robert Cooley retires license on charges of unprofessional conduct

2013-11-27: California medical board suspends psychiatrist Dayalal D. Tank for incompetence

2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Bolarinwa Oluwole did not tell Irish authories he'd lost his license in Canada for sex with patients

2013-11-27: Psychiatrist Manilall Maharajh loses license over sex with patient; paid her to keep quiet about it

2013-11-27: Medical board reprimands psychiatrist Ali Ebrahimi over excessive prescribing

2013-11-21: Georgia psychiatrist George Johnson suspended for sexual abuse

2013-11-21: State suspends counselor Joseph J. Anderson for improper relationship with minor client's mother

2013-11-21: Clinical social worker Donald Gloege placed under supervision following inquiry into patient's sexual past

2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Kent G. Brockman surrenders license on charges of sex with patients

2013-11-21: Psychiatrist John J. Lee reprimanded over tranquilizer prescription

2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi suspended again

2013-11-21: State denies reinstratement of psychiatrist Mohammed Soori's license

2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Theresa Marie McKay prohibited from practicing

2013-11-21: State revokes license of mental health counselor Christopher Hay

2013-11-21: State places psychologist Nicole Joy Siegfried on probation

2013-11-21: State revokes license of psychologist John T. Trimble

2013-11-21: State revokes license of psychologist Steven Becker

2013-11-21: State revokes license of psychologist Nick T. Fenger

2013-11-21: Kansas psychiatrist Anita M. Anderson's license placed on inactive status

2013-11-21: State suspends psychiatrist Shawna Mohney Deeves due to threats, delusions

2013-11-21: Psychiatrist Naoma Crisp Lundgren censured by state

2013-11-17: University of Florida psychiatrist Harold E. Smith facing discipline relative to treatment of patient who died

2013-11-15: Minnesota social worker disciplinary actions, Feb. - Nov. 2013

2013-11-13: State fines psychologist Peter Oas; advocated corporal punishment of child

2013-11-13: Psychiatrist Gary Kushner surrenders license in Pennsylvania; imprisoned for fraud

2013-11-13: Psychiatrist Zabrin Inan indefinitely suspended

2013-11-13: State refuses to renew psychiatrist John Heather's license

2013-11-13: Puerto Rican psychiatrist arrested in sexual predator investigation

2013-11-13: Psychiatrist Robert Rosenberg surrenders New York medical license

2013-11-13: Psychiatrist Anthony Kim surrenders license relative to controlled substance issues

2013-11-13: State limits psychiatrist Nasreen Kader's practice

2013-11-13: State restrict psychiatrist Marc D. Graff from prescribing controlled substances

2013-11-13: California medical board issues accusation against psychiatrist Carmen Gonzalez-Nate

2013-11-13: Psychiatrist loses ability to renew license due to prescribing violations

2013-11-12: Psychiatrist finds man "violent" without meeting him; man suing for damages

2013-11-12: Psychiatrist--leader of Russian sex cult--jailed for 9+ years; forced children to worship sexual promiscuity

2013-11-12: State and federal regulators investigate patient care problems in Universal Health Services psych facilities

2013-11-10: Ohio psychiatrist takes plea deal to avoid trial in pregnant woman's death

2013-11-10: Judge revokes bond of psychiatrist convicted in deaths of pregnant woman, unborn child

2013-11-10: Former mental health therapist latest convict in $55 million Medicare fraud scheme

2013-11-05: Lincoln Prairie Behavioral Health Center

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist Johnny A. Edrozo surrenders California medical license

2013-11-04: State revokes psychiatrist Marion Fry's license on marijuana-related conviction

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist Karen Holloway won't practice in New York after Mississippi drug violation

2013-11-04: New York revokes license of psychiatrist Barlow Smith

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui Nadel loses license in New York

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist Thomas Cantwell loses license for drug diversion

2013-11-04: NY State precludes psychiatrist from practice; standard of care not met

2013-11-04: Psychologist had baby with 16-year-old patient

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist Anandababu Chellappan loses license for sexual contact with patients

2013-11-04: Las Vegas mental health worker sentenced for Medicaid fraud

2013-11-04: Psychiatrist David Israelstam sentenced to prison for child pornography

2013-11-04: West Virginia psychiatrist Joseph Jurand to register as sex offender

2013-10-30: Florida psychiatrist Patricia Hough convicted of fraud

2013-10-30: New York psychiatrist Mikhail Presman guilty of Medicaid fraud; forfeits $1.2 million in illegal profits

2013-10-30: Psychiatrist Amar Nath Bhandary sentenced to 30 months prison for fraud

2013-10-30: UK psych nurse Mary Maura Cremer O’Brien struck off

2013-10-30: Idaho mental health counselor Mark W. Wiseman loses license for sex with former client

2013-10-28: Counselor Leann Richardson guilty of Medicaid fraud

2013-10-28: Psychologist James Angster reprimanded

2013-10-28: State revokes psychologist Cynthia Ann Spanier's license

2013-10-28: Pennsylvania places psychologist Jeff Fremont on probation

2013-10-28: Psych hospital worker charged with taking nude pictures of patients

2013-10-28: Psychiatric nurse loses license for sex with patient

2013-10-28: VA psychiatrist suspended for sexually inappropriate conduct

2013-10-20: San Francisco sues Nevada for "dumping" 24 mental patients in city over 5 years

2013-10-20: Nevada psychiatric hospital dumped patients in Oregon, records show

2013-10-20: State medical board suspends psychiatrist; prescribed painkillers without exams

2013-10-20: Psychiatrist Levi Chen-Wah Leong convicted for sex with patient

2013-10-20: Psychologist Sunil Kakar busted again; let hooker run off with computer containing data on 650+ patients

2013-10-20: Florida revokes psychologist Jeanette Denisco's license

2013-10-20: China suspends psychiatrist who falsified research

2013-10-18: Miami Psychologist Maria Rodriguez-Dowling Imprisoned and License Revoked for Health Care Fraud

2013-10-17: Florida psychologist Vanja Abreu relinquishes license

2013-10-17: Florida psychologist Richard Schulman convicted of elder exploitation of his own father

2013-10-11: State suspends counselor Charlotte Garnes following criminal conviction

2013-10-11: State suspends counselor John Penn following relapse into cocaine use

2013-10-11: State revokes counselor William Elwell's license over sexual violations and child pornography

2013-10-11: Arkansas suspends psychiatrist Todd Clements following drug conviction

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist David F. Wilson charged with sexual exploitation of a minor

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Thomas Radecki charged with overprescribing and trading treatment for sex

2013-10-11: Michigan psychologist disciplinary actions, June - July 2013

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Greely G. Miklashek surrenders license

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Michael Bengala suspended for involvement in "pill mill"

2013-10-11: Counselor suspended for sex with client

2013-10-11: New Mexico revokes license of mental health counselor Arcilia Holguin for Medicaid fraud conviction

2013-10-11: Counselor Michael Shawn Brown convicted of murder

2013-10-11: Nebraska disciplinary actions against mental health practitioners, 9/12 to 7/13

2013-10-11: Psychologist issued diagnosis and opinion about someone she never met; board issues letter

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Donald Stonefeld loses licenses in two states

2013-10-11: Board places psychiatrist Harry Taub on probation over drug charges

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Jose S. Cruz-Martinez suspended over care of patient who died

2013-10-11: Psychologist Sunil Kakar placed on probation for drug-alcohol arrest

2013-10-11: Social worker Tyler Whitney surrenders license on charge of billing irregularities

2013-10-11: State issues charges against social worker Dennis Vandermause following fraud conviction

2013-10-11: State suspends social worker Marisha J. Hart license for sex with patient's guardian

2013-10-11: Clinical social worker Heather Wuthrich surrenders license for confidentiality complaint

2013-10-11: Social worker Steve L. Weston reprimanded for physical contact with patient

2013-10-11: Sex offender treatment provider suspended for three years for laundry list

2013-10-11: Medical board concerned: psychiatrist prescribed without DEA registration

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Meera Goyal reprimanded over criminal conviction

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Dham Gupta suspended; sought patients' help in finding girl to pay for sex

2013-10-11: VA social worker suspended for buying narcotic from patient

2013-10-11: Clinical social worker Bradley Dent loses license following criminal sex charge involving minor

2013-10-11: Clinical social worker Kenyatta Abdoul-Shinte loses licenses in two states

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Kevin George charged with prescription violation

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Joseph Bargellini gets probation for asking patient sexual questions

2013-10-11: Psychiatrist Jeffrey I. Schwartz surrenders license following criminal charges, stand-off

2013-10-11: Psychologist Isabel Ascani reprimanded following criminal conviction

2013-10-11: Psychologist Stephen F. Kreft suspended for patient sex

2013-10-11: NC psychiatrist Robert Coombs reprimanded

2013-10-09: UK psych nurse admits to inappropriate relationship with patient

2013-10-09: Medical board suspends psychiatrist for aggressive conduct, deteriorating mental state

2013-10-07: UK psych nurse struck loses license for being drunk on duty

2013-10-07: Psychiatrist who wrote 100,000 prescriptions in two-year period reprimanded, fined

2013-10-04: Alabama psychiatrist arrested for sexual abuse and harassment

2013-10-04: "Candyman" psychiatrist charged with writing illegal prescriptions for amphetamines

2013-10-01: Florida psychiatric technician charged with molesting patients

2013-10-01: Mental health worker jailed for two years for sex with patient

2013-10-01: Psychological association admits that forensic experts are biased in favor of who hires them

2013-10-01: Study proves that psychological expert witnesses are biased

2013-09-30: Psychiatric nurse struck off for sex with patient

2013-09-30: Psych hospital failed to protect dignity and well-being of patients

2013-09-30: Puerto Rico psychiatrist arrested for sex trafficking of a minor

2013-09-24: Counselor Leann Richardson convicted of Medicaid fraud

2013-09-23: Universal Health Services' Riveredge Hospital put suicidal patient in jeopardy

2013-09-22: Board suspends social worker Cheryl Metzbower over criminal convictions

2013-09-22: Ohio social worker disciplinary actions June 2012 to August 2013

2013-09-22: State issues counselor license to former psychiatrist Marc Pellicciaro

2013-09-22: State suspends mental health counselor Holly Vashti George for sex with client

2013-09-22: State issues charges against counselor who told patient he'd marry her

2013-09-22: Medical board seeks action against psychiatrist Thomas Cotsen following cocaine bust

2013-09-22: Psychiatrist Ronald L. Leon on probation for sex with former patient

2013-09-22: State revokes license of psychiatrist Wesley McEldoon

2013-09-22: State issues accusation against psychiatrist Guy Gullion

2013-09-22: New York revokes license of psychiatrist Colin Kelley

2013-09-22: Psychiatrist Mejah Soong issued license with conditions in Washington

2013-09-20: Psychiatric nurse disqualified for sexual relationship with patient

2013-09-20: Psychiatrist Ljudmil Kljusev reprimanded, fined $15,000 for pursuing female patient

2013-09-19: Court upholds conviction of Army psychiatrist for attempted murder

2013-09-17: Owners of mental health clinic charged with Medicaid fraud, failure to pay taxes

2013-09-17: Pennsylvania psychologist Jeff Fremont fined over record keeping failures

2013-09-17: UK psych nurse loses license for sexually motivated relationship with teen patient

2013-09-17: Psychiatric CEO sentenced to 25 years prison for Medicaid fraud

2013-09-11: California psychiatrist Duke Fisher arrested for selling prescriptions

2013-09-09: Utah psychiatrist David F. Wilson charged with viewing child porn; license suspended

2013-09-08: UK psych nurse Andrew Parkin banned on drugs-for-sex violation

2013-09-06: New York psychiatrist Marvin Korn charged with controlled substance felonies

2013-09-05: Head of state psychiatric hospitals under investigation for sexual harrassment

2013-09-05: Connecticut psychologist Jessica Buggeln arrested for running "drug factory"

2013-09-05: Minnesota psych hospital fined as more cases of abuse uncovered

2013-09-05: Psychiatrist Nidal Hasan sentenced in Fort Hood shooting rampage

2013-09-03: Indiana psychologist Michael York charged with sexually abusing male patient

2013-09-03: Psychiatrist Joe Rice arrested on animal abuse charges; shot seven cows

2013-09-02: Deaths at Universal Health Services psych facility; lawsuit filed

2013-08-27: Rockland Psych Center worker charged with abusing young patient

2013-08-27: Israeli psych nurse indicted for raping patient

2013-08-27: Police investigate suicide at University of Pittsburgh psych ward

2013-08-26: Child molester psychiatrist William Ayres sentenced to 8 years prison

2013-08-22: Class action suits says Florida "warehousing" patients in psych facilities

2013-08-22: Second Nevada psych hospital under investigation by Medicaid

2013-08-20: Psychiatrist Thomas Radecki charged with trading drugs for sex

2013-08-20: Child porn found on devices of accused N. CA child molester psychologist

2013-08-19: New York psychiatrist Dham Gupta suspended; asked patients to help find women willing to accept money for sex

2013-08-19: Psych nurse Bryan Neal Harris flees to S. Africa after losing UK license; viewed Nazi, torture websites while on duty

2013-08-19: Psych nurse struck off for showing up drunk to work

2013-08-19: New York psychiatrist Anthony Kim charged with felony

2013-08-15: Scottish psych nurse loses license for sex with patient

2013-08-15: Psychotherapist Mark Bernardini arrested on sex charge second time in two months

2013-08-15: Psychotherapist Nelson Acevedo charged with raping client

2013-08-12: Psychologist Vitomir Zepinic found guilty of fraud in UK; previously disciplined in Australia

2013-08-11: Mental health counselor Linda Smoot Radeker defrauded Medicaid of $6.1 million

2013-08-11: Psychologist David Falkner facing trail for criminal sexual conduct with patient

2013-08-09: Investigation of punch uncovers use of excessive chemical restraint of minors in psych facility

2013-08-08: Psychiatrist William Ayres, convicted of molesting boys, ordered held without bail prior to sentencing

2013-08-08: Husband tried to have wife detained in psych ward after she sought divorce and spousal maintenance

2013-08-08: Man released from psych ward after 7 years: Court declares alleged paranoia diagnosis "untenable"

2013-08-07: Paula M. Morrissette fined; misrepresented self as psychologist

2013-08-07: Psychologist Carol Orem-Hough surrenders license for double billing

2013-08-07: Board revokes therapist David Ridley's license for sexually graphic communications to women

2013-08-07: Counselor Sarah N. Kohlenberger reprimanded, fined for failing to acknowledge child's serious medical condition

2013-08-07: State denies license to Donald D. Flemmer; misrepresented credentials to out-of-state employer

2013-08-07: Counselor Mechelle Toles sentenced to prison for fraud

2013-08-07: Universal Health Services among defendants in sexual "grooming" suit

2013-08-06: Psych hospital spied on patients via closed-circuit TV without consent

2013-08-04: State considers reinstating license of psychiatrist convicted of child porn possession?

2013-08-02: Supreme Court clarifies standard to force drug people under involuntary commitment

2013-08-02: Suit alleges psychiatrist took nude photos of 14-year-old patient

2013-08-01: Arab psychiatrists prescribing drugs to keep patients addicted

2013-08-01: Psych nurse Duncan Trueland put on sex offenders registry over child porn

2013-08-01: Mental health counselor suspended five years for sex with with client

2013-08-01: Court says hospital cannot force anti-psychotic drug on patient

2013-07-31: Psychiatrist Richard Pines loses license for sexual contact with his former foster child

2013-07-31: Psychiatrist loses license in Canada for sexual misconduct; skips back to Ireland and gets license...then gets found out

2013-07-31: Harvard psychiatrist Frederic Schiffer reprimanded for patient violation

2013-07-31: Massachusetts psychiatrist Raymond Kam suspended; failled to report suspected child abuse

2013-07-31: Psychiatrist Byron Kilgore surrenders license over sex with patient

2013-07-31: Sacramento psychiatrist attempted romantic relationship with patient; surrenders license

2013-07-29: New York psychiatric services company pays $1 million to settle fraud charge

2013-07-26: Universal Health Services (UHS) behavioral health facilities

2013-07-26: Irish court orders suspension of psychiatrist who lost license in Canada for sex misconduct

2013-07-26: Las Vegas psych hospital will not appeal loss of national accreditation

2013-07-26: Mental health counselor Nathan T. Simmons charged with possession of child pornography

2013-07-25: State suspends psychologist Mark G. Tully; diagnosed mother he'd never met with "parental alienation syndrome"

2013-07-25: Ohio psychologist Stephen Dean suspended; gave diagnosis of mother in custody matter who he'd not evaluated

2013-07-25: Washington health department seeks to discipline psychologist David T. Bice; disciplined in Oregon in 2010

2013-07-25: State revokes psychologist Kristina Lyhus' license for alcohol, sex with patient

2013-07-25: Board of psychologists suspends Margaret Reed; convicted of drunk driving

2013-07-25: State issues cease and desist on unlicensed psychologists

2013-07-25: Psychologist Robert M. Martin disciplined over informed consent

2013-07-23: North Carolina owner of mental helath facility gets 24 months prison for fraud

2013-07-23: Jenny Lynn Hall (f.k.a. Unterstein) convicted of health care fraud

2013-07-23: Wisconsin psychiatrist David Israelstam convicted of possession of child porn

2013-07-20: Massachusetts psychologist disciplinary actions, July 2013

2013-07-18: State denies mental health counselor's license application over DUIs

2013-07-18: State suspends psychiatrist Lana Le Chabrier following fraud conviction

2013-07-18: Psychiatrist Carlo Carandang disciplined for soliciting underage sex trade worker

2013-07-18: California reprimands psychiatrist Herbert M. Grossman; previously disciplined in Arizona

2013-07-18: Board suspends license of mental health counselor Scott Tellier

2013-07-18: Massachusetts psychiatrist Deborah Sichel gives up license to practice

2013-07-18: Psychologist Burton Hollenbeck sentenced to six months in jail for patient sexual assault

2013-07-18: Miami psychiatrist Roger Rousseau arrested in $63 million fraud scam

2013-07-16: Psychologist Bruce Jones taken into federal custody after failing to appear at fraud trial

2013-07-15: Psychologist William Kale among health care execs convicted in $30 million fraud scheme

2013-07-15: "Corrupt psychiatrist" in Detroit fraud scheme identified as Dr. Mark Greenbain

2013-07-15: Alabama mental health service owner LaShawn D. Anthony guilty of false Medicaid claims

2013-07-11: Maine psychology board suspends John Burns over personal involvement in patient's life

2013-07-11: State revokes psychologist Tyler Gould's license for sex with patient

2013-07-11: State places university psychologist Cara Hale on probation over sex with graduate assistant

2013-07-11: Pennsylvania psychologist Len Ochs indefinitely suspended

2013-07-11: Counselor Stephanie Hight suspended for personal/intimate relationship with former client

2013-07-11: Georgia mental health counselor Derrell Jackson indicted in theft

2013-07-11: State suspends psychiatrist William B. Lyles over prescribing habits

2013-07-11: Board suspends psychiatrist Donald Stonefeld relative to conduct with female patients

2013-07-11: Psychiatrist Patricia L. Hough and husband indicted for tax fraud

2013-07-11: State suspends payments to 15 largest behavioral health service providers

2013-07-11: Psychiatrist Kevin George charged with possessing forged prescriptions

2013-07-11: Psychologist among 26 defendents convicted in health care fraud scheme

2013-07-03: Florida psych hospital execs found guilty of Medicare fraud

2013-07-03: Mental health counselor pleads guilty to murder

2013-07-03: Psychiatric nurse sentenced in fraud case

2013-07-03: Missouri psychiatric hospital being called on to repay Medicaid $21 million

2013-06-28: State Revokes Medical License of Psychiatrist Mark Germine

2013-06-26: Psychiatrist charged with soliciting sex from teen has history of lewd behavior

2013-06-25: Signature Health: Aurora Las Encinas Hospital Failed to Report Staff Sexual Contact with Patient Despite Evidence

2013-06-25: South Carolina psychologist Dennis Keyes signs cease & desist order in Kentucky

2013-06-25: San Diego psychologist Roberto Velasquez sentenced to 21 months prison

2013-06-25: State audit shows New Mexico behavioral health facilities overbilled federal and state government by tens of millions of dollars

2013-06-25: Counselor Catherine Reardon arrested on Medicaid fraud charge

2013-06-25: Cleveland "pill mill" psychiatrist Samuel Nigro sentenced to nine months prison

2013-06-21: Universal Health Services mental health facilities used unlicensed, unsupervised therapists

2013-06-21: Pennsylvania psychiatrist charged with attempted sexual contact with 13-year-old boy

2013-06-19: Seven antipsychotic-related deaths in UK psych ward in seven months: Investigation

2013-06-19: NY psychiatrist decried prescription drug abuse epidemic at same time he is alleged to have been contributing to it

2013-06-18: Counselor Patricia Anne DeLorenzo surrenders license following criminal conviction

2013-06-18: Counselor Mary Dermody fined over insufficent patient notes

2013-06-18: State revokes license of counselor June Durio following guilty plea

2013-06-18: Marriage therapist fined by state for employing unqualified counselor

2013-06-18: State suspends social worker Lisa F. Cowan's license

2013-06-18: Court of Appeals reinstates criminal convictions against Anna Nicole Smith psychiatrist

2013-06-18: Psychiatrist Robert B. Jones fired, under investigation for fraud

2013-06-18: State confirms allegations in patient death complaint againt UHS psychiatric hospital

2013-06-13: Sexual assault rife in psychiatric wards

2013-06-11: Psychiatrist Daryl Westerback arrested twice in 3 months on suspicion of driving under influence of drugs

2013-06-11: Alleged sexual relationship with patient results in suspended license for psychologist Stephen Whyte

2013-06-11: State places psychologist James Polk on probation

2013-06-07: Counselor Herbert Warner surrenders license for misrepresentations

2013-06-07: County strips psychiatrist of lifetime achievement award

2013-06-07: Ontario court certifies class action against state psychiatric hospital

2013-06-07: Medicaid to terminate payments to Vermont psych hospital Aug. 15th

2013-06-07: French psychiatric hospital comes under state inspection again

2013-06-05: Social worker Mary Ann Bettencourt suspended

2013-06-04: Oklahoma psychiatrist Amar Bhandary guilty of Medicaid fraud; indicted in five patient deaths

2013-06-03: Trial date set for psychiatrist Joseph Jurand on sex assault charges

2013-05-31: Massachusetts suspends psychiatrist Joseph Dambrauskas

2013-05-31: State fines psychiatrist Anil Nalluri $10K following criminal conviction

2013-05-31: State of Florida prohibits psychiatrist James Yelton Rossello from treating female patients

2013-05-31: Florida psychiatrist Mohammed Saleh fined over controlled substances

2013-05-31: Wisconsin psychiatrist Michael Panzer reprimanded over prescribing

2013-05-31: Psychiatrist Ronald Kurlander fined over controlled substances

2013-05-31: State issues negligence complaint against "stem cell" psychiatrist William Rader

2013-05-30: State makes unannounced visit to Indiana psych facility on reports of understaffing

2013-05-28: Social worker David Benson sentenced for false claims

2013-05-27: Psychiatrist William Ellien sentenced to 30 months prison for prescribing violations

2013-05-27: Former patient sues psychiatrist Abdullahi Abdulkarim Mohamed over sexual assaults

2013-05-27: Psychiatrist Abdullahi Abdulkarim Mohamed loses license following sex assault conviction

2013-05-24: Massachusetts psychiatrist Roger Bosches reprimanded for kissing patient

2013-05-24: Ohio revokes license of psychologist Judith Lalli following criminal case

2013-05-24: State reprimands psychologist Darlene Barnes following criminal indictment

2013-05-24: State reprimands psychologist Robert Davis for negligence

2013-05-24: State of Ohio reprimands psychologist Sylvester Briggs

2013-05-24: Missouri revokes license of psychologist John Trimble

2013-05-22: Marine veteran Brandon Raub files lawsuit over involuntary detention, attempt to suppress free speech

2013-05-21: Army psychiatrist charged with killing 13 people at Fort Hood still on U.S. payroll

2013-05-21: Ohio permanently revokes license of psychologist Judith Lalli

2013-05-21: Psychologist Darlene Barnes reprimanded over forged prescriptions

2013-05-21: Ohio psychology board reprimands Robert Davis over evaluation, billing

2013-05-21: Psychologist Sylvester Briggs reprimanded for allowing inmates access to patient records

2013-05-21: State board revokes psychologist John T. Trimble's license

2013-05-21: State suspends license of psychiatrist Ali Salim, indicted in rape, murder of pregnant woman

2013-05-21: Board reprimands psychiatrist John Heather over prescribing

2013-05-21: Ohio board seeks action against psychiatrist Anil Nalluri following fraud conviction

2013-05-21: State issues letter of reprimand on psychiatrist Robert D. Rosenberg after placing him on probation

2013-05-21: Medical board files accusation against psychiatrist Ellis M. Schwied

2013-05-21: California medical board revokes psychiatrist Michael D. Schultz's license

2013-05-21: Psychiatrist David Israelstam gives up California medical license

2013-05-21: State of Florida issues complaint against psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil

2013-05-21: Psychiatrist Eduardo De La Cruz reprimanded in Maryland; Florida issues complaint

2013-05-21: State issues complaint against psychiatrist for self-prescribing

2013-05-20: State places counselor Michael W. Baker on practice supervision

2013-05-20: State places conditions on counselor Heidi Fischer

2013-05-20: Psychologist Tania van Megchelen suspended for involvement with teen patient

2013-05-20: Psychiatrist Mikhail Presman charged for more than $4 million Medicare fraud

2013-05-16: Texas psychology board disciplines six psychologists

2013-05-14: Missouri suspends social worker Brett Young, had relationship with and married former patient

2013-05-14: State board issues "correction action" on social worker Jean Kenney for her involvement in drug study in which a patient committed suicide

2013-05-14: State prohibits social worker Stacy Schauer from treating female patients

2013-05-14: Tennessee counselor Mechele Toles guilty of health care fraud

2013-05-14: State revokes counselor Kristin Marchese's license for sex with client

2013-05-14: Attorney General files complaint against psychiatrist David Daley

2013-05-14: New York psychiatrist Jean Elie arrested on Medicaid fraud charge

2013-05-14: Texas psychiatrist David Cardwell arrested on sexual assault charge

2013-05-14: Tennessee psychoanalyst charged with fraud

2013-05-13: The Universal Health Services health care nightmare in Jacksonville

2013-05-12: Social worker Vontina Hall loses license following conviction

2013-05-11: Report: Massachusetts child psych center violated students

2013-05-11: Psychiatrist Joseph Spare will repay $150,000 in improper insurance billings

2013-05-09: Maine psychologist John Burns suspended

2013-05-07: U.S. government mental health institute dumps the DSM

2013-05-07: Report criticizes Massachusetts school that uses shock "therapy"

2013-05-07: Psychologist John Cicconi loses license for sexual and abusive relationship with patient

2013-05-04: Bill pending in Louisiana legislature would make psychotherapist sex with patients a crime

2013-05-04: Swiss psychotherapist jailed for two years for sexual exploitation of female patients

2013-05-04: Mark Solomon, Ottawa psychiatrist, charged with sexual assault on patient

2013-05-02: Former psychiatrist Jackson Dempsey sentenced for sabotaging trails

2013-05-02: Psychiatric liability: A French psychiatrist sentenced after a murder committed by her patient

2013-04-29: State commission finds merit in complaint against psychiatrist John Matt Dorn

2013-04-29: Psychiatrist Abdullahi Mohamed sentenced to year in jail for sex abuse of patients

2013-04-29: Licensed counselor and wife charged with $600,000 Medicaid fraud

2013-04-29: DC psychiatrist Alen J. Salerian indicted for illegal prescribing

2013-04-27: Two UK psych nurses lose licenses over patient's death

2013-04-27: Two UK psych nurses face loss of license over neglect death of patient

2013-04-27: Mental health counselor guilty of $500,000 fraud scheme

2013-04-26: Minnesota psychiatrist billed state as if in two places at once

2013-04-26: Psych nurse loses license for putting suicidal patient in danger

2013-04-23: Psychologist Terence Heltzel gives up license on charges of "relationship"

2013-04-17: Illinois psychologist Sharon Rinaldi indicted for health care fraud

2013-04-17: School psychologist arrested for possession of illegal drug

2013-04-17: Psychology board suspends Randi Erickson relative to complaint involving "Parental Alienation Syndrome"

2013-04-17: Psychologist Raymond Lueck reprimanded for housing patient

2013-04-16: Ontario psychiatrist now facing 18 counts of sexual assault

2013-04-16: Man falsely committed to psych hospital finds out he was not delusional: He WAS being spied on by law enforcement

2013-04-12: Florida whistleblowers file suit against Universal Health Services psychiatric facility

2013-04-10: New York psychiatrist Clifford Jacobson disciplined by state, fined $10,000

2013-04-10: Florida medical board seeking to revoke license of psychiatrist James Yelton Rossello

2013-04-10: Bolarinwa Olutosin Oluwole, psychiatrist, loses license in Nova Scotia

2013-04-10: Ohio psychiatrist Nicholas Atanasoff suspended 90 days

2013-04-09: Court reinstates guilty verdict against Anna Nicole Smith’s psychiatrist

2013-04-09: Why the University of Minnesota psychiatric research scandal must be investigated

2013-04-09: Irish psychiatrist bit police officers

2013-04-09: Psychologist Eunice Gatabaki worked 60 hours a day?

2013-04-01: Counselor Ruth Kibby suspended for romance with inmate

2013-04-01: Abusive UK psych nurse loses license

2013-03-30: Psychiatrist Gary Kushner gives up license following sentencing

2013-03-26: Savannah psychiatrist William Ellien guilty of drugs for sex scheme

2013-03-26: Florida psychiatrist Gary Kushner sentenced to 144 months prison in Medicare fraud scheme

2013-03-17: Counselor Laura Cawlo placed on probation for falsified billings

2013-03-15: Universal Health Services: Protestors Claim Behavioral Health Center Puts Children in Danger

2013-03-14: Psychiatrist Harmadan Singh guilty of sexually assaulting female patient

2013-03-14: UK authorities yank psychiatrist's license after discovering Canada did the same last year

2013-03-14: Wisconsin psychiatrist David Israelstam: In trouble again, gives up license

2013-03-14: Criminal past costs social worker Randy Taylor his license

2013-03-14: Social worker Karen Norris had sex with female client

2013-03-14: Tennessee reprimands psychiatrist Leslie E. Smith for laundry list

2013-03-14: State charges psychiatrist Alan F. Scott with sex with patient over 15 years

2013-03-14: Maine psychiatrist Wesley McEldoon reprimanded

2013-03-14: Washington counselor David Hale had sex with a female client

2013-03-14: Arizona revokes license of counselor Rita Butler

2013-03-14: Coroner finds psychiatric hospitals responsible in patient restraint deaths

2013-03-06: Police searching for former patients of psychiatrist Stanley Dobrowolski

2013-03-06: Psychiatrist charged with assaulting officers on night out

2013-03-04: Social worker John N> Bagley loses license for relationship with female clients

2013-03-01: Wisconsin psychiatrist David Israelstam charged with possession of child pornography

2013-02-28: Social worker Bethany Haley surrenders license for unprofessional conduct

2013-02-28: State revokes psychologist Philip D. White's license, relative to custody evaluation

2013-02-28: New Jersey revokes psychologist Marsha Kleinman's license, relative to custody evaluation

2013-02-28: Psychiatrist Judith Saperstein Braun suspended, placed on probation for negligence, etc.

2013-02-28: Counselor admits to sex with client, state suspends license

2013-02-26: Staste revokes social worker Gregory Motley's license for fraud

2013-02-26: Psychiatrist loses appeal in lawsuit over inmate's death

2013-02-25: Psychiatrist charged with issuing prescriptions for controlled substances without conducting patient exams

2013-02-25: Plaintiffs say Chicago psychiatrist offered to perform oral sex on them for money

2013-02-25: Mental health counselor Sheila Loven guilty of sexual assault of client

2013-02-25: Mental health counselor Nichole Eckert sentenced to 48 months prison in $205 million fraud scheme

2013-02-25: Psychologist Rhett McCarty defrauded the U.S. government of more than $1 million

2013-02-22: State places psychiatrist Robert D. Rosenberg on probation for self-prescribing

2013-02-17: Social worker Heather Retzlaff surrenders license; engaged in sex with patient

2013-02-14: Texas Board of Psychology February 2013 disciplinary actions

2013-02-12: February 2013 Texas mental health counselor disciplinary actions

2013-02-12: NY psychiatrist David Brizer facing up to 7 years in prison for selling prescriptions to drug dealers

2013-02-12: LA psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui surrenders license on charge of sexual misconduct, more

2013-02-11: State reprimands psychiatrist Amnon Kahane

2013-02-10: State reprimands psychiatrist Amnon Kahane for standard of care failures

2013-02-08: Psychiatrist Michael D. Schultz admitted he

2013-02-08: Michiana Behavioral Health Center in Plymouth, Indiana

2013-02-07: Failure to report DUIs to board costs counselor Kathleen Davis her couseling license

2013-02-07: Counselor James R. Chatham reprimanded

2013-02-07: Counselor Erin Michalsky failed to provide one-on-one supervision to adolescent

2013-02-07: Psychotherapist Andrea Sywulak reprimanded over custody evaluation

2013-02-07: Texas takes disciplinary actions against counselors, October 2012

2013-02-07: State revokes license of social worker Mary Shrum for criminal convictions

2013-02-07: Social worker Lovada Merriweather convicted of health care fraud

2013-02-07: Ann Arbor psychologist David Falkner charged with sexual assault of patient

2013-02-07: Universal Health Services: List of behavioral health facilities managed by UHS

2013-02-06: Virginia counselor Scott G. Henry charged with sexual abuse of children

2013-02-06: Marriage & family therapist Thomas Dworniczek suspended for various violations

2013-02-06: Virginia suspends social worker Elizabeth Balyeat for sex with former client

2013-02-06: Tennessee revokes social worker's license for sexual activities with clients

2013-02-06: Pennsylvania counselor Arthur R. Merrell surrenders license for sexual contact with minor

2013-02-06: Virginia suspends counselor Kenneth P. Wells for sexual relations with client

2013-02-06: Virginia board suspends social worker Derek R. Findlay

2013-02-06: State of Idaho revokes social worker Robert T. Hall's license

2013-02-06: Wisconsin issues injunction against social worker Lawrence A. Kane III

2013-02-05: Delaware psychiatrist Khaled Mirza reprimanded

2013-02-05: Counselor Erin F. Gwinn loses license following criminal conviction

2013-02-05: Were you formerly employed at a Universal Health Services behavioral health facility?

2013-02-05: Witness says she met psychiatrist at hotel for "sexual activity" in exchange for Xanax

2013-02-04: Missouri psychologist Rhett McCarty gets prison for fraud

2013-02-04: Such Irony Dept: Psychiatrist suspended for missing his own mental evaluation

2013-02-04: State suspends psychiatrist Wiliam J. Kafin for alleged relationship with 19-year old patient

2013-02-03: State revokes license of social worker John A. Hicks

2013-02-01: State suspends license of "pill mill" psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle

2013-02-01: Once prominent psychiatrist is now a convicted sex offender, sentenced to five years prison

2013-01-31: Social worker Michael Lederhaus loses license for sexting to minor

2013-01-25: Bond revoked for psychiatrist charged with sexual assault

2013-01-25: Cops find disturbing videos of women on psychiatrist's computers

2013-01-25: Psychiatrist's wife arrested for allegedly trying to bribe juror for "not guilty" verdict in sex assault trial

2013-01-25: Jury to decide fate of Calgary psychiatrist accused of sexual assault

2013-01-22: Scottish psych nurse loses license for locking patient in room

2013-01-21: Pig farmer sues Chinese government after being detained in psychiatric hospital

2013-01-17: Death of teenager in psych hospital blamed on understaffing

2013-01-14: Mental health clinic owner guilty in $3.4 million Medicaid fraud

2013-01-11: NY psychiatrist Gino Grosso sentenced on controlled substance conviction

2013-01-11: Board places counselor Brooke Randolph on probation for excessive interest rate, confidentiality

2013-01-11: Clinical social worker Elizabeth Covington surrenders license over sex with inmate patient

2013-01-11: Clinical social worker Rick L. Long disciplined in two states

2013-01-11: Psychiatrist Dennis Michael O'Conner surrenders license following drug-related conviction

2013-01-11: Psychiatrist Jerry N. Rand surrenders license to state on litany of charges

2013-01-11: State reprimands psychologist Ronald Gruen over confidentiality

2013-01-11: Psychologist Michele Bieraugel placed on probation after DUI conviction

2013-01-11: Worker at child psych center, 24, arrested for sex with patient, 13

2013-01-11: Psychiatrists charged, disciplined nationwide August-October 2012

2013-01-10: State to monitor psychiatrist Daniel Rousch for one year

2013-01-08: Janice Husted, DoD psychologist, charged with sexual assault of veteran

2013-01-07: Psychiatrist Thomas J. Cantwell surrenders license following narcotics conviction

2013-01-07: Texas takes disciplinary action against psychologists

2013-01-04: Counselor Lauren F. Robbins suspended for misappropriation of patient funds

2013-01-04: State issues complaint against counselor Holly V. Jones for sex with patient

2013-01-04: Australian authorities reprimand psychologist for violations involving young, vulnerable female patients

2013-01-04: State suspends psychologist Wendy Woodard on emergency basis

2013-01-03: Washington state issues statement of charges against psychologist Kristi L. Mix

2013-01-03: Psychology board reprimands Maine psychologist Martha McIntosh

2013-01-03: State reprimands psychologist John Disorbio

2013-01-03: State board censures psychologist Wesley C. Jones

2013-01-03: Psychology board revokes Philip Bruce Blakeley's license

2013-01-03: State reprimands psychologist David T. Bice over "touch"

2013-01-02: State of Pennsylvania suspends psychologists

2013-01-02: Clinical social worker Jane Angell surrenders license over involvement in custody matter

2013-01-02: Arizona mental health counselor Brooks Gibson loses license

2013-01-02: Idaho suspends, revokes clinical social workers' licenses

2013-01-02: Owner of chain of mental health centers pleads guilty to fraud

2013-01-02: Mental health clinic director sentenced to 100 months prison for fraud

2013-01-02: Australian mental hospital involuntarily detains, drugs the wrong man

2012-12-29: UK psych nurse who battered girlfriend loses nursing license

2012-12-26: Pennsylvania suspends license of psychiatrist Jopindar Harika

2012-12-26: Florida psychiatrist Jose Menendez-Campos loses license following felony conviction

2012-12-26: Iowa psychiatrist James Pullen surrenders license on sex charge

2012-12-26: Washington state counselor April Ann Stewart tested positive for meth and marijuana

2012-12-26: Counselor Jonathan P. Smith loses license following criminal conviction

2012-12-26: Washington state health department revokes licensed of counselor Vernon C. Armstrong

2012-12-26: State files charges against counselor Sue Whitmore Batson

2012-12-22: Nazi-saluting psych nurse Stephen Johnson struck off to protect the public

2012-12-21: State issues complaint against counselor Manotte Bazile, following fraud conviction

2012-12-21: Man sues psychotherapist for drug relapse following sexual exploitation

2012-12-21: Israel: Psychiatrist, head nurse and hospital director convicted in abuses of autistic patients

2012-12-20: December 2012 Florida mental health counselor disciplinary actions

2012-12-20: Iowa psychiatrist Christopher Okiishi enters into agreement with medical board on prescribing, record keeping charges

2012-12-20: South Carolina school psychologist arrested for drug possession

2012-12-18: Board: Washington counselor Sydney Gienty recommended psych-sex-drug evaluation for former patient--based on no first-hand knowledge

2012-12-18: State of Washington issues charges against social worker Brian O. Cobb

2012-12-18: Indiana board reprimands psychologist Pamela Christy

2012-12-18: Psychiatrist guilty of manslaughter after patient's axe murder; sentenced to prison

2012-12-17: Psychologist Philip Nastasee agrees to not perform any custody evaluations

2012-12-17: Psychologist Randi Venettone suspended for sex with patients

2012-12-15: 2012 Arizona psychologist disciplinary actions

2012-12-13: National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) official charged with felony

2012-12-13: Wisconsin reprimands marriage & family therapist David Dropkin for closing offices without notifying patients

2012-12-13: Wisconsin mental health counselor Adam Sturdevant's license suspended for repeat alcohol-related arrests, etc.

2012-12-13: Virginia suspends license of psychiatrist Abdul Durrani for violations involving 13 patients

2012-12-13: New York jury says doctor's acts contributed to patient's antidepressant-related suicide; awards $1.5 million

2012-12-13: New Zealand psychiatrist under investigation for sex with patient; paid her $42,000 to deny relationship

2012-12-13: Connecticut psychiatric resident Abnishek Shah, arrested and charged with sexual assault of woman he met on dating site

2012-12-13: Psychologist Ross Colquhoun loses license over treatment of two patients who died

2012-12-13: Federal investigation finds state psychiatric hospital responsible for patient's starvation death

2012-12-13: FDA issues warning to Rotenberg Center over non-approved shock devices

2012-12-13: School psychologist charged with possession of crack cocaine

2012-12-10: New York psychiatrist sentenced to house arrest on prescriptions for cash conviction

2012-12-10: Study concludes that psychiatrists almost four times as likely to be sanctioned for sexual misconduct

2012-12-06: State reprimands psychiatrist Herbert Grossman on presribing issues

2012-12-05: Psychologist Paul Smerz reprimanded relative to custody evaluation

2012-12-05: Wisconsin suspends social worker Mario Einsman for failure to report child abuse

2012-12-05: Kansas revokes license of psychotherapist Angela Bogue-Gillmore for taking loans from patient, not paying back

2012-12-05: Psychologist Michael J. Perkins suspended, convicted for prescription fraud

2012-12-05: State places psychologist Scott Ispirescu on probation; dated patient instead of treating her

2012-12-05: Psychiatrist Sadashiv Rajadhyaksha surrenders license following criminal conviction

2012-12-05: Psychiatrist Joseph Haraszti, worked at Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab" hospital, placed on probation

2012-12-05: Psychiatrist pays Tennessee $325,000 for alleged overbilled psychotherapy services

2012-12-04: Psychiatrist Stephen Merritt Raffle reprimanded for discussing real estate deals with patient during sessions

2012-11-29: Psychologist Charlotte Higgins-Lee surrenders license over custody evaluation

2012-11-29: Convicted psychiatrist seeks to avoid prison; will be sentenced Dec. 7

2012-11-24: State halts Medicaid payments to psychiatrist Michael Reinstein; federal suit fraud, kickback allegations

2012-11-24: Inspectors criticize "appalling" conditions at psychiatric unit

2012-11-24: America's leading psychiatrist convicts himself of crimes against humanity

2012-11-24: Danish psychiatric center accused of dangerous over-medication

2012-11-19: US Attorney files fraud lawsuit against Illinois psychiatrist Michael Reinstein

2012-11-19: Psychiatrist Todd Clements convicted on prescription fraud, surrenders license

2012-11-13: Psychiatrist Raul Juan Sora disciplined in Arizona, Pennsylvania

2012-11-13: State revokes license of psychiatrist J. Frank James; disciplined earlier in North Carolina

2012-11-13: Clinical social worker sanctioned by state: Jean Kenney practiced beyond the scope of her training, patient committed suicide

2012-11-12: Psychiatrist William Ayres faces child molestation retrial in March 2013

2012-11-09: Psychiatrist Bolarinwa Olutosin Oluwole loses license for sex with patients

2012-11-07: Mental health counselor Margie Hollingsworth going to prison for 47 months for Medicaid fraud

2012-11-07: Ontario psychiatrist Stanley Dobrowolski arrested for sexual assault and voyeurism

2012-11-05: Psychologist Kristina Duangpatra banned for six months for "personal and intimate relationship" with inmate

2012-11-05: Psychiatrist Carlo Carandang of Dalhousie University reprimanded for sex with prostitutes

2012-11-05: Connecticut school psychologist David Pino sentenced for sexual assault and voyeurism

2012-11-02: Psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic, indicted in 1995 Muslim genocide, representing self at trial

2012-11-02: Gary J. Byrd, former child psychiatrist convicted of child porn in 90s, indicted again on porn charges

2012-11-02: Child psychiatrist William Ayres, charged with molestations, lied about having dementia

2012-11-01: Were you formerly employed at National Deaf Academy?

2012-11-01: Wisconsin mental health counselor Adam Sturdevajnt loses license over criminal charges, convictions, bond violations

2012-11-01: Ontario psychiatrist Stan Dobrowolski facing disciplinary hearing after alleged sexual touching of a female patient

2012-10-31: County severs ties with psychiatrist who admitted sabotaging bike trails

2012-10-30: State revokes license of psychiatrist Williams Ayres; charged with sex crimes involving children

2012-10-30: Psychologist says psychiatrist William Ayres, charged with child molestation, faked dementia symptoms

2012-10-29: Psychologist John William Visher arrested on charge of sex crime with 8-year-old; lawsuit

2012-10-27: October 2012 Texas disciplinary actions on mental health counselors

2012-10-26: New York hospital owes $7 million for fraudulent mental health claims

2012-10-26: Testimony: Patient was happy, became zombie after beginning treatment with psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

2012-10-26: China passes law to reduce psychiatric abuses

2012-10-24: New Jersey psych hospital worker sentenced for sex with patient

2012-10-24: Psychiatrist and father (also a physician) charged with defrauding Medicaid, Blue Cross; face 53 charges each

2012-10-24: Delaware psychiatrist Yvette K. Baker gets a year in prison for Medicaid fraud

2012-10-24: California psychiatrist Stephen Melcher loses Texas medical license following child molest conviction

2012-10-23: Mental health counselor Margie Hollingsworth gets 46 months prison for Medicaid fraud

2012-10-23: New York psychiatrist Richard Hochberg surrenders license to state

2012-10-23: Psychiatrist Marshall Hubsher surrenders his New York medical license; significant criminal and disciplinary history

2012-10-23: Florida counselor Norman Tow loses license for sexual misconduct

2012-10-23: Florida counselor Rebecca J. Potter reprimanded over unpaid patient loan

2012-10-23: Florida social worker Ryan C. Moore loses license over cocaine

2012-10-22: UK psych nurse David Swankie loses license for sex with former patient

2012-10-22: Employee of National Alliance on Mental Illness charged with distributing child porn

2012-10-22: Dallas psychiatrist Barry Fenton charged with making sexual advances on patient...again

2012-10-22: Nazi-era psychiatric patients were demeaned, starved, brutalized, and left to die

2012-10-18: Federal appeals court rules there was enough evidence for conspiracy conviction against Anna Nicole's psychiatrist

2012-10-15: Calgary psychiatrist charged with sexual assaults "horrified" for reputation of psychiatry

2012-10-15: Psychologist Vanja Abreu sentenced to 108 months prison in Medicare fraud scam

2012-10-15: Mental health counselor Pierre J. Saviers gets probation for violating no-contact order

2012-10-15: Psychologist Jennie Miller guilty of Medicaid fraud

2012-10-13: Belgian psychiatrist admits on TV show to sex with patients

2012-10-13: "Spy watch" video led to arrest of psychiatrist now on trial for patient sex abuses

2012-10-13: Two Cornwall psych nurses lose licenses for sex with patients

2012-10-10: Psychiatrist Aubrey Levin, who committed "gross human rights abuses," to stand trial on sexual abuse charges

2012-10-08: Psychiatrist William Douglas Wade reprimanded by Australian medical standards committee

2012-10-05: Hollywood (Florida) psychiatric hospital charged in huge Medicare fraud sweep

2012-10-05: Chicago psychologist among 91 busted in nationwide fraud crackdown; alleged to have billed Medicare for treatment to deceased patients

2012-10-05: Armenian prosecutors launch criminal case against Vardenis psychiatric facility

2012-10-05: Director of Armenian psych hospital reportedly forcing patients to herd, graze animals as "work therapy"

2012-10-05: Florida psychiatrists Mark Willner and Alberto Ayala get 10 years prison for fraud; must pay back more than $138 million

2012-10-05: Oregon psychiatrist admits to sabotaging bike trails; "didn't like downhill mountain bikers"

2012-10-05: Army mental health specialist charged with raping child

2012-09-27: California places psychiatrist Jennifer Lynn McClain on probation based on Massachusetts suspension

2012-09-26: Medical board places Menendez brothers' psychiatrist on probation

2012-09-26: Social worker Gustavo Martinez surrenders license for unethical conduct

2012-09-26: Arizona revokes license of social worker Fred Elsen for sex with client

2012-09-26: Arizona revokes license of counselor David Orlowski over letter

2012-09-26: State declines to issue license to counselor applicant Tamara Van Berkel

2012-09-26: Arizona revokes license of counselor Nathalie Clyne for sex with inmate

2012-09-26: Arizona social worker Andrea March suspended on unreported DUI

2012-09-25: Ohio social worker disciplinary actions, June - Sept. 2013

2012-09-25: Yet another UK psych nurse is struck off for sex with a patient

2012-09-25: California psychologist John Visher arrested on child sex abuse and child porn charges

2012-09-25: University of Alberta head of psychiatry resigns over Ontario sexual misconduct allegation

2012-09-25: UK psych nurse accused of sexual assault of female patients

2012-09-25: State charges psychiatrist Richard J. Pines with sex abuse of children

2012-09-17: Counselor Linda S. Radeker defrauded Medicaid $6.1 million

2012-09-15: Two European psychologists exposed as research frauds; research misconduct on the rise

2012-09-15: Harvard investigation finds psychologist Marc Hauser falsified data in six federally funded studies

2012-09-15: Pharma notes psychiatrist Martin Keller's authorship of fraudulent study but his university declines to take action

2012-09-15: Psychiatrist Priscilla Ilem guilty in pain pill prescriptions for cash scam

2012-09-13: Were you a patient at National Deaf Academy?

2012-09-11: China's internet addiction clinics use extreme violence to "rehabilitate"

2012-09-11: Maine psychologist had sex with patient and billed her insurance for it

2012-09-11: UK psych nurse Linda May Thompson loses license for sex with patient

2012-09-11: Psychiatric aide charged with sexual assaults.

2012-09-06: Court reinstates sex charges against psychologist Burton Hollenbeck

2012-09-04: State board charges Valley psychiatrist Marc Graff with gross negligence

2012-08-30: Indiana board issues complaint against psychologist Pamela Christy

2012-08-30: May 2012 Texas state disciplinary actions against psychologists

2012-08-30: Vermont takes action against license of psychiatrist Firooz Tabrizi

2012-08-30: Psychiatrist Mary Ann Ager surrenders Pennsylvania license

2012-08-30: State issues charge against psychiatrist Richard J. Pines for sexual contact with foster children

2012-08-30: Accused psychologist pimp stops seeing patients

2012-08-30: Chinese government uses psychiatric hospitals to silence human rights defenders

2012-08-30: Nineteen plaintiffs file Zoloft birth defects lawsuits in West Virginia

2012-08-26: Psychology board issues charges against Ellen Yates following drunk driving conviction

2012-08-24: Wife gets husband thrown in psych ward after he refuses loan to father-in-law

2012-08-21: Jacksonville substance abuse psychiatrist arrested for driving under the influence

2012-08-21: Virginia psych hospital deprives ex-Marine of Constitutional and human rights

2012-08-17: Gag order lifted on identity of psychiatrist who was banned for sexual advances on patient

2012-08-17: UK psych nurse struck off for patient abuse

2012-08-16: State seeks to yank William Ayres' license for dementia (though prosecutor gets retrial on accusation that he's faking dementia)

2012-08-14: State temporarily suspends license of accused pimp psychologist

2012-08-11: Psychologist Christopher M. Allen surrenders license under investigation for sex with client

2012-08-11: Texas counselor Larry Etter surrenders license following child sex crime conviction

2012-08-11: State disciplines psychotherapist Nikole Ahner Brown for involvement with client

2012-08-11: State suspends license of mental health counselor Ronald Ray Jones

2012-08-11: Idaho mental health counselor David Reynolds surrenders license

2012-08-11: Idaho counselors' and therapists' licenses revoked, disciplined

2012-08-11: Arizona board places counselor P. Lauren Levy on probation for failures in treating suicidal patient

2012-08-11: State reprimands psychiatrist David E. Sosin for excessive prescribing

2012-08-11: California issues charges against psychiatrist Charles A. Eubanks for negligence, prescribing violations

2012-08-11: Oregon psychiatrist Michael Thein gives up medical license on complaint of sex with patient

2012-08-11: Virginia reprimands psychiatrist Walter S. Jennings over lithium treatment

2012-08-11: Nova Scotia psychiatrist Javed Ali suspended for treating family member

2012-08-11: State suspends license of psychiatrist Stephen Melcher, convicted of sex crime involving child

2012-08-11: State orders social worker Denise Lynn Bailey to pay $12K in costs

2012-08-11: Therapist Kristin Brighty married a client; state revoked her license

2012-08-11: Clinical social worker Erica M. Schoch suspended for romantic letters to inmate

2012-08-11: Iowa board places psychiatrist Michael L. Moeller on probation

2012-08-11: Sex with client ends in trouble and more trouble for Wisconsin social worker Jackie Morter

2012-08-11: Oregon board reprimands counselor Vincent Brunning

2012-08-11: California psychology board issues sex misconduct charge against Peter J. Murphy

2012-08-11: California psychologist Alice Berkowitz's criminal conviction leads to license board action

2012-08-11: Psychologist Juan C. Perez gets probation for substance abuse relapse

2012-08-11: Board places psychologist David Van Zak on probation for negligence

2012-08-11: New Orleans psychologist who made racist remarks resigns

2012-08-11: Texas psychologists' licenses revoked, disciplined

2012-08-11: Psychologist Lynda Harris-Boscaino surrenders license on felony

2012-08-11: Board continues suspension of custody evaluator Brian K. Wald

2012-08-11: Psychologist Carrie E. Schaffer suspended over sex with former patient

2012-08-11: Alcohol gets Texas social worker Ann Wood suspended for two years

2012-08-10: Psychiatrist Arnaldo Solis charged by state for sexual conduct with pregnant patient

2012-08-09: Judge denies bail for accused child molester psychiatrist William Ayres; will remain in custody until Oct. 1 hearing

2012-08-08: Disgraced criminal psychologist Vito Zepinic attempts to redefine one's response to life's challenges as a mental disorder

2012-08-07: Accused pimp psychologist Alexander Marino found, arrested

2012-08-07: Psychologist Serena Joslin pleads guilty to $63 million Medicaid fraud scheme

2012-08-07: State investigates three deaths at Florida psychiatric facility

2012-08-06: Psychiatrist Harvey M. Rosenberg reprimanded in two states for dumping patient; was dating patient

2012-08-06: Psychologist pleads guilty to fraud; admits one-third of patient files are bogus

2012-08-06: Psychologist by day, pimp by night; police searching for Alexander Marino

2012-08-06: UCLA psychiatrist Alexander Bystritsky sued over patient's psych drug death

2012-08-06: Report suggests child psychiatrist faked dementia to avoid molestation retrial

2012-07-28: Counselor Richard O'Meara surrenders license on charge of sex with client; has earlier conviction for violent felony

2012-07-19: State revokes license of social worker LaChandra Parks

2012-07-19: North Carolina social worker Larry Maxey surrenders license; criminal investigation

2012-07-19: Ohio mental health counselor Jennifer Greulich surrenders license

2012-07-19: Mental health counselor Denise Flint reprimanded for custody recommendation

2012-07-19: State of Ohio suspends mental health counselor Marsha Manon over billings

2012-07-19: Ohio mental health counselor DeDe Denbow disciplined for failure to obtain consent

2012-07-19: Ohio mental health counselor Jennifer Dean reprimanded by state board

2012-07-19: Ohio mental health counselor Doris Murray suspended

2012-07-19: Psych nurse admits sexual assault; patient wants judgment against mental hospital

2012-07-16: Counselor Kathy A. Dail surrenders license for abuse of information system

2012-07-16: Wisconsin counselor Donna L. Harder surrenders license over record keeping failures and more

2012-07-16: UK psych nurse, 52, had sexual relationship with 16-year-old patient

2012-07-16: Plaintiff's attorney says "psychiatrist predator" sexually preyed upon at least nine patients

2012-07-12: Iowa board issues charge against psychiatrist Sergio Paradiso for sexual misconduct

2012-07-12: Arizona counselor Wesley G. Perdue loses; tests positive for marijuana, meth

2012-07-12: Psychologist sentenced to 20-30 years for killing daughter with baseball bat

2012-07-10: "Sexologist" psychiatrist Stephen Bronster charged with sexually abusing patient

2012-07-07: Licensing board suspends counselor Jeffrey L. Schill; drinking at work

2012-07-07: Board suspends counselor Karmin Fowler's license

2012-07-07: State denies application of social worker over employment disciplinary history

2012-07-07: Arizona suspends social worker Kathleen Hernandez

2012-07-07: Virginia suspends Phyllis White Phelan for double patient boundary violation

2012-07-07: California revokes license of psychologist Janis E. Foote, related to negligent custody evaluation

2012-07-07: State accuses psychiatrist Judith S. Braun of negligence, dishonesty, corruption, etc.

2012-07-07: Psychiatrist John A. Sharp, suspended in Kentucky, subsequently charged by California

2012-07-07: When is a psychologist not a psychologist? When they become the patient's friend, landlord, employer

2012-07-05: California places psychologist David Van Zak's license on probation

2012-07-05: Memphis psychiatrist Michael Patterson guilty of federal drug charges

2012-07-05: Psychiatrist Kulsoom Khan charged by state of California following discipline in Nebraska

2012-07-05: State revokes license of psychiatrist H. Michael Meagher for 10-year sexual relationship with patient, harrassment

2012-07-05: Minnesota psychotherapist Richard Colund charged with two patient sex-related felonies

2012-07-05: Psychiatrist facing sex assault charges involving nine female patients, waives hearing

2012-07-05: Montreal psych hospital under investigation after two patient deaths

2012-07-05: Kentucky psychiatrist tied to at least 12 overdose deaths

2012-07-03: Graham Burrows, psych professor at University of Melbourne, under investigation

2012-07-03: Ohio psychiatrist David W. Massie indicted on Oxycontin prescription fraud

2012-07-03: Billings child psychiatrist loses license following conviction for possession of child porn

2012-07-03: Dr. Drew is an internist by specialty, but he might as well be a psychiatrist, for his financial connections to an antidepressant maker

2012-07-03: New York psychiatrist Aristide Esser pleads guilty to drug charges

2012-07-02: California psychologist Christine LeBlanc surrenders license on charge of sex with former patient

2012-06-29: State issues charges against psychiatrist Tamer Gaber for "erratic and aberrant behavior"

2012-06-26: Judge upholds suspension of Maryland psychiatrist Daniel Smithpeter

2012-06-25: Michigan psychiatrist charged with 14 more crimes involving sex with patients

2012-06-22: Florida psychologist Maria Rodriguez-Dowling excluded from Medicaid; state seeks to discipline

2012-06-22: State places psychiatrist Rafael Mora de Jesus on probation related to faulty psych evaluation

2012-06-22: State board places psychiatrist Criselda Calayan Abad Santos on probation for prescribing violations

2012-06-22: California medical board yanks psychiatrist Sekilar Sabaratnam's license following criminal conviction

2012-06-22: US Medicaid program excludes psychiatrist Gregory Dill after loss of license linked to meth use

2012-06-22: Psychiatrist Michael K. Nunn excluded from federal health plans following fraud conviction

2012-06-22: Idaho counselor Amy Prestin convicted of Medicaid fraud, excluded from federal health care programs

2012-06-22: Social worker Kimberly Drzal is kicked out of Medicaid program following fraud conviction

2012-06-22: State issues charge against psychiatrist Peter Cotsirilos for practice and prescribing irregularities

2012-06-22: Florida psychiatrist Alan Gumer gives up license following fraud conviction

2012-06-22: High-prescribing Connecticut psychiatrist Gerson Sternstein loses license in state of New York

2012-06-22: Florida counselor William E. Hayes relinquishes license after exposure of child sex crime conviction

2012-06-22: Florida mental health counselor Irma Truluck surrenders license

2012-06-22: Arizona board revokes license of counselor Millie Hudson-Libby

2012-06-22: State denies Jennifer Hill's application for counselor license over sex with client

2012-06-22: State sanctions Corpus Christi psychiatric facility

2012-06-22: Psychiatric nurse William Prior loses license for sex with patient

2012-06-22: French psychotherapist Benoit Yang Tin convicted of implanting false memories of sex abuse

2012-06-22: Michigan psychologist Robert Kelly pleads guilty to killing his daughter with a baseball bat

2012-06-22: United Nations investigating Center's use of shock on children

2012-06-22: Oklahoma psychologist Melanie Talley charged with prescription-related felony

2012-06-21: State issues charges against psychiatrist Lawrence Lynch McReynolds over patient's death

2012-06-15: Mental health clinic owner who posed as psychiatrist faces prison, millions in fines

2012-06-15: Psychiatrist who performed unauthorized research on state hospital patients resigns after notice of disciplinary action

2012-06-14: "Predatory" psychiatrist loses license for sexual advance on patient

2012-06-14: Ousted Texas state hospital psychiatrist Charles Fisher indicted on multiple child sex crimes

2012-06-14: Pennsylvania psych hospital removes psychiatrist Safdar Chaudhary for fraud

2012-06-14: Head of Washington State's largest psych hospital resigns amid scrutiny

2012-06-12: Child psychiatrist John F. Theroux sentenced for child pornography

2012-06-12: Maryland psychiatrist Daniel Smithpeter suspended for sexual contact with patient

2012-06-12: Psychiatrist arrested for sexual contact with female employees

2012-06-11: California psychology board issues accusation against psychiatrist Hozair Syed

2012-06-11: Psychiatrist Satyendra K. Diwan surrenders license for sexual exploitation of female patients

2012-06-11: Psychologist D. Laurence More surrenders license on charges of sex with two patients

2012-06-11: Two mental health counselors plead guilty in major Florida fraud scam

2012-06-11: Counselor Crocker Nevin reprimanded for practice beyond scope of license

2012-06-11: Utah suspends counselor Joanie Lynn Jones on drug-related matter

2012-06-11: State of Indiana yanks Nicholas J. Constantine's psychology license for sex with patient

2012-06-11: Oregon suspends psychologist Tara Holstein for unlicensed practice

2012-06-11: Tennessee board suspends psychologist Gary Smithson for touching patient

2012-06-11: Psychologist Sally A. Wright loses second professional license following criminal conviction

2012-06-07: State board revokes license of counselor Donald P. Thomas for "questionable behaviors"

2012-06-07: State board suspends license of counselor Jeffrey L. Schill; drank alcohol at work

2012-06-07: Social worker David Egener loses license after long run of inappropriate behavior in the workplace

2012-06-07: Wisconsin social worker David Hamilton convicted of sexual assault, loses license

2012-06-06: Psychologist Richard H. Barrett suspended for sex with former patient

2012-06-05: Custody evaluator psychologist Brian Wald suspended for kissing client, etc.

2012-06-04: Psychiatrist David A. Ruben surrenders license in California; following prescribing violations in Arizona

2012-06-04: Psychiatrist Hassan Salih surrenders license on charges of indiscriminate prescribing

2012-06-04: Wisconsin social worker Dan Feaster got drunk and "behaved inappropriately" toward five women

2012-06-04: Psychologist Joseph Gibson permanently relinquishes license

2012-06-04: State revokes counselor Juliana Joan Whitesell

2012-06-04: Colorado board disciplines psychotherapist Michael Fabian

2012-06-04: Colorado mental health counselor Laura M. Wolff surrenders license over sex with client

2012-06-04: New York board places Alan P. Smith on probation

2012-06-04: New York social worker Paulette Czuba suspended

2012-06-04: New York places social worker Stephen Schoenbrot on probation

2012-06-04: Raynella Dossett-Leath surrenders social work license

2012-06-02: A sharp husband fought back after marriage counselor Jason Butler "wife-jacked" him

2012-05-31: Mental health counselor Lyle Bourcy denied renewal of Oregon license

2012-05-31: Oregon revokes license of mental health counselor David Bird for solicitation/sex with client

2012-05-31: State suspends mental health counselor Toni Bell for sex with client

2012-05-31: State denies social worker license application of Rayne Norton; subject of previous suspensions

2012-05-31: Arizona revokes license of social worker Katherine Freeman

2012-05-31: Arizona social worker Alfred Dodini surrenders license over interference in custody matter, recordkeeping failures, etc.

2012-05-31: Mental health program manager George Green loses license for five years

2012-05-31: Social worker Michael Chiappone disciplined in New York, North Carolina

2012-05-31: Oregon State Hospital therapist James B. Mills loses license over porn viewing

2012-05-31: Kaiser Permanente psychiatrist Stephen Melcher sentenced for child molestation

2012-05-30: Minnesota Board suspends psychologist Kathryne Sanders; billed for cleaning patient's closets, accepted luxury gift items

2012-05-30: Psych hospital worker Dannie Helgeson pleads guilty to sexual assault of patient

2012-05-30: New York City psychiatrist collected reimbursements for 200 visits to non-existant shrink

2012-05-30: Psychiatrist jailed for Romanian baby kidnap

2012-05-26: Missouri psychologist indicted for $1.2 million fraud

2012-05-25: French psychiatrist Serge Rodallec sentenced to 13 years prison for raping patient

2012-05-24: New York medical board issues charges against psychiatrist Abbey Strauss; reprimanded in Florida

2012-05-23: UN asks New Zealand govenment to reopen investigation of Lake Alice psychiatric facility

2012-05-23: Rhode Island clinical psych nurse overprescribed stimulants; surrenders prescribing licenses

2012-05-23: School psychologist Mark Traina, who made racist remarks on social media, resigns

2012-05-23: Victim of psychiatrist's testicle shock "treatment" says pain excruciating

2012-05-22: Florida suspends social worker Larissa Humiston's license for one year for sexual misconduct

2012-05-22: State revokes license of social worker Sharon C. Tell

2012-05-22: State revokes license of social worker Paul A. Schauber

2012-05-21: Florida revoked license of Dr. Sandra Rose Lackings

2012-05-19: Oklahoma psychiatrist Amar Bhandary, wanted in prescription drug deaths, arrested in Germany

2012-05-19: Psychiatrist, 58, charged with sexual assault of female patient, 26

2012-05-18: Montana medical board suspends psychiatrist James Peak over child porn conviction

2012-05-18: State places counselor Scott C. Baker on probation for physical conduct with student

2012-05-18: New York law could allow therapist sex assaults to go unreported

2012-05-17: Arizona mental health counselor David Orlowski surrenders license

2012-05-17: State yanks license of West Hollywood psychiatrist Ruby Siddiqui

2012-05-17: Four South Carolina doctors--all psychiatrists--repay more than $344K to Medicaid

2012-05-17: Psych nurse assistant charged with sexual assault of two patients

2012-05-17: Top court upholds conviction of psychiatrist for info leak to journalist

2012-05-17: Jury finds mental health center partly responsible for shooting death

2012-05-16: Psychology board suspends William Loughman Higgins relative to sobriety issues

2012-05-15: UK council issues notice of Caution on psychologist Andrina McCormack for misconduct, incompetence

2012-05-11: Arizona social workers disciplined

2012-05-10: Los Angeles-area psychologist Ross Porter surrenders license on charges involving family

2012-05-10: Sydney psychiatrist Neil Schultz loses license for sex with patient

2012-05-10: Memphis psychiatrist Michael Patterson guilty of drug charges

2012-05-10: Psychiatrist Kulsoom Khan suspended in Nebraska; California board issues charges

2012-05-09: Psychologist Barry Sugar surrenders license to state following criminal convictions

2012-05-08: Psychologist John F. Eibl surrenders license to state on charges of sex with former patient

2012-05-07: UK psychiatric nurse failed to notice that the patient was dead

2012-05-07: Judge denies accused child molester psychiatrist William Ayres release from state hospital

2012-05-07: Memphis psychiatrist Michael Patterson guilty on prescription drug charges

2012-05-07: Sydney psychiatrist Neil Schultz loses license for sex 'n drugs with 25-year-old patient

2012-05-04: Psychologist Robert L. Howard censured by board for failure to properly supervise psych assistant

2012-05-04: Psychology board puts Robert E. Brizendine on probation over meth use

2012-05-03: California psychology board issues charges against Simmone Ballinger for sex with former patient

2012-05-02: Psychiatrist made up sexually derogatory nicknames for colleagues and patients

2012-05-02: AARP joins class action against psychiatric drugging of elderly

2012-05-02: US largest operator of mental health facilities pays $3.45 million to settle fraud charges

2012-05-02: 107 people arrested in 7-city mental health center fraud bust

2012-04-30: Government apologizes, settles with woman who received 200 shock treatments.

2012-04-28: Federal agents raid mental health clinic in Medicare fraud probe

2012-04-21: Patient accuses New York psychiatrist of rape during treatment

2012-04-20: Honolulu psychiatrist charged with prescribing drugs to officers without exams

2012-04-16: San Diego psychologist charged with selling false documents

2012-04-16: Massachusetts "shock" school on defensive again as mother of patient sues

2012-04-16: Psychologist Rodney Hesson convicted of Medicaid fruad

2012-04-12: State suspends psychologist Janet Asay over sex with patient

2012-04-12: Psychiatrist John David Wood surrenders license; engaged in sex with patient

2012-04-12: Iowa psychiatrist surrenders license; pre-signed 100+ prescriptions

2012-04-12: State restricts psychiatrist Roger A. Johnson from prescribing psychiatric drugs

2012-04-12: Psychiatrist Jon Christopher Webb surrendered license for over prescribing

2012-04-12: Psychiatrist Warren A. Olson surrenders license following drunk driving conviction

2012-04-12: State reprimands social worker Derek Findlay for fraudulent billing

2012-04-12: State suspends social worker Melodi Horne for sex with client

2012-04-12: Mental health counselor James W. Taylor surrenders license after expressing sexual feelings for client

2012-04-12: State suspends mental health counselor Timothy Latsko for sex with patient

2012-04-11: Arizona social workers disciplined

2012-04-05: WHISTLEBLOWERS EXPOSE MENTAL HEALTH CRIME: Universal Health Services pays $6.85 million to settle whistleblower fraud suit

2012-04-04: Board charges psychiatrist Bruce Bienenstock with sexual misconduct

2012-04-03: Psychiatrist Christopher Gillberg attempts to appeal criminal conviction citing violation of his human rights; fails

2012-04-03: UK psychiatrist Anthony Baker's sordid past spurs call for overhaul of child protection system

2012-04-02: Psychologist Joel Caldwell gets jail, probation for fraud

2012-04-02: State suspends Anna Nichole's psychiatrist; only the latest in string of black marks

2012-04-01: UK health professions council suspends psychologist Wilhelmus Draper for lack of competence

2012-03-30: Psychology board issues supervision order on Cynthia B. Connolly

2012-03-22: UK psychiatrist under investigation for falsely diagnosing parents with mental disorders; attempted to surrender license to avoid investigation but board said no

2012-03-22: Grand jury indicts psychiatrist for illegally distributed drugs resulting in five deaths

2012-03-16: State reprimands mental health counselor Joe W. Gladden for threatening, disparaging client

2012-03-13: It's time to investigate the psychiatrists treating our soldiers at "one of the most troubled" U.S. bases

2012-03-12: Two psychiatrists and hospital named in NY cop's $50 million involuntary commitment lawsuit

2012-03-07: Judge extends restraining order to wife of psychiatrist charged with raping her

2012-03-07: Psychologist Stephen Kellaway to be sentenced for fraud; faked own death

2012-03-07: Psychiatrist Ray Berard faces S. Africa inquiry over two-year affair with married patient

2012-03-07: Abused by your therapist? File a report at Psychcrime

2012-03-06: Psychology board suspends Richard Colund following sex assault charge involving patient

2012-03-03: Gary P. Kula, psychiatrist at Rusk State Hospital, resigns after warning; was found impaired at work

2012-03-03: OK City mental health counselor and son charged with Medicaid fraud

2012-03-03: Utah Supreme Court rules that doctors can be sued for actions of their patients

2012-03-03: Lawyer seeks gag order in "brainwash" case against psychologist, treatment center

2012-03-03: It's up to licensing board to hold torture psychologist accountable

2012-03-03: Counselor Thomas Jewell, sentenced to 29 years prison, kept porn-laden hard drive under mattress

2012-03-02: California state psych hospital fined for safety violations

2012-02-29: Psychiatrist Christopher Palacios, accused of assault, rape over Red Sox tickets, released on bail

2012-02-23: Psychiatrist Gary Paul Kula resigns from state hospital on eve of investigation

2012-02-23: Massachusetts psychiatrist Christopher Palacios arrested for rape

2012-02-20: Teen tied down and shocked for 7 hours at Massachusetts psych facility

2012-02-20: Mount Sinai Hospital psychologist dragged traffic cop across town in minivan

2012-02-20: 41 unexpected/unnatural deaths in Australian psychiatric system in '08

2012-02-20: Counselor Willie Denice Barr sentenced for Medicaid fraud

2012-02-20: Psychiatrist Ong Ming Tan facing 7 indecency charges involving teenage patients

2012-02-20: Psychiatrist Stanley Hanan charged with sexual battery

2012-02-17: Psychologist Julian Metter must pay $16.5 million verdict to patient in carbon dioxide "horror story" case

2012-02-13: State revokes license of counselor Susan Rassas Hannah over treatment of suicidal patient, criminal conviction

2012-02-06: Northern California psychologists gets 8 years prison for "extreme" child pornography

2012-02-05: Texas marriage & family therapist disciplinary actions - January 2012

2012-02-03: Human Rights Court awards damages to man held in inhuman conditions" of psych institution

2012-02-03: Sydney psychiatrist charged in sexual assault of 19-year-old patient

2012-02-01: Psychiatrist Jose Menendez Campos sentenced to 25 years for drug trafficking

2012-02-01: New York social worker Ken Decter convicted of fraud, theft

2012-02-01: Ohio revokes social worker Paul B. Mortimer's license for failure to respond

2012-02-01: Social worker John E. Walden suspende for child porn, other convictions

2012-02-01: Social worker Jeffrey L. Miller suspended for letter to patient

2012-01-27: UK psych nurse loses license for forcing sex on pregnant patient

2012-01-27: UK psych nurse struck off register for inappropriate relationship with teen patient

2012-01-26: California medical board files accusation against psychiatrist Yanira Maria Olaya

2012-01-25: Mental health counselor Bobbi Triolo reprimanded for dishonesty, fraud, deception

2012-01-25: State of Ohio disciplines mental heatlh counselors

2012-01-25: Wisconsin counselor Susan McAley guilty in Illinois, Wisconsin

2012-01-25: What part of "no” doesn't psychiatrist Raymond Deicken understand?

2012-01-24: Hospital exec pleads guilty in $116 million Medicare mental health care fraud scheme

2012-01-23: Psychiatrist Michael Applebaum ordered to pay $95,000 judgment in addition to prison sentence for fraud case

2012-01-23: Psychiatrist Maurice Saadien-Raad (aka Paul Fitzgerald) banned in three countries

2012-01-20: Texas won't allow psych hospitals to hire psychiatrists with sex abuse histories

2012-01-18: Counselor arrested for sexual assault of teenage patient

2012-01-18: Board revokes license of psych nurse who stomped 82-year-old patient

2012-01-12: State suspends license of social worker Kimberly A. Sayles

2012-01-12: Illinois psychiatrist Mani Batchu gets 10 years prison in Massachusetts child rape case

2012-01-10: Prison psychiatrist David Hoban surrenders license following fraud conviction

2012-01-09: Psychiatrist gets 25 years prison for $12 million federal health care fraud

2012-01-09: Hey, Florida: It's time to yank Holli Bodner's psychology license!

2012-01-08: Psychologist Fernando Cordero surrenders license to state following

2012-01-07: TX med board alleges psychiatrist Charles Fischer sexually abused nine teenage patients

2012-01-07: State fires psychiatrist, suspends license over allegations of child sexual abuse

2012-01-07: Psychiatrist Alejandro Munoz terminated for violating '04 ban due to relationship with patient

2012-01-07: Police investigating death of patient at W. Virginia psych hospital

2011-12-27: Connecticut cites mental health group home for failures

2011-12-27: Dr. Suess complained of Medicaid cuts one week; the next he was charged with Medicaid fraud. It's almost poetic.

2011-12-27: UK Commission finds violations, abuses at women's psych facility

2011-12-27: Connecticut school psychologist David Pino facing sex assault charges

2011-12-27: Texas psych hospital loses Medicaid certification over patient restraint and seclusion

2011-12-26: One fish, two fish, red fish, you're busted: Psychiatrist Dr. Suess indicted for Medicaid fraud

2011-12-23: Kentucky reprimands psychologist Larissa Roark for practicing without a license

2011-12-23: Kentucky board issues, restricts psychologist license of Johnny B. Brock

2011-12-23: Second time psychologist William W. Duffy has been disciplined by state for sexual conduct with supervisee

2011-12-23: Minnesota psychologist Nancy Oleson reprimanded

2011-12-23: Psychologist Lisette Wright suspended for sex with former client

2011-12-23: Wisconsin social worker Lawrence Kane III surrenders license on charges of false advertising, etc.

2011-12-23: Social work board places Jane Rekas on probation for patient safety violations

2011-12-23: Social worker Julie Kovac gets six months probation for dual relationship

2011-12-23: State revokes license of mental health counselor Russell Enright over sex with former client

2011-12-23: Arizona social worker Jodi Bracy surrenders license relative to sex with patient, relationship with co-worker

2011-12-23: Board disciplines mental health counselor Charles Lunden, relative to treatment of patient who committed suicide

2011-12-23: State denies application of social worker Jeffery Taylor

2011-12-23: Arizona behavioral health authority denies application of social worker Sally Davis

2011-12-23: Board denies application of social worker Kimberly Rezarch

2011-12-23: UK health council strikes psychologist Keith Broadbent from register (license revoked)

2011-12-23: California suspends prison psychiatrist David Hoban following fraud conviction

2011-12-23: State of Ohio issues statement of charges against psychiatrist David W. Massie

2011-12-23: Kentucky board reprimands psychologist Bruce R. Amble over sexual behavior

2011-12-23: Maine social worker Karen Staffeld censured over patient information

2011-12-23: Social worker Carl Goodwin-Moore suspended for sexual "Skype" call

2011-12-23: South African health authorities discipline licensed psychologists

2011-12-23: Pennsylvania reprimands psychologist Jonathan A. Roberds

2011-12-23: State reinstates psychologist Julian Gordon; convicted in '97 of sex crime with child

2011-12-23: Board issues complaint against psychologist Nicholas J. Constantine for attempted sex with patient

2011-12-23: Texas psychology board disciplinary actions, Fall 2011

2011-12-23: Ohio medical board revokes license of psychiatrist Allan William Clark

2011-12-23: Board restricts psychologist Robert D. Kahl from conducting forensic evaluations

2011-12-20: UK report shows that 21 percent of suicides had been admitted to a psych facility

2011-12-19: California medical board suspends psychiatrist J. Frank James

2011-12-19: Family files lawsuit against psych facility over son's restraint death

2011-12-19: Psychiatrist Michael Moeller placed on probation for attempting inappropriate relationship with patient

2011-12-17: Tennessee reprimands psychologist James M. Scott over psych assessments

2011-12-17: Tennessee placed psychologist Vickie Brewer on probation

2011-12-15: Psychiatrist Michael Applebaum sentenced to prison for Medicaid fraud, obstructing investigation

2011-12-15: Psychiatrist John M. Dorn surrenders license in Pennsylvania relative to patient sex-related discipline in Maine

2011-12-15: Psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani surrenders Pennsylvania license; was disciplined in California

2011-12-15: Pennsylvania suspends psychologist Mervin Smucker, citing earlier Wisconsin action for dual relationship with patient

2011-12-15: Psychologist Ronald Golkow surrenders license, acknowledges charges of sex with vulnerable patient

2011-12-15: Psychology board places Stuart L. Palmer on probation for records violations

2011-12-15: Kentucky psychology board reprimands Patrick H. Brown

2011-12-15: Maryland counselor Stephen Sayre surrenders license while under investigation for sex with female patient

2011-12-15: Psychiatrist Jonathan D. Sommers surrenders license over elderly prescribing issues

2011-12-15: Psychiatrist Andrew Abarbanel placed on license probation for prescribing violations

2011-12-15: State revokes psychiatrist Donna Lynn Flynn's (aka Donna Mareno) license

2011-12-15: Wisconsin Medical Board reprimands psychiatrist Michael Witkovsky

2011-12-13: State cancels license of psychiatrist Normal J. Lachman; charged with "bizarre, abusive" conduct of sibling patients

2011-12-13: Custody evaluator Charlotte Higgins-Lee surrenders license while under investigation

2011-12-10: State revokes mental health center's license after suicides

2011-12-09: Psychiatrist John L. Duffy surrenders license on prescription violation charge

2011-12-09: Dept. of Justice seeks continued federal oversight of two state psych hospitals--failed to comply with judgment

2011-12-09: Israeli patient advocacy group finds signs of violence, human rights violations at psych hospital

2011-12-09: Psychiatrist Yvette K. Baker facing 62 counts of felony health care fraud; license already suspended on prescribing violations and excluded from Medicaid

2011-12-09: State-employed counselor coerced mothers into sex; county failed to detect fraudulent credentials

2011-12-09: California prison psychologist charged with faking her rape; husband divorces her

2011-12-07: Psych unit failed to prevent patients suicide; former staff report unsafe conditions

2011-12-07: Anchorage therapist who worked with children of military personnel sentenced to 22 years prison for child porn

2011-12-07: Montana psychiatrist James Peak sentenced to federal prison on porn charge

2011-12-06: Where you a patient of Castlewood Treatment Center in St. Louis, MO?

2011-12-06: Woman sues psych treatment center for implanting false memories of satanic ritual abuse

2011-12-03: State places psychiatrist Leonard M. Dileo over patients

2011-12-03: "Top" psychiatrist died just before trial for multiple sexual assaults

2011-12-01: State suspends clinical social worker Jason Butler for sex with client

2011-12-01: Mental health counselor N. Jay Tow restricted from treating female patients

2011-12-01: Marriage & family therapist charged upwards of $5,000 per month for services?!?

2011-11-27: Psychiatrist Keith Broadbent, suspended for sex with patient, suspected of additional affairs with patients (no kidding...)

2011-11-27: Child psychiatrist under investigation by four legal agencies

2011-11-27: Psychologist Michael Walczak suspended for sex with patient's mother

2011-11-27: Former juvenile mental health counseling guilty of federal porn charge; now faces 73 other state charges

2011-11-23: Atrocious conditions at Guyana's National Psychiatric Hospital

2011-11-23: Patients say that psych hospital staff covered up sexual assaults

2011-11-23: Board suspends psychiatrist Charles Fischer; says 9 children accused him of sexual abuse

2011-11-21: Oregon disciplines psychologist John B. Cochran over testing

2011-11-19: South African psychology board: Sexual harrassment complaints on the rise

2011-11-19: Mental health counselor allowed to continuing practicing despite charges of sexual assault of stepdaughter

2011-11-19: Psychiatrist gets maximum sentence--30 years in prison--for federal sex crimes

2011-11-19: Medical board appears unmoved by psychiatrist's justifications for sex with patient

2011-11-16: It's time to criminalize psychotherapist sexual exploitation in Massachusetts

2011-11-16: Woman charged with impersonating psychologist (but patients couldn't tell the difference!)

2011-11-15: South African psychiatrist Ray Berard faces hearing over 2-year patient sex affair, involvement in family business

2011-11-10: Medical board adds charges against Anna Nicole Smith psychiatrist

2011-11-10: Medical board charges psychiatrist Ananth Shanmugan with negligence; attempted romantic relationship with patient

2011-11-10: Connecticut psychiatrist Gerson Sternstein loses license over prescribing practices

2011-11-10: New Jersey psychiatrist Priscilla Ilem suspended on prescribing charge

2011-11-10: New York restricts psychiatrist George Soncrant's prescribing of controlled substances

2011-11-10: Psychiatrist James H. Egan discouraged 11-year-old patient from reporting sexual abuse

2011-11-08: Psych facility internal video shows patient dying from use of prone restraint

2011-11-03: California medical board issues charges against psychiatrist Johnny Edrozo

2011-11-02: Maryland psychologist gets 18 months detention for sexually abusing three young female patients

2011-11-02: Dutch psychologist falsified dozens of papers; suspended from university

2011-10-31: Texas psychologist Walter Quijano testified that blacks and hispanics were more likely to be violent

2011-10-27: Kaiser psychiatrist Mark B. Zweifach surrenders license to state; accessed child porn on work computer

2011-10-27: Blue Cross/Blue Shield terminates all Florida psychiatrists

2011-10-26: New York restricts psychiatrrist Godfrey Mbonu following fraud conviction

2011-10-26: New York revokes license of psychiatrist Anastasia Kucharski

2011-10-26: Psychiatrist Dennis Pavlinac suspended by state on matter of public welfare

2011-10-26: Los Angeles psychologist Mark Berman convicted on felony fraud charge, loses license

2011-10-26: California psychologist William L. Higgins disciplined by licensing board; billed for patient treatment while HE was hospitalized

2011-10-26: Five mental health counselors among dozens arrested, indicted in massive mental health fraud scheme

2011-10-26: "Nun on the run" mental health counselor Colleen Higgins sentenced to prison for bilking patients

2011-10-26: Florida counselor Aldo Ivan Rodriquez gives up his license on sexual misconduct charges

2011-10-26: Mental health counselor David Bollet suspended for crack, pot addiction

2011-10-26: Connecticut places psychologist Neil Rattan on probation for "boundary violations"

2011-10-14: Wisconsin psychologist Jeffrey Adamczak gets a year in jail for patient sex

2011-10-11: UK psychiatric nurse faces loss of license on charges of kissing and fondling patient

2011-10-11: Mental health counselor gets 35-year prison sentence in biggest-ever U.S. mental health fraud case

2011-10-11: Psychiatric nurse loses license for three years for suicide remarks

2011-10-11: UK psychiatric nurse loses license for striking 77-year-old dementia patient

2011-10-11: Swiss psychiatrist on trial for hit and run, violence and threats

2011-10-11: UK psychiatrist loses license for £23,000 ($35,000) in personal calls, prescription fraud

2011-10-07: Psychologist with 2004 child sex conviction currently working under different name

2011-09-29: State places psychologist Edward Pflaumer on probation for fraudulent acts

2011-09-29: California psychologist Norman Davis loses license for sex with patient

2011-09-29: Psychiatrist William T. Vicary, disciplined in '98 for falsifying records in Menendez murder case, charged with negligence, incompetence

2011-09-29: Psychologist Beatriz I. Ascani loses license for fraud conviction

2011-09-29: Psychologist Sergio Martinez-Romero loses license over 8-month sex affair with patient

2011-09-29: Psychologist Peter C. Russell loses license for crystal meth use

2011-09-29: Psychiatrist Herschel Rosenzweig reprimanded for drawing patient in the nude

2011-09-22: Psychiatrist Priscilla Ilem's license suspended by state following arrest

2011-09-22: Missouri counselor Kristi Smith ordered to repay state $15,280 in fraud case

2011-09-22: Florida Child Psychologist James L. Schaller Sentenced for Assault with a Deadly Weapon

2011-09-12: Wisconsin psychologist Jeffrey Adamczak convicted of sexual exploitation of patient

2011-09-12: Psychiatrist Catherine Munson loses licenses in New York and South Carolina for sex with patient

2011-09-12: Florida medical board suspends psychiatrist Evan Zimmer for substance abuse issues

2011-09-12: Mental health couselor Lorraine Kusior sentenced for Medicaid fraud

2011-09-12: Florida medical board issues emergency suspension of psychologist John W. Hutcheson, Jr. for sexual exploitation of patient

2011-09-12: Maine medical board permanently revokes psychiatrist John Dorn's license for sexual violations with patients

2011-09-12: Psychiatrist Joseph A. Jackson loses licenses in New York and Massachusetts for patient sex

2011-09-12: Washington medical board revokes psychiatrist Richard Adamson's license for sex with patients

2011-09-12: Maryland clinical social worker Charles J. Cravath surrenders license following conviction of sex crime involving a minor

2011-09-12: Maryland social worker Shanine A. Borum suspended for three months

2011-09-12: Maryland clinical social worker Thomas Wetmore surrenders license following conviction for sex crime

2011-09-12: Regarding Colorado clinical social worker Jeanne Gray

2011-09-12: Regarding unlicensed psychotherapist Stephanie Bender

2011-09-12: Oregon board revokes license of counselor Robert D. Massena for sexual violations with client

2011-09-12: Oregon counselor Judith Vergamini surrenders license relative to biased custody report

2011-09-12: State of Oregon revokes counselor Linda Simpson's license

2011-09-01: The nature of psychiatry: Psychiatrist ignores patient's suicide

2011-08-31: Child psychologist pleads guilty to sex charges involving young girls

2011-08-31: Former patients testify against psychologist charged with sexual exploitation

2011-08-31: Psychiatrist David Crass convicted on 23 drug counts

2011-08-31: Psychiatrist accused fo threatening, making sexual advances on patients

2011-08-31: Female psychologist charged with soliciting prostitution

2011-08-25: Woman sues nursing home for psych-drugging her for months and taking her SSI checks

2011-08-19: Three strikes and...yer still licensed? Connecticut Dept. of Health lets psychiatrist Peter Benet continue to practice

2011-08-11: Maine board issues warning to social worker Amy Eyles on confidentiality matters

2011-08-11: Psychologist Mary O'Neill, license revoked for sex with patient, appeals ruling

2011-08-08: Psych facility supervisor charged with homicide in patient's death

2011-08-04: Louisiana "school counselor" sentenced to 30 years prison for child rape is actually licensed psychiatrist

2011-08-03: District attorney targets prison psychiatrists in Dugard kidnapping case

2011-07-28: Counselor Kristi M. Smith convicted of Medicaid fraud

2011-07-28: Counselor Ricardo N. Vargas convicted, license revoked for sex crime

2011-07-28: Illinois places psychiatrist Dexter Whittemore's license on probation; licenses disciplined in California and Minnesota as well

2011-07-28: Medical board files accusation against psychiatrist Stephen M. Raffle

2011-07-28: Anna Nicole Smith's former psychiatrist faces medical board charges

2011-07-25: Mental health counselor Samuel Ciccolini suspended for criminal conviction

2011-07-25: Maine medical board reprimands psychiatrist Joshua Werblin

2011-07-25: Medical board reprimands psychiatrist Nicole Poliquin-Williams for negligent prescribing

2011-07-22: Nationally-known child psychiatrist arrested, charged with pointing gun at son

2011-07-20: Psychiatrist Richard Alan Kaye quite possibly first psychiatrist to be criminally charged for violating patient privacy

2011-07-20: Psychiatrist Vladimir Rajkovic arrested for assault on prostitute

2011-07-20: Nearly 100 complaints in three days against psychiatrist Graham Burrows

2011-07-20: Queensland psychiatrist Shariq Ghulam Yasin suspended for sex with patient

2011-07-20: Psychiatrist Rita Abislaiman fined $5,000 for numerous failures relative to patient care

2011-07-20: California medical board revokes license of Nebraska psychiatrist Reynaldo de Los Angeles

2011-07-20: Psychiatrist Chiman Patel suspended over inappropriate contact with patient

2011-07-20: Psychiatrist Michael Anthony, D.O., has license revoked in Massachusetts, suspended in Connecticut over sex with patient, more

2011-07-20: Board places psychiatrist Lee Brauer on probation for inappropriate prescribing

2011-07-19: Psychiatrist Liane Leedom's license reinstated with permanent restrictions

2011-07-19: Counselor Dana Blyzes charged by Board for sex with client

2011-07-19: State reprimands psychiatrist David Israelstam for attempting to recruit patient for "sexual relationship"

2011-07-19: Psychiatrist Lonnie T. Scarborough has license suspended following controlled substance conviction

2011-07-19: Psychologist Jorge Rodriguez jailed for sexual battery of teen patient

2011-07-19: State revokes license of marriage & family therapist Deborah Delos-Santos

2011-07-19: Social worker Sharon Alarotu-Davis suspended

2011-07-19: Clinical social worker Linda Gerdes placed on practice supervision; exceeded role of therapist by testifying in custody matter

2011-07-19: Arizona counselor William Steiniger sentenced for tax evasion; license suspended

2011-07-15: Oklahoma Psychiatric Resident Marcus J. Fidel Suspended for Sex with Patient

2011-07-14: State of Michigan denies psychologist Kirtis Thomas' license reinstatement

2011-07-14: State fines psychologist Douglas H. Ruben on ethics matter

2011-07-14: State reprimands psychologist Matthew Ziccardi

2011-07-14: Court-appointed psychologist Janet Dix reprimanded

2011-07-11: Social worker Michael A. Hayes' license suspended for sexual misconduct

2011-07-11: Psychologist Dominic Amante's license suspended for negligence

2011-07-11: Female psychologist's license revoked for sex with inmate

2011-07-07: “Thoroughly dishonest” psychiatrist Maurice Saadien-Raad loses license in UK

2011-07-07: Michigan revokes license of psychologist Robert McIntyre following conviction for sex with teen patient

2011-07-07: Psychologist Robert Felner, former university dean, loses license following conviction for fraud

2011-07-07: "Thoroughly dishonest" psychiatrist Maurice Saadien-Raad loses license in UK

2011-06-28: Therapist gets 46 months prison for child porn

2011-06-28: Court psychologist Stuart A. Greenberg: A sordid tale of incompetence, hypocrisy and a hidden camera in the bathroom

2011-06-27: Social worker Andrew William Young awaits sentencing on child porn conviction; counseled children on air force base

2011-06-23: Psychiatrist Joseph P. Gurrala reprimanded for misrepresentations, other violations

2011-06-23: Pennsylvania suspends psychiatrist Muhammad Akhtar following criminal conviction

2011-06-23: Emmett G. Cooper reprimanded by Ohio Medical Board

2011-06-22: Psychiatrist Surjit Singh Dinsa suspended in Ohio, reprimanded in New York and Michigan

2011-06-22: New York revokes psychiatrist Carlos Delos-Reyes' license for accepting kidney from patient, among other things

2011-06-15: Psychiatrist Ramarao Makkena arrested in prostitution sting

2011-06-15: District attorney realizes defense "expert" witness was paid to find child psych Ayres not competent

2011-06-15: Los Angeles area psychologist Arnold Nerenberg charged with $1 million fraud

2011-06-10: "Shock school" founder forced to step down following criminal indictment for destroying evidence

2011-06-10: Health department files accusation against psychologist David P. Monson for accessing child porn at work

2011-06-10: Georgia psychiatrist Ishmeal Major fined relative to Internet prescribing violation

2011-06-10: Annmarie P. Lynch fined by state for using title "psychologist" without license

2011-06-10: State revokes license of social worker Kelli King for relationship with husband of couple she counseled (later married him)

2011-06-10: West Hollywood "pill mill" psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle sentenced

2011-06-10: Psychiatrist Satya Dev Atreya reprimanded for relapse into alcohol abuse

2011-06-10: Andrew M. Abarbanel accused by state board for failure to get patient's consent for numerous drugs

2011-06-10: Newfoundland psychiatrist suspended for prescribing to U.S. patients via Internet

2011-06-10: Virginia psychiatrist James H. Egan reprimanded by state medical board

2011-06-10: Judge refuses to reduce psychiatrist Christian Hageseth's conviction to misdemeanor; notes psych thinks he's "above the law"

2011-06-07: Boston hospital boots entire staff of child psych unit following investigation of sexual molestation complaint

2011-06-06: Online magazine deletes "racist" psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa from roster of contributors

2011-06-06: Competency trial of child psychiatrist William Ayres starts today; charged with lewd acts on children

2011-06-05: Psychiatric FAIL ends in death of 9-year-old boy

2011-06-02: Universal Health Services behavioral health facilities: Profits Over Patients continues

2011-06-01: Ohio revokes license of counselor Heather Holland

2011-06-01: Counselor Diane Jackson disciplined for custody recommendations

2011-06-01: State of Arizona suspends license of counselor Willis Beasley

2011-06-01: Arizona denied application of counselor Jeremy Ernst following disciplinary action in Ohio

2011-06-01: Licensed clinical social worker Peter Small charged with lewd acts with child

2011-06-01: Ohio clinical social worker Melissa Humbert suspended for sex with former client

2011-06-01: Psychiatrist Sohail Punjwani's pending drunk driving charge

2011-06-01: Psychiatrist Carlos (Charles) Livio Warter arrested on charges of $1 million in Medicaid

2011-06-01: Psychologist Medea Woods scheduled for November '11 Medicaid fraud trial

2011-06-01: Federal authorities targeting top execs for health fraud

2011-05-30: Female psychotherapist charged with stalking and sexually assaulting male soldier patient

2011-05-30: Attorney General investigation; 1 in 3 Juvenile Justice psychiatrists took fees or gifts from drug firms in last 5 years

2011-05-30: Two female ex-inmates sue prison psychiatrist for sexual assaults

2011-05-30: Psychologist Matthew Israel, founder of autism shock treatment school, forced to quit

2011-05-30: Hickierie Dickory Doc, McGorry Turns Back the Clock

2011-05-30: Madison Center whistleblowers to get reward, property

2011-05-30: Suit against counseling center alleges booze, sex instead of treatment

2011-05-30: Report finds sexual assaults and more at facility owned by "Celebrity Rehab" hospital operator

2011-05-30: UK psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa under fire for racial "study"

2011-05-23: Massachusetts school psychologist on leave after report of prior license revocation for sex with patient

2011-05-17: Psych unit terminates six employees after suicide investigation

2011-05-17: Psychologist charged with beating sleeping daughter with baseball bat

2011-05-17: UK psych professor's "research" belittles black women; Students, activists call for his removal

2011-05-17: School social worker sent thousands of texts to female students

2011-05-12: California psychiatrist Warren A. Olson surrenders license following double drunk-driving conviction

2011-05-12: Medical board charges psychiatrist Paul F. Reardon with drug violation, lying to police and board re: pot smoking

2011-05-11: Australian senator gets it right: Psychiatric expert witness who defended murderer is "gun for hire"

2011-05-10: Godboldo daughter released back to family

2011-05-09: Wisconsin counselor Cynthia Ziebell suspended following identity theft conviction

2011-05-09: Wisconsin counselor Jacqueline Nordbo suspended for numerous alcohol-related violations, etc.

2011-05-09: Wisconsin social worker David A. Schneider blames 2001 brain operation for 2010 sexual assault on patient

2011-05-09: Wisconsin clinical social worker Bonnie Ferguson counseled client in restaurant

2011-05-06: State seeks to revoke counselor LeAnne Paynter's license following criminal prosecution

2011-05-01: Texas revokes license of counselor Mark Britain for sexual exploitation of client

2011-04-29: Psychiatrist Karen Preis ceases practicing to settle multiple complaints against her

2011-04-29: Psychiatrist Philip Pryjma surrenders license on charges of sex with male former patient

2011-04-29: Board reprimands and restricts psychiatrist German Laufer following criminal conviction

2011-04-29: Vermont suspends psychiatrist Alban J. Coghlan for practicing without a license, lying to investigators, etc.

2011-04-29: Psychiatrist James M. Napier suspended indefinitely

2011-04-29: State revokes license of psychiatrist Michael P. Anthony for sex with patient

2011-04-29: California medical board placed psychiatrist Richard A. Hochberg on probation

2011-04-29: Maine medical board suspends psychiatrist John Matt Dorn

2011-04-29: Spaulding University psychologist James Cooksey suspended for violation with supervisee

2011-04-29: Psychiatrist Kimberly Hammes Frank arrested for attempting to abduct stranger's children

2011-04-29: Psychiatrist Sekilar Sabaratnam loses license following fraud-related scheme

2011-04-29: Mother to sue psych hospital over sexual assault: "They failed to protect my daughter."

2011-04-26: Complaint alleges Army psychologist advised interrogators in torture techniques

2011-04-26: Hearing for psychologist Medea Woods, charged with $350K Medicaid fraud

2011-04-26: Former drug company lawyer re-indicted in Wellbutrin case

2011-04-21: Doctors sue Psychology Board over failure to act on complaint against Gitmo psychologist Larry James

2011-04-20: Fugitive counselor, convicted of sex crime against child, arrested in Toronto, awaiting extradition

2011-04-13: Medicare program terminates Two Rivers Psychiatric Hospital

2011-04-13: Louisiana psychiatrist Steve Taylor sentenced to two years prison for possession of child pornography

2011-04-13: Italian psychiatrist convicted of patient rape

2011-04-13: Indiana mental health counselor Heather Richardson loses license for sex with client

2011-04-13: Psychiatrist Javier P. Escalera incarcerated for probation violation following assault conviction; state revokes license

2011-04-13: Florida prison psychologist James Y. Rossello barred from treating female patients

2011-04-13: Tennessee psychologist Lorne Semrau sentenced to 18 months prison for fraud

2011-04-06: Human rights advocates in NY court seek revocation of Gitmo shrink John Leso's license

2011-04-06: State suspends psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson for sex with two female patients

2011-04-05: Psychiatrist Surendra Chaganti faces board hearing on charges of patient that died, prescribing violations, etc.

2011-04-05: Wife is divorcing psychotherapist husband for "acts of adultery and sodomy" with female patients

2011-04-01: Illinois Psychiatric Society more concerned with income than patients' right to choose

2011-04-01: Quebec suspends psychiatrist for racist comments, excessive drugging

2011-03-29: Authorities reopen investigation of child psychologist; 2005 allegations of sexual behavior with kids

2011-03-29: Psychiatrist-counselor admits to sex with 14-year old student

2011-03-29: State seeks to revoke counselor Mark Britain's license for sex with patient, other shenanigans

2011-03-29: State restricts psychiatrist for making sexual advances on inmates

2011-03-29: Psychiatrist Mohammad Qureshi pleads guilty to 27 patient sex charges

2011-03-23: "I don't have a crystal ball," says owner of anger management counseling service that treated accused murder Steven Zinda

2011-03-19: Michigan social worker Olga Ortiz-Button, sentenced to two years prison for health care fraud

2011-03-19: Divorce counselor intern Tajinder Singh Bedi convicted of child molestation in absentia; disappeared mid-trial

2011-03-18: Los Angeles District Attorney filed notice of appeal in case of Anna Nicole's psychiatrist; will seek to have convictions upheld

2011-03-18: Connectict psychotherapist John Gagnon sentenced on weapons charge

2011-03-18: Bogota psychologist Elsy Marina de Guadalupe Perez sentenced in baby-selling scam

2011-03-18: Illinois psychiatrist Zabrin Inan charged with felony child abduction

2011-03-18: Human rights groups decry abuse at Kenya's Mathari Hosptial

2011-03-18: NY prosecutors bring charges in cover up of patient's death in psych ward

2011-03-18: Florida psychologist Lisa Bliss charged with drunk driving; blood alcohol nearly 3x legal limit; son was in vehicle

2011-03-18: French psychiatrist sentenced to prison for rape; told patients it was part of treatment

2011-03-17: State issues charges against psychologist Michael G. Conner

2011-03-17: Oregon psychology board seeking to suspend David T. Bice

2011-03-17: Oregon psychology board places Rex W. Turner on probation for two years

2011-03-16: Family courts should not rely on custody evaluators, mental health "experts"

2011-03-14: State of Indiana files complaint against marriage & family therapist Karen A. Duncan

2011-03-14: Indiana places psychologist Mervin Smucker on indefinite probation; surrendered Wisconsin license over sex with patient

2011-03-14: Indiana and New York license boards file complaints against psychiatrist Godfrey Mbonu following fraud conviction

2011-03-14: State files complaint against psychiatrist Addie H. Robinson-Grim over Ritalin prescriptions to husband

2011-03-14: Psychiatrist Camilo Marquez can't practice in New York; was disciplined in Oregon in 2000 for sex with former patient, making misleading statements

2011-03-14: State of Arizona censures psychiatrist David A. Ruben over prescribing practices, etc.

2011-03-14: Oregon suspends psychiatrist Peter Morey as "danger to public and patients"

2011-03-14: BC psychiatrist Mayer Nelken fined, disciplined over transcranial magnetic stimulation

2011-03-14: Psychiatrist Nabil El Rafei surrenders license on various charges

2011-03-14: State suspends California-Illinois psychiatrist Howard E. Wolin

2011-03-14: State places psychiatrist Charles Huffine on probation; permissive attitude toward teen patient

2011-03-05: Two psychiatrists and hospital named in NY cop's $50 million involuntary commitment lawsuit

2011-03-03: State places psychiatrist Mandeep Behniwal on probation following criminal conviction for assault relative to sexual incident with patient

2011-03-01: Psychiatrist Peter L. Campbell surrenders Pennsylvania license; has lost licenses in four other states

2011-03-01: State reprimands psychiatrist Sumana Suresh for failure to order routine tests for patient on lithium

2011-03-01: Psychiatrist Rosalia R. Dominguez suspended from practice in Tennessee and Pennsylvania

2011-03-01: State approves disciplinary modification against psychiatrist who engaged in sex with former patient; can no longer practice

2011-03-01: Psychiatrist David A. Ruben reprimanded for prescribing violations

2011-02-28: Former National Institutes of Mental Health psychiatrist loses license to practice

2011-02-28: Psychiatrist Terrence C. Casey reprimanded in New York and Tennessee for prescribing violation

2011-02-28: Arizona mental health counselor Kathleen Exelby disciplined for numerous instances of fraud

2011-02-28: Mental health counselor Paul Cartone placed on probation for insurance billing activities

2011-02-28: "Lewd" Beverly Hills child custody evaluator is only the latest; profession is full of dishonesty, negligence

2011-02-28: Psychologist Julian Metter gets five months prison for Medicare fraud

2011-02-28: State declines to discipline CIA psychologist despite "thousands of pages of evidence"

2011-02-28: South African psychiatrist suspended for one year for sexual relationship with patient

2011-02-28: Psychiatrist & President of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry thrown off custody case for lewd Web photos, promoting unprotected sex, etc.

2011-02-26: Virginia psychiatric facility gets another bad review

2011-02-25: State yanks license of psychiatrist convicted of stabbing patient with sword

2011-02-23: Former state psychiatric hospital director gets 248 years prison for sex abuses; judge calls it "worst of the worst"

2011-02-17: Attorney General charges psychologist Medea Woods with $350K Medicaid fraud

2011-02-17: Kansas City mental health counselor accused of being pot dealer

2011-02-17: Massachusetts social worker Wayne Nichols charged with multiple rapes

2011-02-17: Mental health counselor Mary D. Hein charged with sexual exploitation of client, asking him to kill her husband

2011-02-17: Prosecutors add charges against therapist Thomas P. Jewell, arrested on child porn charges

2011-02-17: Mental health counselor Joshua Johnmeyer charged with Medicaid fraud

2011-02-17: Psychological assistant placed on probation following drunk driving conviction

2011-02-17: State places psychologist Laura Jean Petracek on probation for false records and billings

2011-02-16: "Atrocious and abusive conditions" at Mexican institutions include lobotomies performed without consent

2011-02-16: Netherlands psych facility has kept boy tethered to wall every day for three years

2011-02-16: Why criminal pharmaceutical companies are still permitted to do business with the U.S. government -- this article gives clear explanation

2011-02-16: TV psychiatrist who took £1.2 million inheritance from patient with whom he had "blurred and secretive" relationship

2011-02-15: Committee's report seeks to shut down 110-year-old psychiatric "house of horrors" in Mumbai

2011-02-15: Psychiatrists Mark Willner, Alan Gumer and Alberta Ayala among those arrested by feds in "largest criminal case of its kind"

2011-02-15: Arizona mental health counselor sentenced to 35 years prison for child molestation

2011-02-13: Kansas clinical social worker Rachelle Santiago charged with stalking, sexually assaulting soldier patient

2011-02-09: Psychiatrist Jeffrey Rausch, a "leading scientist," arrested for possession of Ecstasy

2011-02-08: Psychologist indicted for sexual misconduct; coerced patient into sex act under threat of extended hospitalization

2011-02-04: Maryland psychiatrist loses license in Pennsylvania following loss of Maryland license for long-term sex affair with patient

2011-02-04: Psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan referred patient for electroshock then engaged in sexual contact afterward; state takes license

2011-02-01: Psychologist Alane Miller Howell disciplined by licensing board for bilking parents for "psychoeducational" assessments

2011-02-01: State places license of psychologist Christopher Saindon on five years probation; criminal conviction for DUI

2011-02-01: California psychologist Barton H. Rubin placed on probation for dishonesty, corruption, fraud, etc.

2011-01-31: State suspends psychiatrist Rajen Desai on emergency basis; charges of inappropriate sexual behavior

2011-01-31: State hospital psychiatrist Celeste B. Waters convicted, reprimanded by state

2011-01-28: "Pill mill" psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle pleads guilty to prescription drug charge

2011-01-24: Chicago psychologist charged with sexual misonduct, admits same to investigators

2011-01-10: Mark W. Shaddock, school behavioral specialist, gets prison sentence for sexual contact with a minor

2011-01-10: More complaints surface against psychiatrist Karl Strelnick

2011-01-06: Psychologist DeeAnne Lau placed on probation in California and Colorado

2011-01-06: Psychologist treated patient 13 years, says she never made overt suicide mention; records show otherwise

2011-01-05: California psychiatrist David Neal Glaser gets probation for “romantic-sexual relationship” with patient; prescribing without exams

2011-01-05: State of Maine denies license to psychiatrist James C. Cooper for misconduct

2011-01-05: Psychologist John DeVincent placed on probation; meth problem, awoke in department store afterhours

2010-12-28: Minnesota psychologist Angela Peterson reprimanded for personal relationship with patient

2010-12-27: Alberta government seeking other sexual assault victims of psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

2010-12-23: Kaiser-Permanente psychiatrist under police-state investigation for child porn

2010-12-22: Michigan social worker Carrie Alice Denbow suspended for sex with minor client

2010-12-21: Psychiatrist Douglas Rank sentenced to 15 years prison for stabbing patient with sword

2010-12-17: Psychologist Robert S. "Dr. Bob" Weathers surrenders license; engaged in sex with former patient

2010-12-16: Michigan psychologist Robert McIntyre convicted of criminal sexual conduct with young girl

2010-12-15: State declines to reinstate license of psychologist Julian M. Gordon; criminal conviction for sex with minor

2010-12-15: State suspends psychologist Steven Allan Korn on charge of sexual relationship with patient

2010-12-15: Mental health counselor John B. Frankenburg guilty of insurance fraud; billed for services despite revoked license

2010-12-15: Psychiatrist Joel S. Dreyer goes to prison for 10 years on federal drug-prescribing charges

2010-12-14: Yale professor Kimberly Yonkers accused of ghostwriting Paxil study

2010-12-14: Patient comes forward about sexual relationship with psychiatrist Karl Strelnick 20+ years ago; will testify against him getting his job back following suspension

2010-12-10: Psychologist Peter Clark-Saunders suspended for three years

2010-12-10: State fines mental health clinic for hiring psychiatrist who was on Medicaid exclusion list

2010-12-10: Attorney General announces mental health counselor charged with Medicaid fraud

2010-12-10: Counselor for troubled children charged with soliciting 13-year-old

2010-12-08: Florida prison psychiatrist fired following arrest on insurance fraud charges

2010-12-03: Court asked to order probe of Gitmo psychologist

2010-12-03: German Psychiatric Association admits Nazi psychiatrist's role in WWII crimes

2010-12-02: Psychiatrist Mariano A. Galang surrenders license to practice in New York

2010-12-02: New Jersey psychiatrist sentenced to three years prison for fraud

2010-12-01: Psychiatrist Derek A. Ott, reprimanded in patient death, received $94K from pharma companies

2010-11-30: New York suspends license of psychiatrist Amy B. Meyer over drug convictions

2010-11-30: Psychiatrist Ira Morganstern surrenders medical license following pot conviction

2010-11-30: New York revokes psychiatrist Victor M. Basbus following criminal conviction

2010-11-30: Psychologist Robert Newell fails to respond to patient complaint; racks up $5,000 in fines

2010-11-30: State imposes same restrictions on psychologist Bruce Leksa as from 1993 patient sex case

2010-11-24: University of Cincinnati psychiatry professor Henry Nasrallah received more than $100K from drug companies last year

2010-11-24: State revokes license of social worker Rayne Norton

2010-11-24: Arizona counselor-therapist William Jefferson denied review/rehearing on license revocation

2010-11-24: State revokes license of counselor Linda Bennardo for negligent custody evaluation

2010-11-24: State revokes license of mental health counselor James Gorton.

2010-11-24: State revokes license of mental health counselor Russell Bentley for boundary violations with teen

2010-11-24: Marriage & family therapist arrested on child pornography charge

2010-11-24: State revokes license of psychologist Jeffrey Lynn Benoit

2010-11-24: State medical board reprimands psychiatrist Dayna D. Hughes

2010-11-24: Psychiatrist Catherine L. Munson reprimanded for sex with patient

2010-11-24: State denies psychiatrist David E. Linden's motion for termination of probation

2010-11-24: Board denies psychiatrist Dana Stull's request for reinstatement of license

2010-11-18: Virginia suspends license of psychiatrist Aneel N. Patel based on disciplinary action over prescribing practices

2010-11-18: California issues charges against psychiatrist based on drug-related discipline taken on him in Nebraska

2010-11-18: California seeking to yank psychiatrist's license for excessive prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to elder

2010-11-18: Clinical social worker Danielle Reed suspended for numerous charges related to treatment of family

2010-11-18: State of Washington denies mental health counseor John Del Signore's application for license; gave up Colorado license for patient sex

2010-11-12: Michigan mental health practitioners disciplined; psychologist's license suspended

2010-11-12: Psychiatrist Peter C. Gleason suspended in California following similar action in Pennsylvania

2010-11-12: State of Pennsylvania revokes license of marriage therapist Geoffrey D. Nussbaum

2010-11-12: Psychologist Stephen Jay Overcash reprimanded by licensing board

2010-11-12: Psychiatrist Douglas Rank, attacked patient with sword after she broke off their "relationship"

2010-11-12: Texas psychiatrist Rafael Solis sentenced for involvement in Medicaid fraud

2010-11-09: Patient sues Quebec psychiatrist and mental hospital where he was treated ("like an animal")

2010-11-05: Psychiatrist Myron D. Brenner surrenders licenses in Pennsylvania and Maryland

2010-11-04: Eleven Texas psychologists disciplined: fines, reprimands and one revocation

2010-11-04: State of Washington denies license to psychiatrist Ishmeal Major; lost license in Florida for prescribing violations

2010-11-04: State board charges psychiatrist Richard T. Adamson with patient sex

2010-10-29: Psychiatrist Dwight F. King, convicted of sex with patients, withdraws his application for reinstatement of license

2010-10-29: State issues charges against psychotherapist James Rapson for sex with client

2010-10-28: Anna Nicole psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich convicted of drug conspiracy charges

2010-10-27: Former North Dakota psychiatrist Enrique Rivera-Mass pleads guilty to internet prescribing charge, loses license; signed off on nearly 1.8 million pills

2010-10-26: Psychiatrist Lawrence Mazur surrenders license permanently rather than face charges

2010-10-22: Top execs of mental health clinic chain arrested in $200 million Medicare fraud crackdown

2010-10-20: Noteworthy case: Pennsylvania man awarded $1.1 million for involuntary commitment (2003)

2010-10-19: Psychiatrist Joel Dreyer blames holes in his brain for unlawful prescribing, patient deaths

2010-10-19: Psychiatrist Howard Goldstein admitted lying to FBI in Medicaid fraud investigation

2010-10-18: Nationally recognized psychologist arrested; admitted to downloading child pornography

2010-10-18: Psychologist Michael Miran sentenced for Medicaid fraud

2010-10-18: More Texas mental health counselors disciplined

2010-10-18: Psychiatrist Alan M. Seltzer suspended as "clear and immediate danger"

2010-10-17: Texas mental health counselors disciplined

2010-10-13: Mental health counselor gets 30 days jail; billed Medicaid for rap concert

2010-10-11: County seeks to fire psychiatrist Karl Strelnick; one patient dead, another pregnant

2010-10-11: Medical board seeks to revoke psychiatrist Joseph H. Chan's license for gross negligence, incompetence and fraud

2010-10-11: Patient is awarded $650K in lawsuit against "voyeuristic" NY psychiatrist Allen Collins

2010-10-08: Head psychiatrist altered suicide victim

2010-10-08: Psychiatrist Anthony F. Valdez indicted for $41 million health care fraud

2010-10-08: Texas reprimands psychiatrist Robert Wilkerson for standard of care failures

2010-10-08: BC authorities suspend psychiatrist Peter S. Lim for sex with patient

2010-10-08: Psychiatrist Henri Montandon reprimanded over prescribing practices

2010-10-08: State report: Psychiatrist Alexander Horwitz neglected bleeding patient

2010-10-07: New Jersey psychologist gives up Pennsylvania license after slinking away from New Jersey

2010-10-07: Psychologist Zepinic resigns from position at UK school; exposed yet again for misrepresenting credentials abroad

2010-10-07: Ohio psychiatrists disciplined

2010-10-04: Psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani surrenders license for sex with patients, prescribing to addicts

2010-09-29: Alabama counselor Virgil A. Freet pleads guilty; caught on video improperly touching teen client

2010-09-29: Venezuelan psychiatrist Edmundo Chirinos gets 20 years for murdering patient

2010-09-29: Psychiatrist Richard Young banned for having sex with a patient...again

2010-09-29: New Zealand psychiatrist Chidozie E. Onovo jailed for immigration fraud; withheld criminal conviction for drug smuggling

2010-09-29: County Supervisor acknowledges children's best interests not always served in family courts; event on October 10, 2010

2010-09-23: Report states 18 instances of sexual abuse of children in Chicago psych facilities

2010-09-21: Vitomir Zepinic loses appeal against five-year ban for misrepresenting qualification

2010-09-21: New Jersey psychologist Samuelle Klein von Reiche loses appeal; license remains suspended

2010-09-21: License probation continued for Indiana psychiatrist Brion Bertsch due to relapse

2010-09-20: Australia revokes license of psychologist Graham P. Holbrook for incidents of bizarre, sexual behavior

2010-09-16: Clinical social worker (therapist) Sharon K. Wollard: licenses revoked in four states for sex and other violations

2010-09-16: State revokes therapist Mary P. Sullivan's license for sexual relationship with patient

2010-09-15: California prison psychiatrist David L. Hoban sentenced on fraud conviction

2010-09-15: Psychiatrist Alex A. Fider loses license related to road rage shooting

2010-09-15: Psychiatrist Frank J. Ilardi has had his medical license revoked in three countries

2010-09-13: Florida board issues charges against therapist Frankie Anne Tester

2010-09-13: Psychiatrist Peter Campbell fired from prison job, surrenders license after exposing himself on "tele-med" connection

2010-09-13: State placed psychotherapist Jeffrey Katowitz on probation for crime

2010-09-13: Mental health counselor Cynthia Delaney (aka Cynthia Clark) suspended indefinitely for alcohol

2010-09-13: Virginia board reprimands clinical social worker Viola Vaughan-Eden regarding custody reports

2010-09-03: Kansas psychiatrist Ethan Bickelhaupt pleads guilty to federal drug charges

2010-08-27: Involuntarily committed? 72-hour hold? Know your legal rights (good information for lawyers and public defenders, too).

2010-08-25: Florida psychologist Johann N. Prewett suspended (again) for sexual misconduct with patient; history of sexual comments to abuse victims, fines and citations

2010-08-25: Illinois mental health counselor Cori L. Rivelli sentenced to 3.5 years prison for sex with teen

2010-08-25: Prison counselor arrested for child pornography; former parent to 9-year-old foster child

2010-08-25: Anger management counselor jailed for one year for pulling gun on federal Marshalls in traffic incident

2010-08-25: UK psychiatrist Salim Nayani banned from practice for hugging, kissing patient

2010-08-25: Medical board revokes license of psychiatrist Settimio "Sam" Castellani for patient sex

2010-08-23: Why is psychiatrist Jack K. Gray still licensed in Oklahoma? He lost his medical licenses in Tennessee and Florida

2010-08-23: New Hampshire board suspends psychologist Christine E. Frydenborg (aka Dargon) for three years

2010-08-19: Maria Carmen Palazzo, psychiatrist already in prison on Medicaid fraud conviction, pleads guilty to charges of falsified pediatric clinical drug trial records

2010-08-15: Psychiatrist Joel S. Dreyer loses license following federal drug conviction

2010-08-15: Milwaukee psychologist Jeffrey A. Adamczak charged with sexually exploiting two female patients

2010-08-13: California custody evaluator Roy W. Bradbury admitted under oath that he was unqualified to serve in the courts

2010-08-12: Austrian court psychiatrist Reinhard Haller under investigation for fraud charges

2010-08-10: Top Harvard psych researcher takes leave following internal investigation which found that "...the data do not support the reported findings."

2010-08-05: Prosecutor: Anna Nicole's psychiatrist prescribed, delivered large quantities of narcotics to Bahamas, kept no records

2010-08-05: Psychiatrist Steven C. Wein gets one year jail for elevator masturbation incident; still faces arson charges

2010-08-04: Medical board suspendes psychiatrist Lawrence A. Dunn indefinitely

2010-08-03: Patient advocates sue New Jersey for psychiatric patients' right to challenge forced drugging

2010-08-03: Psychiatrist Theodore Soutzos subject of hearing; accused of sex with two patients

2010-07-30: Psychologist Michael Miran pleads guilty in Medicaid fraud, must repay $250K

2010-07-30: Calgary court psych Aubrey Levin faces 20 additional sex assault charges as more victims come forward

2010-07-26: Psychiatrist Peter Quintieri costs state $70K over sex toy shenanigans

2010-07-26: Indiana psychology board places George W. Berry on probation for sexual e-mails to patient

2010-07-26: Board disciplines psychologist Anne Marie Wells for affair with patient

2010-07-22: Texas psychiatrist Anthony Valdez indicted on alleged $41 million in health care fraud

2010-07-22: Psychiatrist Andrew S. Zabiega surrenders licenses for false representations of qualifications

2010-07-22: San Fran psychologist Steven A. Korn charged with sexual exploitation of patient

2010-07-19: Tennessee psychologist Roger Morgan fined $5,000 for lying to FBI

2010-07-19: Psychotherapist convicted for treating patients with acid and ecstasy

2010-07-15: Counselor-custody evaluator Stephen D. Adam cited for expired license

2010-07-14: Husband and wife psychologists sentenced to prison for tax evasion

2010-07-14: District attorney: If you have ever wondered how powerful prescription painkillers make their way to the street, this case provides the disturbing answer.

2010-07-13: Psychologist-head of children's hospital banned from practice for failing to report child sexual abuse

2010-07-12: American Psychological Association supports complaint against psychologist who oversaw torture of detainees

2010-07-12: State suspends license of psychiatrist Allison Hargrave, charged with federal sex crime

2010-07-08: Australian medical tribunal suspends psychiatrist James Taylor for three years for sex with patient

2010-07-08: Psychiatrist Allison Hargrave to remain in jail pending trial; defense admits she engaged in sex with 14-year-old

2010-07-08: Russian former psychiatrist arrested for immoral acts; held "uncontrolled" sex orgies

2010-07-07: Human rights group wants former Guantanamo psychologist's license revoked

2010-07-05: Nova Scotia yanks psychiatrist Marc Goulet's license for failing to disclose earlier Florida disciplinary action; fired from hospital

2010-07-05: State restricts psychiatrist David A. Ruben from prescribing painkillers; failed to show patient need

2010-07-01: Connecticut counselor Alan Shulik was charged last year with sexual assault on a client. Now the client and her husband are suing him.

2010-07-01: New Jersey state psychologist, under investigation for affair with patient, leaves state, gets license in Pennsylvania

2010-06-29: Medical board restricts psychiatrist Lawrence Burton Beasley's prescribing

2010-06-29: Tennesse psychologist Lorne Semrau convicted of $3 milliion in Medicaid fraud, faces up to 10 years in prison

2010-06-29: State suspends aspiring "Dr. Death" psychiatrist Stuart Weisberg

2010-06-29: New York psychiatrist Virginia Wohltmann sentenced for failure to pay income tax

2010-06-25: State temporarily suspends license of psychiatric arrested for assault of patient

2010-06-25: Daniel Lerom, psychologist who surrendered license still practicing?

2010-06-25: Georgia psychotherapist James "Cliff" Tillery sentenced to two years prison for sex assault on patient

2010-06-21: Psychiatrist Graham Craig struck off after sex with patient

2010-06-21: Georgia psychotherapist Cliff Tillery sex assault retrial begins today

2010-06-17: John Gagnon, psychotherapist with bizarre criminal history, arraigned; no plea entered

2010-06-16: Mental health counselor George Kyle pleads guilty to promoting prostitution; brave client reported his sexual advances to police

2010-06-16: State charges counselor Kelly Shanley-Johnson with sexual misconduct

2010-06-16: Counselor Lorraine C. Beaulieu placed on probation for failure to recognize and act on patient's suicide attempts

2010-06-15: States permanently restrict psychiatrist Peter Campbell from prescribing controlled substances

2010-06-15: Massachusetts revokes psychiatrist Anastasia Kucharski's right to renew license; practiced on lapsed license, fraud

2010-06-15: El Paso psychiatrist indicted on $41 million in health care fraud

2010-06-14: "Pill mill" psychiatrist turns license over to feds, placed on 24-hour electronic monitoring; trial set for December

2010-06-14: San Franscisco psychiatrist Karin Hastik placed on probation for numerous departures from standard of care

2010-06-11: Appeals court upholds psychologist's 3-year prison term for sex with 14-year-old patient

2010-06-11: Psychiatrist Allen C. Weiss charged with assault of patient

2010-06-11: UK psychiatrist Malcolm Darley suspended 6 months; solicited prostitute

2010-06-10: Psychologist sentenced to 30 months prison; used 40 false names to avoid paying debts of over £1m

2010-06-09: UK medical tribunal finds psychiatrist Malcolm Darley guilty of misconduct; convicted of soliciting a prostitute

2010-06-09: Psychiatrist Graham Craig "had affair with patient 40 years younger..."

2010-06-08: Lawsuit: Woman alleges psychiatrist used confidential records to get cell phone number, start relationship with her while she was a patient

2010-06-07: State revokes Ernest Garlington's license; counselor serving 33-year prison sentence for conspiracy to commit murder, other charges

2010-06-07: Colorado mental health counselor charged with first degree murder of infant son

2010-06-04: Psychiatrist Allison Campo Hargrave arrested on charge of sex with 14-year-old female

2010-06-02: State revokes psychologist Nancy Wright

2010-06-02: Psychotherapist John Gagnon, convicted felon and registered sex offender, arrested again, bizarre criminal history

2010-06-02: Florida psychologist Daniel R. Lerom gives up license, avoids discipline in patient sex-drugs case

2010-05-31: Psychologist Krishna Duangpatra quits over jail affair with prison inmate

2010-05-27: Former psychiatrist Jerome Feldman gets 16 years prison for phony organ transplant scam

2010-05-26: State charges mental health counselor Joseph McCreery with sexual misconduct

2010-05-26: Washington mental health counselor Andrew Phillips loses license for sex with teen client

2010-05-26: South African psychologist jailed five years for fraud

2010-05-25: Minnesota psychologist Terry Zuehlke suspended for sex with patient

2010-05-20: Call to conscience: Attorney General calling on whistleblowers to help cut fraud

2010-05-18: Michelle Theer, psychologist jailed on '04 murder conviction, currently in isolation on suspicion of prison break plan

2010-05-17: A marriage made in hell? One troubled psychiatric hospital chain buys purchases another

2010-05-13: Florida Surgeon General suspends psychiatrist for "malpractice" in psychiatric drug death of 12-year-old boy

2010-05-13: Michigan psychologist Brandee Peikert sentenced to nine months jail for sex with young client

2010-05-13: Court rules that former prisoner can sue psychiatrist who committed and drugged him without consent

2010-05-12: Washington mental health counselor Tina Weaver placed on probation for romantic relationship, marrying patient

2010-05-12: State charges mental health counselor who failed to disclose conviction involving sexual contact with male teen

2010-05-10: School psychologist Craig Figley sentenced to 14.5 years prison for child molestation

2010-05-10: UK psychiatrist Peter Rowan inherits £1.2million following death of overmedicated patient, panel hears

2010-05-07: Australian psychiatrist Jean Eric Gassy, twice convicted of murder, loses appeal

2010-05-05: Tribunal suspends license of psychologist Michelle Mair for affair with patient

2010-05-04: UK psychiatrist Darryl Watts working with children again; license was suspended in '03 for child porn

2010-05-03: Stalking order granted against Veterans Affairs psychiatrist

2010-05-03: Los Angeles psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle, arrested on "pill mill" charges, is state's 2nd biggest prescriber of all Schedule II drugs

2010-04-30: State regulators find Las Vegas psychiatric hospital responsible in patient's death

2010-04-29: Mental health counselor Andrew Phillips charged by state with sex with teen client, license suspended

2010-04-28: Psychologist Robert McIntyre had a sexual relationship with a teenage girl, fondled two others, all patients, according to trial testimony

2010-04-28: New Hampshire psychologist Burton Hollenbeck facing trial on 30 counts aggravated sexual assault related to sex with patient

2010-04-21: Knoxville police acknowledge that Tennessee hospital shooter had been under psychiatric treatment

2010-04-20: Florida Medicaid ousts psychiatrist who prescribed high doses of psychiatric drugs to child who died of toxicity

2010-04-19: Boy dies from over-medication; psychiatrist ignored "hundreds" of letters of concern

2010-04-19: Psychiatrist Naseem Chaudhry, former psychiatric hospital director, pleads guilty in patient "kickback" fraud scheme

2010-04-13: On Trial: Men testify of years of extensive sexual abuse at hands of former head of California's largest psychiatric facility

2010-04-13: Vermont Veterans Administration psychiatrist William Weeks on trial on federal conflict of interest charges

2010-04-13: Feds arrest Los Angeles psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle and office manager on charges they ran "pill mill"

2010-04-09: Board suspends psychologist Michael Streppa on charge of "abusive" sexual relationship with patient involving "dangerous situations"

2010-04-09: Psychologist Michael Degilio to stand trial for sex crime involving patient

2010-04-09: State hospital psychiatrist reassigned to "non-patient" duties following investigation of patient's death; superintendent forced to resign

2010-04-08: Alternative school counselor sentenced to up to 23 months jail for sexual contact with teen student

2010-04-08: Thirty more victims come forward following sexual assault charges against Calgary psychiatrist Aubrey Levin

2010-04-05: District Attorney seeking to have medical board reopen investigation of Kayoko Kifuji, child psychiatrist who treated Rebecca Riley, deceased age four.

2010-04-01: South African psychologist Desmond Wilkinson faces hearing for breaching patient confidentiality

2010-03-31: Psychiatrist's estate could be liable for injuries, Michigan Supreme Court rules

2010-03-30: Washington counselor Justin E. Steward gets license revoked for sex with vulnerable adult client

2010-03-30: Counselor David Eskelin suspended by Washington state for personal relationship with former client

2010-03-30: United Natios to investigate 1970s human rights abuses at New Zealand psychiatric hospital

2010-03-29: Psychiatrist Peter C. Gleason sentenced for federal crime, reprimanded for patient recordkeeping failures

2010-03-26: Sex "aversion therapy" electroshock psychiatrist Aubrey Levin arrested, charged with indecent assaults on patient; license suspended

2010-03-25: Court upholds conviction of Maria C. Palazzo, convicted of Medicaid fraud

2010-03-25: Defense attorney blame psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji in toddler's drug death

2010-03-23: Alabama psychiatrist William Roddy arrested, charged with trafficking in a controlled substance

2010-03-22: Washington counselor Gregory Crivello loses license for five years for “romantic” relationship with client

2010-03-22: Kansas psychiatrist Ethan Bickelhaupt pleads guilty to controlled substance charges

2010-03-22: Staten Island school psychologist Cornelius Hoges busted for touching himself in front of girl

2010-03-19: Child psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji has no regrets about diagnosing now-deceased toddler with bipolar disorder, prescribing her dangerous drugs

2010-03-17: Wisconsin college psychologist Mervin Smucker surrenders license on allegations of "dual relationship," sex with patient

2010-03-17: Virginia revokes license of psychiatrist Igor Magier, history of disciplinary actions, failure to comply

2010-03-16: UK psychiatric nurse Paul Isaac jailed 11 years for rape and sexual assault of 14-year-girl

2010-03-16: UK psychologist admits allegations of drunkenness, touching himself inappropriately, trying to kiss colleague

2010-03-15: Florida psychiatrist Sohail Punjwani gets harsh letter from FDA; 7-year-old patient committed suicide in 2009

2010-03-15: "Top" UK psychologist Malcolm Cross faces loss of license for drunken behavior, offering male colleague sex

2010-03-15: Memphis psychologist Roger Morgan guilty of federal crime of lying to the FBI

2010-03-11: Texas psychologist Mercy Chieza gets three years prison for Medicaid fraud; must repay $664,000 in ill-got gains

2010-03-10: New York psychologist Boris Mirochnik charged with engaging in sex acts with teenage patient

2010-03-08: School psychologist Donald Stettner on trial for sexual assault of young family member over seven years

2010-03-08: New York psychiatrist Melvin Pisetzner charged with soliciting sex online from former patient

2010-03-08: Signature Healthcare Services: Aurora Las Encinas "celebrity" psychiatric hospital under renew federal scrutiny following patients

2010-03-08: Quebec radio psychiatric Doc Mailloux found guilty of prescribing mass doses of antipsychotic drugs, misdiagnosis, more.

2010-03-03: Massachusetts authorities looking for 1959-63 victims of child psychiatrist Williams Ayres; Ayres set for April trial in California on molestation charges

2010-03-03: Virginia revokes psychiatrist Igor Magier's license after series of disciplinary actions going back decades.

2010-02-25: California psych hospital chief arrest only the latest: A partial list of psychiatric/mental health child molesters

2010-02-23: Arkansas psychologist Scott L. Landis arrested on drug, public intoxication charges

2010-02-23: Nebraska suspends psychiatrist Jasung Kim on charges of sex with two patients, confidentiality breaches

2010-02-23: Kentucky psychiatrist Douglas Rank arrested after stabbing woman with sword

2010-02-23: Psychiatrist Ethan BIckelhaupt pleads guilty in drug case; prescribed Adderall, other controlled substances for use at house parties

2010-02-19: CNN Headline News: Florida psychologist had sex with patient, billed insurance, facing lawsuit

2010-02-19: Lawsuit: psychiatrist Harvey Rosenberg admitted to dating his patient's ex-wife, according to lawsuit

2010-02-19: Texas psychiatrist Edward B. Gripon disciplined on record keeping and prescribing violations.

2010-02-19: Florida psychologist Daniel Lerom suspended by state board for sex with patient, billing her insurance for it

2010-02-15: Delaware psychiatric nurse Garrett Harrigan indicted for possession of child pornography

2010-02-12: Former patient sues Florida psychologist Daniel Lerom for "sex sessions," fostered sexual relationship to get access to her prescription drugs

2010-02-12: London psychiatrist Adekumle Yesufu found guilty of masturbating in front of three women in Belfast

2010-02-12: Angry jurors say psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji should be "in defendant's chair" in trial of mother in toddler's drug death

2010-02-09: State seeking to suspend, revoke license of psychiatrist John T. Nasse, Jr.

2010-02-08: Georgia psychiatrist Thomas H. Sachy jailed for contempt of court

2010-02-05: Virginia anger management counselor charged with pulling gun in parking flap

2010-02-04: Board suspends medical license of William Olmstead, Texas child psychiatrist who is registered sex offender:

2010-02-03: Maine mental health counselor Anne Dellenbaugh surrenders license for sex with former client

2010-02-03: State of Washington revokes counselor’s license for sexual misconduct with client

2010-01-29: Georgia psychologist Paul Mangum sentenced to two years prison for Medicaid fraud of more than $500K

2010-01-29: Pennsylvania psychologist Mike Degilio charged with forcing a female patient to perform a sex act on him

2010-01-28: Parents sue Harvard hospital for failing to warn of dangerousness of patient responsible in deaths of two kids

2010-01-26: New York psychiatrist Godfrey Mbonu going to jail following fraud conviction, but for how long?

2010-01-26: Disciplinary hearing begins for Toronto psychiatrist; Hung-Tat ("Ted") Lo, accused of imcompetent care since 1983

2010-01-25: Tampa psychologist Daniel R. Lerom loses license after sex with a patient

2010-01-20: Washington school psychologist Craig Figley arrested on child molestation charge

2010-01-20: New York psychiatrist Ramon Ravelo arrested on controlled substance charges

2010-01-18: Psychiatric nurse charged: admits stealing, forging prescription forms for 7,000 doses of Oxycontin

2010-01-15: School psychologist due in court today, charged with taking nude photos of boy

2010-01-15: Fresno (California) psychologist Kristin Hibbard held in theft from ex-patient

2010-01-13: Psychologist Paul Inkeles pleads not guilty to DUI manslaughter; had 8 drugs in his system and was going 22 miles over speed limit at time of crash

2010-01-13: Christopher Wiggens, formr supervisor at Ohio Hospital For Psychiatry gets 18 months prison for sexual battery on 16-year-old female patient.

2010-01-07: Atlanta psychiatrist Seth Pope surrenders license following criminal sex charges

2010-01-07: California medical board charges psychiatrist Gurmeet Multani with sexual abuse of patient

2010-01-05: Connecticut psychologist Reuben Spitz loses appeal against board-ordered probation for patient confidentiality breach, patient sex

2010-01-05: Former NY psychiatric center director arrested, charged over false time cards

2010-01-04: Los Angeles psychologist Lois Vodhanel placed on probation for alcohol-related traffic convictions

2010-01-04: State revokes Fresno (California) psychologist Kristin Hibbard's license; arrested for burglary

2010-01-04: Mill Valley (California) psychologist Joanie F. Gillispie surrenders license following sex with former patient

2010-01-04: Pennsylvania psychiatrist Shadi Duchesne gets probation for failing to keep records of Oxycontin prescriptions

2010-01-01: South African psychologist W.H.E. Wilmans suspended for 9 months for sex with client

2010-00-17: Marriage made in hell? One troubled psychiatric hospital chain buys purchases another

2009-12-29: California prison psychiatrist David Hoban convicted of more than $40K fraud, worked 4 hours, billed state for 10

2009-12-28: Senior staff member at South African psychiatric facility at center of scandal of repeated rape of patient

2009-12-23: Florida psychologist Adam Feder gets 6 years prison for overdose death of ex-girlfriend-patient

2009-12-23: New York psychiatrist Godfrey Mbonu convicted of $214 health insurance fraud--submitted 100s of false psychotherapy claims

2009-12-21: Medicare halts $ to Miami psychiatrist Fernando Mendez-Villamil--wrote 150 prescriptions a day, 7 days a week for 21 months. State invesgates.

2009-12-21: New York psychiatrist Raj Danthuluri convicted of sexual abuse of 16-year-old patient

2009-12-11: Minnesota reprimands child psychiatrist Dexter Whittemore for sexual conduct with patient

2009-12-11: University of Southern Indiana counseling center director James Browning pleads guilty to marijuana charges, faces up to year in jail.

2009-12-11: New Zealand psychologist Susan Jury faces misconduct charge after entering into relationship with patient, married father of five

2009-12-10: Los Angeles psychiatrist Norman Lachman accused of improper relations with two patients.

2009-12-08: Los Angeles psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich scheduled for March 2010 trial in death of Anna Nicole Smith, faces loss of license

2009-12-08: Kristel Rider, former prison psychologist, loses license for sexual affair with patient who she later shot in the back

2009-12-07: Melbourne psychiatrist Colm Moore faces hearing over misbehavior with female patients

2009-12-04: Florida revokes psychiatrist Emanuel J. Falcone's license by unanimous decision

2009-12-04: Appeals court restores $100K in fines against New York mental health firm for patient abuses.

2009-12-04: Hunter P. Widener, former mental health exec, charged with sexual battery in Virginia

2009-12-03: Los Angeles psychiatrist Norman J. Lachman gets slap on wrist for bizarre and exploitative patient abuses

2009-12-03: Florida prison psychiatrist Emanuel J. Falcone quits after prison officials questioned; New York revoked his license for sex with patient

2009-12-02: Maryland psychiatrist Nelson Hendler faces next in string of lawsuits filed patients alleging sexual abuse

2009-12-01: Psychologist Howard Weinberg, sentenced on child porn charges, surrenders license

2009-11-24: Oklahoma psychiatrist Deborah Sue Jennings suspended for sex with patient (starts at 18th paragraph)

2009-11-23: California psychiatrist Wayne Funk, target of prescription drug probe, surrenders license

2009-11-23: University of Florida psychiatrist Marcus Anderson arrested on drunk driving, hitting pedestrian

2009-11-23: New York City psychiatrist Ashrap Amin arrested for sexual assault involving a minor

2009-11-20: Board upholds suspension of psychiatrist Miguel Frontera

2009-11-19: Psychiatrist Miguel Frontera gets hearing before licensing board on charges of improper conduct with young boys

2009-11-18: Christopher Wiggins, Ohio psych hospital employee, guilty of sexual contact with teen patient

2009-11-18: Counselor admits to sex with client, gets probation sentence

2009-11-17: Wisconsin counselor John Monacelli to be sentenced to today for sexually exploiting two vulnerable patients

2009-11-16: New York places restrictions on psychiatrist Shyam Patil's license for negligence on more than one occasion

2009-11-11: Quebec psychiatric Doc Mailloux banned from treating children; guilty on 13 charges of overprescribing and misdiagnoses.

2009-11-11: State suspends Maryland psychiatrist Miguel Frontera for inappropriate physical/genital examinations of 10-12-year-old boys.

2009-11-04: Virginia mental health counselor Jeanne M. Watson guilty of Medicaid fraud

2009-11-02: Minnesota psychologist Suzanne James disciplined by state for making a patient worse

2009-10-29: Ontario psychiatrist Christopher Doyle suspended for sex with former patient

2009-10-29: APA psychologists file complaint with APA president over association's policy and complicity in torture of detainees (scroll down)

2009-10-29: MUSC psychiatry professor Alberto Santos arrested outside "adult entertainment" club on possession of controlled substances

2009-10-29: Connecticut psychotherapist Alan Shulik arrested & charged with sexual assault of patient

2009-10-26: UK psychiatric nurse Matthew Jones gets 2+ years in jail for sex with patient.

2009-10-22: More details released on ruling in case of Thomas Cantwell, Newfoundland-Labrador psychiatrist who had sexual relationship with patient

2009-10-17: Connecticut psychologist Reuben Spitz faces discipline for violating patient confidentiality; had 2005 affair with wife of former patient

2009-10-15: Psychologist files suit against state psychology board for refusal to investigate ethics complaint against former Guantanamo psychologist Larry James

2009-10-15: Psychiatrist Radovan Karadzic, former Serb political leader, to stand trial for war crimes later this month

2009-10-13: Newly declassified documents show that psychologists did not just develop or train others in torture techniques--they used them

2009-10-11: Medical board finds psychiatrist Douglas Geenens guilty of 23 counts of misconduct

2009-10-09: Retrial of child psychiatrist William Ayres, accused of molestations, scheduled for April 2010.

2009-10-06: State orders $29,600 find from Matthew Israel, director of facility that uses shock on children for "behavioral control"

2009-10-05: State suspends psychiatrist Chilakamarri Ramesh following August conviction for naturalization fraud

2009-10-02: New Zealand psychiatric nurse Ian C. Dieudonne suspended for assaulting elderly patient

2009-10-01: Vermont psychologist Donald Sanborn gets three years jail for sexually abusing patient

2009-10-01: Minnesota psychologist Neil Shirreff pleads guilty to punching woman in the face in road rage incident

2009-09-30: South African psychologist Estelle De Wit, faces misconduct charge of allegedly entering into a relationship with married man while counselling him and his wife

2009-09-29: Joseph Belanger, Iowa psychologist who treated offenders, sentenced to 7 years prison for downloading child pornography

2009-09-26: Alabama appeals court affirms license suspension of psychologist Leroy Richardson, who put students in "scared straight" program

2009-09-24: Chicago psychiatrist Mani Batchu, 29, charged in two states with statutory rape of 15-year-old girl; violated restraining order

2009-09-23: Board reprimands psychiatrist Latif Ziyar for negligence resulting in patient’s death

2009-09-22: Iowa psychologist Howard Weinberg gets ten years prison for possession of child pornography

2009-09-22: Anna Nicole Smith psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich had sexual contact with the actress-model, according to unsealed court documents

2009-09-21: Group psychotherapy session ends with two dead and a third in a coma

2009-09-21: California psychiatrist Michael J. Menaster, "long history of emotional and behavioral problems," placed on three years probation

2009-09-19: Illinois school psychologist Rita Mueller sentenced to two and a half years in prison for terrorizing letter campaign; sent school official box of feces

2009-09-17: State review board upholds revocation of psychiatrist Reed C. Moskowitz's license for sex with patients, fraud

2009-09-16: Victoria, Australia psychologist Margaret Schirmer admits sexual affair with patient

2009-09-15: Michigan psychologist Brandee Peikert, charged with sex and computer crimes against patient, rejects plea deal

2009-09-11: Second family accuses child psychiatrist William Olmsted of misconduct with 10-year-old daughter

2009-09-10: State revokes license of California psychologist Jon Stanley Bunce for sex with vulnerable patient

2009-09-07: New York psychiatrist Tomasz W. Kowacz charged by medical board with negligence, moral unfitness and more

2009-09-03: Florida mental health counselor Charles J. Friedlander loses license following conviction for child enticement

2009-09-01: Tennessee psychiatrist Sarath B. Gangavarapu admits to insider trading scam; must repay more than $750,000 in ill-gotten gain plus penalties

2009-09-01: Texas psychiatrist Barlow Smith disciplined for sex with former patient who had been sexually abused

2009-08-29: Psychiatrist Mohammed Soori loses license in New York

2009-08-25: Newfoundland psychiatrist Thomas Cantwell stripped of licese for four-year sexual relationship with patient

2009-08-24: California Board revoked psychologist Jon Stanley Bunce’s license for numerous departures

2009-08-24: Nevada psychiatrist Adekunle O. Ajayi reprimanded for malpractice

2009-08-20: New South Wales psychologist Jean Michel Mazaliegue loses license for engaging in sex with female client who sought help during religious crisis

2009-08-19: State revokes psychiatrist Prasad Yalavarthi’s license following 2005 Nebraska revocation

2009-08-19: State disciplines psychiatrist William B. Lyles unprofessional conduct

2009-08-18: Michigan psychiatrist Chilakamarri Ramesh sentenced to 10 months prison for immigration fraud

2009-08-18: Juvenile detention psychologist banned from practice after sending sex letters to teenage detainee/patient

2009-08-15: California psychologist Fernando Cordero sentenced to seven years prison for sexual assault, sexual exploitation of patients and attempting to dissuade a witness from reporting a crime

2009-08-14: UK Psychiatric nurse Robert Humm loses license for "filming up women's skirts"

2009-08-13: Kansas psychiatrist Ethan Bickelhaupt federally indicted for writing false prescriptions for "patients" which he diverted for his own use

2009-08-11: New South Wales psychologist Katherine Asminaris loses license for personal relationship with patient; sent teen inmate sexually explicit letter

2009-08-07: Florida seeking to suspend/revoke license of psychiatrist Emanuel J. Falcone following New York revocation for sex with patient, other violations

2009-08-07: State seeks to suspend/revoke psychologist Chris Saindon’s license for drunk driving, causing traffic accident

2009-08-05: UK psychologist David Pinnell guilty of stealing dead baby's identity and using it to commit 7-year public benefits fraud scam

2009-08-03: New York discipline psychiatrist Royle Miralles, noted as highest paid county employee, for numerous instances of negligence, incompetence

2009-07-31: State suspends psychiatrist Joel K. Carroll for possession of firearms & ammunition at his office, prescribing abuses and sexual misconduct charges

2009-07-29: Psychologist Julian B. Metter surrenders his license for Medicare fraud, other violations

2009-07-28: Pennsylvania revokes psychologist David M. Garner’s license for sex with patient; Ohio and Canada previously did the same

2009-07-21: Psychiatric nurse trainee jailed 3 1/2 years for trying to smuggle heroin into prison

2009-07-20: Kingston, Ontario psychologist Erin Danto jailed for two years for aiding escape of convicted murderer

2009-07-17: State of Illinois suspends psychologist William A. Hovsepian for "improper personal relationship" with female patient

2009-07-17: Psychiatric hospital aide charged with giving patient nails to swallow

2009-07-16: Former employee files suit against estate of psychologist Stuart Greenberg, accused of secretly videotaping her in bathroom

2009-07-15: UK psychiatric nurse jailed for nine months for beating fellow golfer with 8-iron

2009-07-15: State places psychiatrist Mariano A. Galang on restricted practice

2009-07-14: Psychiatric nurse with previous sex offense conviction loses license for knifing ex-boyfriend

2009-07-14: Kansas psychiatrist Douglas Geenens faces loss of license for prescribing drugs to patients without conducting examinations

2009-07-13: Ottawa psychiatrist Juan Tejeda-Rossario found guilty of sexually assaulting patient

2009-07-13: Tennessee psychiatrist Cupid Poe sentenced for Medicaid fraud; billed federal government for $70K in false counseling claims

2009-07-12: Jamaican government psychologist charged with child molestation

2009-07-09: Georgia state psychiatric hospital clinical director John M. Rowles fined, disciplined for failure to oversee 15-year-old patient’s care

2009-07-08: State seeks to suspend/revoke psychologist Chris Saindon’s license for drunk driving, causing traffic accident

2009-07-07: Psychologist Michael Miran charged with Medicaid and Medicare fraud

2009-07-06: Mental health case worker jailed on multiple felony child sex abuse charges

2009-07-06: Washington State suspends mental health counselor Christopher B. Evans indefinitely for sex with former client

2009-07-02: FBI joins investigation of school psychologist Johnny Clevinger, arrested on charge of sexually exploiting a minor

2009-07-02: Psychiatrist Christian Hageseth, convicted for unlicensed practice, to spend 9 month sentence on house arrest

2009-07-02: State suspends psychiatrist Kenneth Spaulding for three years for sexual conduct with patient

2009-07-01: Texas psychologist Matthew H. Leddy facing felony charges of defrauding Medicaid of $100-200K

2009-07-01: State suspends psychiatrist Sam Castellani for patient sex

2009-07-01: Tennessee psychiatrist Alex A. Fider disciplined by state following criminal conviction

2009-06-29: Nashville psychiatrist Sam Castellani arrested on charge of raping female patient.

2009-06-25: Georgia psychiatrist Seth Pope charged with sexual assault of a patient.

2009-06-25: Pennsylvania psychologist Julian Metter pleads guilty to Medicare fraud; still faces civil suit for improper patient treatment

2009-06-22: Ontario prison psychologist Erin Danto charged with aiding escape of convicted murderer

2009-06-22: Psychiatrist Gerald E. Lake surrenders license to medical board

2009-06-19: New York psychiatric ward staff face possible criminal charges for covering up neglect in death of Esmin Green, who died on waiting room floor, ignored by staff

2009-06-19: State orders psychiatrist Raj Dantuluri to cease practice following conviction for sexual abuse of teen

2009-06-16: State places practice limitations on psychiatrist Kurt R. Guindon following license suspension

2009-06-16: Connecticut medical board fines psychiatrist Peter Benet $15K for substandard level of care; patient developed incurable nerve disorder

2009-06-13: Ottawa psychiatrist Juan Tejeda-Rosario on trial for sexual assault; plaintiff describes deviant sexual behavior

2009-06-12: Ontario revokes chief psychiatrist Samuel Malcolmson's license for sexual abuses; impregnated patient

2009-06-11: State suspends psychiatrist Jonathon W. Thomas for sexual contact with two patients

2009-06-10: State permanently revokes psychiatrist Michael A. Stockton’s license; Stockton has “history of self-prescribing…dangerous drugs”

2009-06-10: State revokes license of psychiatrist James Whitton surrenders his license on allegations of sexual impropriety

2009-06-10: New York reprimands, places psychiatrist Meera Goyal on probation for five years for criminal convictions

2009-06-09: Minnesota psychologist Judith Henderson surrenders license on charges that she billed patient for going shopping

2009-06-09: FBI captures fugitive Florida psychiatrist wanted in liver transplant scam, Medicaid fraud

2009-06-09: Iowa psychiatrist Paul Dean Anderson facing medical board allegations of growing marijuana, sexual exploitation of patient

2009-06-08: Psychologist Allan K. Hearne convicted of federal health care fraud, faces up to 75 years in prison

2009-06-06: Mental health counselor Stephen Knezek sentenced for defrauding insurance companies of more than $200K in bogus psychotherapy claims

2009-06-05: State places clinical social worker Alyssa Mandel on probation and restrictions following “Dr. Phil” appearance, false insurance claims

2009-06-05: State prohibits clinical social worker Dawn Malone from providing services; engaged in inappropriate insurance billing, recordkeeping failures

2009-06-04: Washington-Wyoming psychiatrist Bruce Bennett disciplined for sexual contact with patient

2009-06-04: Psychiatrist Karen G. Canulla reprimanded for sexual relationship with patient

2009-06-01: Australian psychologist Craig Stephen Cook suspended for a year for socializing, discussing his own problems with patients

2009-05-29: Texas psychiatrist Robert A. Woodward placed on 10-year disciplinary order for prohibited substance violations

2009-05-28: New York places psychiatrist Surjit Dinsa on five years probation for numerous instances of incompetence, negligence regarding seven patients

2009-05-26: State charges counselor Taylor Danard with dishonesty; used “Ph.D” title despite having no degree

2009-05-22: Psychiatrist Mark Kosins placed on 36 months probation for negligence; patient ended up in ICU

2009-05-20: Wisconsin medical board suspends psychiatrist Jonathan Thomas on suspicion of sex with patients

2009-05-20: California psychologist Fernando Cordero pleads guilty to sexual exploitation of third patient

2009-05-20: Wisconsin medical board reprimands psychiatrist Victoria Fetter for disclosing patient information

2009-05-19: English psychiatrist Himanshu Ghadiali loses license for “sexually motivated examinations” of patients

2009-05-18: Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) psychiatrist professor pleads guilty to fraud

2009-05-18: Michigan psychiatrist Chilakamarri Ramesh convicted of fraud

2009-05-18: Medical board reprimands psychiatrist Derek A. Ott in patient death

2009-05-14: California revokes psychiatrist J. Victor Monke’s license

2009-05-11: Kentucky psychologist Chad Stafford sentenced to 151 months for child porn

2009-05-08: No plea bargain planned in criminal prosecution of child psychiatrist facing with 20 counts of molestations

2009-05-08: UK psychiatrist Andrew Clayon convicted for possession of child pornography

2009-05-08: Psychiatrist Andrew Clayton sentenced on child pornography conviction

2009-05-07: Medical board places psychiatrist Michael Cosgrove, twice convicted of DUI, on three years probation with conditions

2009-05-03: State places counselor Gary Nicholson on probation for negligence, malpractice

2009-05-02: Hong Kong psychiatrist Win Yu barred from practice 10 years for sex with patient

2009-05-01: Psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji under criminal investigation in death of 4-year-old patient

2009-05-01: Medical board accuses psychiatrist Latif Ziyar of negligence, corruption in patient death

2009-04-30: Psychologists Bruce Jessen and Jim Mitchell devised CIA "waterboarding," interrogation methods

2009-04-29: Psychiatrist John Peter Dominic Rigano sentenced to nine months jail for indecently touching patient

2009-04-24: State suspended counselor Peter Boger for sexual contact with client

2009-04-24: Vermont medical board seeks to suspend or revoke psychiatrist Karen Preis’ license for failure to file/pay state taxes

2009-04-23: Health department charges counselor Lisa K. Cyphers with negligence

2009-04-17: State suspends counselor George Menard for 30 months

2009-04-17: Washington counselor Tony Ogemahgeshig charged by state with sexual misconduct

2009-04-15: Psychiatrist Morimitsu Sakihama sentenced for leaking confidential client information

2009-04-14: Colorado psychologist Phillip Bennett suspended by state board

2009-04-08: Illinois psychiatrist Imad Al-Basha faces up to 3 years prison on federal tax fraud conviction

2009-04-07: Psychologist Robert E. Dailey arrested, charged with failing to report child abuse

2009-04-07: Brown University psychiatrist Martin Keller, under Senate investigation, steps down as psych dept. Chairman

2009-04-02: Mental health counselor Melissa Lynn Jones arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon

2009-04-02: Board Suspends Psychologist Michael Doyle for Touching, Kissing Patient

2009-04-02: California psychologist John R. Loré surrenders license for sex exploitation of depressed patient

2009-04-02: Prison psychologist Gloria Gray surrenders license during investigation into sexual relationship with inmate

2009-04-02: California psychologist Paul D. Coyne surrenders license to Board for sex with assistant

2009-04-01: California board revokes license of therapist Mark Wagner for domestic stalking conviction

2009-04-01: California board revokes therapist Galen Bruce Larsen's license for client sex

2009-04-01: Iowa City psychologist Howard Weinberg pleads guilty to child porn

2009-04-01: Arizona psychiatrist David Patzer, now working in Tennessee, disciplined in both states for substance abuse

2009-03-31: New York psychologist Robert Reiner charged with secretly videotaping patients in his restroom

2009-03-31: Psychologist Michael Doyle ordered to suspend practice for 4 months

2009-03-30: Mental health counselor Charles J. Friedlander guilty of soliciting children for sex

2009-03-27: State suspends license of psychiatrist Kenneth Headen; limits prescribing privileges

2009-03-27: Child psychologist Joseph David Curtis sentenced to 5 years prison for child pornography

2009-03-27: California board suspends psychologist Indra Rocha-Singh for sex with patient

2009-03-26: Trial begins against psychologist Fernando Cordero, accused of sexually abusing patients

2009-03-24: State suspends mental health counselor Robert D. Baize's license for sexual misconduct

2009-03-23: State revokes counselor Patricia Kehoe's registration for practice without a license

2009-03-20: Kentucky psychiatrist Mariano A. Galang accused of sexual misconduct with two patients

2009-03-20: Psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan gets nine months jail in patient sex case

2009-03-20: Harvard psych Joseph Biederman, testifies he's second to God, in drug case deposition

2009-03-19: California school psychologist Richard Swank charged with sexually abusing own son for eight years

2009-03-19: University of Minnesota psychiatrist S. Charles Schulz scrutinized over research, relationship to drug maker

2009-03-18: Psychiatrist Ajit Trikha loses New York license following Medicare fraud conviction

2009-03-16: Washington psychologist David Celio placed under supervision by state board

2009-03-13: Psychiatrist Alan John Stubley gets prison for patient rape

2009-03-13: Federal drug agents seize records from psychiatrist John Savino, license on probation

2009-03-13: Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist, two others, charged with conspiracy

2009-03-13: Psychiatrist John Savino under DEA investigation

2009-03-13: Mental health counselor Stephen Pasion, charged by state board with patient sex, loses license

2009-03-12: West Virginia students protest psychologist J. Philippe Rushton's racism theory

2009-03-10: DEA seizes records from psychiatrist John Savino, office closed

2009-03-09: Wisconsin psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan loses license to practice in California for sex crime

2009-03-09: New York medical board reprimands psychiatrist Ioni Sisodia following theft conviction

2009-03-06: Federal drug co. fraud case names hospital chief psychiatrist Jeffrey Bostic

2009-03-06: Tribunal gives go-ahead in malpractice suit against Rebecca Riley psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji

2009-03-06: State suspends psychologist Philip A. Hirsch's license for non-authorized prescriptions

2009-03-04: Stamford attorney sues psychiatrist for misdiagnosis, prescribing, resulting in rampage

2009-03-04: Lawyer accuses psychiatrist Kayoko Kifuji of "laundry list" of medical misdeeds in death of 4-year-old

2009-03-03: Tennessee psychiatrist Chip Hayward Fountain pleads guilty to statutory rape of patient

2009-03-03: Psychologist Marc Zackheim pleads guilty to Medicaid fraud

2009-03-03: "Celebrity Rehab" psychiatric facility under government investigation

2009-03-03: Counselor Alexander Chun suspended for five years over patient suicide

2009-02-26: Despite probe, problems continue at Chicago psych facility Riveredge Hospital

2009-02-25: Psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff under federal investigation for $$ ties to drugmaker

2009-02-25: Psychiatrist Christian Hageseth guilty in "telemedicine" case, patient committed suicide on Prozac

2009-02-25: Kansas board places psychiatrist Vernon Kliewer on probation for care violations

2009-02-24: Australian psychiatrist Hugh Veness, subject of inquiry for prescribing painkillers to former lover who suicided

2009-02-23: Australian psychiatrist Gary V. Persley suspended for sexual relationship with patient

2009-02-19: Colorado psychologist Elisabeth Paterson's license suspended

2009-02-17: New Zealand psychiatrist fighting suit by parents of deceased patient

2009-02-17: Maryland psychologist Robert Stoever arrested for sexual assault of 13-year-old

2009-02-14: New Hampshire psychiatrists Gregory Bahder arrested for sexual assault of former patient

2009-02-14: Colorado psychiatrist Christian Hageseth faces California trial in April

2009-02-13: State charges counselor Ronnie B. Fowler with sexual misconduct against client

2009-02-12: Psychiatric aide accused of giving patient nails to eat

2009-02-12: Psychiatrist Jerome Feldman, wanted by FBI since '99, to be deported, face trial

2009-02-11: Virginia psychiatrist Mohammed Soori license suspended over prescriptions

2009-02-06: Washington medical board charges psychiatrist Kevin Sloan with prescribing violation

2009-02-06: Virginia psychiatrist Colleen Blanchfield reprimanded by medical board for prescribing ADD drugs without substantiating diagnosis

2009-02-05: California psychologist William P. Hatherly surrenders his license to state board

2009-02-05: California psychologist Michael J. Kondas surrenders license to state board for dishonest, corrupt or fraudulent acts

2009-02-05: Psychiatrist John S. Andrews disciplined by state board for chronic record keeping failures

2009-02-03: California psychiatrist Wayne Funk accused of dispensing surplus pills

2009-01-29: Psychiatrist John N. MacTavish resigns license following admission of "intimacy" with patient

2009-01-23: North Dakota psychologist Joseph Belanger gets 7 years prison for child porn

2009-01-23: Psychologist Nilima A. Nirmul suspended for personal relationship with patient

2009-01-21: Jack Roberts, CEO of mental health facility Madison Center, resigns

2009-01-16: State psych center in Vegas fined in sex attack

2009-01-15: Washington counselor Robert D. Dismore, had sexual relations with client, surrenders license

2009-01-14: Psychiatrist Maria Carmen Palazzo gets 87 months prison for health care fraud

2009-01-08: County psychiatric unit's chief suspended, accused of physical conflict with patient

2009-01-08: UK psychiatrist Chantal Piek suspended for forgery

2009-01-07: DC psychiartrist Joel S. Ganz sentenced on obstruction of justice charge

2009-01-07: California psychologist arrested & charged for practice on stolen license

2009-01-06: Michigan counselor/psychologist/social worker has license summarily suspended

2009-01-05: Florida psychologist Johann N. Prewett suspended in interest of public safety

2009-01-01: New York psychiatrist Jaime M. Benitez disciplined for professional misconduct

2008-12-30: Wisconsin psychotherapist John R. Monacelli charged with sexual exploitation of patients

2008-12-30: Harvard child psychiatrist Joseph Biederman to curtail industry-financed activities

2008-12-29: Court affirms revocation of psychiatrist Leo D'Souza's license

2008-12-26: Florida clinical social worker Ashley T. Cook charged with having sex with teen patient

2008-12-25: Michigan suspends counselor-social worker Wendell Wayne Woodard for sexual misconduct, etc.

2008-12-23: NY child psychiatrist Raj Danthuluri convicted of sex abuse of 16-year-old

2008-12-23: Maryland revokes counselor Stanley J. Benn's license

2008-12-22: Emory University permanently strips psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff of chairmanship

2008-12-22: Delays in molestation trial of psychiatrist William Ayres frustrate families of those he's accused of victimizing

2008-12-19: Kenneth Brasel sentenced for concealing felony history from Medicaid program

2008-12-19: Wisconsin psychiatrist Charles D. Morgan pleads guilty to sexual exploitation of patient

2008-12-19: Psychologist Nadejda Kachlakeva charged with practicing on stolen license

2008-12-17: Florida mental health therapist Charles Friedlander convicted of plan to abuse boys

2008-12-17: TX counselor Michael J. Bartos sentenced to 60 days jail for Medicaid fraud

2008-12-12: New York disciplines psychiatrist Stephen Friedes

2008-12-09: Psychiatrist Evan Zimmer indicted relative to prostitution ring

2008-12-08: Restraints still used after girl's death

2008-12-08: Mental health counselor Gerrish Smith suspended for Medicaid fraud conviction

2008-12-08: Mental health counselor Amy L. Libs suspended two years for patient relationship, drugs

2008-12-05: American Psychotherapy Association chairman charged with child abuse

2008-12-04: State mental hospital worker charged with sex abuse of patient; had been suspended in patient death

2008-12-04: Florida suspends social worker George B. Perlin for substance abuse

2008-12-04: Florida social worker Carlos Ruedas gives up license after sexual act with client

2008-12-03: Texas lambasted over care of mentally disabled

2008-12-03: NV psychiatrist Randall Foster loses right to prescribe controlled substances following patient's suicide

2008-12-03: Maine psychology board reprimands John S. Hale

2008-12-03: Wisconsin psychologist Twila Pearson surrenders license to board after sex and marriage to former patient

2008-12-02: Ontario psychotherapist ordered to cease using "doctor" title

2008-12-02: Florida psychologist Robert Pensa gives up license following investigation into sex with patient

2008-12-01: Virginia suspends counselor Jonathan O. Crook for sex with client, etc.

2008-11-30: $1 million settlement to family of man who died in Georgia state psychiatric hospital

2008-11-30: Evidence suggests CIA funded experiments at state hospital

2008-11-26: State suspends psychiatrist Carlos Marcano's license following sex conviction

2008-11-25: Florida counselor Michael A. Holder not licensed as family therapist; exposed following domestic violence charge

2008-11-25: State seeks to yank psychiatrist Milton P. Huang's license

2008-11-25: Joseph Biederman, Harvard psychiatrist with $$$ ties to pharmaceutical companies, court-ordered to give deposition in cases

2008-11-24: Minnesota psychologists John Baumgart and Mark Trelstad disciplined by state

2008-11-24: Texas suspends psychiatrist Eli Anderson's license for cocaine use

2008-11-24: Plaintiff's attorneys seek to depose Harvard "child bipolar" psych Joseph Biederman over ties to drug maker

2008-11-23: Florida family therapist Michael A. Holder jailed on domestic violence charge

2008-11-23: Feds fault Psychiatric Solutions, Inc. facility for patient's "preventable" death

2008-11-21: Psychiatrist Alan John Stubley guilty of raping former patients

2008-11-20: Psychiatrist Jeffrey J. Richards surrenders licenses in two states

2008-11-18: Judge says psychiatrist Nathan Thuma committed perjury

2008-11-15: Psychologist Benjamin Carrara charged with theft of work-issued computer

2008-11-14: Indiana psychiatrist Adolfo P. Hernandez sentenced to six years in prison on narcotics conviction

2008-11-13: Colorado psychologist Thomas Kalous ceases practice pending criminal trial for alleged patient sex

2008-11-06: Board suspends psychiatrist David R. Mitchell

2008-11-05: Ontario revokes psychologist Michael Gadon's license for "manipulative sex" with patient

2008-11-05: Ontario, Canada psychologist Michael Gadon loses license for sex with patient

2008-11-04: UK mental hospital is given damning report

2008-11-03: California psychologist Carol H. Atkinson disciplined for gross negligence and repeated negligent acts relative to psychological assessments

2008-11-01: Baton Rouge trio charged with Medicaid fraud in psychotherapy billing scam

2008-11-01: Illinois suspends counselor William A. Wyatt for reckless discharge of a firearm

2008-10-29: Psychiatrist Patricia Crellin, 3 others, sentenced for failure to report patient abuse

2008-10-29: Woman sues Omaha state mental health facility for sex assault

2008-10-29: Plea deal in works for Indiana counselor, convicted of child sexual assault, porn charges

2008-10-29: Arizona psychiatrist Patricia Crellin convicted for failing to report sex assault of patient

2008-10-27: New York psychiatrist Stephen M. Shapiro’s license revocation for 7-year sexual relationship with patient

2008-10-25: Maryland psychiatric nurse gets three years prison for fraud

2008-10-25: Fake Albuquerque psychologist given 66 years

2008-10-24: State seeks to revoke/suspend psychiatrist Douglas Geenens’ license for violations involving 21 patients

2008-10-23: Washington State suspends mental health counselor Audrey Buckton for sex with patient

2008-10-22: David Garner, psychologist with history of sex misconduct accusations, gives up Ohio license

2008-10-21: New Jersey psychiatrist Chowdhury Azam charged with fondling female patient

2008-10-21: Australian psychologist Nicholas Didenkowski pleads guilty to indecent assault of 17-year-old

2008-10-21: Arizona reprimands psychiatrist Richard J. Schaeffer for prescribing and record keeping failures

2008-10-16: Mental health nurse loses license for accessing porn at work

2008-10-16: California psychologist board revoked Diana M. Elliott’s license for non-compliance with earlier discipline related to testing, testimony in divorce case

2008-10-15: Former "Brady Bunch" star slams disgraced Beach Boy psychologist

2008-10-10: San Diego area psychiatrist Gene W. Lin surrenders license (see third paragraph)

2008-10-10: Texas psychiatrist Marvin Cornette’s license suspended following drug arrest

2008-10-09: Counselor Richard Robillard's license revoked following conviction for assault on boy

2008-10-08: Psychologist Edward Donner, convicted for child porn, has license restricted

2008-10-08: Colorado psychology board places Frank A. Patton on probation

2008-10-06: Washington State counselor Alexander Chun “conducted checks” on already-dead suicidal patient

2008-10-05: Unnamed New Zealand psychologist suspended, fined for "breaking boundaries" with patient

2008-10-04: Emory University psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff failed to report drug company income

2008-10-03: Tulsa psychiatrist David Crass charged with 35 prescribing, Medicaid fraud counts

2008-10-03: Emory University psychiatrist Charles Nemeroff steps down following Senate probe

2008-10-03: North Dakota psychologist Joseph Belanger pleads guilty to possession of child pornography

2008-10-03: New York State revokes licenses of psychiatrists Robert Hauben and Emanuel Falcone

2008-10-03: Arizona mental health counselor Ruth Kawasaki suspended over conduct in divorce-custody case

2008-10-02: Virginia Beach social worker James Eisenhower suspended on allegations of patient assault, insurance fraud

2008-10-02: Counselor Norman Nickles’ license suspended for sex with client

2008-09-27: Toronto psychiatrist Hung-Tat Lo faces hearing related to patient's massacre of family

2008-09-26: Supreme Court upholds conviction of Arkansas psychologist Anna Clark for inmate sex

2008-09-15: Utah Attorney General explains state lawsuits against antipsychotic drug makers

2008-09-10: Maine psychiatrist reprimanded for selling gun to patient

2008-09-06: Federal authorities to investigate New Jersey state psychiatric hospital

2008-09-05: New York psychologist Jennifer Hastings, rejects plea deal in teen sex case

2008-09-05: California psychologist Sheila Byrns surrenders her license to state board for negligence

2008-09-04: Nebraska elementary school psychologist cited by police for child neglect

2008-08-31: Florida revokes counselor Jennifer Baxt's license for fraud, falsified records

2008-08-29: Pennsylvania psychiatrist Nirmala Karnam sentenced in traffic death

2008-08-28: W. Virginia psychiatrist Russ Voltin slapped by state for personal relationship with patient

2008-08-26: Pennsylvania bans face-down restraint, psychiatric "technique" responsible for innumerable deaths

2008-08-22: N. Carolina closes psych ward where man died after being neglected for 22 hours

2008-08-21: Lebanese psychiatrist shoots woman and her family, then himself

2008-08-21: Deaths, rape lead to scrutiny of Pasadena (CA) psychiatric hospital

2008-08-21: WV Psychiatrist Russ Voltin reprimanded for personal relationship with patient

2008-08-19: Washington state psychologist on probation for revealing patient identity

2008-08-15: North Carolina state psychiatric facility loses accreditation

2008-08-14: Australian psychiatrist appeals conviction

2008-08-12: Family sues psychologist sued over stolen works of art

2008-08-12: Delaware legislator calls psych hospital management "The Sopranos" regarding patients' trust funds

2008-08-11: Psychiatrist Peter Benet, investigated by attorney general in '02, faces two unrelated complaints

2008-08-08: Name suppression lifted on New Zealand psychologist whose license was revoked

2008-08-08: Virginia psychiatrist Wayne W. Chang suspended for trading Oxycontin prescriptions for sex

2008-08-08: Maryland psychiatrist Peter Gleason pleads guilty in federal court in drug “misbranding” scheme

2008-08-07: Minnesota psychiatrist convicted of sex with patient loses license

2008-08-06: Federal court affirms family's right to sue school for subjecting teen to mental health test without parental consent

2008-08-05: Waikato (New Zealand) psychologist loses license for affair with patient

2008-08-04: Waikato psychologist admits sexual affair with patient

2008-08-02: Psychiatrist hits teen, keeps his job

2008-08-01: U.S. Senator intensifies investigation of Stanford University, NIH and psychiatrist

2008-08-01: Stanford University yanks government grant from psychiatrist under federal scrutiny

2008-07-31: Florida mental health counselor charged with arranging for sex with boys

2008-07-30: Ontario, Canada psychiatrist suspended for professional misconduct

2008-07-30: Australian psychiatrist discipline on gun charge admits sex with patient

2008-07-29: California psychiatric hospital cited for 111 violations

2008-07-29: Minnesota psychiatrist admits to having sex with patient and calling it "therapy"

2008-07-24: Psychiatrist loses license in California, gets probation in Colorado for "romance" with former patient

2008-07-24: California Medical Board seeks to revoke drunk-driving psychiatrist’s medical license

2008-07-22: Psychologist, former Serbian official, found guilty of medical title fraud

2008-07-22: Serbian psychiatrist-turned-"Butcher of Bosnia" captured

2008-07-21: Former state psychologist faces porn charges

2008-07-21: Washington psychologist Jeffrey Startzel, engaged in personal relationship with female client, suspended indefinitely

2008-07-18: Psychologist appointed head of DC's Child & Family Agency admits to sex with patient

2008-07-17: Wisconsin psychiatrist to stand trial for sexual relationship with patient

2008-07-16: Georgia psychotherapist charged with sexual assault of patient

2008-07-15: Slain woman's psychologist's license suspended

2008-07-15: Woman files lawsuit against psychiatrist-boyfriend

2008-07-15: Washington state psychiatrist restricted for excessive prescribing; cited for same in 2006

2008-07-14: Washington state denies license to counselor for practicing without a license, sex with client

2008-07-12: Psychologist's Illicit relationship complicated family tragedy

2008-07-11: Psychiatrist Indicted On Sexual Assault Charges

2008-07-10: Psychologist deregistered over lesbian affair

2008-07-10: Lawsuit filed over death in NY psych ward

2008-07-10: Virginia psychologist suspended for "romantic" involvement with patient, was disciplined in '88 for "inappropriate contact of a sexual nature"

2008-07-09: Indicted Taiwanese psychiatrist released on nearly US $1 million bail

2008-07-07: California counselor's license revoked due to "relationships" with clients

2008-07-03: Seven Arkansas child mental health clinics close after Medicaid pulls funding

2008-07-02: Six hospital employees disciplined in psychiatric ER death

2008-07-01: One child may testify at psychologist's trial

2008-07-01: Wisconsin psychiatrist charged with sexual exploitation of patient

2008-06-30: Washington social worker suspended on sexual misconduct charges

2008-06-29: Two lawsuits against Las Vegas psychiatrist in two years, sealed by court

2008-06-26: Senate inquiry finds Stanford psychiatrist underreported drug company income

2008-06-26: Emergency suspension of social worker found in nude with minor client

2008-06-25: Prison psychologist gets 9 months prison for running over colleague

2008-06-23: Convicted Florida psychiatrist loses license

2008-06-23: Massachusett mental health center uses electroshock on children

2008-06-23: CA psychiatrist Stephen J. Mee gets 7 years probation for drugs, sex

2008-06-21: UK TV psychiatrist loses license for three months for plagiarism

2008-06-20: Winnipeg psychiatrist disciplined for after-hours billing

2008-06-20: New York psychiatrist who blacked out, killed three in road crash, disciplined by Board

2008-06-19: UK TV psychiatrist plagiarized, "brought profession into disrepute," could lose license

2008-06-17: State Medical Board investigates North Carolina psychiatrist

2008-06-16: Drug charges filed against Florida psychologist

2008-06-13: Florida psychiatric counselor sent to prison for tax fraud

2008-06-12: Marriage counselor ordered to jail for lewd call to client

2008-06-10: NY psychiatrist settles malpractice suit

2008-06-10: California board revokes psychiatrist's license for prescribing to addicts, sex with former patient

2008-06-08: U.S. Senator exposes Harvard psychiatrists' drug company income

2008-06-07: Man who shot and killed wife working as psychiatrist

2008-06-07: Arkansas medical board yanks psych's license in crack case

2008-06-04: Indiana medical board files charges against psychiatrist Wrenda Gallien, convicted on drug, prescribing charges

2008-06-03: Psychologist charged in third child assault case

2008-06-03: Tennessee psychiatrist's license on probation for inappropriate methadone prescriptions

2008-06-03: Tennessee psychiatrist indicted for rape of juvenile

2008-06-03: Lying UK psychiatrist suspended for one year

2008-06-03: Maine psychologist surrenders license for failure to abstain from alcohol

2008-05-31: Washington psych hospital counselor gets jail sentence in child sex case

2008-05-30: Arizona mental health counselor suspended for "intimate relationship" with client

2008-05-30: New York psychiatrist surrenders license to state following 46 misconduct charges

2008-05-29: Ex-patients who are suing feel threatened by former psychiatrist

2008-05-29: State of Washington suspends psychiatrist in death of 17-year-old girl

2008-05-28: Iceland psychiatrist suspended for writing false prescriptions

2008-05-28: Delaware psychologist faces criminal assault charges

2008-05-28: Iceland psychiatrist Accused of Using Patients’ Names to Acquire Perscriptions

2008-05-27: Pennsylvania psychologist arrested on charge of sexual assault of children

2008-05-19: Lawsuit against "mad doc" New York psychiatrist goes to court

2008-05-19: State of Wisconsin revokes mental health counselor's license for "use of fraud or deception"

2008-05-19: Colorado social work board restricts Adelia Tripp-Morris’ practice

2008-05-15: State police seize documents from Massachusetts "shock" school

2008-05-14: Tennessee psychologist indicted for bribery

2008-05-14: Ohio revokes child psychologist's license for sex violations with children

2008-05-14: Alabama mental health counselor's license suspended for standard of care and ethics vioaltions

2008-05-12: New York psychiatrist's license suspended on 46 misconduct charges

2008-05-12: State of Washington charges counselor for sex with patient, unlicensed practice

2008-05-09: New York psychiatrist's license suspended during criminal case

2008-05-06: Alberta psychiatrist's license revoked for sex with patient

2008-05-05: Missouri psychologist surrenders license after patient got worse

2008-05-01: Texas psychology board revokes killer psychologist’s license

2008-04-29: Washington State revokes mental health counselor's license for sex with client

2008-04-28: Kansas psychiatrist suspended as imminent danger to patients and others

2008-04-20: Mississippi psychiatrist restricted from prescribing addictive drugs

2008-04-17: Iowa City psychologist arrested for child porn

2008-04-17: Psychiatrist convicted of defrauding government

2008-04-14: Virginia school psychologist suspended

2008-04-11: Louisiana psychiatrist arrested for possession of child porn

2008-04-10: California child psych facility closes following 518 state violations

2008-04-09: Iowa psychiatrist's license suspended for alcohol

2008-04-07: Court ruling debunks diagnosis of "parental alienation syndrome"

2008-04-07: Georgia couple files suit against psychiatrist for improper advances

2008-04-06: Innocent man released from prison; psychologist's testimony "psychobabble"

2008-04-06: Ontario child psychiatrist gives up license amid allegations

2008-04-04: Massachusetts psychiatrist sued in drug death of 4-year-old girl

2008-04-03: Illinois psychiatrist jailed 30-months for Medicare fraud

2008-04-03: Michigan child psychiatrist charged with sexual assault

2008-04-02: St. Paul psychologist guilty plea after fake rape report

2008-04-01: BBC psychiatrist Tonmoy Sharma is struck off

2008-03-29: Texas psychologist indicted for Medicaid fraud

2008-03-29: New York psychologist indicted on felony rape charges

2008-03-27: Kansas psychiatrist still practicing despite numerous complaints

2008-03-25: UK psychiatrist struck off of medical register for "inappropriate" sex therapy

2008-03-25: Washington State mental health counselor suspended for sex with client

2008-03-25: Kentucky grand jury indicts psychologist for Medicaid fraud

2008-03-23: Psychotherapists expose problem of sex with patients

2008-03-21: Indianapolis psychiatrist arrested on drug charges

2008-03-20: $1.1 Million Judgment Entered Against Cleveland Psychiatrist On TennCare Fraud

2008-03-20: North Carolina psychologist loses license for sex acts with patient

2008-03-19: State board bans psychiatrist from prescribing meds to children

2008-03-19: Psychologist struck off for relationship with client

2008-03-18: Child psychologist pleads guilty to soliciting teen patient for sex

2008-03-18: New York psychologist Marvin A. Conan loses license for sex with a patient

2008-03-16: Queensland psychologist to be disciplined for numerous violations

2008-03-13: State suspends Massachusetts psychiatrist after hospital incident

2008-03-12: Maryland clinical social worker convicted of Medicaid fraud $900,000

2008-03-11: Nevada psychologist arrested for drunk driving

2008-03-08: New York prison psychologist convicted of sex with inmate

2008-03-07: Psychiatrist pleads guilty to five misdemeanor charges

2008-03-05: Florida mental health counselor arrested on Medicaid fraud charges

2008-03-04: Psychiatrist Charged in Woman's Overdose Death

2008-03-03: Family sues psychologist charged in woman's overdose death

2008-03-02: "Shock" doctor loses appeal against payout

2008-02-26: State of North Carolina orders mental health providers to return $59 million defrauded

2008-02-25: Georgia licensing board suspends mental health counselor who had affair with married patient

2008-02-21: Psychiatrist who had sex with patient found guilty

2008-02-20: New York clinical social worker pleads guilty to fraud

2008-02-11: Florida psychologist Paul M. Inkeles’ license suspended following cocaine-heroin overdose

2008-02-05: Judge allows defamation lawsuit against "Dr. Phil" to proceed

2008-01-31: Virginia psychiatrist loses bid to have license reinstated

2008-01-17: Psychiatrist with Israeli military sentenced to jail for contact with enemy

2008-01-16: Pregnant English psychologist guilty of sex with patient

2008-01-14: Psychiatrist who treated Iraq war veteran fired following patient's death

2008-01-08: Maine psychiatrist Takeo Kawamura surrenders license permanently

2007-12-20: Washington State suspends psychiatrist's license after patient's death; prescribed 13 psychotropic drugs

2007-12-19: California revokes psychiatrist Thomas Daniels’ license for self-prescribing

2007-12-19: UK psychologist Nicola Millward loses license for sex letters to prisoner

2007-12-16: President of Arizona Psychiatric Society reprimanded following patient death

2007-12-14: Kansas suspends psychiatrist for controlled substance violations

2007-12-14: North Carolina suspends psychiatrist for affair with patient

2007-12-12: Psychiatrist Ernesto Martin surrenders his Wisconsin license for sex with patients

2007-12-01: Washington mental health counselor loses license following rape conviction

2007-12-01: Canadian psychiatrist James Hanley loses license in second province

2007-12-01: Canadian psychiatrist James Hanley loses license in second province

2007-11-30: Nevada accepts surrender of license by patient-sex psychiatrist

2007-11-26: Texas psychologist Joe Luis Lerma sentenced for Medicare-Medicaid fraud

2007-11-16: Maryland “ADD” psychiatrist surrenders license following complaints

2007-11-16: Arizona Medical Board revokes psychotherapist Jerome Rosen's license for patient sex

2007-11-14: Washington State revokes mental health counselor Jennifer Rice's license following criminal charge for sex with 10-year-old

2007-11-11: South Australia psychology board revokes Marek Jantos’ license for patient molestation

2007-11-01: Pennsylvania revokes psychologist James Kneff's license for sex with patient

2007-11-01: Psychiatrist Marc Shinderman loses Illinois license following criminal conviction

2007-10-25: Virginia indefinitely suspends psychologist Efrain Segarra for touching patient

2007-10-18: Pennsylvania revokes psychologist Richard Toplin’s license for sex with patient

2007-10-12: Texas psychologist Lester Winningham sentenced to life in prison for murder

2007-10-11: New York psychiatrist Naum Vaisman loses license following fraud conviction

2007-10-07: New York psychiatrist Jack Gorman permanently surrenders right to practice in Massachusetts

2007-10-05: Florida medical board issues emergency suspension of psychiatrist William J. Johns III

2007-10-04: UK psychiatrist Himanshu Ghadiali banned from practicing for assaults on three patients

2007-10-03: South Dakota psychiatrist Dwight F. King sentenced to 160 prison for sex with patient

2007-10-02: Washington State suspends mental health counselor Flor Mari Crisostomo for “deviant sexual desires”

2007-09-27: Ohio medical board puts restrictions on psychiatrist Leo D'Souza's practice

2007-09-11: Australian prison psychologist Peta Mead suspended for “love affair” with inmate

2007-09-06: Oregon revokes psychiatrist Caleb Siaw's license

2007-09-00: Illinois refuses to renew license of psychiatrist disciplined in Arizona for sex with minor

2007-08-17: Third state takes license from psychiatrist Jeffrey T. Gray

2007-08-16: California psychiatrist Edward Sanders, Jr. surrenders license for multiple violations

2007-08-15: Arkansas prison psychologist Anna Clark sentenced for sex with inmate

2007-08-08: California psychologist Marilyn Windham loses license following criminal conviction

2007-08-07: Virginia Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Michael Hryvniak for Sex with Patient

2007-08-02: Florida revokes psychologist Michael Hershorn's license following insurance fraud conviction

2007-07-31: Pennsylvania revokes psychiatrist James Stanch’s license following drug conviction

2007-07-27: Maryland suspends psychiatrist Stephen C. Schellhase’s license for sex with a patient

2007-07-25: Iowa psychiatrist Jeffrey Jackson surrenders license for prescribing violations

2007-07-24: Delaware revokes license of psychiatrist jailed for sex crime

2007-07-23: Massachusetts psychiatrist Yefim Magitsky surrenders license; licensing board alleged sex with patients

2007-07-23: Psychiatrist David W. Bassett loses license in third state

2007-07-19: Washington psychologist Stuart Greenberg's license suspended following arrest on voyeurism charge

2007-07-10: Virginia revokes psychologist James R. Stewart's license for crossing professional boundaries with patients

2007-07-02: Pennsylvania Medical Board revokes psychologist Bruce Fechnay’s license for sex with a patient

2007-07-01: South Africa health authority revokes psychologist Richard McMahon’s license for sex with teenage patient

2007-06-26: Psychiatrist Kanthiah Appulingam banned for six months by UK General Medical Council for misdiagnosis

2007-06-26: Pennsylvania psychiatrist Zhivko Daskalov surrenders license for sexual abuses

2007-06-15: California Medical Board revokes psychiatrist Sarah E. Babine’s license for substance abuse

2007-06-08: British Columbia erases psychiatrist Anca Ioana Bostinariu from medical register

2007-06-07: Swiss psychiatrist Peter Baumann sentenced to one year prison for assisted suicide

2007-06-01: Washington psychologist Monte L. Scott surrenders following allegations of sex with two patients

2007-06-01: Illinois refuses to renews psychologist Maisha Hamilton's license over income tax failure

2007-06-01: California board revokes psychologist Biatriz Zamudio’s license for failure to report sexual abuse of child

2007-05-31: United Kingdom strikes psychiatrist Kelvin Chatoor from medical register

2007-05-26: Michigan health board suspends psychologist Barbara Cynthia Fisher for incompetence

2007-05-11: Virginia mental health counselor Gregory Briehl surrenders license following child porn conviction

2007-05-11: Virginia indefinitely suspends mental health counselor Lois Curry's license

2007-05-07: South Carolina suspends mental health counselor’s license following heroin conviction

2007-05-01: Tennessee suspends psychologist William D. Lokey for two years for unethical conduct

2007-04-25: San Francisco psychiatrist suspended in steroid-stimulant scandal

2007-04-24: Pennsylvania psychologist Marcye Shayer surrenders license on charge of immoral conduct

2007-04-20: Maryland revokes mental health counselor Gary L. Weinberg’s license for client abuses

2007-04-19: Kentucky medical board suspends psychiatrist Wrenda Gallien; was indicted for prescription fraud

2007-04-15: Connecticut summarily suspends psychiatrist Jeremy August

2007-04-05: Psychiatrist Ralph Richter surrenders California license

2007-04-01: Psychiatrist James B. Hanley's receives maximum penalty of license revocation

2007-03-28: State suspends psychiatrist David Hackney’s license for controlled substance violations

2007-03-23: South Dakota cancels license of psychiatrist Donald Burnap following investigation into patient deaths

2007-03-15: South Carolina disciplines psychiatrist Angel Perez

2007-03-14: California psychologist Preston B. Fields surrenders license to state on accusation of sexual abuse of patient

2007-03-08: California revokes psychiatrist Samantha L. Liu’s license

2007-03-01: California disciplines psychiatrist Cecil Bradley

2007-02-21: Psychiatrist loses license in three states

2007-02-09: California psychologist Sandra Portman surrenders license for sex with former patient

2007-02-09: Iowa board suspends mental health counselor Timothy Rupper for sex with client

2007-02-09: Texas disciplines psychiatrist Susan C. Trese

2007-01-30: Wisconsin counselor Scott A. Gilbertson surrenders license to board following criminal conviction

2007-01-19: Ohio mental health counselor surrenders license for sex with client

2007-01-11: Utah revokes license of psychiatrist Alan F. Heap for unprofessional conduct relative to prescribing controlled substances

2006-12-15: Clinic, staffer enter 'no contest' pleas in conjunction with child's death

2006-12-15: NIH research scientist pleads guilty to conflict charge

2006-12-15: Michigan psychologist gets prison time

2006-12-14: Tennessee psychiatrist charged with endangerment

2006-12-08: Licensed counselor convicted of Medicaid fraud

2006-12-07: California psychiatrist arrested for sexual assault


2006-12-05: South Dakota psychiatrist accused of rape

2006-12-05: Federal Charges Filed Against Government Scientist

2006-12-05: New York suspends psychologist Yevgeniy “Eugene” Margulis for six months

2006-12-04: Licensing board accuses California psychiatrist

2006-11-30: Pennsylvania counselor sentenced for sex with youth

2006-11-22: State shuts down psychologist's office following drug raid

2006-11-21: Oregon school psychologist arrested for ID theft

2006-11-20: Michigan counselor convicted, license suspended

2006-11-17: Therapist Accused Of Sexual Misconduct With Drug-Rehab Patients

2006-11-17: Florida therapist charged with sexual misconduct

2006-11-16: Israeli psychiatric hospital director charged with patient neglect

2006-11-16: UK trial date set for NZ psychiatrist

2006-11-14: New Jersey therapist guilty in marriage counseling insurance scam

2006-11-13: Wisconsin psychiatrist charged with sexual contact with a patient

2006-11-10: Psychiatrist charged in sex case

2006-11-06: Michigan social worker convicted, license suspended on drug conviction

2006-11-03: South Carolina Mental Health Department employee arrested for sex with teen inmate

2006-10-27: Model sues NY psychologist for "grope therapy"

2006-10-26: Colorado psychologist pleads guilty in sexual assault case

2006-10-17: School Psychologist Arrested for Allegedly Restraining Student at School

2006-10-13: Counselor gets prison for sex with girl, 16

2006-10-06: Psychiatrist in court on charges of making and selling amphetamine

2006-10-04: Park Ave. psychiatrist charged with Alzheimer's scam fraud

2006-10-04: Psychiatrist runs for state office, had license suspended on sex allegation

2006-09-23: Los Angeles school district psychologist accused of molestation

2006-09-22: Vancouver psychiatrist expelled for sexual misconduct

2006-09-21: BC child psychiatrist struck off medical register, declared "sexual predator"

2006-09-19: Maine psychiatrist suspended for non-compliance, substance abuse

2006-09-15: Illinois psychologist sentenced for child porn case

2006-09-15: Two psychiatrists suspended in patient death

2006-09-14: Maine psychiatrist Ardell W. Diessner surrenders license for touching patient

2006-09-12: Texas medical board suspends psychiatrist's license

2006-09-12: Psychiatrist loses license over sex affair payment

2006-09-12: Wisconsin child psychiatrist accused of possessing child porn

2006-09-12: Psychologist sentenced to nearly two years for sex assault on minors

2006-09-12: Psychiatrist who improperly medicated 7-year-old with Prozac has license suspended

2006-09-12: Psychiatrist loses license over sex affair payment

2006-09-12: Maine psychiatrist surrenders license on charges of touching a patient

2006-09-10: Psychiatrist found guilty of writing false prescriptions

2006-09-08: Illinois counselor receives 8 years in sex case

2006-09-08: New York psychiatrist charged with selling prescription drugs for cash

2006-09-06: New York psychiatrist surrenders license

2006-09-06: Child psychiatrist gets prison terms

2006-09-06: Psychiatrist surrenders license on charges of sexual contact with patient

2006-09-01: Iowa psychiatrist's license revoked for numerous prescribing complaints

2006-08-30: UK psychiatrist under board investigation following drug party death

2006-08-30: Banned Australian psychiatrist under new investigation in patient death

2006-08-29: Psychotherapist guilty of sex with teen client

2006-08-25: Florida psychology professor admits he collaborated with Cuban intelligence

2006-08-24: State finds psychiatric facility negligent in patient's death

2006-08-23: Former patient wins $55,000 verdict from shock torture psychiatrist who sexually assaulted her

2006-08-22: Molestation complaints against California child psychiatrist; vigorous investigation underway

2006-08-22: Lawsuit filed against Tennessee road rage psychiatrist

2006-08-22: Psychologist's sexual assault victims decry light sentence

2006-08-21: Veterans Administration psychiatrist arrested, charged in road rage shooting

2006-08-21: Michigan psychologist gets prison for sexual assault of patients

2006-08-19: UK "shrink to the stars" expelled from professional organization for sex with patient

2006-08-17: California psychologist surrenders license

2006-08-16: Inquiry into psychiatrist left £1.5m ($2.8 million US) by anorexic patient

2006-08-15: Psychologist completes prison sentence for sexual assault of a child

2006-08-13: Father Says Son is a "Prisoner of the Victorian Mental Health System"

2006-08-12: Illinois psychologist sentenced for travel with intent to molest boys

2006-08-09: ADD Drug Caused Addiction and Stunted Growth in Young Girl: Parents Lament Decision to Drug Daughter

2006-08-03: Colorado psychiatrist criminally charged in student's suicide

2006-08-03: California psychotherapist sentenced for sexually exploiting a patient

2006-08-02: Michigan child psychologist pleads guilty in sex case involving 11-year-old

2006-08-02: Minnesota-North Dakota psychiatrist jailed one year for sex with patient

2006-08-01: Psychiatrists gets 12 years in prison for bribes

2006-07-25: New York psychiatrist loses license for fraudulent reports

2006-07-23: Shock torture psychiatrist surrenders license on eve of investigation

2006-07-20: Ex-Kidspeace counselor admits to sex with teen

2006-07-20: Psychiatrist convicted of 58 of 68 charges of illegal methadone prescription writing

2006-07-19: Psychiatrist loses appeal to treat female patients

2006-07-18: Four charged in $10 million psychiatric services Medicaid fraud

2006-07-12: Toronto psychiatrist admits to sexual affair with patient

2006-07-12: Methadone psychiatrist goes on trial for illegal prescribing

2006-07-11: California psychologist loses license for sex with patient

2006-07-07: Medicaid fraud psychiatrist is sentenced

2006-06-30: Alaska Supreme Court Strikes Down Forced Psychiatric Drugging Procedures

2006-06-29: New Hampshire mental health counselor disciplined for ethics code violation

2006-06-27: Psychologist loses license for life for affairs with patients

2006-06-24: Ex-School Social Worker Charged With Producing Child Porn

2006-06-19: Drug Companies Still Peddling Risperdal & Zyprexa

2006-06-13: Psychiatrist pleads guilty to $200,000 Medicaid fraud

2006-06-13: Psychologist pleads guilty to sexually assaulting patients

2006-06-13: Psychologist charged with assault, child abuse

2006-06-10: Psychologist goes on trial for touching boys under pretense of medical check-up

2006-06-09: Arizona psychiatrist reprimanded for patient record keeping failure

2006-06-06: Therapist admits misconduct, resigns

2006-06-03: Social worker jailed for client sex

2006-05-30: Psychiatrist Arrested In Sex Predator Investigation

2006-05-29: Psychiatrist admits paying former patient to stay silent

2006-05-25: Psychiatrist gets 3½-year term in drug, fraud case

2006-05-23: Indiana phychologist surrenders license to practice in the state of New York

2006-05-13: Therapist receives deferred judgment

2006-05-12: Moscow court remands French psychiatrist in custody

2006-05-09: Utah psychiatrist convicted for child porn found dead

2006-05-05: FBI Looking For Psychiatrist Sex Offender

2006-05-03: State presses case vs. ‘shrinks’: 10 facing charges

2006-05-01: Colorado psychiatrist loses license for spending $150,000 of hospitalized patient's money

2006-04-28: Psychiatrist busted in pedophile sting involving infant

2006-04-26: Local Psychologist Arrested for Sexual Assault

2006-04-26: State suspends psychiatrist's license for sex with patient

2006-04-25: Canadian psychiatrist loses license for excessive prescribing that killed one patient

2006-04-25: Antidepressant manufacturer failed to warn consumers of drug's dangers

2006-04-24: North Carolina and Colorado medical boards yank psychiatrist's licenses

2006-04-20: Study finds developers of psychiatry's billing bible had $$ ties to drug makers

2006-04-18: Therapist Arrested on Sex Charges

2006-03-29: State revokes psychiatrist's license for prescribing beyond lethal limits of narcotics

2006-03-13: North Carolina Medical Board

2006-02-14: Maine psychiatrist disciplined for remarks, violating confidentiality

2005-07-08: Patient Wins Landmark $635,177 Verdict for Electroshock (ECT) Memory Loss

2003-03-06: State issues Simon A. Casey assistant's license following criminal conviction

2002-09-18: David Von Vandergriff, psychologist, sentenced for $88K health care fraud

1992-12-11: Board Suspends Psychologist James E. Gebhart for Sexual Relationship with Patient

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