For Attorneys


As a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights, CCHR is regularly and continuously contacted by victims regarding psychiatric abuses and injuries. Every year, thousands of persons call, write or e-mail CCHR to provide information regarding their abuses and to seek assistance. Many of the persons are victims of physical and sexual assault. Many have been unlawfully restrained or falsely imprisoned. Many have been tricked or lied to by psychiatrists and psychologists and associated psychiatric workers and hospitals. Many have been grievously harmed and even had family members killed by psychiatric drugs, restraints and abuses.

These victims often seek lawyers and need lawyers to preserve their rights and to seek compensation for damages caused by psychiatric abuses and pharmaceutical injuries. CCHR therefore endeavors to get victims in contact with attorneys who are potentially interested in prosecuting their claims.

There are many psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry victims with meritorious claims who are unable to locate counsel. CCHR screens victims who contact our offices and website and weeds out actions which are clearly beyond any statutes of limitations or which, for other reasons, lack merit.

CCHR neither requests nor seeks a fee for referrals of actions, but merely wishes to aid victims to find counsel.

If you are an attorney interested in legal action, please contact Steve Wagner at [email protected]