2024-06-14: San Francisco Psychiatrist David Brody Arrested in $100 Million Drug Fraud Scheme

2024-06-13: Louisiana Retired Child Psychologist George Perry Hill Charged with 2000+ Counts of Child Porn

2024-06-13: Massachusetts Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys Sentenced to 99 Months Prison for Health Care Fraud

2024-06-13: Navy Psychologist Michael Widroff Sentenced to 14 Years Prison for Enticement of a Minor

2024-06-04: Iowa Psychologist Martin Wallace Charged with Sexual Abuse of 13-Year-Old Patient

2024-05-29: California Psychiatrist Sean Sassano-Higgins Surrenders Medical License After Sexual Misconduct Charge

2024-05-29: McMaster University Fires Psychology Professor Scott Watter for Sexual Relationships with Students

2024-05-27: Hawaii Psychologist Reuben Lelah Gets 20 Years Prison for Sex Assault of Minor

2024-05-21: Victoria Psychologist Maria Cassar Banned from Practice; Supplied Patient with Meth, etc.

2024-05-20: Illinois Psychologist Theresa A. Kelly Gets 10 Months Prison for Medicare Fraud

2024-05-20: Pune (India) Psychiatrist Prateek Yadav Charged with Molesting Female Colleague

2024-05-20: Ohio School Psychologist Bryan Thompson Arrested for Driving Under the Influence; Resigns Position

2024-05-20: Perth Psychologist Douglas Brewer Suspended for Sex with Patient

2024-05-14: Singapore Psychiatrist Ang Yong Guan Guilty of Misconduct; Patient Died from Excessive Prescriptions

2024-05-14: Connecticut Psychologist Michael Pines Sentenced to 7 Year Prison for Medicaid Fraud

2024-05-07: Universal Health Services: Former Brynn Marr Hospital Staff Say They Were Told to Falsify Patient Records

2024-05-03: Federal Investigation Finds Oregon State Hospital Failed to Keep Patients Safe from Physical, Sexual Assault

2024-05-01: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Faces 100+ Lawsuits from Patients Who Allege Unlawful Detention

2024-04-26: W. Virginia Psychiatrist Alexander Otellin Extradited from Armenia to Face Federal Drug Charges

2024-04-26: Louisiana Health Dept. Fines Northlake Behavioral Health $18K, Provisional License: Last Chance

2024-04-26: Lawsuit: Walter Reuther Psych Hospital Staff Encouraged Teen to Beat 10-Year-Old

2024-04-24: New Zealand Psychiatrist John Anthony "Tony" Hanne Suspended for Unauthorized ADHD Drug Prescriptions

2024-04-24: Virginia Psychologist Deborah Ann Coleman Sentenced to 18 Years Prison for Murder