Michigan Psychiatrist Barika Butler-Quarles Gets Prison Sentence for Home Invasion, Firearms Conviction

March 21, 2024

On January 17, 2024, a jury convicted Grosse Pointe psychiatrist Barika Butler-Quarles of shooting the girlfriend of her ex-husband.  

On February 1, 2024, the judge sentenced Butler-Quarles to 57-months-to-20-years for First-Degree Home Invasion, 36-months-to-15-years for Discharge of a Firearm in a Building Causing Injury, 29-months-to-10-years for Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, and two years to be served consecutive for two counts of Felony Firearm, except on the Felony Firearm count on the First-Degree Home Invasion charge.

This conviction and sentence was predicated on Butler-Quarles’ actions of August 4, 2021, when she entered her ex-husband's residence without his permission. She startled the victim, fired a handgun at the victim, and non-fatally wounded her. From one fired shot the victim suffered four bullet wounds: Tte bullet entered her left bicep, exited the back of her arm, entered her left side, and exited out of her back. The ex-husband wrestled the weapon from the hands of Butler-Quarles before other shots could be fired. Detroit Police officers arrived and located the victim outside of the residence, suffering from gunshot wounds. Medics arrived on the scene and transported the victim to a local hospital for treatment.

Butler-Quarles is currently incarcerated at the Women’s Huron Valley West prison. Her earliest release date is 10/31/2030, and her Maximum Discharge Date is 1/31/2046.

Source: “Local psychiatrist sentenced in non-fatal shooting,” news release of Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, Feb. 1, 2024, URL: https://www.waynecounty.com/elected/prosecutor/local-psychiatrist-sentenced-in-non-fatal-shooting.aspx and Michigan Dept. of Corrections website “Biographical Information” page on Barika Butler-Quarles: https://mdocweb.state.mi.us/OTIS2/otis2profile.aspx?mdocNumber=786487       


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