Psychiatrist Mariano A. Galang surrenders license to practice in New York

December 2, 2010

On October 23, 2010, psychiatrist Mariano Abaya Galang III surrendered his license to the state of New York, based upon disciplinary actions taken against him in the state of Kentucky.

On March 11, 2009, the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure filed a complaint against Galang, accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior with two patients. 

Specifically, the complaint states that he hugged, kissed and fondled a patient’s breast in 2002 and also rubbed and pressed himself against her and tried to force her to touch his genitals. 

In 2007, the complaint alleges, he asked another patient if she was a stripper and if he had seen her at a local club. He then kept trying to touch her, rub his hands over her and kiss her, the complaint stated. 

On July 9, 2009, the Kentucky Board subjected Galang to terms and conditions including prohibiting him from interacting with or being in the presence of a female patient unless accompanied/monitored at all times by a designated chaperone.

Source: Agreed Order in re: The License to Practice Medicine in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Held by Mariano A. Galang, M.D., License No. 27611, 1402-C, Browns Lane, Louisville, KY 40207, Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure, Case No. 1204 and Surrender Order in the Matter of Mariano Abaya Galang III, M.D., Co-09-08-4899-A, BPMC No. #10-205, New York State Board for Professional Medical Conduct.


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