2017-11-20: Iowa psychiatrist surrenders license after serving prison time

2017-11-20: Australian psychiatrist banned for life after sexual abuse of three women

2017-11-20: New Jersey psychiatrist's license is permanently revoked

2017-11-20: Vermont psychologist accused of 11 professional conduct violations

2017-11-20: Priest accused of sexually abusing children is now a practicing psychologist

2017-11-20: Psychologist charged with alleged indecent assault of young patient

2017-11-16: New Hampshire psychiatrist reprimanded for inadequate care of a patient

2017-11-14: Senator Condemns Staff Violence at UHS mental health facility in Alabama

2017-11-14: Former child psychiatrist allegedly told teenaged patient that sex helps sleeplessness

2017-11-13: Former child psychiatrist on trial for sexual abuse

2017-11-13: Psychiatrist shows no remorse over death of teenager

2017-11-08: New York psychologist charged with selling drugs

2017-11-08: California psychiatrist sentenced for trying to bribe IRS agent

2017-11-03: Michigan psychologist found guilty of sexual misconduct

2017-11-02: Maine psychiatrist loses license for suspected fraud

2017-10-31: Indian psychiatrist booked for rash driving

2017-10-31: Wyoming psychologist pleads guilty to health care fraud

2017-10-31: Criminal trial of Canadian psychiatrist coming to a close

2017-10-31: Psychiatrist in India allegedly molested female patient

2017-10-27: Investigators accuse psychologist of murdering his wife

2017-10-26: Former Australian psychologist still advertising services despite being struck off

2017-10-26: Tennessee psychiatrist placed on probation for sexual misconduct

2017-10-26: French psychiatrist suspended for 3 months for inappropriate conduct

2017-10-20: Canadian psychiatrist charged with sexual assault pleads not guilty

2017-10-20: UK psychiatrist jailed after supplying cocaine to a patient

2017-10-20: New York psychiatrist indicted for the attempted murder of her son's father

2017-10-19: Illinois psychiatrist's license suspended for claims of inappropriate contact with a patient

2017-10-18: Karma Catches up with Dr. Graham Emslie

2017-10-18: Stunning downfall of society shrink Robert Hampshire after alcohol binge lewd phone calls

2017-10-17: State board disciplines University of Texas psychiatrist Graham Emslie over patient suicide

2017-10-16: Psychologist and psychiatrist suspended from California's workers comp system

2017-10-16: Psychiatrist sued by 12 former patients for alleged sexual abuse and assault

2017-10-15: Ohio Reprimands Psychologist Joelle Floriana; Evaluated Dad in Custody Dispute Whom She Never Met

2017-10-12: New England psychiatrist with lengthy history of disciplinary action gets license suspended

2017-10-12: Pedophile UK doctor studying psychiatry loses medical license

2017-10-10: South Australian police launch lawsuit against former psychologist

2017-10-09: Medical board suspends license of California psychiatrist convicted of assault

2017-10-09: Massachusetts psychiatrist now a registered sex offender

2017-10-09: Former Wyoming psychologist pleads no contest to sexual assault charges

2017-10-04: Psychiatrist loses appeal to be allowed to continue practicing until hearing

2017-10-04: Top UK psychiatrist convicted for supplying cocaine

2017-10-04: Michigan psychologist charged with sexual assault

2017-10-03: Florida psychiatrist suspended for sexual misconduct

2017-10-02: New York psychiatrist's medical license revoked for gross negligence

2017-09-25: Psychologist sentenced to 25 years in prison for Social Security fraud