2020-02-21: Tennessee Psychiatrist Richard Farmer Guilty of Unlawful Distribution of Opioids

2020-02-19: CA Psychiatrist Andrew Abarbanel Surrenders Medical License for Excessive Prescribing, Negligence, etc.

2020-02-18: Psychiatrist Patrick Kin-Yee Chau: Disciplinary Actions in California, Iowa, Washington

2020-02-14: Keith Ablow Markets Himself As a "Life Coach" But He Is Actually a Psychiatrist Whose Medical Licenses Were Suspended on Sex and Drug Charges

2020-02-14: DEA Raids Office of Disgraced Former Fox News Psychiatrist Keith Ablow

2020-02-13: Sydney Psychiatrist Russell McGregor Loses Medical License for Promoting Conspiracy Theories

2020-02-13: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Kamal Bijanpour Indicted for Illegally Importing Gun Parts

2020-02-10: Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Roy Monsour Indicted on Federal Drug Charges

2020-02-10: Guam AG Investigating Six Patient Sex Complaints Against Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo; Previously Disciplined by Maryland Medical Board for Same

2020-02-05: CA Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist James Matthew Crowley Ryan

2020-02-04: Phoenix Psychiatrist Rajeev Billing Arrested on Controlled Substance Charges Involving Patient

2020-02-04: CA Medical Board Suspends License of Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai, Convicted of Forced Labor

2020-01-30: College of Physicians & Surgeons Revokes License of Ontario Psychiatrist Karin Kerfoot

2020-01-27: Ontario Psychiatrist Karin Kerfoot Faces Disciplinary Hearing on Charges of Sex with Patient

2020-01-27: Medical Board Suspends Phoenix Psychiatrist Rajeev Billing on Charge of Doing Drugs with Patient

2020-01-24: Perth Psychiatrist Peter McCarthy Guilty of Professional Misconduct; Faces Loss of License

2020-01-24: Minnesota Psychiatrist Gavin Meaney Guilty of Sexual Abuses of Female Patient

2020-01-21: Virginia Psychiatrist Udaya K. Shetty Jailed 27 Months for Healthcare Fraud

2020-01-21: Federal Judge Holds Pennsylvania Psychologist Donna Pinter in Contempt for Failure to Respond to Subpoena

2020-01-21: New Hampshire Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Jayakumar Patil for Dangerous Prescribing

2020-01-21: New Sex Abuse Complaints Surface Against Hawaii School Psychiatrist Robert Browne

2020-01-20: NY Psychiatrist Sameh S. Wahba Surrenders Medical License for Negligent & Incompetent Treatment of 7 Patients

2020-01-20: North Dakota Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Lloyd M. Bell

2020-01-14: Wales Psychiatrist Noel Sardar Sentenced for Stalking Female Patients

2020-01-14: NY Revokes License of Psychiatrist Clarence G. White for Sex with Patient

2020-01-13: Louisiana Psychiatrist Padmini Nagaraj Sentenced in Medicare Fraud Scheme

2020-01-13: Detroit Psychologist Paul L. Smith Gets 51 Months Prison for Health Care Fraud

2020-01-10: UN Calls for NZ Authorities to Investigate Child ECT Torture at Lake Alice Psych Facility

2020-01-08: Court Enforces $957,675 Judgment in Rape Suit Against NY Psychologist William Knack

2019-12-30: Israeli Psychiatrists Omer Boneh, Abraham Weizman, Michael Bontzel and Tali Vishne Accused of Prescribing Psych Drugs to Young Orthodox Jews to Curb Sex Thoughts

2019-12-27: State Board Monitoring Case of Psychologist Kurt Bumby, Charged with Sodomy