2020-11-21: New Brunswick Psychiatrist Manoj Bhargava Suspended; Licensing Authority Received Five Complaints in One Week

2020-11-21: More Former Students File Suit Alleging School Knew That Psychiatrist Robert Browne Sexually Abused Them

2020-11-21: Michigan Psychologist Firoza Van Horn Facing Federal Immigration Fraud Charges

2020-11-21: Ohio School Psychologist Bradley Buzzell Charged with Voyeurism; Videoed Female Students Without Their Knowledge

2020-11-18: Second Hunter Biden Laptop Confiscated During DEA Raid of Offices of Disgraced Psychiatrist Keith Ablow

2020-11-14: Psychiatrist Christopher H. Warner, Army Medical Center Commander, Suspended Pending Investigation

2020-11-14: Pennsylvania Board Suspends License of Psychiatrist Altaf Kasmani on Prescription Fraud Charges

2020-11-10: Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee Praises Hitler in Attempt to Criticize President Trump

2020-11-07: Virginia Psychiatrist Uzma Ehtesham Pleads Guilty to Federal Healthcare Fraud Charges

2020-11-02: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Three Former Employees of Now-Closed Psych Facility to Stand Trial in Homicide of Teenage Patient

2020-10-31: CA Psychiatrist Sharmistha Barai Sentenced to 15 Years+ on Forced Labor Conviction

2020-10-31: NY State Hospital Psychologist Joseph Gottesman Arraigned on Insurance Fraud Charges

2020-10-31: Memphis Psychiatrist Richard Farmer Gets Four Years Prison on Federal Opioid Conviction

2020-10-27: NY Psychiatrist Adrian Morris Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2020-10-27: Toronto Child Psychologist Michael Allan Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2020-10-26: TX Psychiatrist Rajen Desai Arrested on Prostitution Charges; Has History of Sexual Advances on Patients

2020-10-05: Las Vegas Psychologist Gregory Dennis, Charged with Murder of Wife, To Face Trial as Soon as April 2021

2020-10-03: Scottish Psychologist Ian Stephen May Lose License Over Allegation of Sexual Abuse of 12-Year-Old Patent

2020-10-03: State Revokes License of Psychologist Daniel Davenport for Sexual Relationship with 17-Year-Old

2020-10-03: Universal Health Services: 17-Year-Old Foster Child Locked up in UHS Hartgrove Hospital 67 Days After Judge Ordered Him Released; Child Services Attempting to Prevent Teen from Speaking Out

2020-09-30: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Filed Against UHS Bridgeway Psych Facility for 2018 Restraint-Related Death of Patient

2020-09-30: Strategic Behavioral Health: State Shuts Down Clear View Behavioral Following Whistleblower Report, Serious Violations

2020-09-29: Missouri Psychiatrist Franco Sicuro Indicted for $15 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme