2018-11-12: State Suspends Psychiatrist Aaron Voon; Filmed Young Boys Urinating in Public Restrooms

2018-11-12: Anchorage Psychologist Russell Cherry Gets 4 Years Prison for Child Pornography

2018-11-12: Michigan Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Anthony J. Wolf for Sex with Patieht

2018-11-12: State Lets Psychiatrist David Ford Wilson Practice Again--Except on Anyone under Age 18

2018-11-09: Arizona Restricts "Moderation Institute" Psychiatrist Michael Yasinski for DUI, Drugs

2018-11-02: NJ Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Robert Dragert Over Prescribing Practices

2018-11-02: Psychiatrist Said Farzad, Previously Convicted for Phone Harrasment, Is Bomb Threat Suspect

2018-11-01: Virginia Psychology Board Suspends David Ribbe, Ph.D. for Sexual Touching, More

2018-10-31: Michigan psychologist Michael Varney To Be Arraigned on Patient Sex-for-Drugs Charges

2018-10-31: AG Investigating Albuquerque Psychiatrist Edwin Hall for Over-Medicating Foster Kids

2018-10-30: Father and Son Psychologists Wm. & David Dubin Convicted of Health Care Fraud

2018-10-29: Michigan Psychologist Garrett Turke Surrenders License for "Intimate Relationship" with Patient

2018-10-29: Psychiatrist Lance A. Lopez Suspended Based on Marijuana Conviction

2018-10-29: Former VA Psychiatrist Stephen L. Greer Sentenced to 21 Mos. Prison

2018-10-29: Sex Assault Trial Begins for Travis AFB Psychologist Heath Sommer

2018-10-23: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Karl Bandyan Ordered to Stop Practicing

2018-10-19: State Refuses to Reinstate "Unethical" and "Dishonest" Psychologist Vitomir Zepinic

2018-10-18: Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Gets Five Years Prison in Will Fraud

2018-10-17: Psychiatrists & Psychologists Guilty of Fraud, Sex Crimes Most Often

2018-10-17: Winnipeg Child Psychologist Gary A. Shady Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2018-10-16: NYC Psychiatrist Anthony Pietropinto Among Arrests in Federal Oxycodone Bust

2018-10-16: Defrocked Priest Robert Gerl Works as Michigan State Psychologist

2018-10-16: Neighbor Gives Evidence that UK Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Forged Elderly Widow's Will

2018-10-15: Former Yale-NYU Psychiatric Researcher Alexander Neumeister Convicted, Sentenced

2018-10-12: Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Douglas P. Murphy for Treatment Failures; Second Patient Suicide

2018-10-12: Psychiatrist Robert T. Perez's Accomplice Pleads Guilty to Federal Drug Charges

2018-10-12: Cumbria UK Psychiatrist Zholia Alemi Accused of Trying to Steal Widow's Estate

2018-10-12: Virginia Psychiatrist Alfredo Cervantes Guilty of Fraud, To Be Sentenced

2018-10-11: Veteran's Administration Psychiatrist Domingo Cerra-Fernandez Suspended for Sexual Misconduct

2018-10-10: Patient Discovers Psychologist Michael Doyle's History of Sexual Misconduct...After Counseling Session

2018-10-08: State Revokes License of Psychologist Amy Chatelain for Sex with Patient

2018-10-03: Chicago Psychologist Pamela Antell Facing Federal Health Care Fraud Charges

2018-10-03: South African Psychiatrist Henny Mavasa Convicted of Health Care Fraud

2018-10-01: Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Ruth A. Schack

2018-10-01: Wyoming Psychologist John Sink Guilty of $6 Million Medicaid Fraud

2018-10-01: Psychologist Gary Stollak, Linked to Larry Nassar Scandal, Surrenders License

2018-09-27: New Mexico Attorney General Investigating 36 Deaths Linked to Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall

2018-09-27: Ontario Psychiatrist Ravi Shenava Guilty of Assault, Surrenders Medical License

2018-09-26: Danish Psychiatrist Kim Eisenreich (Jørgen Holtz) Convicted for a Third Time for Sex with Patient; Loses License

2018-09-26: State Issues Accusation Against CA Psychiatrist Soleyman Mirakhor Over Excessive Prescribing

2018-09-26: Michigan Psychologist Charged with 50 Felonies

2018-09-25: Judge Approves $80 Million Settlement in School Psychiatrist Student Sex Assault Case

2018-09-25: Iowa psychiatrist J. Patrick Bertroche Surrenders His Medical License

2018-09-20: Psychiatrist Judith Tietz Prohibited from Prescribing Opioid Drugs

2018-09-18: University of Chicago -- Ingalls Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health...

2018-09-18: Child Psychiatrist Kimberly Frank Still Practicing Despite Insanity Plea

2018-09-18: Psychologist Jeannie Pasacreta Arrested, Charged with Medicaid Fraud

2018-09-18: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri to Face Second Sex Abuse Trial