2023-06-05: California Medical Board Prohibits Psychiatrist Lindsay R. Kiriakos from Taking on New Female Patients

2023-06-01: Sparrow Hospital Psychiatric ER: Patient Group Holds Hospital Accountable

2023-05-31: Sparrow Hospital (Lansing, MI): Patients Expose Abuses in Psychiatric ER

2023-05-30: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Faces Multiple Patient Lawsuits Alleging False Imprisonment

2023-05-29: Summit Behavioral Health: Police in Talks with Coroner to Reopen Johnstown Heights Behavioral Health Death Investigation

2023-05-29: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Resigns Position with Medical Board Amid Medicaid Fraud Investigation

2023-05-29: Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper, Charged with Drug Trafficking, Now Faces Federal Indictment as Well

2023-05-26: DEA Conducts Raid of Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-17: Sydney Psychologist Karen Prowse Suspended Five Years for Seducing, Marrying Patient

2023-05-17: Harley Psychiatrists, ADHD Direct, ADHD 360 Exposed by Undercover Investigation

2023-05-11: Connecticut Psychologist Evelyn Llewellyn Pays $658K to Settle Fraud Charges

2023-05-09: UPDATE: Police Say Assam Psychiatrist Sangeeta Datta Abused Adopted Twins for Months, Burned with Cigarettes

2023-05-09: Assam Psychiatrist Sangeeta Datta Arrested on Charges of Torturing Adopted 4-Year-Old Daughter

2023-05-04: Rite of Passage: Children Removed from Hillcrest Youth Residential Facility; Employee under Criminal Investigation

2023-05-04: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo de los Angeles Pleads No-Contest to Sexual Assault

2023-05-04: Tennessee Psychologist James Dodson Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Medicaid, Tricare

2023-05-04: Nevada Shuts Down "Never Give Up" Youth Psych Facility; Nurse Charged with Criminal Neglect

2023-05-04: Sequel Youth & Family Services/Vivant Behavioral: Former Lakeside Employees Plead No-Contest in Death of Cornelius Frederick

2023-05-04: Irvo Otieno Death Part of Pattern of Patient Abuse at Central State Hospital

2023-05-01: Northwest Health: Arkansas Hospital Chain Pays $1.1M to Settle Behavioral Health Fraud Charges, Severs Contract with Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Seven Patients File False Imprisonment Lawsuits against Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Another Behavioral Health Employee Charged with Felony Patient Abuse

2023-05-01: Northwest Health, Arkansas: Behavioral Health Employee Charged with Felony Patient Abuse

2023-04-28: Kerala Psychologist K. Gireesh Gets 7 Years Prison for Sexual Assault of Teen Boy

2023-04-19: Missouri Psychologist Kurt Bumby Sentenced to 7 Years Prison for Sodomy of Young Boy

2023-04-18: "Never Give Up" Youth Psych Facility in NV Facing $350K Fine for Unnecessary Restraint

2023-04-18: CA Medical Board Puts Psychiatrist Nicole Poliquin on Probation over Negligent Prescribing

2023-04-13: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas C. Wyatt Pleads Guilty to Sexual Battery on a Minor

2023-04-12: Florida Psychiatrist Iftikhar Rasul Prohibited from Treating Female Patients; Misdemeanor Battery Charge Pending