2018-03-21: Pennsylvania psychiatrist charged with running 'pill mill'

2018-03-19: Former Australian child psychiatrist guilty of sexually assaulting patient

2018-03-15: Korean psychiatrist may lose license after publicly diagnosing an actor based on social media activity

2018-03-12: Philadelphia psychiatrist charged with illegally prescribing opioids

2018-03-12: Michigan psychologist sentenced for sexual relationship with patient

2018-03-12: New Mexico psychologist charged with wielding gun in road rage incident

2018-03-12: Canadian psychiatrist had sex with male patients in his office

2018-03-12: Australia psychiatrist claims girl ‘fantasized’ assault

2018-03-12: Georgia psychiatrist re-indicted again in murder case

2018-03-08: New York psychologist resigns after complaints of racial bias

2018-03-08: Case proceeds against New Mexico psychiatrist accused of sexual misconduct

2018-03-07: California child psychologist pleads guilty to child porn, contempt of court

2018-03-07: Kentucky psychiatrist's license suspended after marijuana charges

2018-03-07: New York psychologist put on 30-day notice after accusations of racial bias

2018-03-01: Australian psychologist censured over inappropriate texts

2018-03-01: Connecticut State Senator Wants More Accountability in Psychiatric Patient Abuse Investigation

2018-02-28: Kentucky psychiatrist indicted in kickback scheme

2018-02-28: Canadian psychiatrist disciplined for failing to maintain professional boundaries

2018-02-28: Buffalo's police, fire psychologist accused of racial bias

2018-02-27: Former psychiatrist in Australia charged with rape

2018-02-27: Prison term upheld for Japanese psychiatrist for fatal seizure-caused car crash

2018-02-27: Minnesota psychiatrist charged with possession of child porn

2018-02-22: Georgia psychologist charged with molesting 9-year-old, posting pics online

2018-02-22: Psychologist charged with raping a patient kills self in jail cell

2018-02-22: Canadian psychiatrist suspended, ordered to take anger management

2018-02-22: Irish psychiatrist suspended over death of teen in UK

2018-02-22: New Zealand psychiatrist loses license for sexually assaulting patient

2018-02-22: Psychiatrist suspended, fined for irresponsible drug prescription

2018-02-20: Was Ravinder Goswami Your Psychiatrist?

2018-02-20: Was Timothy Brewerton Your Psychiatrist?

2018-02-15: UK psychologist struck off for fraud

2018-02-15: New York psychiatrist sentenced for illegally selling prescriptions

2018-02-15: Minnesota psychologist stops practice amid sex assault charges

2018-02-08: Two Louisiana psychiatrists charged with health care fraud

2018-02-07: Michigan psychologist's license suspended for fraud

2018-02-05: Texas psychiatrist under investigation for abuse of opioid prescriptions

2018-01-31: Prison for Life for Former L.A. County Sheriff Psychologist Who Molested Children

2018-01-30: Brisbane psychologist accused of sexually assaulting three female patients

2018-01-30: Psychiatrist faces new charges after patient was required to perform sexual act

2018-01-29: Psychologist Eric Lester Felsch arrested for having sex with a client for two years

2018-01-24: Virginia psychiatrist's license suspended on multiple violations

2018-01-24: New Jersey psychiatrist surrenders license to prescribe drugs

2018-01-24: Australian psychiatrist suspended for six months for fraud

2018-01-22: California child psychologist indicted on new child porn charges