2019-09-12: Top Swedish Forensic Psychiatrist Sten Levander Loses Medical License

2019-09-10: Illinois Psychologist Pamela Antell Sentenced to Six Months Prison for Fraud

2019-09-03: Melbourne Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Facing New Sex Charges While Jailed on Earlier Sex Abuse Conviction

2019-08-30: Convicted: Sundance Behavioral Health (TX) Knowingly Illegally Held Patient for 21 Days

2019-08-28: New York Psychiatrists Carlene MacMillan and Owen Muir Sued over Patient Suicide

2019-08-20: Alabama Psychologist Sharon D. Waltz Charged with $1 Million in False Medicaid Claims

2019-08-16: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Indicated on Criminal Sex Charges Involving Nine Patients

2019-08-15: New South Wales Psychiatrist Anthony Slowiaczek Disqualified for Sex with Patient

2019-08-15: New York Psychiatrist Scott McMahon Charged with Illegal Ritalin Distribution

2019-08-14: Wyoming Supreme Court Upholds Conviction of Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins

2019-08-14: New York Psychiatrist Xingjia Cui Sentenced for Health Care and Tax Fraud

2019-08-08: New York Psychiatrist John B. Halkias Refuses to Return Heirloom Photo to Former Patient

2019-08-08: Pennsylvania psychiatrist Spiro Kassis Charged with Running Opioid "Pill Mill"

2019-08-08: State Restricts Louisiana Psychiatrist Jason Stamper for Showing Patient Nude Pictures of His Sexual Partners

2019-08-02: Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards Indicted on Federal Controlled Substance Charges

2019-08-02: Ontario School Psychologist Nicole Walton-Allen Intentionally Misrepresented Her Credentials to Court, Child Protection Agency, etc.

2019-07-30: Travis AFB Psychologist Heath J. Sommer Sentenced to 11+ Years for Sexual Assaults of Female Patients

2019-07-29: Washington School Psychologist Robert W. Wright Charged with Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy

2019-07-23: Feds Raid Office of Massachusetts Psychiatrist Lee S. Altman; Investigation of Prescribing Practices