2019-11-12: Timothy D. Brewerton, M.D., Psychiatrist in Mount Pleasant, SC

2019-11-11: Supreme Court Upholds WV Medical Board Disciplinary Decision in Patient Sex Case Against Psychiatrist Omar Hasan

2019-11-11: UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo Suspended Six Months for Sexual Conduct Toward Female Colleagues

2019-11-06: BC Psychologist Alison Miller Loses License for Promoting False Memories of Satanic Abuse

2019-11-05: Guernsey Psychiatrist Greg Lydall Gets 30-Month Prison Sentence for Child Pornography

2019-11-05: South Carolina Psychiatrist Mahir Shah Arrested, Charged with Forgery, Prescription Fraud

2019-10-28: Valerie Augustus, TN Psychiatrist Disciplined for Using Whip on Patients, Facing New Charges

2019-10-28: SLC School Psychologist Kendra McPherson Among Defendants in Sexual Abuse Suit Filed by Parents

2019-10-28: BC Forensic Psychologist Allan Posthuma Bypasses Discipline; Parents Outraged

2019-10-25: W. Australia Forensic Psychologist Darryl Menaglio Fined, Banned for Professional Misconduct in Custody Case

2019-10-25: Victoria Psychologist Antonio Ferrero Suspended for Two Years for Sexual Contact with Patient

2019-10-22: Female Colleagues Testify as to Sexual Misconduct by UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo

2019-10-18: Malaysian Psychiatrist Gurdeep Singh Charged with Offense Against Rape Victim

2019-10-16: Winnipeg Child Psychologist Gary Shady Jailed Nine Months for Child Pornography

2019-10-15: Nevada Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Matthew Okeke: Must Have Supervisor Present with All Female Patients

2019-10-15: Minnesota Psychologist Johanna Lamm Charged with Sexual Abuse of Patient

2019-10-08: Australian State Psychologist Hung Lay Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Underage Girls

2019-10-01: Florida Psychiatrist Robert Morgenthal Sentenced for Sexual Misconduct with Patient

2019-09-30: Oregon Psychologist Erin C. Moran Sued for $10 Million for Sex with 20-Year-Old Patient

2019-09-26: Delaware Psychiatrist Karl McIntosh Sentenced for Illegal Prescriptions

2019-09-25: So Cal School Psychologist Kristen L. Boyle Charged with Statutory Rape Involving Student

2019-09-24: New York TV psychologist Jayme Albin Arrested on DUI with Child in Car

2019-09-24: Virginia Psychiatrist Udaya Shetty Guilty of $460,000+ Insurance Fraud

2019-09-23: Queensland Psychiatrist Anand Madhukarro Choudhary Found Guilty of Fraud

2019-09-23: Texas Psychologists William Dubin and David Dubin Sentenced for Fraud, Kickbacks

2019-09-20: Texas School Psychologist Brandon T. McElveen Sentenced to Prison for Indecency with Children

2019-09-17: Minnesota Psychiatrist Gavin Meany Admits to Sex with Patient; Charged with Sexual Assault

2019-09-17: Feds Expand "Pill Mill" Investigation Against Alabama Psychiatrist James Edwards