2021-05-06: NY Psychiatrist Issac Herschkopf Ordered to Surrender License; Exploited Patients to His Own Advantage

2021-05-04: North Carolina Psychologist Malik S. Muhammad Charged with $300K+ Health Care Fraud

2021-04-28: Ohio School Psychologist Bradley Buzzell Pleads Guilty to Voyeurism Charge Involving 18-Year-Old

2021-04-27: Detroit Community Says No to Psychologist Dave Grossman and "Killology" Appearance

2021-04-27: Universal Health Services: Fairmount Behavioral Staff Michael McIntosh Pleads Guilty to Felony Sex Assault of Patient

2021-04-26: Yale Fires Psychiatry Professor Bandy X. Lee; "Diagnosed" Former President, Lawyer, Other Public Figures

2021-04-26: Renowned Pakistani Psychiatrist Caught on Video Demanding Sexual Favors from Patient

2021-04-26: Minnesota Sex Offender Treatment Psychologist Michelle Brownfield Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct

2021-04-19: Rhode Island Psychologist Christopher Cunningham Arrested on 12 Charges of Sexually Abusing Boys

2021-04-16: Acadia Healthcare: New Sexual Assault Charges Filed against Timberline Knolls Counselor Already Facing 62 Charges

2021-04-07: Texas Psychologist Frank L. Del Rio Guilty of Medicaid Fraud

2021-04-06: KidsPeace: 17 Former Residents Receive Settlement from Owner of Now-Closed Child Psych Hospital

2021-04-05: KidsPeace: Former Employee of Child Psych Facility Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault of Teen Resident

2021-04-05: Tennessee Psychologist Donald McCoy Gets 41 Months Prison for Fraud

2021-04-05: Virginia Psychiatrist Uzma Ehtesham Sentenced for Healthcare Fraud

2021-04-02: Pennsylvania Psychologist Richard Lenhart, in Prison for Sexually Assaulting Patients, Charged with Rape of Child

2021-03-29: Alabama Psychologist Sharon D. Waltz Sentenced to 3 Years Prison for Medicaid Fraud

2021-03-24: Melbourne Psychiatrist Prabakar R. Thomas, Sexually Assaulted Vulnerable Patient, Suspended for 5 Years

2021-03-19: Investigation of Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital Uncovers 100 Additional Patients

2021-03-16: Washington School Psychologist Aaron Myers Charged with Possession of Child Pornography

2021-03-13: Appeals Court Upholds Prison Sentence of Psychologist Heath J. Sommer

2021-03-12: Michigan Psychiatrist Barry G. Siegel Convicted for Health Care Fraud