2020-10-05: Las Vegas Psychologist Gregory Dennis, Charged with Murder of Wife, To Face Trial as Soon as April 2021

2020-10-03: Scottish Psychologist Ian Stephen May Lose License Over Allegation of Sexual Abuse of 12-Year-Old Patent

2020-10-03: State Revokes License of Psychologist Daniel Davenport for Sexual Relationship with 17-Year-Old

2020-10-03: Universal Health Services: 17-Year-Old Foster Child Locked up in UHS Hartgrove Hospital 67 Days After Judge Ordered Him Released; Child Services Attempting to Prevent Teen from Speaking Out

2020-09-30: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Filed Against UHS Bridgeway Psych Facility for 2018 Restraint-Related Death of Patient

2020-09-30: Strategic Behavioral Health: State Shuts Down Clear View Behavioral Following Whistleblower Report, Serious Violations

2020-09-29: Missouri Psychiatrist Franco Sicuro Indicted for $15 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

2020-09-22: State Shuts Down Child Psych Facility; Kurn Hattin Homes Covered Up Decades of Sexual Abuse

2020-09-22: Connecticut Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Bryan Boffi

2020-09-22: Grand Jury Indicts Missouri Psychologist Kurt Bumby on Sodomy Charges

2020-09-15: Lawsuits Accuse School District of Ignoring Molestation Complaints Against School Psychologist Vincent Festa

2020-09-12: Psychiatrist Gavin P. Meany Gets 5 Years Prison for Repeated Sexual Abuse of Patient

2020-09-09: Liverpool Psychologist Robert Child Jailed 29 Years for Murdering His Mother

2020-09-09: London Psychologist Christopher McDonald Jailed 32 Years for Murder

2020-09-08: Craig Myles Baker, Former Australian Psychological Society Deputy Chair, Gets 18 Years in Jail

2020-09-04: PA Psychiatrist Bassam El-Borno Sentenced to House Arrest and Probation for Felony Drug Conviction

2020-08-29: Liverpool Sports Psychologist Robert Child Admits Killing Mother with Hammer

2020-08-29: PA Psychiatrist Bassam El-Borno Will Plead Guilty To Fraud, Drug-Related Charges

2020-08-29: MA Psychiatrist Rahim Shafa Indicted on Federal Drug, Money Laundering, and other Charges