2021-10-14: New Orleans Psychiatrist Jonathan Chandler Reprimanded for Fraud

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Elizabeth S. Taylor, Already on License Probation for Sexual Misconduct with Patient, Gets Additional Probation

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Davis S. Dawes Placed on License Probation for 6-Month Sex Affair with Female Patient

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places California Psychiatrist Svetlana Anic on Probation for False Prescriptions

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places San Diego Psychiatrist Yaroslav Kushnir on Probation for Sexually Inappropriate Comments, More

2021-10-11: Washington State School Psychologist Lance Ray Egli Arrested on Child Sexual Exploitation Charge

2021-10-06: County Art Center Was Unaware Bob Fink was a Disgraced Washington State Psychiatrist When They Named Him Artist of The Year

2021-10-06: Acadia Healthcare: Investigation Reveals Years of Licensing Issues at Piney Ridge Treatment Center

2021-10-06: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Federal Lawsuit Seeks $50 Million for Restraint Death of Teenager

2021-10-05: PA Psychiatrist Stephen Padnes Guilty of Federal Controlled Substance Charges; Admitted to Abusing Prescribing Privileges for Profit

2021-09-28: Perth Psychologist Luke Fawcett Guilty of Double Murder

2021-09-28: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Lakeside Academy Nurse Sentenced in 2020 Death of Cornelius Fredericks

2021-09-24: Yale-Affiliated Psychiatrist David Ciancimino Arrested on Federal Fraud and Drug Charges

2021-09-24: Georgia Psychiatrist Thomas Wyatt Extradited to Florida to Face Charges of Sexual Molestation of Three Boys

2021-09-23: Sydney Psychologist Jo Wise Loses License for Seducing Suicidal Teenage Patient

2021-09-23: Aurora Behavioral Healthcare Settles Landmark Suit Brought by Former Santa Rosa Facility Nurse

2021-09-23: Georgia Psychologist Guy Jordan Indicted on $99,000 Medicaid Fraud Charge

2021-09-23: OH Child Psychologist Gregory Ramey, Facing Numerous Child Porn Charges, Pleads Guilty to Child Endangerment; To Be Sentenced

2021-09-23: PA Psychiatrist Ashok Bharucha Sentenced for Sexual Assault of Patient

2021-09-23: Queensland Psychiatrist James Rodney Guilty of Professional Misconduct, Must Pay $105,000 Fines & Costs: Wrote Himself into Patients Wills

2021-09-17: State Seeks to Revoke License of San Diego Psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle for Alcohol-Related Conviction; Has 2013 Federal Drug Conviction

2021-09-16: California Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Hamid Tabatabai for Sexual Harassment

2021-09-16: Calgary Child Psychiatrist Nasreen Roberts Guilty of Sexual Assault of Former Teen Patient

2021-09-16: New Brunswick Psychologist Joan Wright Suspended for Professional Misconduct

2021-09-14: Lake Alice Survivor Tells of Inhumanity of Psychiatrist Selwyn Leeks, Electroshocked Child as Punishment

2021-09-13: Universal Health Services: Cumberland Hospital Former Medical Director Alleges He Was Fired for Trying to Reform Harmful Practices

2021-09-13: Perimeter Behavioral: Arkansas psychiatric facility used 'inappropriate' force on kids

2021-09-03: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De Los Angeles Charged with Sexual Assault of Patient

2021-09-02: California School Psychologist Christopher Loeffler Arrested in Sexual Predator Sting

2021-09-02: California Psychiatrist Kulwinder Singh Sentenced on Domestic Violence Charge; Medical Board Seeks to Take Action Against License

2021-09-01: Psychiatrist Christopher Warner, Head of Army Hospital, Removed from Post; Accused of Raping Nanny

2021-09-01: Psychiatrist Abner Pasatiempo, Failed to Appear on 2020 Sex-Related Charges, Arrested in Alaska

2021-08-30: California Medical Board Charges Psychiatrist Lindsay R. Kiriakos with Sexual Misconduct

2021-08-27: Nebraska Sports Psychologist Jack A. Stark Arrested for Witness Tampering

2021-08-27: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale to Be Sentenced on Criminal Sex and Federal Controlled Substance Charges