2022-11-29: Twin Cities Psychiatrist Gavin Meany Gets Additional Prison Time Following Appeal of Sex Conviction

2022-11-28: Melbourne Psychologist Kris Schroder Gets Prison Sentence for Forgery

2022-11-23: Patient Files Lawsuit Against Massachusetts Psychiatrist Paul Glass III, Alleging Sexual Grooming, Manipulation, and Abuse

2022-11-23: Pennsylvania Psychiatrist Muhamad Aly Rifai Charged with Medicare Fraud

2022-11-21: Vivant Behavioral: Florida State Attorney Investigating Riot at Youth Academy; Juvenile Justice Re-evaluating Relationship with Vivant

2022-11-17: Top Taz Psychiatrist Aaron Groves Suspended for Sex, Prescribing, Violating Code of Conduct

2022-11-16: Washington Psychiatrist Douglas Robinson Sexually Harassed Patients During Workers Comp Exams

2022-11-16: St. Louis Psychiatrist Franco Sicuro Guilty of $3.8 Million Health Care Fraud

2022-11-14: "Pure Greed" Melbourne Psychologist Kris Schroder Convicted for Perjury, Creating Fake Will

2022-11-08: Patient Sues Boston Psychiatrist Sabrina Popp for Medical Malpractice; Failed to Inform That Prescription Could Cause Promiscuous Streak

2022-11-07: North Carolina Psychiatrist Shawn Willson Suspended for "Romantic" Relationship with Patient, More

2022-11-04: Vivant Behavioral Health - Brighter Path - Formerly Sequel Youth & Family Services

2022-11-03: Vivant Behavioral - Brighter Path - Sequel (continued)

2022-11-02: Vivant Behavioral - Brighter Path - Sequel (conclusion)

2022-10-31: Sequel Youth & Family Services / Vivant Behavioral: State Shuts Down St. Johns Youth Academy Following Riot, Allegations of Sex, Violence

2022-10-28: Michigan Psychologist Melvin Hoberman Suspended and Fined for Sexual Conduct with Patient

2022-10-25: Chicago Psychologist Renato F. Duarte Guilty of Medicare Billing Fraud

2022-10-24: NY Psychiatrist Marc Laruelle Guilty of Distributing 100,000+ Oxycodone Pills

2022-10-21: Missouri Psychiatrist Zinia Thomas Arrested for Illegal Possession of Marijuana, Ecstasy

2022-10-20: Texas Child Psychologist Timothy D. Kimball Arrested, Admits Placing Hidden Cameras in Bedroom of Patient

2022-10-18: Bangladesh Psychiatrist Ravendra Kumar Singh Royel Charged with Repeatedly Raping a Patient

2022-10-17: NY School Psychologist Elizabeth Tucker-Schultz Arrested on Sexual Abuse Charge

2022-10-14: NYC Psychiatrist Pam Buchbinder Sentenced to 11 Years in Prison for Murder Plot

2022-10-14: Medical Board Revokes License of San Diego Psychiatrist Nathan Kuemmerle

2022-10-12: Universal Health Services: Parents Say Their Kids Were Sexually Abused at North Star Psych Hospital

2022-10-10: Ethics Hearing Exposes X-Rated Emails Between Gold Coast Prison Psychologist Sarah-Jane Lodington and Inmates

2022-10-07: Medical Board Suspends License of Aaron Groves, Chief Psychiatrist of Tasmania

2022-10-05: New York State Revokes License of Psychiatrist Arnold Mandelstam; Exploited Patient for Own Gratification

2022-10-03: Disgraced Utah Psychologist David L. Hamblin Charged with Sexual Abuse of Children