2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Jacques Levy Surrenders License, over Controlled Substance-Related Failures

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Ewald Antoine Loses License Following Felony Fraud Conviction

2019-04-17: NY Psychiatrist Don Kerson Surrenders License on Controlled Substance, Sex-Related Charges

2019-04-17: Ohio Medical Board Reprimands Psychiatrist Pradeep Mathur for Unlawful Prescribing

2019-04-16: Ohio Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Michael Anikeev; Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving

2019-04-14: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Charged with Sexual Assaults of Six Patients

2019-04-13: Universal Health Services (UHS) Must Face Claims That It Held Patients Illegally, Investors Say

2019-04-05: Psychiatrist Charles Noplis Under Investigation Again for Violent Acts

2019-04-01: NYC Psychologist Leanh Nguyen Suspended for Sexual Violation of Patient

2019-03-29: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Sentenced to 14 Mos Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient

2019-03-26: Board Suspends Psychologist John Thickins for Sexual Harassment of Patient

2019-03-26: Telemedicine Psychiatrist Rebecca Cirino Suspended for Prescribing without Examinations

2019-03-21: Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist Saleh Parvez; Failed to Handle Patient Lithium Toxicity

2019-03-20: Addiction Recovery Clinic Employs Convicted Felon Psychiatrist Joel W. Hanson as Medical Director

2019-03-18: Psychiatrist Bassam Awwa, "Recklessly Overbilled Medicare" for Urine Tests, Pays $3.3M

2019-03-15: Psychiatrist Prabakar Rajan Thomas Guilty of Sexual Assault; Judge Slams Abuse of Power

2019-03-13: Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist Michael Tolwin to Cease Treating Patients

2019-03-13: Medical Board Investigating Psychiatrist Daniel Grosz After Patient Has Near-Fatal Drug Reaction

2019-03-12: Psychiatrist Domingo Cerra Fernandez, Suspended in 2018 for Sexual Misconduct, Now Earns $196K/Year with the State--What Is Wrong with This Picture?

2019-03-11: Board Disciplines "Telemed" Psychiatrist Claudia Rodriguez-Galvis for Medical Malpractice

2019-03-11: Medical Board Seeks to Revoke/Suspend License of Psychiatrist Edward Castner

2019-03-07: Psychologist Wayne Price Helped Convict 6 People Based on "Repressed Memories." Now Exonerated, a County Owes The Accused $28 Million

2019-03-07: Acadia Healthcare: Administrators of Timberline Knolls Psych Facility Waited 3 Weeks to Contact Cops About Employee Sex Assaults

2019-03-06: Psychiatrist Metodia Joy Webster Reprimanded by Illinois and Missouri Medical Boards

2019-03-06: Potomac Psychiatrist Susan D. Rich Suspended, Fined for Unprofessional Conduct

2019-03-06: State Disciplines Psychiatrist John L. Bulette for 3rd Time, Regarding Prescribing

2019-03-06: Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Craig Tolleson; Patient Died

2019-03-05: Psychiatrist Aly Abbas Ahmed Had a Sexual Relationship with 20-Year-Old Patient

2019-03-01: Abuses at Northlake Behavioral Health System, Mandeville, LA

2019-02-27: So Cal Psychiatrist Robert T. Perez Pleads Guilty to Opioid Distribution

2019-02-27: Psychologist David Griersmith Suspended for Sex with Depressed, Addicted Client

2019-02-27: Quebec Psychologist Etienne Lavoie Charged with Pimping, Sex Assault, Drug Trafficking

2019-02-25: Child Psychiatrist Margaret M. Sprague Loses License (Again) for Substance Abuse

2019-02-25: Three Patients Sue TV Psychiatrist Keith Ablow for Sexual Exploitation; Former Employees Provide Affidavits

2019-02-22: State Seeks to Revoke License of Psychiatrist Renee Dupont for DUI Conviction

2019-02-22: Medical Board Orders Psychiatrist David Sosin to Cease Practice

2019-02-20: Medical Board Disciplines Psychiatrist David D. Gulden for Substance Abuse

2019-02-20: Susan Ramseyer Gives Up Psychology License for "Fraud, Misrepresentation, or Decepttion..."

2019-02-19: TN Psychology Board Suspends James S. Walker for Cocaine, Heroin Use

2019-02-19: District Attorney Files Animal Abuse Charges Against Psychologist Elaine Rosa