2023-12-01: Turkish Child Psychiatrist Suleyman Salih Zoroglu Indicted for Using Ketamine on Children; Faces 943 Years in Prison

2023-11-29: Minnesota Psychiatrist Thomas G. Gratzer Guilty of Sexual Abuse of Child; 12 Years Prison

2023-11-27: Psychiatrist Ryan B. Sondergard, Reprimanded for Harmful Conduct, Announces Scholarship

2023-11-21: Universal Health Services: UK Independent News Agency Calls for Investigation of UHS Cygnet Operation

2023-11-20: Boston Psychiatrist Mohamed R. Och Convicted for Illegal Prescribing of Addictive Drugs

2023-11-15: N. Carolina School Psychologist Charles Lee Chandler III Arrested for Drugs, Trespassing

2023-11-13: W. Australia Psychologist Sharon Faye Suspended for Professional Misconduct

2023-11-10: North Carolina Psychiatrist David A. Tatum Sentenced to 40 Years Prison for Child Porn

2023-11-07: Signature Healthcare: Federal Lawsuit Charges Vista Del Mar Hospital for Discharging Patient who Murdered Mother

2023-11-07: Acadia Healthcare Agrees to Pay $400 Million to Settle Three Child Abuse Suits

2023-11-07: UK Priory Hospitals Charged with Two Criminal Offenses in Death of 23-Year-Old Patient

2023-11-03: U. of Saskatchwan Psychiatrist Akinlolu Olalekan Peluola, Charged with $90K Billing Fraud, Now Faces Disciplinary Action

2023-10-31: UK Senior Psychiatrist Jamal Hilal Loses License for Sexual Assault of Colleague

2023-10-27: Universal Health Services: Alaska's Foster Kids and Overwhelmed Child Services = "Gold Mine" for North Star Behavioral Health

2023-10-26: Minnesota Psychologist Charles Jorenby Sentenced to Prison; Defrauded Tribal Health Fund of $819K

2023-10-26: Boston Psychiatrist Gustavo Kinrys Convicted of Medicare Fraud; Billed for 70-Hour Day

2023-10-25: Acadia Healthcare: Utah Lawmakers Seek to Close Down Highland Ridge "Rape" Hospital

2023-10-23: Universal Health Services: Provo Canyon Behavioral Hospital is Rebranded as Aspen Grove Hospital

2023-10-19: BC Psychiatrist Donna Dryer Resigns Medical License; Permitted Her Husband to Sexually Assault a Patient

2023-10-19: Navy Psychologist Michael Widroff Pleads Guilty to Enticement of a Minor

2023-10-18: Michigan and Ohio Suspend Licenses of Psychiatrist James Cunagin for Sex with Patient

2023-10-17: New York State Prohibits Psychiatrist Vadim Baram from Practicing ECT (Electroshock)

2023-10-16: Sydney Psychiatrist Robert Wotton Sentenced for Sexual Abuse of Patient

2023-10-16: Connecticut Legislature Responds to Reports of Abuses at Troubled Teen Shelter for Girls

2023-10-11: Arkansas Psychiatrist Brian Hyatt Arrested on Felony Medicaid Fraud Charges