2023-03-17: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Two Men Found Guilty in Restraint Death of Teen

2023-03-10: PEI Psychiatrist Arvind Singh Fined $9,000 for Professional Misconduct

2023-03-10: Colorado Psychiatrist Howard Weiss Guilty of Controlled Substance-Related Charges

2023-03-10: Was Your Child Abused at a Sequel / Vivant / Brighter Heights Behavioral Facility?

2023-03-06: New Mexico Psychiatrist Mark Beale Gets 7 Years Prison for Sex Crimes against Patients

2023-03-02: Sex Offender Expert Psychologist Kurt Bumby Convicted of Sodomy involving Teen

2023-03-01: How Was Disgraced Virginia Psychiatrist Saifullah Niazi Able to Run a Chain of Group Homes?

2023-03-01: Montana State Psychiatric Hospital (Warm Springs) Loses Federal Funding; Failed to Correct Deficiencies

2023-03-01: Zholia Alemi UK Fake Psychiatrist Jailed Seven Years for Fraud

2023-02-15: TN Psychiatrist Adrian Buckner Arrested, License Suspended for Drug Diversion, DUI and Other Charges

2023-02-07: CA Psychology Board Charges Davis Psychologist Emily Katonah Hartley for Sex with a Patient

2023-02-07: Los Angeles Psychologist Michael D. Pariser Accused of Sexual Misconduct with Patient

2023-02-03: Diamond Ranch Academy: Ex-Staffers Say Teen Was Severely Ill in Weeks Prior to Death

2023-02-01: Psychiatrist John Lee, Formerly Known As Dirk De Brito, Charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Patient: Medical Board

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit against Alabama Clinical Schools Alleges Repeated Assaults of 11-Year-Old; Broken Collarbone

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Yet Another Juvenile Patient Escapes from Sandy Pines Facility in Florida