2021-11-23: Prosecution Appeals Acquittal of African Psychiatrist Pieter van der Westhuizen, Accused of Patient Rape

2021-11-17: Texas Psychiatrist Robert J. Harden Arrested on Charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault

2021-11-16: California Medical Board Issues Accusation against Psychiatrist Kamal Bijanpour; Sentenced on Federal Firearms Charge

2021-11-16: Minneapolis Psychiatrist Pastor Colon Surrenders License for Sexual Conduct with Patient

2021-11-11: Queensland Prison Psychologist Lidia Pennington Suspended for One Year for Sex with ex-Prisoner

2021-11-11: Victoria Psychologist Gerard Knobel Suspended for One Year for Sex with Wife of Couple He Counseled

2021-11-11: Missouri Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Gerald Slonka Based on Controlled Substance Violations

2021-11-11: Maryland Psychiatrist Sanjeev Singhal Suspended for Sex with Wife of Patient

2021-11-05: California Psychiatrist Arturo Lo Villamor Convicted on Drunk Driving Charge; Medical Board Seeks Disciplinary Action

2021-11-02: Michigan Psychiatrist Paul Sorgi Surrenders License; Propositioned Patients to Have Sex with Him and His Wife

2021-11-02: Michigan Psychiatrist Faidherbe Ceus Fined by State Board, Placed on Probation for Ignoring Complaints of Pregnant Patient

2021-10-29: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Accuses Brentwood Hospital of Failure to Protect Patient; 18-Year-Old Beaten and Raped by Fellow Patient

2021-10-28: Israel Psychiatrist Hasan Abu Ghariba Indicted for Rape of Female Patient

2021-10-26: St. Louis Psychiatrist Vadim Y. Baram Disciplined for Fraud, Dishonesty: Delivered Unnecessary Shock Treatments

2021-10-26: Universal Health Services: Former Cumberland Hospital Employee Guilty of Wounding Patient

2021-10-25: Massachusetts Psychologist Peter J. Scanlon and Others Pay $25 Million to Settle Health Care Fraud Charges

2021-10-14: New Orleans Psychiatrist Jonathan Chandler Reprimanded for Fraud

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Elizabeth S. Taylor, Already on License Probation for Sexual Misconduct with Patient, Gets Additional Probation

2021-10-14: Louisiana Psychiatrist Davis S. Dawes Placed on License Probation for 6-Month Sex Affair with Female Patient

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places California Psychiatrist Svetlana Anic on Probation for False Prescriptions

2021-10-14: Medical Board Places San Diego Psychiatrist Yaroslav Kushnir on Probation for Sexually Inappropriate Comments, More

2021-10-11: Washington State School Psychologist Lance Ray Egli Arrested on Child Sexual Exploitation Charge

2021-10-06: County Art Center Was Unaware Bob Fink was a Disgraced Washington State Psychiatrist When They Named Him Artist of The Year

2021-10-06: Acadia Healthcare: Investigation Reveals Years of Licensing Issues at Piney Ridge Treatment Center

2021-10-06: Sequel Youth & Family Services: Federal Lawsuit Seeks $50 Million for Restraint Death of Teenager

2021-10-05: PA Psychiatrist Stephen Padnes Guilty of Federal Controlled Substance Charges; Admitted to Abusing Prescribing Privileges for Profit