2023-02-01: Psychiatrist John Lee, Formerly Known As Dirk De Brito, Charged with Sexual Exploitation of a Patient: Medical Board

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit against Alabama Clinical Schools Alleges Repeated Assaults of 11-Year-Old; Broken Collarbone

2023-01-27: Universal Health Services: Yet Another Juvenile Patient Escapes from Sandy Pines Facility in Florida

2023-01-17: New Jersey Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Nimer Iskandarani

2023-01-17: Missouri Psychiatrist Vivek Agnihotri Convicted of Domestic Assault

2023-01-16: Were You Abused or Harmed at Diamond Ranch Academy in Hurricane, UT?

2023-01-12: Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Says 10-Year-Old Boy Was Raped by Older Patient at Palmetto Summerville Behavioral Facility

2023-01-12: Perth Psychiatrist Margaret F. Lumley Suspended 2 Years for Personal Relationship with Patient

2023-01-06: Disgraced Pasadena Psychiatrist Dirk DeBrito Now Practicing under the Name "John Lee"

2023-01-05: Signature Healthcare: Family Sues Aurora San Diego Psychiatric Facility for Failure to Prevent Patient Death

2023-01-05: Illinois VA Psychologist Theresa Kelly Indicted on Medicare Fraud Charges

2023-01-05: Universal Health Services: Patient Riot at Mountain Youth Academy Results in Property Damage

2023-01-05: Bellewood & Brooklawn: Kentucky Revokes License of Residential Psych Facility Where 7-Year-Old Was Killed

2023-01-05: Diamond Ranch Academy: Father Sues Utah For-Profit Psych Treatment Center over Death of Daughter

2022-12-20: University of Cambridge Psychiatrist Antonio Metastasio Will Lose License for Sex with Patient

2022-12-16: Connecticut Psychologist Michael Lonski Pleads Guilty to Federal Health Care Fraud

2022-12-16: Universal Health Services: Former Medical Director of Cumberland Hospital for Children, Arrested on Felony Sex Charges

2022-12-16: WNYT Investigates New York Psychiatrist Clarence White, Finds History of Disciplinary Actions

2022-12-16: DEA Raids Home of Kentucky Psychiatrist Jason Stamper; Arrested on Trafficking, Possession Charges

2022-12-14: Universal Health Services: Parents Say 11-Year-Old Daughter was Sexually Assaulted at Brynn Marr Hospital

2022-12-14: Universal Health Services: “Kids Seem to Be a Paycheck": How a Billion-Dollar Corporation Exploits Washington’s Special Education System

2022-12-14: Washington State School Psychologist Aaron Myers to Stand Trial in January 2023 on Child Porn Charges

2022-12-06: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo de Los Angeles Sentenced to Jail for Sexual Assault of Patient

2022-12-05: Universal Health Services: Former Medical Director of Cumberland Hospital, Arrested for Sex Crimes