2018-09-20: Psychiatrist Judith Tietz Prohibited from Prescribing Opioid Drugs

2018-09-18: University of Chicago -- Ingalls Memorial Hospital Behavioral Health...

2018-09-18: Child Psychiatrist Kimberly Frank Still Practicing Despite Insanity Plea

2018-09-18: Psychologist Jeannie Pasacreta Arrested, Charged with Medicaid Fraud

2018-09-18: NY Psychiatrist Surendra Johri to Face Second Sex Abuse Trial

2018-09-13: Los Angeles Psychiatrist Jack Wu Restricted from Prescribing Opioids

2018-09-10: U of AZ Psychology Professor Accepts Funding from Racism-Focused Research Foundation

2018-09-07: Texas Psychiatrist Riaz Mazcuri Gets 12 Years Prison for $155M Medicaid Fraud Scam

2018-09-06: Colorado School Psychologist Patrick Robinson To Be Sentenced for Gun Threat

2018-09-04: Rhode Island Psychiatrist Monissa Solberg Surrenders License; Had 'Intimate Relationship' with Patient

2018-08-30: Pennsylvania Psychologist Michael J. Edwards Convicted for Child Porn

2018-08-29: Government Seeks to Review Court Cases That Involved Psychiatrist Who Was Convicted for Child Porn

2018-08-29: South African Psychiatrist Knowingly Lied to Media About Psych Hospital Deaths

2018-08-28: Board Issues Order Restricting Psychiatrist Adam Travis' Treatment of Female Patients

2018-08-24: Psychiatrist Stuart Tubis Suspended; Prescribed Controlled Substances Without Exams, Inadequate Recordkeeping

2018-08-20: Psychiatrist James M. Gilbert, Prescribing Tied to Three Overdose Deaths

2018-08-16: Michigan Psychologist Michael Vredevoogd Violated Americans with Disabilities Act, Agrees to Comply

2018-08-15: Civil Complaint Seeks $800K, Cars, and Home from New York Psychiatrist, Muhammad Cheema, Charged with Fraud

2018-08-14: Error Made Allowing UK Psychiatrist Shekhar Chandra Back on Register, Says Appeal Court

2018-08-14: Court Rules Against PA Psychiatrist Kenneth Stanko Who Was Sued for Allegedly Hooking Patient on Oxycodone

2018-08-12: Psychologist Kris Schroder Charged with Stealing From Dying Partner

2018-08-08: Psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins Conviction Upheld in Fraud Scheme

2018-08-06: Former Sheriff's Department Psychologist Michael Dane Ward Sued by Children He Molested

2018-08-06: Psychologist Peter Kosseff Facing Complaint of Negligence

2018-08-06: Psychiatrist Sridhar Yaratha Arranged for One Patient to Attack Another, Federal Judge Rules

2018-08-03: Psychiatrist Michael J. Cosgrove: Accusation of Unprofessional Conduct

2018-08-03: Michigan Psychologist Paul Smith Indicted on Felony Charges

2018-07-31: Psychiatrist Enyinnaya Ezema Suspended for Sexual Harassment

2018-07-30: Psychiatrist Muhammad Cheema Charged with Health Care Fraud

2018-07-30: Psychologist Richard Lenhart in Prison and Deemed a Sexually Violent Predator

2018-07-27: Psychologist Alethea Young Suspended Over Ethics Violations