2018-06-21: Psychologist Paul Smith Allegedly Defrauded Insurance Company Out of $5 Million

2018-06-21: Psychologist Russell Cherry Indicted on Child Pornography Charges

2018-06-21: Psychiatrist Matthew Hopkins, Prison Time for DUI Crash

2018-06-21: Sexual Abuse: Psychiatrist Surendra Johri Awaits More Charges

2018-06-18: Dutch Child Psychiatrist Piet Hein van T Caught Having Sex with Boy in Nepal

2018-06-18: St. Cloud Psychologist Eric Felsch Gets 3-Plus Years for Sex with Client

2018-06-15: Psychiatrist Valerie Augustus Spanked Patients with Whips, Riding Crops, and Called Them 'Mules,' Officials Say

2018-06-15: Psychiatrist William E. Davis Suspended for Excessive Prescribing

2018-06-14: Psychiatrist N. Dinesh: Allegations of Taking Part in Torture of Kerala Woman

2018-06-14: Iowa Psychiatrist Russell England Fined for Carelessly Prescribing Pills to Himself, Others

2018-06-14: Psychologist Daniel Davenport Admits He Had Sex with Teen Former Patient

2018-06-13: Former Queensland Health Psychiatrist Accused of Betrayal: Revealing Murder Details

2018-06-12: Psychologist Surrenders License Due to Sexual Misconduct

2018-06-11: Psychiatrist Robert Proctor Barred from Practicing for 6 Months

2018-06-09: Psychologist Catinia Farrington Accused: False Claims Ring Up to $4M in Medicaid Fraud

2018-06-06: Psychologist Toni Metelerkamp Reprimanded for Unsatisfactory Professional Conduct

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman Accused of Groping Patients Faces Judge

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Peter Steiner Indicted and License Suspended for Pot, Evidence Tampering

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Vicki Olivia Morrow Agrees to Place License in Inactive Status

2018-05-31: Psychiatrist Gregory Villabona License at Risk

2018-05-30: Psychiatrist William Braden Disciplined for Improperly Prescribing Drugs

2018-05-30: Psychiatrist Edit Esther Pusztai Reprimanded for Relationship with Patient

2018-05-29: Africa: Psychiatrist Pieter Van der Westhuizen Faces Rape Charges

2018-05-29: Child Psychologist Kenneth Breslin Sentenced for Possessing Child Porn

2018-05-28: Psychologist Jennifer Jiang Guilty of Professional Misconduct

2018-05-25: El Cajon Psychiatrist Booked on Four Misdemeanor Criminal Counts

2018-05-25: Medical Board Says "No" to Psychiatrist Paul Yeh; Obtained Licensed by Fraud

2018-05-16: Psychiatrist Charged in Schemes to Illegally Prescribe Drugs

2018-05-15: Psychiatrist Leon Fajerman, Charged with Sexual Abuses of Seven Patients, Surrenders License

2018-05-15: Indiana Psychologist License Revoked For Falsifying Mental Evaluations

2018-05-15: Heath Sommer, Psychologist at Travis AFB, Charged with Sexual Assaults of Veterans

2018-05-14: New Jersey Psychiatrist Pleads Guilty in Medicaid Fraud

2018-05-14: Several Women Filed B.C. Supreme Court Lawsuits Against Vancouver Psychiatrist

2018-05-10: Psychiatrist Edwin B. Hall Surrenders License While Under Investigation - 6 Dead Patients

2018-05-09: San Diego Psychiatrist's License Suspended for Reportedly Practicing While Intoxicated

2018-05-08: Allegation of Sex with Patient: Santa Ana Psychiatrist

2018-05-03: Well-known child psychiatrist in Norway convicted for downloading 200,000 child porn images over two decades

2018-05-03: Georgia psychologist in jail for alleged child molestation filmed upskirt videos

2018-05-02: Indiana psychologist may lose license after felony conviction

2018-04-26: California psychiatrist on leave during investigation

2018-04-26: Psychiatrist who received $3 million for research put kids at risk

2018-04-24: Eight women claim they were sexual abused by a California psychiatrist

2018-04-24: Georgia child psychologist, molester drugged ex-wife