2017-09-25: Psychologist sentenced to 25 years in prison for Social Security fraud

2017-09-22: Did You Receive Electroshock Therapy (ECT) at Unity Point Methodist Hospital?

2017-09-21: US recommends psychologist be sentenced to 15 years

2017-09-21: Child pyschologist reaches plea deal in child porn case

2017-09-21: Extradition of psychiatrist who fled country to avoid prosecution is stayed

2017-09-20: A third former patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct

2017-09-20: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to illegally distributing a controlled substance

2017-09-19: New York psychiatrist pleads guilty to criminal trespass for falsifying records

2017-09-12: Sydney psychiatrist suspended for misconduct

2017-09-11: Child psychiatrist sentenced for filming boys in public toilets

2017-09-07: Additional murder charges and new sex charges added to case against Georgia psychiatrist

2017-09-07: Iowa psychologist charged with sexual exploitation, witness tampering and practicing without a license

2017-09-04: Former Wyoming psychologist pleads no contest to two sexual assault charges

2017-09-04: Another patient accuses California psychiatrist of sexual misconduct

2017-09-04: California psychiatrist convicted of assault now has two lawsuits filed against him

2017-08-31: California psychiatrist allegedly fondled and groped patient

2017-08-28: Former Los Angeles Sheriff's Department psychologist convicted of sex crimes against children

2017-08-28: Two patients accuse Tennessee psychiatrist of making sexual advances during sessions

2017-08-24: VA psychiatrist who had sex with veteran pleads guilty to witness tampering

2017-08-23: Canadian psychiatrist loses license over relationship with former patient

2017-08-23: Psychologist in India accused of attempting to sexually abuse 13-year-old boy

2017-08-21: UK psychiatrist failed to conduct risk assessments for teenager who died

2017-08-15: Connecticut psychiatrist disciplined for false claims

2017-08-14: Married psychologist in Scotland loses license for inappropriate sexual relationship with patient

2017-08-14: Pennsylvania psychiatrist sentenced to prison for health care fraud

2017-08-11: Omaha psychiatrist fined $10,000 and serving a suspension for his inappropriate relationship

2017-08-11: Indiana psychologist guilty of felony obstruction of justice

2017-08-11: 67-year-old former psychologist arrested for sexually assaulting a teen patient

2017-08-11: Psychiatrist convicted of raping a patient gets additional sentence for jury tampering

2017-08-08: Ongoing tribunal over 2013 death of teenage patient after failings by psychiatrist

2017-08-08: Psychologist in a sexual relationship with his patient told her he wanted to be her Darcy

2017-08-08: Psychologists accused of designing CIA torture program to face trial

2017-08-03: Chief medical officer reprimand for sexual relationship with a suicidal former patient

2017-08-03: Coral Springs psychiatrist arrested for hit-and-run crash

2017-08-02: California psychiatrist accused of 'groping' a patient

2017-08-02: Scottish psychologist accused of sexual relationship with patient

2017-07-31: Psychiatrist facing sexual assault charges seeks diary of victim

2017-07-31: Minnesota psychiatrist resigns medical license after accusations of over-prescribing

2017-07-28: Delaware psychiatrist indicted on insurance fraud and identity theft charges