2020-01-20: North Dakota Medical Board Revokes License of Psychiatrist Lloyd M. Bell

2020-01-14: Wales Psychiatrist Noel Sardar Sentenced for Stalking Female Patients

2020-01-14: NY Revokes License of Psychiatrist Clarence G. White for Sex with Patient

2020-01-13: Louisiana Psychiatrist Padmini Nagaraj Sentenced in Medicare Fraud Scheme

2020-01-13: Detroit Psychologist Paul L. Smith Gets 51 Months Prison for Health Care Fraud

2020-01-10: UN Calls for NZ Authorities to Investigate Child ECT Torture at Lake Alice Psych Facility

2020-01-08: Court Enforces $957,675 Judgment in Rape Suit Against NY Psychologist William Knack

2019-12-30: Israeli Psychiatrists Omer Boneh, Abraham Weizman, Michael Bontzel and Tali Vishne Accused of Prescribing Psych Drugs to Young Orthodox Jews to Curb Sex Thoughts

2019-12-27: State Board Monitoring Case of Psychologist Kurt Bumby, Charged with Sodomy

2019-12-21: How Former Fox News Psychiatrist Keith Ablow Lost His Medical Licenses

2019-12-17: Missouri Psychologist and Sex Offender Expert Kurt Bumby Charged with Sodomizing Children

2019-12-11: Australian Psychology Board Suspends Gregory D. Asher for Five Years; Sex with Patient

2019-12-05: Pennsylvania Revokes License of Prison Psychologist James Harrington: 3 Patient Suicides

2019-12-04: Florida Seeks to Revoke License of Psychiatrist Zoya Kosman after Fraud Conviction

2019-11-26: US Marshals Arrest IL-NC-FL Psychiatrist David Lelio for Illegal Distribution of Pills

2019-11-26: TX Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Emad Mikhail Bishai; 4 Patients Dead; Arrest Warrants Issued