2022-10-05: New York State Revokes License of Psychiatrist Arnold Mandelstam; Exploited Patient for Own Gratification

2022-10-03: Disgraced Utah Psychologist David L. Hamblin Charged with Sexual Abuse of Children

2022-09-30: Universal Health Services: Federal Inspectors Find Assaults, Escapes, Improper Seclusion at For-Profit North Star Psych Facility

2022-09-26: Sequel Youth & Family Services/Vivant Behavioral: Lakeside Academy Buildings Demolished; Country Club Expansion Planned

2022-09-21: Meridian Behavioral Health: Sexual Assault Arrests at Meadow Creek Treatment Center

2022-09-20: California Psychologist Robert R. Kraszewski Surrenders License for Sexual Exploitation of Patient

2022-09-20: Mexico City Psychologist Maria Alejandra Lafuente Casco Sentenced to 46.5 Years Prison for Murder

2022-09-19: Universal Health Services: Nine More Former Patients File $147M Suit Against Cumberland Hospital, Former Medical Director, Citing Physical & Sexual Abuses

2022-09-13: Cerebral: More Customers and Employees Express Concern About Diagnosing and Prescribing Practices

2022-09-13: Newport Beach Psychiatrist Renato Monaco Surrenders License for Negligent Prescribing of Controlled Substances

2022-09-13: California Medical Board Puts Child Psychiatrist Syed T. Rizvi on Probation for 3 Years for Negligence

2022-09-09: NYC Psychiatrist Pamela Buchbinder Pleads Guilty to Charges Stemming from Murder Plot; to be Jailed 11 Years

2022-09-08: Psychologist Among "Child Torturers" Arrested at Private Child Psychological Center in Azerbaijan

2022-09-08: Trinity Teen Solutions/Triangle Cross Ranch: Former Troubled Teens File Lawsuit Alleging "Nightmare" Conditions, "Humiliating Punishment"

2022-09-06: Universal Health Services: Federal Judge Affirms Citation against Centennial Peaks Hospital for Workplace Violence

2022-09-05: Hyderabad Psychologist B.P. Nagesh Jailed for Harassing Girls; Initiated Sex Chats

2022-09-02: Sequel/Vivant Behavioral Health: Mother Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Brighter Path Tuskegee Facility

2022-09-01: Court Dismisses Wrongful Termination Lawsuit; Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee Sued Yale for Firing Her after Publicized Trump "Diagnosis"

2022-08-31: Montana State Psychiatric Hospital Loses Federal Funding Following Four Patient Deaths

2022-08-31: Minneapolis Psychiatrist Thomas Gratzer Charged with Sexual Abuse Involving a Child

2022-08-26: Abused or Harmed at College Hospital in Cerritos, CA?

2022-08-23: Medical Board Reprimands Glendale, CA Psychiatrist Abigail M. Stanton; Negligence Resulted in Patient Suicide

2022-08-23: Melbourne Psychologist David Jones Suspended for Kissing Patient

2022-08-17: Georgia Psychologist Guy Jordan Sentenced in Medicaid Fraud Case

2022-08-12: Nebraska Psychiatrist Reynaldo De los Angeles, Recently Convicted of Sexual Assault, Arrested Again on New Sex Charge

2022-08-10: California Psychiatrist Jonathan Lam Yuen Watt Surrenders Medical License for Sexual Exploitation of Two Patients

2022-08-10: South Carolina Psychiatrist Dieter Bartschat Sentenced on Obscenity Charge

2022-08-08: Universal Health Services: State Dept. of Health Closed Fairfax Behavioral Due to Issues of Safety, Patient Sex

2022-08-08: Daybreak Youth Services: State Seeks to Close Residential Treatment Center for Failure to Cooperate with Investigation of Abuses