State imposes same restrictions on psychologist Bruce Leksa as from 1993 patient sex case

November 30, 2010

On September 10, 2010, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) issued an Agreed Order against psychologist Bruce J. Leksa, fining him $2,000 and imposing numerous limitations and conditions on his practice, similar to or the same as those the DOH imposed upon him in 2004 (described below). 

The reason for this is that, according to the DOH’s document, Leksa failed to fully adhere to the 2004 conditions.  Specifically, Leksa was required to provide a copy of the DOH’s 2004 Order or a Psychology Board-approved letter describing the topics of the Order to all his clients and/or patients.  In 2008, the DOH found that the disclosure statement which Leksa provided to patients did not include a copy of the 2004 Order or a Board-approved letter.  

The basis of the 2004 is as follows:  The DOH revoked Leksa’s license in 1993 for a minimum of seven years, on the basis that Leksa’s unethical conduct with clients, particularly:

  • A mother and her two teenage daughters, for whom Leksa “…became the significant male figure in their lives. 
  • He attended family functions, told them about his life and vacations and told the mother, ‘You’ll be the mom, I’ll be the dad and we’ll get them raised.’”
  • He recommended to the mother that she have sex several times a day with men and with women to “ground her sexually.”  She acted on the recommendation with one individual and felt dirty, degraded and ashamed as a result.
  • In September 1987, he visited her home along with his “mentor” in order to “change the aura of the home so that it would sell after having been on the market a long time.”  During the visit, Leksa offered marijuana to the younger daughter, made sexual advances to the older daughter and had sexual intercourse with the mother.  The sexual relationship lasted until July 1989.
  • On the older daughter’s 19th birthday, he took her out and gave her alcohol, then took her  to his house and had sexual intercourse with her.  
  • He engaged in sexual intercourse with her at least ten times and carried on sexual relationships with the girl and her mother concurrently.  

Source: Stipulated Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Agreed Order in the Matter of Bruce J. Leksa, credential no. PSYC.PY.00001102, case no. M2008-118250.


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