State revokes license of social worker Rayne Norton

November 24, 2010

On May 7, 2010, the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners issued an Order of Revocation on social worker Rayne Norton. 

The Board’s report states that the Board suspended Norton for at least six months in September 2008 but that Norton failed to comply with some of the terms and conditions of that Order and thus the Board opened another complaint against her. The revocation came about due to her failure to participate in the Board’s investigation of that complaint. 

The issue which resulted in the 2008 suspension was that Norton “self-reported to the Board that she had engaged in a dual relationship with a 19-year-old male client when she allowed the client to live with her and her family for four days.”  Terms and conditions of that suspension included obtaining a psychological evaluation, attending and passing a graduate level ethics course and reimbursing the Board its investigative costs of $9,929.54.  

Source: Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners Adverse Action Tracking Form 2010, dated 21 September 2010.  

2011-09-11 23:04:47
rayne is a very nice sweet lady. she was my case manager for over a year she has a kind heart and was the most nicest lady i ever met!!! she may have let someone stay with her for a few day. they prolly where going through problems, and the generous sweet lady she if prolly just gave them a place too stay. and the relationship was prolly just a friend friendship. because i know id want to have her as a friend because how nice she was. the board did a bad thing i think by taking her license away!!!! she sure has shaped my life by with the work she did. i really appreciated it rayne!! was soo devestated when i found out she was no longer working! and my next case manager didnt even work out!!!!!

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