Virginia suspends license of psychiatrist Aneel N. Patel based on disciplinary action over prescribing practices

November 18, 2010

On October 5, 2010, the Virginia Department of Health Professions suspended the license of psychiatrist Aneel Nathoobhai Patel, based on action taken upon him by the medical licensing authority of another state. 

According to documents issued by the Virginia Board, Patel surrendered his license to practice medicine in the state of West Virginia on or about August 20, 2010. 

The West Virginia Board’s Consent Order states that in March 2010, they received a letter from the North Carolina Medical Board (Patel resides in Hampstead, North Carolina) expressing concern for Patel’s prescribing practices. 

Patel responded to the West Virginia Board’s inquiries, stating he is a retired physician and denying having written any prescriptions in the state of North Carolina.

The West Virginia Board concluded that probable cause existed to substantiate charges that Patel had violated the law by prescribing a prescription other than in good faith and in a therapeutic manner.

Source: Order In Re: Aneel Nathoobhai Patel, M.D., License No. 0101-043076, Before the Department of Health Professions.


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