Clinical social worker (therapist) Sharon K. Wollard: licenses revoked in four states for sex and other violations

September 16, 2010


On December 5, 2009, the Texas Department of State Health Services revoked the license of clinical social worker Sharon K. Wollard for reasons related to engaging in unethical conduct by failure to report to the Board that her professional licenses in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri had been revoked. 

In December 2006, the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board revoked Wollard’s license for numerous violations including making sexual advances toward or engaging in physical intimacies or sexual activities with a client(s) or former client(s); exercising undue influence on a client(s) in a manner that will exploit the client for her own financial gain, personal gratification, or advantage and engaging in a dual relationship with a client.

Though Wollard defended herself against the initial complaint, she surrendered her Kansas license when the presented her with a second, similar complaint. Her Missouri and Oklahoma licenses were revoked based on the Kansas decision. 

The Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers website entry on Wollard states that they permanently revoked her license on September 25, 2009 for fraud in obtaining credentials and sexual misconduct.  

Source: Disciplinary action entry on “Wollard, Sharon K.” on website of the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board; Licensee search results for “Wollard, Sharon” as found on the website of the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers, URL: and monthly licensee disciplinary report of the Texas Department of State Health Services, January 2010.   


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