Virginia board reprimands clinical social worker Viola Vaughan-Eden regarding custody reports

September 13, 2010

On July 7, 2010, the Virginia Board of Social Work reprimanded licensed clinical social worker Viola Vaughan-Eden. 

According to the findings of fact contained in the Board’s Order, Vaughn-Eden, in the context of conducting forensic evaluations: 

Did not obtain or review collateral materials that may have provided more comprehensive information and did not document her reason for not ingterviewing certain additional sources.

Accepted initial employment to evalua  child involved in a custody dispute at the request or the mother and then subsequently with agreement of all parties accepted employment from the Court to provide an objective, neutral, forensic evaluation regarding this child without documenting why accepting why accepting such employment did not constitute a conflict of interest.

The Board’s Order includes additional findings.

Vaughan-Eden may only provide forensic evaluations under supervision of another board-approved clinical social worker, among other conditions.

Source: Order, In Re: Viola Vaughan-Eden, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., License No. 0904-001616, Case Nos. 124222, 124262, 111893, 121136 and 118287, Before the Virginia Board of Social Work.

Viola Vaughan-Eden
2012-02-25 12:29:16
Viola Vaughan-Eden was never place on probation. Her license was never suspended and she was never required to operate under anyone else's license. The information you have on your website is only based on allegations made alleged offenders. If you want the truth go to the Virginia Board of Social Work website
2012-02-27 19:50:12
That's been corrected.

Viola Vaughan-Eden
2012-02-28 13:30:00
I appreciate you correcting that I was not on probation, but I remain confused where you are getting your information. Anyone can make allegations against a mental health professional but it doesn%u2019t make it true. The information you have posted clearly isn%u2019t from the actual Order posted with Virginia Board of Social Work. You listed a series of allegations as if they are factual, when in reality one man decided that he wanted to retaliate against me by using the internet to solicit other men to make false allegations. I like all mental health professionals are MANDATORY REPORTERS. We don%u2019t have a choice to report allegations of abuse made by a child, we are REQUIRED BY LAW. The law clearly states that you are not to investigate but to contact Child Protective Services when statements of abuse are made to you by the child or face being arrested for not reporting. Unfortunately, the Virginia Board of Social Work was not versed on the mandatory reporting law, which clearly states that you cannot bring someone up on administrative hearing for following the required child abuse reporting laws. In my situation, the CPS worker brought the child to my office for an evaluation and a Judge court-ordered me to complete the evaluation. This entire situation was reviewed by the National Association of Social Workers Office of Professional Ethics and determined that the person (though his political connections) used the system to retaliate against me. NASW in turn sent my attorney a check for $5000 to assist with my legal defense. I have since been named Outstanding Mental Health Professional by the National Children%u2019s Advocacy Center and Lifetime Achievement in Social Work by the NASW-Virginia Chapter. I was never required to %u201Conly provide forensic evaluations under supervision of another board-approved clinical social worker%u2026%u201D I am uncertain why you would want to post false information and I am again asking that you correct it. I have emailed your office the Order taken directly from the Virginia Board of Social Work website.
2012-02-29 15:58:40
Dear Dr. Vaughan-Eden,

I appreciate you bringing your concerns to CCHR's attention but at the same time, your statement is not entirely factual. According to the Virginia Board of Social Work's July 7, 2010 Order, you were indeed placed on no less than 12 months probation. An Amended Order was later issued changing the terms of your discipline. CCHR was not aware of the Amended Order but our information was entirely correct, based on the original order. The entry on the website will be changed to reflect the terms of the later order.

Dana Hawes
2012-04-11 08:16:12
I commend CCHR for providing an objective and unbiased report of the malpractices of this woman. I, like some other custodial parents (specifically fathers) have been personally and adversely impacted by baseless and unfounded allegations of Dr. Vaughan-Eden. The events that transpired in my personal case were not at all dissimilar to those that are documented in the cases brought before review with the Board of Social Work. I encourage any persons who are to any degree curious about the details of Dr. Vaughan-Eden's unethical malpractice to research the public records available to them at:

Dr. Vaughan-Eden is a highly trained professional who is deeply networked within a cohort of other legal and medical professionals who support and ultimately endorse her sexist agenda to limit and erradicate the rights of custodial fathers. She, and her network operate in manners which are unscruplous and unethical. Despite her continual attainment of accolades to the contrary, Dr. Vaughan-Eden is a menace to society and a blight upon her profession.

I am confident that in due time, more evidence will be brought forward to substantiate the fact that John Proctor in Nelson County, VA and Dana Hawes in Chesterfield County, VA are not isolated instances of the flagrant misuse and abuse of her professional knowledge, skills and abilities.

Further information about Mrs. Viola Vaughan-Eden's (im)moral imperative and affiliations with highly sophisticated and equally menacing organizations can be found by conducting a search for her name at:

I can only pray that other caring fathers are not impacted by the egregious acts of malfeasance enumerated in the records archived by the Dr. Viola Vaughan-Eden's licensing board. I can assert from firsthand experience that the actions attributed to Viola Vaughan-Eden are in fact, PSYCH CRIMES that are not at all victimless.

PS: Dr. Vaughan-Eden, I expect and rather HOPE to hear from someone representing your "legal interests" after you read this comment. Your interest in CCHR's documentation of your misdeeds speaks volumes.

LOVING father and STILL custodial parent of two AMAZING children!
Dana Hawes

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