Florida psychologist Johann N. Prewett suspended (again) for sexual misconduct with patient; history of sexual comments to abuse victims, fines and citations

August 25, 2010


An Orange Park psychologist has been reprimanded, suspended and fined $5,000 after being cited with sexual misconduct and failure to meet minimum standards following bizarre comments to a 2008 patient who saw him for help with childhood sexual abuse, according to Florida Department of Health documents.
The Aug. 5 final order follows similar state actions against Johann Nicholas Prewett in the past five years for behavior and comments to other patients at his office at 1727 Kingsley Ave., according to the state.
Prewett, 55, could not be reached for comment. His office number was disconnected and no home telephone number could be found.
The current case dates back to sessions in 2008 with a woman being treated for childhood abuse. Prewett asked her if he should "cancel the appointment because he was so distracted by the way she looked," according to the case document. He told her he wanted to "jump her bones," adding that most girls who are sexual abuse victims are basically "nuns or whores" and she was in the "nun stage," the document says.
The woman said she left the office in shock, feeling victimized and hurt.
Prewett has had previous complaints filed against him by patients or their family members, all resulting in suspensions and fines, state documents show.
On Feb. 24, 2009, the state surgeon general signed an order fining him $5,000 and suspending him with probation after a 9-year-old patient's mother said he talked about his marital problems, called her a liar and asked her about her marital status, the documents show.
In May 2008, another state case document says he called a 15-year-old patient a "psycho" and screamed at him and his mother to leave the office. She found him lying on the floor when she came back, and a Clay County Sheriff's Office deputy said Prewett admitted to drinking, according to documents. The state Board of Psychology's April 24, 2009, decision was a suspended license and payment of $5,464 in administrative costs.
In a 2005 case, Prewett's failure to file a medical leave form to another patient's supervisor resulted in that person being fired. The resulting April 2008 state Board of Psychology order fined him $4,000 and placed him on probation.
Source: Dan Scanlan, "Orange Park psychologist fined, suspended--again--for sexual misconduct with abuse patient," Florida Times Union, August 16, 2010.


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