Milwaukee psychologist Jeffrey A. Adamczak charged with sexually exploiting two female patients

August 15, 2010


MILWAUKEE - A psychologist who has a Mount Pleasant office allegedly sexually exploited two patients, according to a criminal complaint filed this week in Milwaukee County Circuit Court. 

Jeffrey A. Adamczak, 47, Oak Creek, faces two counts of sexual exploitation by a therapist. Each comes with the possible penalty of 7 1/2 years in prison.

Two women told Oak Creek police they had sexual contact with Adamczak while they were seeing him for therapy. According to court records, the alleged incidents took place at his Oak Creek office, 8825 S. Howell Ave. Adamczak is the executive director of and a psychologist with Psychological and Counseling Services; his office here is at 6929 Mariner Drive in Mount Pleasant.

Adamczak's attorney, Gerald P. Boyle, said his client denies anything sexual happened while he was treating the women. Boyle said they intend to fight the allegations.

The first woman told police she began seeing Adamczak for therapy in February 2002. While she was a patient, she said, Adamczak said things like "My wife asked me out of all my patients is there anyone you would be interested in and I told her you," and that "If you were with me I would treat you like the queen you are."

The woman said she filed for divorce in February 2005. A week later, she said, she went to give Adamczak a hug at the end of her session, which was routine. She said he spun her around and touched her genitals. They then kissed, she told police, and had sex on his office couch the next day.

After that, the woman said, Adamczak told her she could no longer be considered his patient and that there would be no further record of her visits. A patient termination summary was signed on March 1, 2005, and she said their relationship lasted through February 2006.

The second woman said she was a patient of Adamczak's from mid-2001 until January 2005. She said at the end of a session in October 2004, Adamczak hugged her, and that they hugged at the end of each session after that. During her Dec. 23, 2004 session the woman said she "got the sense that Adamczak was looking at her differently," according to the criminal complaint. At the end of the session, the woman said Adamczak kissed her, then turned her around and touched her genitals and breasts.

The woman said her last session with Adamczak was on Jan. 6, 2005. She said she went to the session because she was very confused and wanted to find out what had happened. She said Adamczak never mentioned the touching, and that they decided she would no longer see him as a therapist. At the end of the session the woman told police Adamczak said "If you lose the 60 pounds you want to lose, I'll get the hotel room."

Adamczak made his initial appearance on the charges Friday afternoon. He was given a $1,000 signature bond, and ordered not to have contact with the women, their families or places of employment. The Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing shows his license is active, though a spokesman said Adamczak is the subject of an open investigation.

Source: Janine Anderson, "Therapist charged with having sexual relations with patients," Journal Times, August 13, 2010.


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