Austrian court psychiatrist Reinhard Haller under investigation for fraud charges

August 12, 2010

One of Austria’s most prestigious court psychiatrists faces fraud accusations.

Hansjörg Mayr, a spokesman for the Innsbruck state prosecution, confirmed investigations against Reinhard Haller were underway. Mayr explained: "Haller has been accused of having charged expert opinions he never carried out."

Mayr added Haller has also been reported for using outdated methods in examining defendants in various criminal cases.

Haller is one of the country’s most acknowledged court psychiatrists. He carried out medical opinions in headline-hitting cases such as the ones of serial killer Jack Unterweger and infamous letter bomber Franz Fuchs.

"Das ganz normale Böse" was one of the most successful books in German-speaking Europe last year.

Meanwhile, Innsbruck psychologist Klaus Burtscher expressed doubts over Haller’s court opinion on the mental state of alleged Nazi-era child killer Heinrich Gross.

The Viennese doctor faced trial of assisting in nine murders at the city’s Am Spiegelgrund euthanasia clinic in 1994 where Third Reich medics and henchman tortured hundreds of disabled children.

Haller told judges in 2000 Gross – aged 84 back then – was unfit to stand a trial as he suffered from "far advanced brain decay" and a "serious depression."  Judges then dropped charges against the defendant – who controversially gave a lengthy TV interviews a short while later.  Gross passed away five years ago.

Burtscher now expressed suspicions Haller’s methods were out of date.  Haller hit back saying: "Everything I publish matches national and international criteria of science. I don’t like my good reputation harmed by someone else trying to make himself important."

Haller further pointed out judges dealing with the Gross case ordered two more medical opinions by experts abroad which brought the same results.

Source: "Famed court psychiatrist may face fraud charges," Austrian Independent, August 12, 2010.


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