Calgary court psych Aubrey Levin faces 20 additional sex assault charges as more victims come forward

July 30, 2010

A Calgary psychiatrist who has frequently testified in court now faces 21 sexual assault charges involving patients, some allegedly during court-ordered visits.

Dr. Aubrey Levin, 71, was first arrested and charged March 23 after allegations that a 36-year-old patient was repeatedly sexually assaulted.

Calgary Police said that following that charge, “the sex crimes unit was approached by numerous people alleging they, too, were sexually assaulted by Levin during counselling sessions or court-ordered visits.”

“These assaults allegedly occurred at Levin's Peter Lougheed (hospital) office or examination rooms.”

Dr. Levin has now been charged with 20 additional counts of sexual assault involving 20 other patients.

Alberta Justice has been reviewing all criminal cases in which Dr. Levin offered testimony to ensure there were no miscarriages of justice.

Spokesman David Dear said the work in 17 cases in which Dr. Levin was currently involved has been redone by other psychiatrists. The department is currently reviewing 21 other cases which had been finished.

Mr. Dear said that Dr. Levin most commonly gave expert testimony to help the court make decisions on sentencing for people who had already been convicted.

Dr. Levin's licence to practise medicine was temporarily suspended by the College of Physicians and Surgeons when the original charge was laid, said spokeswoman Kelly Eby.

She couldn't confirm whether any patients had registered complaints against the doctor, saying those would be confidential unless there were a disciplinary hearing.

Dr. Levin earned his degree in 1963 in South Africa and was a military psychiatrist in that country before moving to Canada.

He served briefly as regional director of the federal Psychiatric Centre Saskatoon as an employee of Correctional Service Canada and has been a licensed psychiatrist in Alberta since 1998.

Source: "Calgary psychiatrist faces 21 sex assault charges involving patients," Globe and Mail, July 30, 2010.


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