South Australia psychology board revokes Marek Jantos’ license for patient molestation

November 11, 2007

On November 11, 2007, the South Australia Psychological Board de-registered (revoked the license of) psychologist Marek Jantos. Jantos, an affiliate lecturer at Adelaide University, was found guilty of gross professional misconduct for molesting a patient. The Board launched an inquiry into Mr. Jantos in July 2005 after the patient reported Jantos had sexually abused her with medical instruments and with his hand, and told her not to tell anyone. Jantos did not deny he’d engaged in the actions the patient had reported as abuse. The inquiry also found he had falsely called himself a doctor and did not follow proper hygiene procedures. Until such time as licensing boards on all continents are sharing disciplinary action results with each other, CCHR will assume this role by providing whatever data is available to all potentially interested parties.1

1 Tory Shepherd, “Bogus doctor abused patient,” Adelaide Now, 19 Nov. 2007.


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