Psychiatrist Andrew S. Zabiega surrenders licenses for false representations of qualifications

July 22, 2010

On December 17, 2009, psychiatrist Andrew S. Zabiega surrendered his license in the state of Indiana and on June 24, 2010, he surrendered his California medical license.  According to documents from both the Indiana and California medical boards, Zabiega made false statements about his training on his application for licensure in the state of Indiana.  On his July 17, 2003 Indiana application, Zabiega:

  • Completed a fellowship in psychiatry at Atascadero State Hospital (in California) from December 1983 through May 1, 1985.
  • Answered “no” to the question which asks, “Have you ever been admonished, censured, reprimanded or requested to withdraw, resign or retire from any hospital or health care facility in which you have trained, held staff membership or privileges or acted as a consultant?”

He was granted an unrestricted Indiana license based on his responses.  In January 2005, Zabiega applied for clinical privileges at Ball Memorial Hospital in Muncie, Indiana.  On his application, he stated:

  • He had a fellowship at Atascadero in forensic psychiatry, neurology and emergency medicine.   
  • He completed a residency at Foster G. McGaw Hospital, Loyola University of Chicago.
  • He completed a psychiatry residency at Warren State Hospital (Pennsylvania).
  • He had a fellowship in medicine at the Mayo Clinic Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota. 

In March 2005, Ball Memorial received the following correspondence:

  • Atascadero contacted Ball, stating that Zabiega worked there for a little over a year in general medicine and was dismissed for falsification of his initial application and for altering medical records while employed at Atascadero.
  • Mayo Clinic contacted Ball stating that Zabiega was appointed to a residency in 1963 but withdrew his application.
  • Warren State replied, indicating that Zabiega was a psychiatric resident but left after failing to pass his FLEX examination.
  • Loyola responded to Ball indicating that Zabiega was terminated from a residency training program.

Ball Memorial denied Zabiega clinical privileges on June 21, 2005.  On his 2007 Indiana license renewal application, Zabiega answer “no” to all questions, including “Since you last renewed, have you been denied staff membership or privileges in any hospital….”

Source: Decision and Order, In the Matter of the Case Against Andrew S. Zabiega, M.D., Physicians and Surgeons Certificate No. AFE-40331, MBC Case No. 16-2009-203953, Medical Board of California.



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