Nova Scotia yanks psychiatrist Marc Goulet's license for failing to disclose earlier Florida disciplinary action; fired from hospital

July 5, 2010

A psychiatrist who saw 11 patients in the Yarmouth-area late last month has had his license to practice in Nova Scotia pulled.

Dr. Marc Goulet, 62, had his medical license yanked after authorities say he lied on his application to practice in the province.

In a news release, officials with South West Health said it was discovered last week that Goulet was charged with operating without a medical license three years ago in Florida.

Goulet also failed to tell authorities in Nova Scotia that he was turned down in Quebec when he applied for a license there two years ago, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia said Monday.

The health authority has advised 10 of Goulet's patients of the situation. They are still looking for one person.

Goulet arrived in southwestern Nova Scotia on June 16, and began seeing patients June 21.

One week later, the college discovered that Goulet had lied on his application; he was fired June 29.

The health authority said that all aspects of Goulet's patient care was supervised and reviewed by the psychiatry department chief.


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