New York psychiatrist Naum Vaisman loses license following fraud conviction

October 11, 2007

On October 11, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General excluded psychiatrist Naum Vaisman from participating in the U.S. Medicaid-Medicare program (i.e. he can no longer receive reimbursement for services rendered to patients covered by these or any other federal health plans). Dr. Vaisman was convicted May 9, 2005 in Queens County, New York of misdemeanor Insurance Fraud; He was convicted August 3, 2005 in Kings County, New York of felony Insurance Fraud. The state of New York suspended his license for one year on March 28, 2006 (though the state had already summarily suspended it in December 2005). Dr. Vaisman’s convictions relate to his participation in a 36-member ring that defrauded millions from insurance companies by staging sham auto accidents. Prosecutors alleged that Dr. Vaisman’s part in the scheme was submitting "fraudulent no-fault claims to insurance carriers for psychological services which either were never provided to patients or were not medically necessary."1

1 Determination and Order, In the Matter of Naum G. Vaisman, M.D., New York Department of Health State Board for Professional Medical Conduct; Wayne Barrett, “The Sales of Justice,” The Village Voice, 13 Jan. 2007.


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