Ohio medical board puts restrictions on psychiatrist Leo D'Souza's practice

September 27, 2007

On September 27, 2007 Ohio psychiatrist Leo D'Souza entered into an Interim Agreement with the State Medical Board of Ohio, agreeing to have a chaperone present during the examinations of minors in the examination or consultation room until allegations brought against him in a 8/9/07 Notice of Opportunity for Hearing have been fully resolved.  Dr. D'Souza has been sued for child abuse and medical malpractice by a former patient who alleges that D'Souza fondled him during physical examinations when he was 12 or 13 years old (he was 19 years old when he filed the suit in December 2006).  The patient's parent also filed a report with the Medical Board of Ohio.  Another 19-year-old sued him in late December 2006 for sexual battery, alleging that D'Souza fondled him during an office visit that month.  Lastly, D'Souza settled out of court in 2005 with yet a third 19-year-old who alleged D'Souza sexually molested him.1

1 Interim Agreement of State Medical Board of Ohio, September 2007.


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