Virginia revokes license of psychiatrist Igor Magier, history of disciplinary actions, failure to comply

March 17, 2010

On February 26, 2010, the Virginia Board of Medicine revoked psychiatrist Igor Magier’s license for failure to comply with a 2008 Board order to complete an assessment of his competency after a one-year suspension for improperly prescribing narcotics. 

This action comes after a succession of disciplinary actions that the state of Virginia took against Magier: In 1989, he was placed on indefinite probation for numerous instances of indiscriminately, concomitantly and excessively prescribing to persons he knew or should have known were drug dependent, controlled substances without accepted therapeutic purpose and contrary to sound medical judgment. 

Terms of his probation included prohibition from prescribing Schedule II and III controlled substances.  In 1990, he was reprimanded for failing to comply with the practice monitoring condition of his 1989 probation.  In 2002, he was again reprimanded for failing to disclose in his state board internet profile that he had surrendered his North Carolina medical license in 1990. 

In October 2008, his license was suspended for one month for prescribing controlled substances continuously and at high levels, without proper assessment, diagnosis, monitoring, documentation or treatment plan to two patients resulting in one patient’s addition to the drugs and subsequent hospitalization for detoxification.  He was again placed on indefinite probation, the terms of which required him to submit to the competency assessment—something for which he was sent multiple notices to which he refused to comply.

Source: Virginia Board of Medicine file on Igor Magier, M.D., as posted on the Board’s website, URL:


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