"Top" UK psychologist Malcolm Cross faces loss of license for drunken behavior, offering male colleague sex

March 15, 2010

Malcolm Cross faces being struck off the register of psychologists after allegedly offering a male colleague sex

A distinguished psychologist offered a married male colleague sex and threatened to expose himself during a drunken meal with staff, it was alleged today.

Malcolm Cross confessed his love to Owen Hughes and attempted to put his arm round him as they dined.

When his advances were spurned, Cross touched himself in the crotch and threatened to expose himself, the Health Professions Council hearing was told.

He also flirted with waiters and rubbed the upper thigh of another man as his shocked wife looked on, it was claimed.

Dr Cross, a dean at London's City University,  makes frequent media appearances on BBC and boasts on his website of his 'warm, vibrant and understanding personality.'

He also claims to appreciate the real concerns facing people today, especially 'those affected by issues of sexuality.'

But he faces being struck off the register practitioner psychologists over his alleged behaviour at a meeting he was due to lead to discuss the accreditation of PHD students at the University of West of England in Bristol last June.

A 'very drunk' Cross arrived late unsteady on his feet and slurring his speech, the hearing was told.

He showed no interest what was being discussed by his four colleagues and instead urged to them go for a drink.

The meeting ended early because of his state and the group took a taxi to the Glass Boat restaurant where Cross continued to drink. 

Malcolm Cross faces being struck off the register of pyschologists after allegedly offering a male colleague sex

As Cross got drunker he flirted with waiting staff and launched into a rambling account of his troubled love life, Mr Hughes told the hearing.

'He said he had been unfaithful to his current partner and admitted to a lot of inappropriate sexual behaviour that he was not proud about.

'I tried to be understanding, but then he started telling me that he loved me.'

Cross repeatedly asked Mr Hughes to kiss him and eventually stood up and tried to plant a kiss on him from across the table.

Mr Hughes, who is a father, managed to rebuff him, but Cross then offered him oral sex.

'The way he put it made me in no doubt as to his seriousness about it,' Mr Hughes said.

'He had no reason to think that I was anything other than heterosexual. It made me feel very uncomfortable. It was clear that his behaviour was unprofessional and I asked him to stop.'

But Cross also attempted to kiss Mr Perrett and rubbed his inner thigh.

Simon Perrett, another member of their group, attempted to laugh his behaviour off, but his wife who was also at the dinner was 'not amused', the hearing was told.

Another diner, Molly Ross from the British Psychological Society, said Cross also threatened to expose himself and asked Mr Hughes to do the same.

Dr Cross also picked on Miss Ross throughout the night accusing her being a 'spoil sport' because she was concerned about the amount being drunk.

The following morning, Cross smelt of 'vomit and stale alcohol,' but was still able to fulfil his role at the accreditation of students, the hearing was told.

Australian born Cross is chartered as a Counselling Psychologist with the British Psychological Society and is registered as such with the UK Health Professions Council.

He is a regular contributor to radio programmes including BBC London’s Late Show and  BBC 94.9FM's and has appeared on Radio 4's Last Word and BBC Radio Five Live.

His page on City University website claims: 'Malcolm has consistently charmed and advised clients, colleagues and students alike with his sense of humour and ability to translate complicated psychological concepts into easy to understand language.'

Cross denies misconduct or that his fitness to practice is impaired.

The hearing continues.

Source: Tom Kelly, "Top psychologist 'offered male colleague sex and threatened to expose himself at meeting,'" Daily Mail, March 15, 2010.


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