Lawsuit: psychiatrist Harvey Rosenberg admitted to dating his patient's ex-wife, according to lawsuit

February 19, 2010

On January 29, 2010, Steven B. Kay filed a lawsuit in Oakland County (Michigan) Circuit Court against his former psychiatrist Harvey J. Rosenberg, alleging that Rosenberg betrayed Kay by dating his ex-wife.

Kay's lawsuit alleges that Laurie Kay, his wife of 13 years, told him in Spring 2001 that she wanted a divorce.   Mr. Kay then became depressed with suicidal thoughts.  As his mental-emotional condition further deteriorated, he was referred to Rosenberg for treatment.

Rosenberg counseling Kay for several weeks and then suggested seeing Kay and his wife together.  He also counseled Laurie Kay individually and even counseled the couple's son.

Despite counseling, Laurie Kay followed through with the divorce.

Mr. Kay made a suicide attempt in November 2001.   He continued counseling with Rosenberg, who advised him to accept the divorce and to agree to a divorce settlement contrary to the recommendations of Kay's attorney.  "Upon information and belief," states the suit, "Rosenberg referred Laurie to the attorney who represented her in her divorce...[which] was finalized in January 2006."  Mr. Kay continued to counsel with Rosenberg.

Following the divirce, Kay grew more depressed and, despite meeting and dating other women, he "obsessed over Laurie hoping that she would come back to him."  He expressed these feelings to Rosenberg, along with feelings that he would never again be happy.  He additionally communicated to Rosenberg "his hurt, betrayal and anger upon learning about Laurie's infidelity during their marriage."

In March 2009, Laurie contacted Mr. Kay to advise him that she and Rosenberg were dating.

Kay confronted the psychiatrist over phone.  Rosenberg admitted that it was true.

Rosenberg agreed to a face-to-face meeting a week later in which he admitted that his actions were wrong.  Rosenberg further attempted to justify his ethical breach and unprofessionalism by telling Kay that he "was in a loveless marriage; that his time was limited due to lung cancer; and that he wanted to experience happiness."

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