State of Washington revokes counselor’s license for sexual misconduct with client

February 3, 2010

On November 6, 2009, the Washington Department of Health (DoH) revoked counselor Tony G. Ogemahgeshig’s credential.

According to the DoH’s document, this action was the results of Ogemahgeshig’s conduct with a single client, described as having:

1. a past history of addiction of alcohol;
2. a past history of abuse by multiple male perpetrators and
3. due to experiences with a past male perpetrator who would drive in an erratic manner in an attempt to coerce the client not to disclose his abuse, the client was fearful of driving and did not drive.

Ogemahgeshig was aware of these conditions at the time he provided services to the client.

Nonetheless, among Ogemahgeshig’s violations were that he asked the client out to lunch on a Saturday and the client agreed. Ogemahgeshig drank a bottle of wine prior to picking up the client and smelled of alcohol. He arrived at her house wearing sweats and slippers and explained that he need to go home and shower before lunch. He did not explain to the client that his home was located in a rural community approximately 25 miles from her home. He drove in an erratic manner and at high speeds. Once at his house, he initiated hugs and kisses on the client. He then took a shower, during which he left the door open and called out to the client to bring him soap, which she did. After his shower, he emerged from the bathroom in only bikini briefs and asked the client to get in bed with him, which she reluctantly agreed to—getting on the bed. Ogemahgeshig got her under the covers and proceeded to rub her body through her clothes and under her shirt, kissed and hugged her and told her he was sexually attracted to her. She persuaded him to stop and they proceeded to lunch, where he again drove in an erratic manner at high rates of speed.

During lunch, Ogemahgeshig disclosed personal information about himself, his romantic history and his hope that the client could help him stay sober. As a result of Ogemahgeshig’s conduct, the client suffered substantial emotional stress, began drinking again and attempted suicide.

Source: Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Final Order, In the Matter of Tony G. Ogemahgeshig, Credential No. RC00040089, Master Case No. M2008-117818, Washington Department of Health, November 6, 2009.


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