California psychiatrist Edward Sanders, Jr. surrenders license for multiple violations

August 16, 2007

On August 16, 2007, psychiatrist Edward W. Sanders, Jr. surrendered his license to the Board.  The Board's 50+ page Accusation enumerates multiple counts of unprofessional conduct, including falsely billing state Medicaid, altered or inadequate medical records; prescribing and treating without conducting examinations; improper dispensing of prescription drugs; failure to maintain patient privacy and/or confidentiality and aiding and abetting the unlicensed practice of medicine.  The Board also revoked his license in September 1991 for numerous violations constituting “superficial and careless treatment” to his patients.  In December 1991, the decision was vacated and he was placed on seven years probation with one year of actual suspension.  In 1995, the Board again sought to revoke his license for insurance fraud, among other things.  In September 1997, he was placed on five years probation and 30 days suspension for allowing patients to assist with clerical and other duties in his office.1

1 Decision In the Matter of the Accusation Against: Edward Sanders, M.D., File No. 12-2003-152923, Medical Board of California.


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