Minnesota reprimands child psychiatrist Dexter Whittemore for sexual conduct with patient

December 11, 2009

On November 14, 2009, the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice reprimanded child-adolescent psychiatrist Dexter Whittemore for unprofessional and unethical conduct, improper management of
medical records and for "engaging in conduct that is sexual or may reasonably be interpreted by the patient as sexual."
In September 2008, the Board received a complaint alleging that Whittemore failed to maintain appropriate professional boundaries with an adult female patient.  The Board initiated an investigation by the Minnesota Attorney General's Office which revealed that Whittemore engaged in conduct with the patient that is sexual or reasonably interpreted by the patient as sexual.
During 2008, over a two-month period of time, Whittemore conducted
three treatment sessions with the patient outside of a clinical setting. 
Whittemore made physical advances toward the patient and engaged in verbal and electronic communications with the patient of a personal and sexual nature. When the patient did not retum to Whittemore for further treatment, he did not: (1) formally sever his professional relationship with the patient, (2) generate a discharge summary for the patient's medical record, or (3) ensure that the patient's care was transferred to another provider.
On July 8, 2009, Whittemore appeared before the Complaint Review
Committee and admitted that he failed to maintain professional boundaries with the patient.
The Board conditioned and restricted Whittemore's license as follows:
1. He is reprimanded.
2. He shall not engage in conduct that is sexual or may reasonably be interpreted by
the patient as sexual.
3. He shall not provide treatment for patients or meet with patients outside of a hospital or clinical setting.
4. He shall practice in a pre-approved group setting.
5. He shall obtain a pre-approved supervising physician who shall submit quarterly reports to the Board.
6. He shall meet quarterly with a designated Board member.
7. He shall pay a $682 civil penalty.
8. This Order shall remain in effect for a minimum of two years.
Whittemore is also licensed in California and lllinois.


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