Florida revokes psychologist Michael Hershorn's license following insurance fraud conviction

August 2, 2007

On August 2, 2007 the Florida Department of Health Board of Psychology revoked psychologist Michael Hershorn’s license. In April 2004, Mr. Hershorn pleaded No Contest to Grand Theft of the Second Degree and Grand Theft of the Third Degree in Broward County, Florida and was later sentenced to one year of probation. This theft was directly related to the practice of psychology in that it regarded fraudulent insurance claims Mr. Hershorn is alleged to have submitted to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida for treatments to patients that were never actually rendered.1

1 Department of Health v. Michael Hershorn, Ph.D., Final Order of Florida Board of Psychology, Case No. 2004-21455.

Jon Smith
2011-03-12 17:34:39
He ALso paid child support through a phony disability claim to his children. He was never charged with this felony and he should be as soon as possible.

James Jonesi
2011-04-25 18:40:59
This is true. He put in for disability, received it, returned to work, and disability cut a child support check directly to his wife. He should be charged for this crime.

J. Frankel
2011-04-28 14:55:59
I can attest to the fact that he paid child support through a false disability case AND returned to his psychology practice.

Julia Hershorn
2012-03-11 01:51:50
ireceived child support re disabilty checks as Michael Hershorn continued to work..2001-2002

Iulia Hershorn
2012-03-11 01:54:20
Received child support directly from disability as Michael Hershorn continued to work. HE should be charged as this is fraud.

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