California Medical Board revokes psychiatrist Sarah E. Babine’s license for substance abuse

June 15, 2007

On June 15, 2007, the Medical Board of California revoked psychiatrist Sarah Elizabeth Babine’s license. Dr. Babine, who resides and most recently practiced in Maine, was summarily suspended from practice by the Maine Medical Board in September 2006 after that Board concluded that she engaged in habitual substance abuse that had resulted or was foreseeably likely to result in the performing of medical services in a manner that endangers the health or safety of patients. Based on this action, the California Board mailed Dr. Babine a state of Accusation, to which she declined to present and thus the Board revoked her license based on the uncontested Accusation. 1

1 Before the Division of Medical Quality Medical Board of California Department of Consumer Affairs, in the Matter of the Accusation Against Sarah Elizabeth Babine, M.D., Case No. 16-2006-178491.


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