Kentucky medical board suspends psychiatrist Wrenda Gallien; was indicted for prescription fraud

April 19, 2007

On April 19, 2007 the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure (“Board”) suspended psychiatrist Wrenda B. Gallien’s license indefinitely, finding her “unable to practice medicine according to accepted and prevailing standards of care by reason of an extended absence from the active practice of medicine.” The Board initially suspended Dr. Gallien’s license on July 30, 2004. Dr. Gallien was arrested in September 2003 for unlawful prescribing. She was indicted on 38 counts of prescription fraud in November 2003. Her criminal trial ended in mistrial and she has, according to Board documents, repeatedly postponed rescheduling it. In January 2007 and again in February, the Board requested that Dr. Gallien submit tests to gauge her competence to practice, which she declined.1

1 Commonwealth of Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure Case No. 959, Administrative Action No. 04-KBML-0331, In Re: The License to Practice Medicine…of Wrenda Gallien.


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