Psychiatrist Ralph Richter surrenders California license

April 5, 2007

On April 5, 2007 the California Medical Board accepted the stipulated surrender of psychiatrist Ralph W. Richter’s license for unprofessional conduct. Earlier (May, 2005), Dr. Richter, who practices in the state of Oklahoma, was issued a Public Letter of Concern by the Oklahoma State Board of Medical Licensure for the same matter of unprofessional conduct. Both states’ disciplinary actions were based on the Oklahoma Board’s issuance of factual finding that Dr. Richter participated in clinical studies in 2001 and 2002 during which he made false, fraudulent or deceptive chart entries in the records of several study patients. Specifically, it was found that he made entries for examinations or medical care or treatment of patients or other services when he was in fact out of his office or on vacation.1

1 Before the Division of Medical Quality, Medical Board of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California, in the Matter of the Accusation Against: Ralph W. Richter, M.D., Case No. 16-2005-168246.


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