Psychiatrist James B. Hanley's receives maximum penalty of license revocation

April 1, 2007

In early April 2007, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of New Brunswick (Canada) suspended psychiatrist James B. Hanley's license, pending an investigation. Dr. Hanley had his license to practice in province of Newfoundland revoked in March 2007, after he admitted having sex with a depressed patient beginning in fall of 2003 (though Hanley had treated the patient for 17 years for abuse and consequent depression). Dr. Hanley closed his Newfoundland practice and began practicing at a New Brunswick military base, despite a six-page agreed statement of facts (a legal document agreements between a physician and the medical board) in which he agreed that he would not. He faces the maximum penalty of revocation of his New Brunswick license.

Kathleen D. Wiseman
2011-05-20 19:43:03
I am the victim of Dr. James Bernard Hanley, of St. John's, Newfoundland and New Brunswick. In the past four years my lawyer has been trying to seek out Dr. Haley for damages. He's never replied, hid his whereabouts, and even hid from Sherriff's who were trying to summons him to court. After his actions, and his deplorable actions toward settlement, he is now seeking to go before the College of Physicians & Surgeons, to ask for his License back to practice Psychiatry once again. What is wrong with this individual! He has been stricken from the registry in New Brunswick and in Newfoundland. He has not compensated the victim, has hid from the law, however, now he wants to go before the Board and ask them to give him back his License to Practice!!!! That's nerve, and criminal!

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