California Psychiatrist Jonathan Lam Yuen Watt Surrenders Medical License for Sexual Exploitation of Two Patients

August 10, 2022

On June 21, 2022, Riverside, California psychiatrist Jonathan Lam Yuen Watt surrendered his medical license to the Medical Board of California in response to the Board’s two Accusation documents, which charged him with sexual misconduct, sexual exploitation, and related charges involving two female patients (identified in the Board’s document as “Patient A” and “Patient B.”)

According to the Board’s document:

On or about May 24, 2017, Patient A first presented to Watt’s office complaining of lack of motivation and unhappiness. At that time, Patient A was a 27-year-old female. At the end of this visit, Watt hugged Patient A, while whispering into her ear, "We are not supposed to touch our patients." A follow-up appointment was scheduled in 30 days.

After Patient A's visit on or about May 24, 2017 and before the next visit on or about June 26, 2017, Watt repeatedly contacted Patient A via telephone and/or social media, expressing his desire to see her again prior to the next scheduled appointment. Watt repeatedly requested permission to visit Patient A at her residence. At first she refused, but eventually agreed to allow Watt to visit Patient A at her residence.

After Patient A's visit on or about May 24, 2017 and before the next visit on or about June 26, 2017, Watt went to Patient A's residence and they had a sexual intercourse.

On or about June 26, 2017, Patient A returned to Watt’s office for a follow-up psychiatric care and/or treatment. During this visit, Patient A confronted Watt by stating that she believed Watt had used her [for sex] and as a result, Patient A felt worthless. Watt apologized to Patient A, broke down emotionally, and stated he did not want to hurt Patient A. Watt then prompted Patient A to hug him. Patient A obliged and they began kissing each other. The kissing eventually led to Patient A performing fellatio on Respondent, in his office, during this visit. Then, Patient A left.

On or about April 26, 2017, Patient B first presented to Watt’s office, complaining of anxiety and depression. At that time, Patient B was a 42-year-old female. During this visit, Respondent hugged Patient B, told her she should feel "loved," and said she is "beautiful."

On or about May 15, 2017, Patient B returned to Watt for a follow-up visit. At this visit, Watt greeted Patient B with a hug. During this visit, he sat down next to Patient B, stating that he wanted to try some "relaxation techniques." Watt began rubbing Patient B's shoulders with his hands and started to breathe heavily on her ear. Respondent stated, "I want you to have an orgasm." Watt started to rub Patient B's breasts. At this point, Patient B froze and did not know what to do. Watt stood up from the couch, removed Patient B's pants and underwear, and performed oral sex on her. Patient remained frozen. Watt stopped, removed his pants, exposed his penis to Patient B, and attempted to move Patient B's head towards Respondent's penis for Patient B to perform fellatio on him. Patient B resisted and Watt pulled up his pants. In a stern voice, he told Patient B not to tell anyone about what happened.

If your psychologist or psychiatrist has engaged in sexual behavior or sexual contact with you, you can file a confidential report with Citizens Commission on Human Rights, who can assist you to take action.

Source: Decision in the Matter of the Second Amended Accusation Against Jonathan Lam Yuen Watt, M.D., Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate No. A 107815, Case No. 800-2019-058499, Medical Board of California, June 14, 2022. 


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