California Psychologist Diana Pickett Surrenders License Following Accusation of Negligence and Ethical Violations

June 10, 2022

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The California Board of Psychology has adopted a Stipulated Surrender of License and Order for Diana Pickett, Ph.D, #24337 of La Jolla, after issuing an Accusation July 14, 2021, which alleges Pickett committed gross negligence in her care and treatment of a patient and violated rules of professional conduct and ethical standards.

According to the Accusation, Pickett committed gross negligence in her care and treatment of a patient by administering psychological and/or neuropsychological tests to assess a patient’s memory and competence rather than referring the patient for an evaluation to a neuropsychologist or other outside specialist. Pickett allegedly encouraged the patient to practice medicine by encouraging his caregivers to fill out insurance applications for providers privileges and tried to facilitate a romantic relationship by introducing the patient to a former patient.

The Accusation also alleges Pickett misrepresented herself as a physician and surgeon, and her billing records contained multiple inaccuracies when compared to her treatment records. Pickett is also accused of terminating the patient’s treatment via voice message and email, failing to formulate a plan to terminate care and/or transfer care to another treatment provider, and failing to provide any referrals upon termination of care.

The adoption of the Stipulated Surrender of License by the Board will constitute a record of discipline against Pickett and shall become part of Pickett’s license history with the Board.

Source: “CALIFORNIA BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY ACCEPTS SURRENDER OF PSYCHOLOGIST LICENSE,” news release of the California Board of Psychology, June 9, 2022, URL:


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