Universal Health Services: Lawsuit Accuses Brentwood Hospital of Failure to Protect Patient; 18-Year-Old Beaten and Raped by Fellow Patient

October 29, 2021

SHREVEPORT, La. -- A lawsuit filed in Caddo Parish District Court accuses Shreveport's Brentwood Hospital of failing to protect a mentally and physically impaired young man who was beaten and raped by a roommate.

"This was a vicious and violent attack," said attorney Andy DeJean, who represents the victim and his parents in Leesville. "I've never heard of anything of this nature happening at any hospital before."

Eddie L. Jones, 61, of New Orleans was arrested for sexual battery in the attack, which allegedly happened on the night of July 1, just three hours after the victim checked in at the psychiatric hospital. The lawsuit says Jones has a "lengthy criminal history."

"It's the same old story. Profits over patient safety and patient care. There was supposed to be one to one care, and a horrible incident like this happens to him," DeJean said.

He says his 18-year-old client was sedated after being checked into Brentwood, and then put in a room with Jones. DeJean says the victim has the brain function of a six year old, and was supposed to get round the clock care.

But the men were left alone at some point. Then a worker caught Jones in the act of raping the victim, who was ordered by a judge to be relocated for protective custody, according to DeJean.

"The family wanted to take my client to some place where he would be safe. So you would think that this would be the safest place in the world for him to be. And for this type of incident to happen is mind boggling. It's complete failure -- colossal failure -- by this institution, Brentwood," DeJean said.

Jones remains jailed in the Caddo Correctional Center on a charge of sexual battery, with bond set at $150,000. He's pled not guilty and faces a sanity hearing on Nov. 16.

His public defender, Elizabeth Gibson, has not replied to our request for comment on the criminal charge.

Brentwood hospital's attorney, David Bowling, declined comment on the lawsuit.

DeJean says he's faced obstacles getting a detailed history of Jones' criminal record. Laura Wingate with the Caddo Parish District Attorney's office says that under a Louisiana statute, "The court issued a protective order to seal the record pursuant ... for the protection of the victim."

DeJean says the victim is back home with family, but is suffering nightmares from the incident.

Source: Gerry May, “Victim's family sues Shreveport psychiatric hospital after alleged rape by patient,” KTBS TV Oct 19, 2021, URL: https://www.ktbs.com/news/victims-family-sues-shreveport-psychiatric-hospital-after-alleged-rape-by-patient/article_adc3dc22-3139-11ec-9cd1-bfabee3c0197.html  


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