California revokes psychiatrist Samantha L. Liu’s license

March 8, 2007

On March 8, 2007 the Division of Medical Quality of the Medical Board of California (Board) ordered the revocation of psychiatrist Samantha Landie Liu’s Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate. The Board found that Dr. Liu engaged in unprofessional conduct and committed gross negligence, incompetence, repeated negligent acts and dishonest or corrupt acts. These findings relate to Dr. Liu having engaged in a prolonged sexual relationship with an emotionally vulnerable patient. Dr. Liu further failed to maintain accurate records and also altered or modified the patient’s medical records with fraudulent intent.

The Board considered Dr. Liu’s defenses of her actions and noted her absence of remorse. The Board could find no evidence to support her contention that she had been victimized by the patient. Despite Dr. Liu’s other contention that she had herself been mentally ill when she entered into the relationship, the Board determined that “the egregious nature and length of [Dr. Liu’s] sexual misconduct…suggests she may continue to pose a risk to the public. [Dr. Liu’s] dishonesty…also raises concern about her current ability to perform…in an honest manner. After considering all of the evidence, it is determined that revocation of [Dr. Liu’s] license is necessary to protect the public.” 1

1 Before the Division of Medical Quality, Medical Board of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, State of California, in the Matter of the Accusation Against Samantha Landie Liu, M.D., File No. 03-2004-161820.


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