TX Psychiatrist Rajen Desai Arrested on Prostitution Charges; Has History of Sexual Advances on Patients

October 26, 2020

KJAS News has learned that a Beaumont psychiatrist who was arrested in a weekend prostitution sting actually has troubles that go back several years. 62-year-old Dr. Rajen Desai - along with two-dozen other men - were nabbed in the operation that was conducted by Beaumont Police and others. Beaumont Police say Desai was charged with prostitution and he is currently being held in the Jefferson County Jail. His bond amount was not available as of Sunday.

According to documents on the Texas Medical Board website, Desai's medical license was temporarily suspended in January of 2011 following a series of complaints from three women, two of whom were patients and one of which was the mother of a juvenile patient.

In the documents, "Patient A" complained that after her first session with Desai, he showed up at her home uninvited and told her that "she did not need medication, rather, she needed a boyfriend." The document also said that Desai "attempted several, unsolicited embraces that were rebuffed by Patient A. Patient A demanded respondent (Desai) leave her alone. Respondent finally left, but only after patient repeatedly requested he to do so."

The documents went on to say that Desai began treating pediatric "Patient B" in 2009, and during the session he "flashed suggestive, written statements to the child's mother." The document also said that Desai "...sent unsolicited phone calls and text messages to the Parent, asking that she date him."

The documents said that "Patient C" was treated by Desai from 2005 to 2010. The document said that in 2010, Desai "...pursued an intimate/personal relationship with Patient C. Respondent repeatedly sent Patient C unsolicited, inappropriate text messages. Although Patient C refused his advances, Respondent continued to pursue Patient C."

The Medical Board summarized the complaints and their findings by writing "Respondents actions demonstrate a pattern of inappropriate behavior, which, over a period of time, is a pattern that is likely to repeat itself and thus, is a continuing threat to the public health and safety."

The Texas Medical Board reinstated Desai's medical license in April of 2011, but only after he fulfilled several requirements, one of which was, ironically, for the psychiatrist to undergo an evaluation by another psychiatrist.

Source: “Beaumont psychiatrist's troubles go deeper than arrest in prostitution sting,” KJAS.com, Oct. 25, 2020, URL: https://www.kjas.com/news/local_news/article_de289d3e-1719-11eb-a75c-b3c4ce400214.html


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