Michigan Medical Board Places Psychiatrist David Gendernalik on Probation for Lack of Good Moral Character; Chest-Bumped Female Colleague

September 11, 2019

On September 10, 2019, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs' Bureau of Professional Licensing (LARA) placed psychiatrist David R. Gendernalik on probation for a minimum of one year, but not to exceed two years for the following reasons: 

Violation of general duty, consisting of negligence or failure to excercise due care, including negligent delegation ot supervision of employees or other individuals, whether or not injury results; 

Departure from, or failure to conform to, minimal standards of acceptable and prevailing practice for the health profession, whether or not actual injury to an individual occurs; 

Lack of a "propensity...to serve the public in the licensed area in a fair, honest, and open manner" and a lack of "good moral character." 

Gendernalik did not contest any of these charges. 

LARA's document in the matter states the following: 

"On November 21, 2017, Gendernalik began treating patient D.S. at the Easterseals facility in Pontiac, Michigan. He treated her with a combination of therapy and Adderall (amphetamine drug prescribed for ADD or ADHD). 

"On Jly 9, 2018, D.S. presented to Gendernalik's office. He informed her that he would no longer prescribe her Adderall. He indicated he has previously informed D.s. the would no longer prescribe her Adderall, which D.S. denied. D.S. told Gendernalik she would not leave his office until he refilled her prescription for Adderall and allowed her to wean off the drug. Facility staff, including J.F., arrived in Gendernalik's office in an effort to diffuse the situation. J.F. suggested Gendernalik write D.S. a final month's prescription while providing clear medical instructions for gradually eliminating her usage of Adderall. Gendernalik became angry, lunged out of his chair, walked increasingly closer to J.F., and began to mock J.F. as he stood face to face with her. Gendernalik began swinging his arms around ain an aggressive manner. As patient and other facility staff left his office, J.F. attempted to talk to Gendernalik. However, he moved closer to J.F., until she was standing in his office doorway, and which point he chest bumped her. 

Easterseals terminated Gendernalik's employment the next day and notified LARA of the incident. 

Source: Consent Order in the Matter of David Robert Gendernalik, M.D., License No. 43-01-033160, File No. 43-18-152385, State of Michigan, Dept of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Bureau of Professional Licensing Board of Medicine Disciplinary Subcommittee, September 10, 2019. 



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