NYC Psychiatrist Anand Pandya, Convicted of Meth Possession, Could Lose CA Medical License

July 11, 2020

On February 7, 2020, the Medical Board of California issued and Accusation against New York psychiatrist Anand Pandya (who is registered to practice in California as well), seeking to revoke, suspend or take other disciplinary action on his California medical license, based on an earlier criminal conviction for drug possession.

The Board’s document states the following:

On September 15, 2016, United States Customs Officers at the Newark Liberty International Airport conducted a screening search of Dr. Pandya’s luggage, after he arrived on a flight from Germany. The Customs officers found approximately 16.3 ounces of methamphetamine in his suitcase, concealed in a baby powder container. The officers also found that he was in possession of approximately twenty-five hypodermic needles.

Dr. Pandya has submitted a letter explaining that during August and September 2016, he travelled outside the United States, and during that trip, he used methamphetamine. He further explained that upon his return to the United States, he brought methamphetamine into the United States, where customs officials discovered the methamphetamine in his luggage.

On April 17, 2017, in the criminal proceeding of State of New Jersey v. Anand Pandya (Essex County Superior Court, Case Number 17-01-002641), Dr. Pandya entered a guilty plea to a charge of Possession of Controlled Drug Substance (Third Degree), New Jersey Statutes 2C:35-10a, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to Pre-Trial Intervention Program.

Source: Accusation in the Case of the Accusation Against Anand Pandya, M.D., Physician's and Surgeon's Certificate No. A 93032, Case No. 800-2017-030422, Medical Board of California, Feb. 7, 2020.


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