Indiana Board Disciplined Psychologist Kristin Cole for Sex with Former Patient, Lifts Probation

May 30, 2020

On February 13, 2020, The Indiana State Psychology Board (“Board”) withdrew the probation it had placed on psychologist Kristen H. Cole's license for violations of state statute or rules, or federal statutes or regulations regulating the profession of psychology.

On October 6, 2017, the Board placed Cole’s license on indefinite probation for no less than two years based on the Board having found the following (taken directly from the Board’s document in the matter):

  • “On December 10, 2015, Cole initially met Patient C.R. as a client.
  • “On December 18 and December 22, 2015, Cole met with Patient C.R. for subsequent therapeutic sessions.
  • “After conducting three (3) sessions with Patient C.R., Cole informally met with Patient C.R. to terminate the client-therapist relationship. There is no evidence that Cole provided Patient C.R. with written notice of the termination. That although Cole provided an oral referral to the V.A. she failed to provide a written referral.
  • “In January of 2016, Cole and Patient C.R. began to meet at Cole’s office after other patients had left for the day. Respondent and Patient C.R. began a sexual relationship.
  • “In March of 2016, the sexual relationship between Cole and Patient C.R. was terminated by Patient C.R. Cole has had no contact with Patient C.R. since that time.”

Cole did not dispute the findings.

The Board found that her conduct with Patient C.R. constitute violations of Indiana law which states that a psychologist shall not terminate a professional relationship in order to develop or continue a personal or business relationship with a patient or client; a psychologist shall not engage in sexual intimacies with a former therapy patient or client for at least two (2) years after cessation or termination of professional services; and failing to notify the patient of termination properly and in writing.

The terms and conditions of the Board’s indefinite probation required, among other things, that Cole do the following:

  • Obtain a psychological evaluation which would include evaluation and response to specific referral questions provided by the Board
  • Continue to receive psychotherapy sessions and treatment from a psychiatrist and to report to the Board any treatment recommendations made to her by these practitioners
  • Complete a professional ethics seminar and twelve weeks of post-seminar relapse prevention sessions and provide the Board with written official certification of completion.  

At the January 10, 2020 Board hearing, Cole provided evidence of having complied with the Board's conditions. 


Source: Final Order Accepting Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order in the Matter of the License of Kristen H. Cole, Lic. No. 20042865A, Indiana State Psychology Board, Cause Number 2017 ISPB 0001, Filed November14, 2017 and Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order in the Matter of the License of: Kristin H. Cole, PSY.D. Lic. No. 20042865A, Before the Indiana State Psychology Board, Cause Number: 2017 ISPB 0001, Filed Feb. 13, 2020.


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