UK Psychiatrist James Ugbo, Suspended for Sexual Behavioral Toward Colleagues, Returns to Work

April 27, 2020

A creepy doctor who gave colleagues unwanted kisses and cuddles has been allowed back to work even though he still doesn't accept his behavior was sexual.

In November last year a tribunal suspended National Health Service Dr. James Ugbo, 57, after he subjected other female medics to 'touchy feely' contact for two years.

The psychiatrist bombarded colleagues with flirtatious comments and unnecessary physical contact at the hospital they worked at, including kissing one on the lips without consent.

Married Dr. Ugbo—who even tried to put his tongue down one colleague's throat on a doctor's night out—made them feel uncomfortable, reduced them to tears and made one take sick leave.

Now—despite the November tribunal ruling he was “sexually motivated”–Ugbo has been allowed to return to work at Elmleigh psychiatric hospital in Havant, Hampshire, despite not accepting he acted sexually.

Instead, Ugbo has “recognised that his actions will have been perceived by his colleagues as sexually motivated.”

At a Medical Practitioners Tribunal review hearing on Monday, it was also heard Ugbo went on a behavioral course and wrote a grovelling “reflective piece' expressing his 'deep sorrow.'”

In November it was heard Ugbo showered colleagues with unwanted comments including 'you look like a vision in pink today' and 'out of all the doctors I have ever met you always dress elegantly and amazingly'.

He asked one colleague “is it alright if I kiss you?” as he tried to kiss her lips, pecked her cheek and cuddled another as well as touched her lower back, pulled her clothing away from her shoulder and kissed her.

Source: “NHS psychiatrist, 57, who 'kissed and cuddled female colleagues in unwanted 'touchy-feely' contact over two years they worked together at mental hospital' is back at work and insists he did nothing wrong,” UK Daily Mail, April 22, 2020. URL:


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