CA Medical Board Issues New Accusation Against Anna Nicole Psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich

March 10, 2020

The Medical Board of California has issued a new Accusation against Beverly Hills psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich, best known for her association--both social and medical--with deceased actress-model Anna Nicole Smith. 

According to the Board’s document, in 2007, Eroshevich began providing psychiatric services to a patient in relation to a Worker’s Compensation claim. Eroshevich diagnosed the patient as having symptoms of severe anxiety, possible Post Traumatic Stress Disorderm and selective mutism.

During the course of her care and treatment of the Patient, the Patient became embroiled in a dispute with her neighbors that ultimately resulted in the filing of at least one civil lawsuit between the Patient and her neighbors in Los Angeles Superior Court.

During the course of those legal proceedings, Eroshevic signed and submitted numerous Declarations, under penalty of perjury, at the request of the Patient and in her support.

In the Declarations, Eroshevich represented that she was the "doctor" of the Patient.

In a February 14, 2017 Declaration filed with the Los Angeles Superior Court in one of the civil lawsuits between the Patient and her neighbors, Eroshevich attested to the following:

  • "I was the doctor for [the Patient] during the harassment of [the Patient] by [her neighbors] back in 2007."
  • "Back in 2007, Ms. H. would go onto Ms. B.'s property and spray [the Patient] down with the hose. Ms. H. finds any opportunity to damage [the Patient] emotionally and physically."
  • "I would tend to believe that Ms. B. is not a credible person and that most of those statements appear to be made up."
  • "Ms. B. and Ms. S. are in a same-sex relationship. The reason they are so hostile towards [the Patient] [sic] because they both tried to engage her in some unwanted activities."
  • "[The neighbors] listed severely bullied and terrorized [the Patient] ..."
  • "[The Patient] is disabled and suffers from adult selective mutism."
  • "I treated [the Patient] for several anxiety disorders that were caused by [her neighbors]. They have and continue to gang up on her and have not stopped. Ms. H. is generating future medical bills which can be legally collected by [the Patient]."
  • "Today, those anxiety disorders have resurfaced due to harassment especially by Ms. H. and she will be financially responsible for treatments since she was the cause of them."
  • “[The Patient] will need to be treated again and the cost of those treatments will be estimated at around $68.000.00 (18 months of outpatient treatment, three sessions, times a week)." (Emphasis in original.)
  • "Ms. B. intentionally walks her dog in front of [the Patient's] house and makes remarks. Again, she is ego driven to do this because she has been able to get away with this type of allowable behavior in the past."
  • "If you allow them to once again emotionally rape [the Patient] she will need treatment and be set back when she worked so hard on being in a good place emotionally and mentally."
  • "I will be referring [the Patient] to a lawyer that specializes in hates [sic] crimes and harassing disabled people and make sure this does not happen to her again. The responsibility [sic] parties will be [her neighbors] since they are the main cuprite's [sic] behind all of this ... "

Attached to the Declaration were bills from Respondent for services rendered to the Patient totaling $5,000.00.  

In another Declaration, also dated February 14,2017, Eroshevich attests to the following:

  • "In my opinion, the [Letter] appears to [sic] from a female person who has a history of drug usage."
  • "Ms. W. created events and stories that never took place about [the Patient] ... "
  • "In my opinion, Ms. W. is suffering paranoia from her drug usage."
  • "[T]he defendant's email states that [the Patient] was yelling at her and cursing at her. I will testify that this is not [the Patient's] behavior at all."
  • "In my opinion, Ms. W. is not credible."

On or about March 15, 2017, Eroshevich sent a letter in connection with a civil lawsuit between the Patient and her neighbors to counsel in the action. In the letter, she states that she is the Patient's doctor with power of attorney to speak on her behalf. The letter contains legal opinions and states that Eroshevich "will protect [the Patient's] rights as a disabled person."

In a November 15,2017, Declaration submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Respondent attested to the following:

  • "I am currently caring for [the Patient] and I have included her medical bills."
  • "[The Patient] is NOT safe living next door to J.S."

Attached to the Declaration was a bill from Respondent to the Patient for "Room and Board" for the time period between July through December 2017. The amount charged totaled $7,900.00. The bill was initialed by Eroshevich. According to Eroshevich, those charges were for occasions when the Patient stayed in her home.

In a January 11,2018, Declaration submitted to the Los Angeles Superior Court, Eroshevich attested to the following:

  • "J.S. is a clear and present danger to [the Patient] and I fear for [the Patient's] safety and well-being."
  • "Because [the Patient] has offered these facts in her sessions I feel it is important to break patient-doctor confidentiality with [the Patient's] permission so the Court has some factual basis of the problems [the Patient] has been facing."
  • "[The Patient] is not safe in her home and therefore I am providing a safe environment for her to recover from her major surgery along with emergency counseling."
  • "J.S. started threatening [the Patient] back in March 2017 and it did not stop before and after [the Patient's] surgery. It continues today."
  • "J.S. has falsely file [sic] police reports against [the Patient]."
  • "[The Patient] never trespassed on J.S.'s property as J.S. claims."
  • "J.S. is trying to illegally obtain title to [the Patient's property] with aggression and false allegations. The garage (in question) was legally built, permitted and there is a Certificate of Occupancy dated 2000."
  • "J.S. has been reported for elder abuse for sending her friends to [the Patient's] mother's residence to harm [the Patient's] mother."
  • “J.S. has also sexually harassed [the Patient] by constantly questioning her if her breasts were real."
  • "J.S. has intentionally placed Nest audio cameras by [the Patient's] window to record her sexual activities."
  • "J.S. has been illegally recording [the Patient] and then making false allegations with those illegal recordings just to try and ruin her life because [the Patient] rejected her sexual flirts."
  • "I have enclosed [the Patient's] medical expenses that J.S. is liable for 2017."
  • "I have enclosed [the Patient's] living expenses that J.S. is liable for 2017."
  • "I have been involved with [the Patient's] medical condition from the first diagnosis, surgery and now recovery."

Eroshevich admitted that information contained in these Declarations and to which she attested to under penalty of perjury was not within her personal knowledge. Instead, the factual accounts in her Declarations pertaining to the Patient's interactions with her neighbors are based entirely on accounts from the Patient. Respondent further admits that the Patient wrote the Declarations and that she signed them, even though she did not know if the information contained in them was true, because she thought it would help the Patient in her court cases.

Eroshevich admitted that she and the Patient not only had a doctor-patient relationship but also a friendship during the time that she treated the Patient. In that capacity, Eroshevich admits that she and the Patient traveled to New York together to visit Respondent's family, dined together on more than one occasion, went shopping together and traveled to Palm Springs, California together. Eroshevich also admits that in addition to having the Patient stay with her, she also stayed with the Patient when the Patient was recovering from surgery.

This social-medical relationship with the patient is similar to Eroshevich’s relationship with the late Anna Nicole Smith, whom she prescribed drugs to and with whom she carried on a social relationship, including accompanying Smith on a 2007 trip to Florida during which the actress-model died from acute combined drug toxicity due to ingestion of multiple prescription medications. In her hotel room investigators found 11 prescription drug containers, all of which contained drugs that were prescribed by Eroshevich.

On October 28, 2010, a Los Angeles County jury convicted Eroshevich on four charges: conspiring to commit the crime of obtaining a controlled substance by false name or address; issuing a prescription that is false or fictitious; obtaining a prescription of opiates by fraud, deceit or misrepresentation and obtaining a prescription for opiates by giving a false name or address.  In January 2011, the judge threw out all the charges except one misdemeanor, in what the Los Angeles District Attorney characterized as the judge’s bias in making a “celebrity exception” to the law.

Eroshevich has been disciplined for other illegal or unprofessional activities

In the current action, the Medical Board is seeking to revoke or suspend Eroshevich’s license for gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, and inadequate recordkeeping.

Source: Accusation in the Matter of the Accusation Against Khristine Elaine Eroshevich, M.D., Physicians’ and Surgeon’s Certificate No. C37980, Case No. 800-2017-031932, Medical Board of California, February 26, 2020.


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