North Carolina Med Board Issues Letter of Concern on Psychiatrist Brenda Sue Willis

June 14, 2019

On April 5, 2019, the North Carolina Medical Board issued a public letter of concern on psychiatrist Brenda Sue Willis.

“The North Carolina Medical Board has concluded its investigation related to you (a) prescribing a controlled substance to yourself and (b) treating and prescribing a controlled substance to one of your family members,” the Letter states.

More specifically, the document states that in March 2017, Willis visited a pharmacy to obtain a refill for a controlled substance that another physician had prescribed for her but was advised that the prescription was not available. It was also after her doctor’s office hours. Willis wrote herself a prescription for the controlled substance—in violations of Board regulations.

On another occasion, in April 2018, Willis phoned in a controlled substance cough medicine prescription (with a refill) for a family member who did not have access to their established physician or pharmacy at the time—also in violation of Board regulations.

The Board noted that they do not consider the letter to be a disciplinary action or a limitation or restriction on your license but warned her that if anything like these two incidents happened again, that the Board may vote to take formal disciplinary proceeding against her license.

Source: Public letter of concern to Brenda Sue Willis, M.D., North Carolina Medical Board, April 5, 2019. 


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