Ohio Medical Board Suspends Psychiatrist Michael Anikeev; Domestic Violence, Drunk Driving

April 16, 2019

On January 9, 2019, the State Medical Board of Ohio suspended indefinitely the license of psychiatrist Michael H. Anikeev.

According to the Board's documents, the reason for the suspension is Dr. Anikeev’s failure to attend a Board-ordered impairment evaluation. The Board ordered the evaluation on December 27, 2016 after having determined that it had a reason to believe that Dr. Anikeev was impaired in his ability to practice according to acceptable and prevailing standards of care because of habitual or excessive use or abuse of drugs, alcohol, or other substances.

On or about June 25, 2016, Dr. Anikeev was arrested and charged with several crimes, including domestic violence, assault, child endangerment, and operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. The allegations that led to the charges included the fact that he struck his ex-wife in the arm and face while she was operating a motor vehicle in which he and his minor children were passengers, necessitating she pull to the side of the road. Later that day, Dr. Anikeev was a driver in in a motor vehicle accident. A Breathalyzer test administered to Dr. Anikeev shortly after determined that he had a 0.276 blood alcohol concentration. Dr. Anikeev ultimately pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and disorderly conduct.

On or about December 27, 2017, Dr. Anikeev was again arrested and charged with domestic violence against his live-in girlfriend. It is reported that Dr. Anikeev was intoxicated and that the woman sprayed him with pepper spray. He then began destroying items in the house. In January 2018, Dr. Anikeev’s bond in the matter was revoked and he was incarcerated after violating a no-contact order imposed by the Ohio Municipal Court.

Seventeen percent of physicians in AA programs are psychiatrists though psychiatrists make up only 8% of the medical profession.

Source: Entry of Order in the Matter of Michael Herman Anikeev, M.D., Case No. 18-CRF-0065, Medical Board of Ohio, January 9, 2019.


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