Telemedicine Psychiatrist Rebecca Cirino Suspended for Prescribing without Examinations

March 26, 2019

In its most recent disciplinary action report, the State Medical Board of Ohio reported that on August 9, 2018, it suspended the license of psychiatrist Rebecca T. Cirino, D.O. for 90 days. Dr. Cirino practiced in the town of Walton Hills.

The Board’s document states that in April 2016, Cirino transitioned from her employment as a psychiatrist in an office-based environment to self-employment in private practice, which included a telemedicine practice.

The majority of her telemedicine patients were patients that she had treated prior to her transition and on whom she had performed in-person examinations.

However, 16 of her approximately 244 patients were new patients to whom she prescribed benzodiazepines and/or amphetamines without having conducted in-person psychiatric examinations.

The Board required Dr. Cirino to, among other things, provide a copy of the Board’s consent agreement (the document which orders her suspended) to any employers or entities she is under contract to as well as to the licensing entities in any other states in which she is licensed to practice.

Lastly, the Board fined Dr. Cirino $6,500.

Source: Consent Agreement between Rebecca Therese Cirino, D.O. and The State Medical Board of Ohio, May 9, 2018.


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