State Disciplines Psychiatrist John L. Bulette for 3rd Time, Regarding Prescribing

March 6, 2019

On March 11, 2019, the Virginia Board of Medicine issued an Order reprimanding psychiatrist John L. Bulette and placing his license on indefinite probation, subject to terms and conditions, for unprofessional conduct.

The Board’s Order details Dr. Bulette’s treatment of five patients which constituted intentional or negligent conduct in the practice of medicine that causes or is likely to cause injury to patients.

The Order states that the he treated the patients for opiate addiction or substance abuse with Subutex. The Board found that in each case, he failed to order urine drug screens; failed to conduct pill counts and failed to query Prescription Monitoring Program. In the case of three of the patients, Dr. Bulette ignored available information indicating the patients’ drug-seeking behaviors. In the case of one patient, he failed to conduct a physical exam to justify a prescription of Soma. In all five cases, his handwritten treatment notes were illegible.

In 2008, the Board ordered Dr. Bulette to obtain continuing medical education in the treatment of psychotic disorders for continuing to prescribe a stimulant drug to a patient with a history of psychotic disorder, substance abuse, and incarcerations though agitated states and drug abuse were listed as contraindications for the stimulant.

In 2009, the Board prohibited him from prescribing methadone. Dr. Bulette prescribed the drug to 10 patients despite not being qualified and registered to dispense narcotics for maintenance or detoxification, in compliance with federal law.

Source: Order in re: John Lawrence Bulette, M.D., License Number 0101-051010, Case Numbers 175338, 179170, Virginia Board of Medicine, February 8, 2019.


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