Psychiatrist Aly Abbas Ahmed Had a Sexual Relationship with 20-Year-Old Patient

March 5, 2019

On January 17, 2019, the Georgia Composite Medical Board issued an Initial Decision to suspend the license of psychiatrist Aly A. Ahmed (Ahmed Medical Center 245 Country Club Dr. Bldg. 300B, Stockbridge, GA 30281) for three years.

The Board’s “Findings of Fact” states that in August 2012, Dr. Ahmed, then 55, began treating a 20-year-old female patient. During the treatment sessions with, the patient discussed her financial problems. In February 2013, he referred her to another psychiatrist. 

Following the referral, Dr. Aly began a personal and, ultimately, sexual relationship with the former patient. Though Dr. Aly testified that it started with a chance meeting at a local bookstore, the patient testified that he asked her to meet him there, and that if she did, he would give her $1,000.

The Board’s document also states that in August 2014 Dr. Aly and the patient together signed an application to rent an apartment, the contact for which bore both names as residents. He bought a car for her use and provided monetary assistance with her rent, bills, and electricity. 

The Board concluded that, among other things, Dr. Aly exploited the patient by using information gained during treatment (e.g., the patient’s financial troubles and other vulnerabilities) to his advantage.

Thirty percent of convictions of psychiatrists and psychologists are for sex-related violations. 

Source: Initial Decision, Georgia Composite Medical Board v. Aly Ahmed, M.D., Docket No. 1838938, Agency Reference No. 20161450, January 17, 2019.

Mona Tieck
2019-07-29 18:12:56
I'm a patient of Dr.Ahmed and he has only behaved professionally. A lot of his patients are devastated to lose him as their physician. He is a very honest and trustworthy person and I pray that he will continue his practice once the suspension has ended. The Boards decision to suspend his license for any length of time,let alone 3 years,is unconscienable.

Tameka powell
2019-10-04 15:36:29
I have no commit! this was sent to me by my sister. We both seen dr. Ahmed, not shocked this dr took advantage of my sister and self!, some thing were uncomfortable. Like the hand touches and hugs he gave me. I told this dr I loved him! And gave him a sympathy card when he told me he was retiring in either May or June. I%u2019m so disappointed and do not want to be involved in any of this. I saw this dr to help me gained confidence of the insecurities in my life as well as the damage that had already been done in my life, and he just destroyed our lives more. In spite of of my Mental condition or illnesses, being diagnosed with manic depression, bipolar disorder.
And treated for OCD. I then found out by the new practice that thiss man was overly medicated me. I%u2019ve suffered enough abuse, mentally, physically and verbally. I trusted him! Nothing has ever happened to the individuals that has molested, touched, or physically abuse me. I just rather not, please thank u! encountered my whole like along with my metal Illness. The I follow up months in sept 2019. to be told I was being by the new practice that I%u2019ve been medically over medicated throughout years by dr. Ahmed. I listened to everything dr Ahmed told me to do life wise. I just want to be left alone. Do not contact me, please! Just help my sister.

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