Susan Ramseyer Gives Up Psychology License for "Fraud, Misrepresentation, or Decepttion..."

February 20, 2019

On January 31, 2019 psychologist Susan Ramseyer, of Edmond, Oklahoma, relinquished her psychologist’s license.

According to a September 21, 2018 Consent Order issued by the Oklahoma State Board of Psychologists, Dr. Ramseyer agreed to give up her license on January 31 after having been found to have committed a violation of the Board’s code of ethics.

Specifically, in or some time after September 2017, the Board received a Request for Inquiry (“RFI”) from Comanche County Detention Center (“CDCC”) alleging that Dr. Ramseyer had used her status as a psychologist to obtain a visit with a CDCC inmate which she would not normally have been allowed to obtain. The RFI alleged that also she was granted a professional visit with the inmate, her relationship with the inmate was not of a professional nature. Ramseyer, who was employed at Harp Correction Center in Lexington for two years, would have been very familiar with the difference between a person and professional visit. The RFI also alleged that she introduced contraband into the facility in the form of a cell phone.

The incident CDCC referred to occurred on September 29, 2017, during which Dr. Ramseyer presented herself as a professional needing to see her client (the inmate). She presented herself as the inmate’s counselor or therapist; the inmate had never been a patient of Dr. Ramseyer’s. The relationship was personal in nature, as evidenced by statements Dr. Ramseyer made to the inmate during a phone conversation recorded the previous day, which included “I love you,” “Okay baby,” and “Okay baby, I love you.” She also stated “I can come visit you…I’m your doctor,” implying she would be able to obtain a visit by presenting herself as professional needing to see her client.

Thirty-six percent of convictions of psychologists and psychiatrists are for fraud.

Source: Consent Order, State of Oklahoma, ex rel. State Board of Examiners of Psychologists vs. Susan Ramseyer, Ph.D. Complaint No. BC 17-8, October 16, 2018.


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