Board Revokes License of Psychologist Kevin A. Jones for Sex with Patient

February 13, 2019

On January 25, 2019 the Minnesota Board of Psychology revoked the license of St. Paul psychologist Kevin A. Jones, M.A., L.P. 

According to its document, the Board suspended Dr. Jones’ license in 1999 due to having engaged in multiple relationships and boundary violation, including a sexual relationship with a former client. The Board later allowed him to practice on a conditional license.

In March 2018, the Board suspended his license indefinitely due to an admitted breach of client confidentiality.

The Board subsequently received further information which showed that Dr. Jones became intimately and sexually involved with a patient whom he was counseling due to difficulties in her marriage. The Board’s document states that emails and texts show that he encouraged the patient to explore outside her marriage and to move out of her husband’s home.

Lastly, Dr. Jones lied to the Board about the nature of his relationship with the patient, and that his laptop computer had been stolen. He also directed the patient on what to tell and not tell Board investigators, such as to withhold copies of checks, which would show how often they had met for treatment. 

Dr. Jones is prohibited from applying for a license to practice psychology for at least 10 years.

Thirty percent of convictions of psychiatrists and psychologists are for sex-related violations.

Source: Stipulation and Consent Order in the Matter of Kevin Jones, M.A., L.P., License No. LP0161, Minnesota Board of Psychology, January 25, 2019


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