Second Sexual Abuse Trial Begins for Psychiatrist Surendra Johri

February 5, 2019

The second sexual abuse trial of Utica, NY psychiatrist, Dr. Surendra Johri, got underway Monday.

Prosecution and defense attorneys questioned witnesses about the sexual abuse allegations that Johri is facing.

Johri waved his right to a trial by jury so the trial is moving forward as a bench trial, meaning a judge will decide whether or not he is guilty.

Monday in court prosecution and defense attorneys cross examined five witnesses.

Two of those witnesses were employees at Community Health Behavioral Services in Utica, where the doctor worked and where the alleged sexual acts are said to have happened.

One witness described the alleged sexual acts that she says happened to her, saying not only did Johri touch her inappropriately, but he also exposed his private parts during their session.

She says she wanted to come forward and tell her story so that the alleged sexual abuse wouldn’t happen to another person.

Johri denies the allegations.

He is facing sexual abuse and forcible touching charges for two different patients. The cases for those patients have been combined into one trial.

Johri was acquitted in June of the sexual abuse charges he faced at that time.

This trial will continue Tuesday morning with three more witnesses being cross examined.

Source: “Second trial begins for New Hartford psychiatrist accused of sexual abuse,” WKTV-2 (Utica, NY), February 4, 2109, URL:


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