"Parking Rage" Psychiatrist Joan Finkelstein Reprimanded

December 19, 2018

On November 8th, the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine issued a Consent Order reprimanding Brookline psychiatrist Joan Finkelstein. 

The Board’s Ordre states that on March 27, 2014, officers from the Brookline Police Department went to 1180 Beacon Street to investigate a report of a fight in progress. When they arrived…they spoke with several witnesses who said that Finkelstein assaulted “Female A” over a parking space.

The witnesses told the officers that Finkelstein had been banging on the other driver’s car. They saw Finkelstein reach inside the car. When the driver exited the vehicle, Finkelstein continued to verbally harass her. Finkelstein placed her hands on the driver’s arms in an attempt to make her get back into the car and move it.

On March 31, 2014, Finkelstein appeared before the Brookline District Court for arraignment on charges of Assault and Battery, Disorderly Conduct, and Disturbing the Peace. On May 21, 2014, Finkelstein resolved the matter before the court, agreeing to be placed on pre-trial probation for three months. Her case was dismissed following completion of the probation.

Dr. Finkelstein is required to provide a copy of the Board’s Order to any in- or out-of-state hospital, nursing home, clinic, other licensed facility, or municipal, state, or federal facility at which she practices, among others, including those with which she become associated within one year.

Source: Consent Order in the Matter of Joan Finkelstein, M.D., Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, Investigative Docket No. 14-407, November 8, 2018. 

Joan Finkelstein
2020-01-04 13:34:23
This account of the incident that took place on March 27, 2014 is a misleading and overly dramatized description of the actual events that took place.

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